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Joey Markoya chats it up with entrepreneurs about their unique and compelling stories

Joey Markoya chats it up with entrepreneurs about their unique and compelling stories
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Joey Markoya chats it up with entrepreneurs about their unique and compelling stories




16 | Entrepreneurship & Cloth Diapers with Tereson Dupuy

Tereson Dupuy is an inventor-entrepreneur who needed a better solution for her child that she couldn't find on the market. So, she developed her own cloth diaper that she eventually turned into a profitable product. She tells her story of being featured on shark tank, how she built up her company FuziBunz and her many experiences as a business owner.


15 | How to Find Your Purpose & Nonprofits with Devin Kelly

Devin Kelly is the founder of Oregon Active, a small nonprofit that makes a big impact. They provide adventure therapy to those in need through a personally tailored experience like bungee jumping, surfing, attending basketball games and more. Devin is the kind of entrepreneur who's on the lookout for opportunities that will make the world a better place. We talked about his journey as a non-profit founder, his advice for finding your purpose and some of his other business pursuits, like...


14 |What it Takes to Become a Millionaire ​​​with Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan is all about helping the everyday person become financially free and successful. He helps the Dave Ramsey team bring their message of financial hope to millions of people every day. His last book, "Retire Inspired" delivered an inspirational game plan for retirement. I had a blast talking with Chris about his new book, "Everyday Millionaires". This book is all about how "everyday" people become millionaires. He and his team surveyed thousands of people with a net worth of 1...


13 | Photography & Staying Teachable with Matias Ezcurra

Matias Ezcurra is a professional photographer and the the creator of the educational podcast for photographers, Fuego Magic. Matias is full of passion and had some great things to say as we talked entrepreneurship. He shared: His search for the perfect photography podcast which led him to start his own The key lessons that his dad passed on to him during his childhood The importance of staying teachable and always learning His experience going all in his business Check out Matias on Insta:...


11 | Brett Kolomyjec – Date Box

Brett Kolomyjek is the founder and CEO of DateBox, a subscription box company. They provide monthly date ideas and experiences that "will bring back the magic of date night". Brett shared his journey as an entrepreneur and many of the key lessons he's learned along the way. I loved hearing from Brett about: How he discovered the need for this product in the marketplace The pros and cons of the subscription model business How his role has changed as his company has grown How to balance...


10 | Eric Steen – Beers Made by Walking

Eric Steen happens to be my brother-in-law, but he certainly makes for an interesting guest. And don't worry, Eric. I don't mean "interesting" like when you want to say "weird", but you insert the word interesting in order to sound polite. He really is one of the most interesting people I've ever met. Eric is full of original ideas and creativity. But the unique thing about Eric is that he has this special ability to turn his ideas into a reality. He's an artist through and through, from...


09 | Nate Strubhar – Maui Based Filmmaker

Nate Strubhar is the founder of Sunlit Films. He primarily shoots wedding videos and let me tell you what... he is AMAZING at it! Nate shared about his story as an entrepreneur and touched on some really great stuff. Here are a few things that Nate talked about in our conversation: What it was like transitioning from an employee to a business owner How integrity is one of your most valuable assets as an entrepreneur How much Instagram and personal relationships have impacted their...


08 | Bianca Bishop – She’s all about those Essential Oils

Bianca Bishop dominates. Pure and simple. Since our interview, she hit "gold status" as a rep for Young Living Essential Oils, which I'm told is A BiG DEAL. Nice work, Bianca! When's she's not slinging oils and other wellness products, she's going around being awesome. Ok, that was a little vague, but to paint a clearer picture, she's like the BOSS MOM of a boss moms, except she's not a grandma and has two adventurous boys... ok, I'm not even sure what that means... Anyway, I had a ton of...


07 | Chris Gniffke – Maui DJ Talks Biz

Chris Gniffke is a DJ, family man, and has some great thoughts on entrepreneurship. I had a blast talking with Chris about how he got into the DJ business here on Maui. This guy is full of life and it really came through in our conversation. We touched on some great topics that are noteworthy for any entrepreneur, especially for those who are just starting out. Here are a few things that Chris shared in our conversation: How sometimes others can spot our talents before we can How he's not...


06 | John Caubble – Trampoline Parks, Flight Schools and More

John Caubble shares ownership in several businesses across multiple states. He and his wife, Leslie help run an escape room, flight school, construction company, and trampoline park to name a few. He and Leslie relocated to Maui to open Ultimate Air Maui, one of 4 of their park locations. Maui didn't just provide a great market for their park, but it was the perfect place for them to enjoy their empty nest (aside from their well photographed golden retriever, Luke). These two are always up...


05 | Rachel Pedersen – Social Media Boss

Rachel is the Boss. She's a true entrepreneur and she has the story to back it up. I had a blast talking with her about her journey from struggling single mom to 7 figure earning social media strategist. Rachel took me back with her to when she first started Social Media United, an online membership program for social media marketers. My wife and I have been members of her program for quite some time. And let me tell you, it's STACKED with valuable lessons. But this isn't all she brings to...