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Insightful conversations with founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders, exploring the link between personal and business success. Evolve is a UK-based business coaching and development company committed to guiding you towards meaningful success.

Insightful conversations with founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders, exploring the link between personal and business success. Evolve is a UK-based business coaching and development company committed to guiding you towards meaningful success.


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Insightful conversations with founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders, exploring the link between personal and business success. Evolve is a UK-based business coaching and development company committed to guiding you towards meaningful success.




Hannah Sills – “Management is about the long-burn journey.”

Hannah Sills, MD at Team Jobs, talks about the pleasures and challenges of taking on the role of MD within an entrepreneurial business, as well as the future of recruitment in the UK.


Adam King – “I bounce out of bed every morning."

Adam King, CEO of SwipeStation, talks the tech behind reducing queues, bespoke tailor ventures in Vietnam and the time he watched television for 48 hours straight. Show Notes: (2:34) Being made redundant, travelling to Asia and setting up a bespoke tailoring business in Vietnam (9:12) At what point did you realise the tailor service was working? (11:59) Where is the tailoring business now and what is your role in it? (13:47) Was there a point you knew you were no longer needed in the...


Lottie Hawkins - "What's the point of money on a dead planet?"

Lottie Hawkins, founder of Earthly Biochar, talks about her biochar mission, sustainability and the impact today's young entrepreneurs will have on the future of both business and the planet. Show Notes: (2:49) What is biochar? (5:42) What led to your interest in biochar? (7:17) What is Earthly Biochar's core business? (8:15) How do you use biochar in different environments? (9:21) The challenges of running Earthly Biochar (11:14) What is carbon capture? (13:35) Were you always...


Special episode - Article review

Your host, Warren Munson, reviews four articles from the Evolve website - ‘3 ways to use fear to your advantage’, 'Is your job title your identity?' ‘Where do old entrepreneurs go to thrive?’ and ‘Know your limits’. Show Notes: (2:27) 3 ways to use fear to your advantage (8:52) Is your job title your identity? (13:50) Where do old entrepreneurs go to thrive? (18:01) Know your limits


Jonnie Jensen - "You don't start a business to end your family."

Jonnie Jensen is the founder of Team Super Dad and the Hero Academy. He helps busy fathers and husbands strive towards a better life balance by reconnecting with their core purpose, and recover things that have inevitably been lost along their business journeys. Show Notes: (2:40) What is Team Super Dad and the Hero Academy? (6:30) Defining the modern dad (12:10) Measuring personal and professional relationships and thoughts on work-life balance (17:00) On implementing important changes...


Tom Quay - "Cars have become too much of a good thing."

Tom Quay is the CEO and co-founder of Passenger, a digital customer experience platform that supports more than 70 public transport operators and whose ultimate goal is to drive sustainability by reengaging and revitalising perceptions around public transport, especially bus travel. Show Notes: (2:11) Early beginnings and journey to the founding of Passenger (3:09) So you don't think you were destined to run your own business? (5:51) Where did the pivot into public transport come...


Glenn St John-Colgan - "Driven by good people with good ideas."

Glenn St John-Colgan, managing director of Augmentas, talks about his years in the civil service, discusses his strong business principles and guides you through the minefield of public sector tendering. Show Notes: (3:10) Working in the civil service and how Augmentas came about (5:33) The changing approach of the public sector (9:25) What does Augmentas do? (11:30) Advice for SMEs applying for public sector tendering (17:15) What do strong business principles mean to you? (22:15)...


Nicky Rudd - "Work towards the headline."

Nicky Rudd, founder of Padua Communications, demystifies the minefield of PR & communications, talks about working with her husband and how she went from teacher and journalist to business owner. Show Notes: (2:42): Background in teaching and early career in PR (7:14) Maintaining that teaching spirit with monthly free event for business owners (8:16) Career at BBC (12:15) Advantages of volunteering (13:20) Differences between being business owner and being MD for somebody else (14:45)...


Paul Spiers - "Be the best entrepreneur for YOU."

Paul Spiers, founder of The New Principles and Leadership Brand Purpose Institute, talks principled leadership, the essence of entrepreneurialism, and the future generation of leaders. Show Notes: (3:20) What is The New P&L? (7:23) Separating professional and personal values (10:43) Managing the hybrid model of working (12:24) What is self-awareness really? (15:14) Can ruthless leaders learn to change their approach? (20:37) How to revive passion, focus and beliefs (24:56) What is...


Marianne Storey - "Better mental health starts from the top."

Marianne Storey, CEO of mental health charity Dorset Mind, discusses the importance of mental health in a business, how a business leader can implement effective measures for mental health among their team, and provides five pillars for good mental wellbeing. Show Notes: (3:20) Path to becoming CEO of Dorset Mind (5:11) Importance of lived experience (6:03) Battling stigmas around mental health (7:28) Dorset Mind's missions (8:32) Demands on service since the pandemic and what's been...


Liz Willingham - "I'm feeling very ambitious at the moment!"

Liz Willingham, founder of Liz Lean PR, on the importance of emotional intelligence, shaking up the business chamber model and handing her daughter the reins to the agency. Show Notes: (3:10) Unconventional beginnings (5:01) Never destined to run own business (5:38) Moment of realisation and birth of daughter (7:39) Affect of entrepreneurship on children (9:36) Moments of doubt/challenges and lessons learned (11:50) How has the world of PR changed? (14:20) Advantages of utilising PR...


Alan Mahon - "Think big and big things will come."

Alan Mahon, founder of Brewgooder, is on a mission to provide clean drinking water to one million people. He talks about what inspired this project, and discusses the importance of transparency, authenticity and strong principles in both business and life. Show Notes: (3:24) The beginnings of Brewgooder and move towards social purpose (9:07) Destined to start own business and do something with purpose? (13:32) What is 'Brewed on Purpose'? (16:08) Transparency on purpose and social...


Jeff Lester on the highs and lows of entrepreneurialism

Serial entrepreneur Jeff Lester talks candidly about his entrepreneurial life, including the 2008 financial crisis, health issues and starting again after losing everything. Show Notes: (3:20) Beginning the journey (6:44) Setting up a themed restaurant, and subsequent problems (8:24) Birth of first child and starting all over again (10:24) New start in property development (12:06) Why I wasn't content with a good, secure life (14:47) Responsibilities of being a business owner (15:46)...


James Pickles - "But how are you, really?"

James Pickles was flying high as a top sales manager, enjoying all the trappings that come with such success. Then, in March 2019, he had a breakdown that left him unable to speak, let alone work. In this podcast, James talks openly about the breakdown and how he used what he learned from it and his subsequent recovery to start a new life as a personal performance coach. Show Notes: 3:06 - The breakdown 12:38 - The problem of men not opening up 16:29 - Keeping busy and drinking as a way...


Katie Street - "I want to be seen as a leader, not a boss."

Katie Street, founder and managing director of marketing and advertising agency Street Agency, talks about starting a second business, four day weeks and the effects her entrepreneurship is having on her daughter. Show Notes: 3:24 - Setting out on her own 6:33 - Dream vs. reality of running your own business 10:37 - The challenges of working in a niche sector 14:51 - The importance of a mentor 16:20 - Biggest digital marketing mistakes and how to fix them 20:16 - Digital vs....


Clare Gallie - "Be happy and be around kind people."

Clare Gallie, CEO of Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, talks about the joys and challenges of working in the fundraising sector and reveals the wisdom she's learned from the dying. Show notes: 4:47 - From chemistry to fundraising 7:30 - Support for careers in charities and fundraising 9:42 - Differences between leading a normal organisation vs. charity 12:59 - The challenges of leading in an emotionally-charged environment 17:29 - Dealing with being challenged as transformational CEO 19:33...


Martin Smith - "We should accept we're all flawed."

Martin Smith, managing director of specialist recruitment agency Talent Drive, discusses setting up his first business just before the pandemic hit, the current challenges facing the recruitment sector, and his commitment to personal development. Show Notes: (3:05) Background and starting Talent Drive (6:07) The realities of starting and running your own business (8:21) Building the brand (10:02) The value of outsourcing (11:19) Advice for people thinking of taking the leap (13:13)...


Cas Paton - "Create something that's not easy to take away."

Cas Paton, founder and CEO of OnBuy.com, on competing with Amazon and eBay and the experience of seeing his company grow by 600% year-on-year for the past three years. Show Notes: (3:34) Founding OnBuy (6:01) Taking a different approach to the likes of Amazon and eBay (8:07) Transitioning the business (10:00) A leap of faith (13:26) The see-saw analogy (16:40) Managing growth (18:51) Challenges and advantages of phenomenal growth (21:04) Self-belief (23:09)...


Skye Robertson - "Choose courage over comfort."

Skye Robertson is COO of Escape the City, a company whose mission is to help 1 million people do work that matters to them and the world. She talks entrepreneurialism, the future of work and finding meaning in what you do. Show Notes: (3:52) The story behind Escape the City (6:02) Biggest challenges people face when desiring a career change (8:02) Generational attitudes to work and career (9:53) Common reasons for people to make career change (11:40) How to find meaning in...


Sue Campbell - Being disruptive but sustainable

Sue Campbell, founder of Kind2 - an award-winning solid shampoo and conditioner - talks about leaving many years of secure corporate life behind in the pursuit of creating a sustainable product, as well as a brand that lives its values of kindness and good business practice. Show Notes: (00:14) Growing up in Australia, working in New Zealand, Hong Kong and the UK (2:33) Settling in the UK (3:25) More demand in the UK for sustainable products (3:38) What is Kind2? (5:02) The effect of...