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#48 - Epicenter’s Micro Chip Hack

Key card, wallet, phone — this is the mantra of every office worker before they leave the house in the morning. At Epicenter in Stockholm Sweden, some employees are carrying a lighter load. That's because they have a microchip access pass implanted in their hand. All cyborgs welcome...


#47 - Hubspot's Seat Shuffle and FaceWall Hack

Hubspot is the hub of the tech scene in Boston. But with over a thousand employees at its Cambridge campus, how do they make sure everyone gets a chance to meet each other? Forget name tags! And get ready for a massive game of musical chairs!


#46 - Zendesk's Vending Machine Hack

For most people, vending machines answer the cries of mid-afternoon hunger pangs. But not at Zendesk. The software company stocks its vending machines with much more than candy bars and potato chips. This is Zendesk's Vending Machine Hack.


#45 - Tumblr's GIF Hack

However you pronounce it, GIFs are handy animated images great for cat lovers, and office workers looking to turn up the fun so when the microblogging site Tumblr wanted something to snazz-up its New York office, guess what they built? This is Tumblr's GIF Hack.


#44 - Shutterstock's Wayfinder Hack

It's normal to feel a little lost when you start working at a new office. But what about disoriented long-time employees? Shutterstock discovered it's one thing to have an impressive, sprawling office in downtown New York City, but it's quite another to ensure your staff can find the washrooms. To see photos and learn more, check out: http://bit.ly/2o9POGv


#43 - HCMA's Artist Hack

Some companies will go to great lengths to inspire creativity and innovation. But maybe none go quite as far as this architectural firm in Vancouver, Canada. This is HCMA's Artist Hack. To see photos and learn more, check out: http://bit.ly/HCMAart


#40 - The LinkedIn Band Hack

Your office may have a coffee bar, or a slick kitchen with much on offer. Perhaps your workplace even has a ping pong table or a video game area. Well, LinkedIn may have you beat. The professional network’s office in Sunnyvale, California has a 4-piece house band. This is The LinkedIn Band Hack. For photos and more info, check out: http://bit.ly/LinkedInBand


#36 - Joyent's Mario Kart Hack

When you think of how you spend your spare time, pursuing pet projects, building, playing, reading… we’re almost positive designing an analytics program wouldn’t be on your leisure-time list. But it did make the list of one guy, and the project brought unexpected benefits to his company. This is Joyent’s Mario Kart Hack. For photos & more info, go to: http://bit.ly/Kartlytics


#35 - The Atlantic's Lunch Button

It’s lunch time. You’re dreaming of that fantastic little restaurant on the corner but you know others dream of it too, which makes going there an exercise in long line-ups and extended food pick-up. If only you could order your lunch with the press of a button and then breeze in to pick it up. If you emulate today’s office hack, compliments of a reporter at The Atlantic, you can do just that. This is The Atlantic’s Lunch Button. To read more about this hack, go to: http://bit.ly/LunchButton


#33 - Vector Custom Fabricating’s Beer Hack

We’re dedicating the month of October to beer. Well, beer hacks in the workplace, to be specific. Today we go to a place that makes architectural metals. Vector Custom Fabricating has a small, tight team of employees. One thing that bonds them? Making beer at work. It’s an off-hours project, but one that has had unexpected benefits for workplace camaraderie. This is Vector Custom Fabricating’s Beer Hack. To see photos and learn more, check out the blog: http://bit.ly/VectorNector


#32 - Sparc's Beer 30 Hack

It’s October. So what better hack to feature than one involving beer! In fact, we’re dedicating this month to beer hacks only. So pop a top, relax and listen to how Sparc, a software development company out of Charleston, SC, lets its staff know it’s beer 30! This is Sparc’s Beer 30 Hack.


#30 - Razorfish’s Fish Bait Hack

There’s nothing better than free food at the office, unless you hear about it after the fact when not a crumb remains. One company created a way to ensure any food up-for-grabs is known to all, easily and automagically. This is Razorfish’s Fish Bait Hack. To see photos and read more about this hack, check out: http://bit.ly/FishBait


#29 - LaunchPad Lab’s Rocket Buzzer

Let’s face it, the act of buzzing people into your office building is a pain in the neck. That’s why we love this week’s hack. Chicago-based LaunchPad Lab came up with a way to re-route a door buzzer so that there would be no more workplace disruptions. Now, letting people in is as simple as five keystrokes. See photos and learn how LaunchPad Lab created its Rocket Buzzer, here: http://bit.ly/RocketBuzzer


#28 - PlayStudios Rooftop Parking Hack

Parking can be a frustrating experience at the best of times. But imagine having your car being boxed-in at work every day. Today’s Envoy Office Hack takes us to a rooftop parking lot in San Francisco - and one inventive hack that cooled a lot of tempers. This is PlayStudios Rooftop Parking Hack. To see photos and learn more about how this hack was created, go to: bit.ly/ParkingHack


#27 - Zappos Money Hack

Money can be such a motivator. Even fake money. Just ask Zappos, the online shoe retail giant. Zappos has its own mini-economy - with custom currency, goods, lotteries, even inflation. This is definitely one of our more sophisticated hacks. Here is Zappos Money Hack.


#26 - Twilio's Phone Hack

Today’s Envoy Office Hack might make you feel a little nostalgic. It comes to us from a San Francisco-based company that specializes in innovating all things telecom. Twilio’s hack involves an old school rotary-dial phone and the modern day text message. This is Twilio’s Phone Hack. To read more about how this hack was made and to see some photos, go to: http://bit.ly/2bJKYLa


#25 - Mozilla's TV Hack

TV isn’t what it used to be. It’s so much better! Especially at Mozilla where TV content can be programmed by anyone and for any environment. Hear how Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, hacked together a TV system for its offices. This is Mozilla’s TV Hack. To read more about how this hack was made and to see some photos, go to: http://bit.ly/2aYzm6k


#24 - Devpost's Call Serena Hack

Calling a meeting is one thing. Involving a remote employee in that meeting can be another. A little bit more planning is generally involved. But what if you could hack together a device that launched meetings with remote employees at the press of a button? If that’s music to your ears, you’re going to love this week’s office hack: Devpost’s Call Serena Hack.


#23 - Twitter Unplugged

When life gets out of balance, sometimes you just need to unplug. Restore peace and calm. Even one of the most social of social media giants agrees. Twitter’s office hack is a quiet room in its Canadian office where nary a tweet can be heard. This is Twitter Unplugged.


#22 - O2E's Imagination Hack

This is a story about a wall that brought out the grandest of visions and brought together an unstoppable team. This week’s office hack is O2E’s Imagination Hack.


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