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Hidden Persuaders of A.I. Marketing – What’s Here, What’s Coming

Somewhere out there a connected network of very, albeit artificially, intelligent machines is gathering vast amounts of data about you, your activities, your preferences, even your personal health. All the better for some company to more effectively customize its marketing pitch to you. Host Bart Jackson invites top digital marketing-and-A.I. authority William Ammerman to explain how machines are tracking, sensitively interacting, and nudging the decisions of we humans who created them....


Artificial Intelligence’s Hidden Persuaders – What’s Here, What’s Coming

Somewhere out there a connected network of very, albeit artificially, intelligent machines is gathering vast amounts of data about you, your activities, your preferences, even your personal health. All the better for some company to more effectively customize its marketing pitch to you. Host Bart Jackson invites top digital marketing-and-A.I. authority William Ammerman to explain how machines are tracking, sensitively interacting, and nudging the decisions of we humans who created them....


Talking Your Way to the Top – Advanced Presenting Techniques

You’re a solid speaker, fairly adept presenter, but now you are moving up into the big leagues. You are called before CEOs, Boards of Directors, and Congressional committees – an impatient, sophisticated audience that doesn’t tolerate mediocrity even slightly. Host Bart Jackson invites to the microphone C-suite presentation coach, speech pathologist, and author Eileen Sinett, CEO of Speaking that Connects. Together Eileen and Bart discuss The more technical points of honing your personal...


Winepreneurs, Legendary Winery Tours & Savoring Liquid Assets

Both the enjoyment and business of wine have exploded across the U.S. Every state in the Union boasts several wineries and for most, it is their fastest expanding form of agriculture. America’s consumption and its appreciative sophistication continue to hit all time highs. Host Bart Jackson sits and sips with American Wine Society director Dr. Gary Pavlis as they discuss the reasons and the trends behind this industry’s growth. Taking us out into the vineyard, Gary explains how the finest...


The Art of Today’s Real Estate Deal

Real estate boasts the highest return with the least understanding that investors ever make. It is the largest single purchase for families (more costly than divorce.) It’s the toughest of trades in hot-spot cities worldwide, and it’s tougher still when buying & selling for the wealthiest elite. Yet New York real estate master Luciane Serifovic handles it all with deceptively easy-seeming grace. Luciane joins host Bart Jackson to share her tale of how she rose from trainee to founding CEO of...


Wattsamatter with Gen Z’s Today?

How do you think generations Y and Z should be educated and trained for entry into business? Host Bart Jackson invites educational changemaker Mark Perna who offers revolutionary ideas on how we should train our children – the purpose of colleges – and how better to fill business’s skills gap. What makes this episode such fun is that, while both Mark and Bart have a passionate concern for younger generations, they differ immensely on educational principles, strategies, and even goals. So...


Here’s To Your Noble Self – Growing Your Prime Asset

Your unique personality, just as you have it right now, is all you require to lead, expand your firm, and reach your own career goals. Forget all those success mongers who seek to transform you into some cookie-cutter image of previous high achievers. Under the banner of Grow – Don’t Change, psychologist Dr. George Watt and his fiscal wizard partner Laurie Blazek have founded Top Line Talent Coaching that sets you on the path to discovering your strengths and employing them most profitably....


Achieving Your Highest Performance – What It Takes

What does it take to fly with the Blue Angels – flying jets at Mach 1, wingtips inches apart, forming terrifying maneuvers with the world’s best aerial acrobatic team? John Foley, former Blue Angels lead solo pilot joins Host Bart Jackson to tell exactly what is the right stuff to reach this rarefied air. And, more important to you, John translates the art of cultivating those vital abilities into your own career. Whether you are leading yourself or an entire corporation, John lays out a...


The Retail Food Market – What Buyers Really Want

Brian Todd, President of The Food Institute, reveals who’s feeding consumers best today and what food shopping will be like tomorrow. Supermarket checkout is changing. Will mobile checkout work? What will the new supermarkets look like? How will plant based foods fare? Smaller packaging for small families and food for one. Hungry to learn what the food consuming public is demanding in the future – or how stores will change to accommodate new buying habits? Host Bart Jackson brings you one of...


Tough Business Calls – How Would YOU Decide?

When your career and/or company are pressed back to the wall, how brightly does your decision-making ability shine? Host Bart Jackson gives you a chance to find out. In this episode Bart lays before you a series of all-too-real business decisions, along with several considerations to take into account. Then he reveals the choice each business leader made, and the results that followed – for better or ill. Tune in and test your powers in ethical, financial, personal encounters – and even...


Mythic Heroes for Today’s Business World

Which is your better bet? Drawing your inspiration and role models from today’s latest, fleeting tweet – or from a mythic heroine/hero whose tales reach across the millennia and still fill millions with wisdom? Get set for some fun. Host Bart Jackson joins award-winning author Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan, who has penned “Legends of the Grail – Stories of Celtic Goddesses” and “Heroines of Avalon,” to discover the truths which we still quest after today. Together, they examine specific business...


What You Don’t Know About IT & Who Can Fix That

Isn’t it about time that technology started serving you better? Wouldn’t you like some understanding mentor who sorts through the avalanche of Apps and set to work those tools that boost production and profit? Host Bart Jackson brings you exactly that kind of IT master in his guest Darek Hahn, President & CEO of VelocIT. Taking a general contractor’s approach to an organization’s IT needs, Darek offers for your selection more effective technologies to help sales, operations management,...


The Future of Feeding our Planet – the AeroFarms Solution

It’s not just for marijuana any more. AeroFarms has put the scientific concepts of aeroponic farming on steroids and today is producing tons of its Dream Greens - non-pesticided, wholly organic leafy vegetables that scale easily into urban centers. Host Bart Jackson invites AeroFarms cofounder Mark Oshima to tour us through his headquarters farm located in a resurrected factory in central Newark New Jersey. Marc explains the science that allows a 350-times-per-acre yield of his crops, and...


Nicholas Donofrio: New Visions for High Tech & High Finance

Nicholas Donofrio has spent the last two decades as a restlessly inventive board member of the Bank of New York Mellon and the last four decades as IBM’ most prized scientists, currently holding that firm’s top honor: IBM Fellow Emeritus. Host Bart Jackson sits down with Nick and discusses the new roles of corporate directors in today’s business climate, why and how the American work force needs to retrain, how financial institutions must/will shift in the forward march of technology, and...


The World’s Longest Race & Toughest Security Challenge

One of the most global and most aggressively expanding banking institutions worldwide has just launched its 90-day Belt and Road Relay Race involving thousands of runners through 63 nations, 44 separate markets in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. And Stephen Ward, Managing Director of Insite Risk Management has undertaken the ludicrously difficult task of providing security for each runner, press person, spectator and official involved. Host Bart Jackson invites Stephen to share the...


Clever Business Moves You Wish You’d Made

There’s a gold rush on, but everybody else is after that mother lode. You want to launch a stock exchange, but the big competing exchanges already have the major companies under contract. Publishers find themselves undercut by the great self-published book avalanche. In each case, one very clever individual stepped into these impossible situations and discovered a unique and wildly profitable solution. Host Bart Jackson sets up a series of real, crushingly challenging business climates and...


Challenging C-suiters to Summit New & Loftier Peaks – Literally

What can climbing a Himalayan mountain teach you about yourself? What can exploring the vast polar snows or remote jungles teach you about leading your business team? Worldwide adventurer and expedition organizer, Ms. Julie Lewis takes leaders of self and corporations to those wild lands where exhilaration and self-discovery go hand in hand. Founder of MountainHighMe, Julie joins host Bart Jackson to discuss their own treks from Tibet to Tierra del Fuego, and exactly what new resources...


Celebrity Fitness Star Foils Human Trafficking

Of America’s 260,000 professional fitness trainers, Ramona Braganza has muscled herself up to the pinnacle. As celebrity fitness guru to stars, Ramona and her lavish fitness trailer are regulars on the Hollywood sets for the likes of Anne Hathaway, Michael Weatherly and more. Her 3-2-1 Fitness, Nutrition, and “Loose the Baby Bulge” books and tapes are best sellers. Host Bart Jackson invites Ramona to discuss her climb up the physical fitness ladder, and to tell of her 3-2-1 Empower project...


Tales of a Nomadic CFO – Profitable Takeaways

The Chief Financial Officer serves as dream-maker. He/she takes that audacious vision of the CEO, fuels ‘er up, and puts enough financial wind beneath its wings to ensure its taking off. Host Bart Jackson invites on board veteran CFO Wayne Ackerman, founder of Seaview CFO Solutions, to open his three-decade book of experiences and share some fascinating tales about the CFOs relations with CEOs, Directors, and those all-important investors. How does a wise CFO tether his directors to...


Making Family Business Work – Advice You Can’t Refuse

How can kin keep company and turn a profit? Few folks have better solutions than family business’ sage master, Tom Hubler. Since 1980, Tom has guided family firms in forging both emotional and fiscal equity, planning succession, and juggling individual roles in this dual union. Tom Hubler joins Host Bart Jackson as they take a refreshingly human approach to the intricate challenges of building a common family value in which all may profitably participate. How does a family firm discover its...