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EIA 064 Ben Clark Adapting Olympic Potential to Perform

Ben Clark Ben Clark in 2010 whilst on a break from training for the London Olympics as a swimmer dove into the sea and broke his neck changing his life forever. Despite having 75% of his body paralysed he was determined to not let it defeat him and set out to live his life to the full. That thinking led him to Adapt To Perform which Ben started as a way to help himself and others get fit and healthy no matter their circumstances, a first of kind! "also make sure they've got the right...


EIA 063 Mario Ferraro Using Physics to Manage Global Talent

Mario Ferraro Mario Ferraro is a thought leader in the area of Global Talent Management and an active member of the Brunel Alumni Association, Singapore He moved to Singapore in 1998 But his unusual journey began in 1987. At the age of 18 one week after graduating from secondary school he moved on his own from Italy to the UK. Mario had no job and spoke very little English. His early jobs were for basic survival and during his commute he began reading books on physics. His interest grew, and...


EIA 062 Laurence Barrett Journey from Engineer to Aerospace CEO and Founder

Laurence Barrett Laurence Barrett is a pioneering aviation engineer, entrepreneur and active member of the Brunel University Alumni Association. He has worked and lived in Singapore since 2014. His career in aerospace started as a systems engineer in 2002 in September 2012 he started an MBA in Aviation at Brunel University after making the challenging decision to leave a successful career as an engineer. After graduating He moved to Singapore working as a self-employed Aviation Business...


EIA 061 Chanfang Wang on German Manufacturing Machines for Future Chinese “Red Ocean”

Chanfang Wang gave insightful answers, highlighted here, during The November China-Team ChinaWebinar Expert Talk: German Manufacturing Machines for Future Chinese “Red Ocean” Companies saw the moderator Xiaolong Hu interesting and informative discussing the Chinese machinery and automation market that is not only the largest, but also one of the fastest growing markets in the world.


EIA 060 Master Your Supply Chain Challenges 2022 For China Business

Peter Bornschein, Thomas Wiedemann, Dr. Roland Rohde, Jan Lambacher and Rolf Kupek Christmas time and unreliable Supply Chains don't go well together! Join our latest China Webinar! In the coming year, things are likely to look different. The banking association BdB assumes the strongest consumer boom since reunification in Germany. Despite the high order backlog, industrial activity is likely to be subdued into the coming year. With our experts, we discuss in an open panel about: What...


059 German Manufacturing Machines for Future Chinese “Red Ocean”

Xiaolong Hu, Martin Ebner, Chanfang Wang, Dr Martin Kovacik, Dr Tianyu Liu The November China-Team ChinaWebinar Expert Talk: German Manufacturing Machines for Future Chinese “Red Ocean" Companies saw the moderator Xiaolong Hu interesting and informative discussing the Chinese machinery and automation market that is not only the largest, but also one of the fastest growing markets in the world. With German machine builders increasingly doing business with Chinese customers the future may look...


EIA 058 Market Opportunity for German “Green-Tech” Companies

Prof. Peter Sachsenmeier, Dr. Sandra Bell, Johannes Kreissig, Corinne Abele, Winfried Mayer, Claudia Sanders Prof. Peter Sachsenmeier is a strategist, expert in complex technology management, industrial innovator and visionary. He is actively involved in knowledge transfer from research to industry, and combined outstanding appointments in academia with important posts in international companies. He combines deep technology knowledge with a keen sense of new business and management modes...


EIA 057 How Professor Laurie Underwood is Working in and with China Post Covid?

Laurie Underwood Laurie Underwood is an American professor, author and consultant specializing in cross-cultural business communications She has studied worked and lived in Shanghai since 2002 Together with Prof Juan Fernandez at CEIBS, she has co-authored China CEO (2006), China Entrepreneur (2009) and most recently China CEO II (2020). The audio book was released in June 2021. Book links below. After around 10 years of work in Corporate Communications (most recently as Communications...


EIA 056 Future Leaders in Sino-European Enterprises

Jochen Schultz, Qiang Rong, Wei Zhang, Stefan Sack, Hsiao J Chiu (Top Left, clockwise) Jochen Schultz is the Managing Director and Member of the Board at China Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg, He has been supporting institutions and companies with professional training for 16 years (Schultz Professional Trainings). Which specialises in the development and implementation of qualification measures in China as well as for Chinese companies in Germany. In this podcast a recording of the webinar...


EIA 055 How to Participate in the Boom of the Food and Beverage Market in China?

Frank Epping in 1995 founded CUP&CINO in Germany. He is still the sole owner and CEO of the company that started with coffee shops. This podcast is a recording of a moderated webinar titled “How to Participate in the Boom of the Food and Beverage Market in China?” We fast forward to today where this entrepreneur along with his team are about to enter the Chinese market. They bring with them CUP&CINO's own Coffee machine and business concept. Kerstin Kaehler, Fabian Berndt, Maik Juengst on...


EIA 054 The Hive Podcast Series Learning to Podcast

Neville J McKenzie Erin Soutar of the Hive Co-working Space Lavender Podcast studio in Singapore reverses the roles on Neville J McKenzie as he is the one discussing his thoughts on podcasting. The Hive has allowed AsiaBizStories to share the podcast on it's platform. As Neville talks about the topic of podcasting generally. From using podcasts in education Neville: So then you're not asking students to sit down and read or watch videos in the class. You're actually sending them to a website...


EIA 053 London Barber Cuts into Singapore

Elvis Simon Elvis Simon is a barber with 33 years experience as a salon owner and teacher of barbering in London, England. He has also founded the Quality Barbers Association, QBA, which is involved in raising the professionalism of barbers. His colleagues include some famous names in the UK barbering and hairdressing world such as Rudi Page the former sales manager of Dyke and Dryden, Derek Clements, former Artistic Director of Splinters International and MK a mens stylist with Andis. He...


EIA 052 Scientist to Entrepreneur

Moses Kakanga Moses Kakanga was born by Lake Victoria in the old capital Entebbe, Uganda where he attended school before moving to the capital Kampala Makerere University, the oldest university in eastern and central Africa. Where he graduating with a degree in biomedical laboratory technology. Moses then went on to work for an infectious disease Institute for three years before returning to study for a Masters degree in structural molecular biology, which culminated with study at Birkbeck...


EIA 051 The Beginners View on Podcasting

Ann Morgan is new to the world podcast production and joins Graham Brown the founder of Asia Tech Podcast and myself in our latest conversation recorded in the Asia Tech Podcast studio for the Ask Me Anything Podcast, where we discuss podcasting with a focus on Ann’s questions as she navigates the world of podcasting from a complete beginner. "Because funnily enough I know there's a lot, we've talked about a lot about confidence and just getting on with things and for me actually doing the...


EIA 050 Why You Should Podcast

Graham Brown is the founder of Asia Tech Podcast. This is our second one on one conversation and was recorded in the ATP studio for the Ask Me Anything Podcast, where we discuss podcasting with a focus on Asia along with the wider personal aspects of podcasting. “Now a podcast is personal as you say. So really, I think this is a mistake people make this come to this they try and focus podcast on a very specific subject area, which is fine. However that may change over time, and it probably...


EIA 049 Give the Unheard Entrepreneur a Voice

Graham Brown is the founder of Asia Tech Podcast. In this conversation Graham tells us about his journey from an AI graduate in the 90’s, when there was no demand, becoming an entrepreneur in several industries, going into semi-retirement to travel the world, before being lured back to the world of entrepreneurship in Singapore. “If you were into music they were all made by Japanese companies and you had a stereo at home, which was Japanese and you watched it on a Japanese TV, and we learned...


EIA 048 Feed Camp 2018 Part 2

John Cheng, Aaron Wong and Wynne Peh are three participants of Feed Camp 2018 and we find out the background to their participation The issue and what if a solution is not found stated by John from Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory. “… even in FEED Camp 2018 which is really about feeding, you know a very big 9 billion population in 2050, where if we don't come up solution right now, when we reach that stage, you know, food as a resource can be seen as a tool for war.” Innovative ideas based on...


EIA 047 The Passionate Coach Training Leaders

Glenn van Zutphen Glenn van Zutphen is the founder of VanMedia Group a company he founded over twelve years ago and based on his knowledge of over twenty-five years as an international journalist. The mission he chose is to guide thought leaders to significantly shape their organisation and industry by creating and communicating provocative & memorable messages across digital and traditional channels for news media interviews, conferences, and TED Talks. Now due to the rise of social media...


EIA 046 Feed Camp 2018 Part 1

Virginia Cha and Patricia Lim Virginia Cha and Petrina Lim discuss Feed Camp 2018. Virginia Cha, professor-in-residence at Platform E and Petrina Lim, Head for the Centre for Applied Nutrition at Temasek Polytechnic. Feed Camp 2018 is an initiative orgainsed at PlatformE in which Virginia and Petrina are key participants. The issue as thought out by Virginia. “Wondering out loud, you know we're going to be something like 9.7 billion people on this earth very soon in the next 20-30 years…”...


EIA 045 The Urgent Need for Clean Drinking Water

Jeroen van Overbeek Jeroen van Overbeek is the founder of Social Impakt a social impact enterprise. Previously he spent over twenty years working in manufacturing in Europe and Asia. He then decided he wanted to change track and switch to making a social impact. The mission he chose was to bring clean water to South East Asia specifically Bali in Indonesia. Now, due to natural disasters in the area he finds that as a social entrepreneur the need for his product has increased drastically...