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Insightful conversations with founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders, exploring the link between personal and business success. Evolve is a UK-based business coaching and development company committed to guiding you towards meaningful success.

Insightful conversations with founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders, exploring the link between personal and business success. Evolve is a UK-based business coaching and development company committed to guiding you towards meaningful success.


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Insightful conversations with founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders, exploring the link between personal and business success. Evolve is a UK-based business coaching and development company committed to guiding you towards meaningful success.




James Pickles - "But how are you, really?"

James Pickles was flying high as a top sales manager, enjoying all the trappings that come with such success. Then, in March 2019, he had a breakdown that left him unable to speak, let alone work. In this podcast, James talks openly about the breakdown and how he used what he learned from it and his subsequent recovery to start a new life as a personal performance coach. Show Notes: 3:06 - The breakdown 12:38 - The problem of men not opening up 16:29 - Keeping busy and drinking as a way...


Katie Street - "I want to be seen as a leader, not a boss."

Katie Street, founder and managing director of marketing and advertising agency Street Agency, talks about starting a second business, four day weeks and the effects her entrepreneurship is having on her daughter. Show Notes: 3:24 - Setting out on her own 6:33 - Dream vs. reality of running your own business 10:37 - The challenges of working in a niche sector 14:51 - The importance of a mentor 16:20 - Biggest digital marketing mistakes and how to fix them 20:16 - Digital vs....


Clare Gallie - "Be happy and be around kind people."

Clare Gallie, CEO of Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, talks about the joys and challenges of working in the fundraising sector and reveals the wisdom she's learned from the dying. Show notes: 4:47 - From chemistry to fundraising 7:30 - Support for careers in charities and fundraising 9:42 - Differences between leading a normal organisation vs. charity 12:59 - The challenges of leading in an emotionally-charged environment 17:29 - Dealing with being challenged as transformational CEO 19:33...


Martin Smith - "We should accept we're all flawed."

Martin Smith, managing director of specialist recruitment agency Talent Drive, discusses setting up his first business just before the pandemic hit, the current challenges facing the recruitment sector, and his commitment to personal development. Show Notes: (3:05) Background and starting Talent Drive (6:07) The realities of starting and running your own business (8:21) Building the brand (10:02) The value of outsourcing (11:19) Advice for people thinking of taking the leap (13:13)...


Cas Paton - "Create something that's not easy to take away."

Cas Paton, founder and CEO of OnBuy.com, on competing with Amazon and eBay and the experience of seeing his company grow by 600% year-on-year for the past three years. Show Notes: (3:34) Founding OnBuy (6:01) Taking a different approach to the likes of Amazon and eBay (8:07) Transitioning the business (10:00) A leap of faith (13:26) The see-saw analogy (16:40) Managing growth (18:51) Challenges and advantages of phenomenal growth (21:04) Self-belief (23:09)...


Skye Robertson - "Choose courage over comfort."

Skye Robertson is COO of Escape the City, a company whose mission is to help 1 million people do work that matters to them and the world. She talks entrepreneurialism, the future of work and finding meaning in what you do. Show Notes: (3:52) The story behind Escape the City (6:02) Biggest challenges people face when desiring a career change (8:02) Generational attitudes to work and career (9:53) Common reasons for people to make career change (11:40) How to find meaning in...


Sue Campbell - Being disruptive but sustainable

Sue Campbell, founder of Kind2 - an award-winning solid shampoo and conditioner - talks about leaving many years of secure corporate life behind in the pursuit of creating a sustainable product, as well as a brand that lives its values of kindness and good business practice. Show Notes: (00:14) Growing up in Australia, working in New Zealand, Hong Kong and the UK (2:33) Settling in the UK (3:25) More demand in the UK for sustainable products (3:38) What is Kind2? (5:02) The effect of...


Andy Aitken - Taking on the telecoms giants

Andy Aitken, co-founder of Honest Mobile, on disrupting the mobile phone sector, bold funding techniques and his plans to create the world's first global mobile network. Show Notes: (00:44) Leaving the corporate world to co-found Honest Mobile (4:11) Co-founding a business with an old school friend (7:21) Changing the mobile industry status quo (9:51) Challenges faced in founding Honest Mobile (13:22) Transforming from a telecoms business to a tech business (14:06) Scaling customer...


Chris Palmer - "Coasting isn't for me."

Chris Palmer, managing director of AnyTech Solutions on mentorship, community, and how his childhood drove him to become an entrepreneur. Show notes: (3:08) – From art and design to advertising and IT (14:45) – Starting my first business (16:41) – Being a minority in business (21:10) – Seizing and opportunity vs. strategic planning (23:20) – Lessons learned and challenges overcome (25:30) – Doing good (28:28) – Mentoring the next generation (31:58) – My definition of...


Special episode - Article review

In this episode, we look back at three articles from the Evolve blog, covering themes of leadership and change management to work-life balance and the importance of prioritising your wellbeing. Show notes: (2:11) Intro to article ‘10 insights and trends for business leadership in 2021’ (2:43) There are no perfect leaders (4:27) A leader must demonstrate what it means to be a good follower (5:01) Manage expectations around risk and innovations (6:11) Understanding different...


Kate Chastey - "Create a life you don't need a holiday from."

Kate Chastey took over The Passionate PA in 2010, barely two weeks after its founder passed away. By 2015 Kate was turning over more than £60,000 a year. She discusses the challenges and joys of taking over the reins and how running her own business has transformed her life.


Pip Hare - "I never give up."

Pip Hare talks about her incredible experience sailing in the Vendée Globe round the world yacht race. She's only the eighth woman in history to finish the race and was the first British skipper to finish this year's edition.


Dan Smith - "You're either trying to solve a problem or sell an aspiration."

Dan Smith, founder of Fireworx, discusses the nuances of 21st century marketing, the true nature of disruption, and how to raise your brand above the digital chatter.


Lyndon Stickley - "Company purpose is not a badge."

Over the past 30 years, serial entrepreneur Lyndon Stickley has invested in, grown and eventually sold six companies in a wide range of sectors. He talks company purpose, talent, and finding meaning in work and life.


Joshua Simons - "Losing it all was key to my success."

Joshua Simons, serial entrepreneur and founder of several highly successful nightclubs and restaurants, including Priva and Chicken & Blues, talks about his entrepreneurial roots and how lessons learned from the 2008 financial crash formed his current success.


Annie Talboys - B Corp explained

The number of UK businesses certified as B Corp recently surpassed 500, and this number continues to grow rapidly. Annie Talboys details what a B Corp is, how to go about becoming one, and the advantages of balancing profit with planet.


Steve Bolton - Standing on the shoulders of giants

Steve Bolton - serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker and philanthropist, and current CEO of Bolt Partners - talks about his long and fascinating business journey, and the importance of mentorship and personal development in achieving true success.


Felicity & Melissa Barnard on remote efficiency and etiquette

Pandemic or not, remote working and Zoom meetings are here to stay. Sisters Felicity (pictured) and Melissa Barnard from LDS Training discuss ways to enhance all things remote.


Simon Cassin - "We need to remind each other what we value."

How do you define personal and professional values? What are principles? And how do we achieve ethical re-alignment in a post-Covid world? Simon Cassin, director at Ouch Training Team, discusses this and more in this week's episode.


Special episode - Article review

In this week's episode, Evolve founder Warren Munson reviews three articles from Evolve's website. Topics of discussion range from getting out of your comfort zone, the benefits of meditation and how to achieve mindful leadership.