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Getting a Grip On Your Career – Wiser Choices

What Ah-ha moment shifted Madonna out of the audition rut onto stardom’s track? What new perspective help transformed a rank and file missionary into the renowned savior of an African nation? And most important – how can YOU expand and enrich your work life into a fulfilling career journey? Host Bart Jackson lays out a career planning strategy that lifts your vision. He helps you toss away the blinders that confine career to a series of jobs and list of skills. And using stories of several...


Why Most Incentive Programs Fail Miserably

If you are very wise, or very greedy, or both, you want to give your team the very best incentives that encourage each member’s peak performance. Trouble is, that’s a surprisingly tough order. Most traditional reward systems motivate less than 10 percent of the staff. Further, not every individual gets absolutely inspired by the same enticement. CoreCentive sales director Tom Frederick joins host Bart Jackson to discuss the delicate art of designing an incentive program that boosts...


Leadership on the Fly – Effective Messaging

Leadership is an active verb. It is performed in swift succession throughout your daily encounters with all the folks you meet – with those you need to influence. Host Bart Jackson brings on board Chris Westfall, wise counselor to the Global 500 C-suite and current US National Elevator Pitch Champion. In his latest book, Leadership Language, Westfall explains how people want to follow that individual who carries an authentic mission and message that she can express succinctly in all...


Making Your Adequate Presentations Powerful

Isn’t about time people started listening to you? Time you got the influence you deserve and the reactions you require? Presentation coach to President Carter’s cabinet and major C-suiters, Ms. Stephanie Scotti lays out an incisive, masterful strategy that will have you taking command of the podium and speaking effectively. For the last 24 years Stephanie’s Professionally Speaking firm has provided individual and team mentoring for individuals facing the often fearful challenge of presenting...


Reaching Your Peak – Staying on the Summit

Remember those too-brief times when you operated at your absolute peak performance? The right decisions, words, solutions just seem to come. Remember feeling exhilarated and surprising yourself with your own level of production? And then it seemed to fade. Well, hitting these peaks is no mystery, nor matter of luck, insists Dr. George Watts, psychologist, Board Chair of Top Line Talent, and veteran business coach to global 500 C-suiters. Host Bart Jackson invites Dr. Watts on to lay out...


Whistleblowing – How It Works, Why We Need It

Who are the most popular fraud targets? The U.S. and state governments. Why? Governments cannot possibly police each of their millions of transactions. But beware you Medicare false claimers, overcharging defense contractors, sales tax skimmers, and bill-padding construction contractors. An explosively growing army of honest employees await to blow the whistle on those illegally slicing your tax dollars into their own pockets. Host Bart Jackson invites noted qui tam (whistleblowing)...


How Ultra Tech Keeps on Top of the World

If your job is to make and sell seemingly magic thin films, four-atoms thick, that keeps computer chips and solar cells literally lightning fast, where in the world do you find the latest innovation? And when you do, how do you profitably take advantage? Host Bart Jackson brings on a CEO for whom these are daily questions. Paul Burlingame, head of Air Liquide Advanced Materials is constantly inventing new ways to work better within the traditional semi-conductor bastions, like Japan and...


Workplace Harrassment: No Myths – Just Facts

Where does your free speech end and workplace harassment step in? Can my company make humor - and romance – a punishable crime? To answer these dicey legalities and to sweep away the miasma of harassment law misunderstanding, host Bart Jackson brings on the cogent counsel of veteran state and federal employment law attorney, Marc Garbar. Delivering some uncommon sense to this sensitive set of statutes, Marc lays out what does and does not legally qualify as harassment, what preventative...


A Gathering of Eagles– from MBA to Peer Grouping

There is nothing cookie-cutter about being an executive – no template, no recipe gives you the prowess you need to inspire people, design profitable tasks, and keep your firm growing. Your most effective way to learn the ropes comes from talking with your peers – veterans who have faced and are currently solving challenges akin to yours. Host Bart Jackson brings on the man who is the master at engineering beneficial peer groups, James Millar, CEO of Skybridge Associates and author of...


What’s So Funny About Business?

Get set to laugh, chortle, snicker, and jeer. Host and noted Quips Meister Bart Jackson rolls out the tomfoolery with a full episode of business quips. Firing off one joke after another, along with some insightful afterthoughts, Bart points his rapier half-wit and begins poking much fun and a few pointed holes in the pomposities and foibles of those in business. Bosses – CEO’s – Wage Slaves - Investors – Board Members – everyone comes under the gun and in for the fun. Isn’t it jolly well...


Our Food: How We Feed Ourselves and Our Planet

By popular demand, fresh from last week’s episode, Host Bart Jackson brings back America’s greatest food expert – Mr. Brian Todd, President of the Food Institute. This show, Brian looks beyond America’s current food obsession and focuses his nearly four decades of research and insight on the industry that brings it to our table. How does the cross-global supply chain transform once-seasonal delicacies into year-round staples? Are we capable of feeding our 7.6 billion population now? Can we...


Old, Stand-alone Firms Topple – Here’s What’s Next

Ralph Welborn insists that a business revolution is underway that will make the old, stand-alone firm profitably passé. Instead of grinding out the stuff that a company makes best, forward thinking businesses are now seeking out major problems, actively collaborating with other firms to build solutions, add value, and grow exponentially. Host Bart Jackson invites globally-noted business strategist Welborn to explain how firms are morphing into cooperative ecosystems which unlock greater...


Our Food: Culture, Business, and the Second Helping

Undeniably, Americans have become food-obsessed. Celebrated chef Anthony Bourdain dies and the nation goes into mourning. Food guru Rachael Ray’s popularity rivals any star in Hollywood. Everyone watches the food-preparation channel and then goes out to eat. Why? How? What’s happening in our culture and the food industry? Host Bart Jackson invites this country’s top food expert, Mr. Brian Todd, CEO of the Food Institute delve into this food phenomenon. Brian brings his nearly four decades of...


Taking The Hard Break – Save Life & Career

America’s business people are killing themselves and destroying their businesses with misplaced workaholism. The national obsession with long work hours, and the myth that 24/7 work focus is the sure key to success are keeping us from the very goals we are shooting for. Host Bart Jackson is joined by financial wizard Aaron Edelheit who personally has driven himself through the grinding mill of work fanaticism, and has come out the other side with a vital and sensible solution: The Hard...


Always Room at the Top: David Moritz & Society Awards

Beer has Guinness, watches have Rolex, autos have Rolls Royce, and when it comes to the entertainment industry’s top awards, nobody beats David Moritz’s Society Awards. His elegant custom sculptures range from the Emmy’s and Golden Globes to Dancing with the Stars’ Mirrorball and MTV’s Moonperson. Host Bart Jackson invites David up to the mike to share the story of his charisma-driven rise to the pinnacle of the awards field, and to relate his unique design process that keeps the top clients...


Behind Every Successful Woman Is Herself

We all know that women are one of the two greatest assets any business requires. But what do today’s women of business require? What do they demand? What do business leaders need to understand about those ladies who contribute so profitably to their company? Host Bart Jackson brings The Art of the CEOshow to the acclaimed Metro Women’s Leadership Summit recently held in New Jersey. He interviewed scores of businesses’ top leaders who gave insightful advice, discovered how women of business...


Lights – Camera – Giving Your Best Interview

Whatever the public medium, being interviewed as a person of interest is the best career and company boost you can wish for. Getting seen/heard/read in the right places can literally turn your business around. Question is, how do you make the most of this opportunity? Host Bart Jackson is an award-winning veteran interviewer for print, audio, and visual media. Through his decades as journalist and radio and TV host, he has selected and brought to best light thousands of individuals. He...


You’re Paying How Much? – Efficiency Artists

It’s not your fault. You don’t understand the systems as thoroughly as guest Tony DeMario and his Corporate Cost Solutions, Inc. When it comes Workers Compensation fees, Work Opportunity Tax Credits, waste management, utility bills and choices, even linen and uniform costs, Tony has burrowed into the nooks and crannies and emerges with immense cost savings for his clients. Host Bart Jackson invites Tony DeMario on to share some entertaining war stories and reveal some savings that you’ve...


Passive Selling = More Profits, Less Hustle

When it comes to selling, it’s not how hard you hustle, but how masterfully you create the point of sale. So says Brian Greenberg, serial entrepreneur whose enterprises have grossed over $100 million, and whose The Salesman who doesn’t Sell – A Marketing Guide to making Money While you Sleepis a must read. Host Bart Jackson invites Brian aboard to help you forge a business presence that will lure buyers to your shop/site/enterprise. Together, Bart and Brian discuss practical tactics for...


Forging Your Top-performing Business Team

Recognized as one of the world’s most influential management thinkers, Whitney Johnson shares the strategies you need for selecting, forging, and improving your business team. Author of Build an A Team, Whitney joins host Bart Jackson as they discuss how to motivate individuals up the learning curve, how to hone your own leadership skills, and how to set people on a path toward both high performance and personal fulfillment. Tune in for the fun as Bart challenges Whitney with a series of...