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In each episode of "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," people from the firm share their insights on developments shaping industries, markets and the global economy.

In each episode of "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," people from the firm share their insights on developments shaping industries, markets and the global economy.
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In each episode of "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," people from the firm share their insights on developments shaping industries, markets and the global economy.




Closing the Gender Gaps: Advancing Women in Corporate America

In this episode, we sit down with Amanda Hindlian and Sandra Lawson, two of the authors of a Goldman Sachs Global Markets Institute report called "Closing the gender gaps: Advancing women in corporate America." The report aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding gender equality by analyzing some of the drivers of the gender gaps in seniority and pay and by helping clients to address these obstacles and biases. This podcast was recorded on November 2, 2018. All price...


LIBOR's Long Goodbye

This episode is all about the London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR as it's commonly called. Beth Hammack, Goldman Sachs' global treasurer, and Jason Granet, head of the firm's LIBOR transition efforts, discuss what LIBOR is, what went wrong with the interest rate and now why and how the financial industry is moving to an alternative rate. As far as what the shift away from LIBOR means for markets, Hammack says, "First and foremost I think the impact is going to be hopefully an improvement...


Talent and Technology: What's Driving Poland's Growth

Poland is sometimes overshadowed by its European neighbors, but it's an important player within the region, according to Goldman Sachs' Artur Tomala and Brent Watson. In this episode, Tomala and Watson describe Poland's economic, business and political environment and why robust job opportunities are leading many Poland emigrates to return home. "We're starting to see people come back," Watson says. "And it's all based upon the fundamental principle of having quality work." br> This podcast...


Europe's Energy Evolution

Europe's energy sector is undergoing a transformation toward sustainable energy sources, says Goldman Sachs Research's Alberto Gandolfi. In this episode, Gandolfi discusses why clean energy has started to undercut the cost of conventional generation. "In several regions of Europe right now, renewables are way, way cheaper than any other technology. So we think they're going to displace conventional generation over the next decade," Gandolfi says. This podcast was recorded on August 2,...


Finding Value in Today's Investing Climate, from Emerging Markets to ESG

International Goldman Sachs Asset Management CEO Sheila Patel joins us in the studio to discuss key trends facing investors, from where opportunities remain in emerging markets assets to the growth of ESG investing to sovereign wealth funds' shift towards transparency. "Across the board [with both legacy and new sovereign wealth funds] what you've seen go on is an increase in transparency, a realization that the level of concern about their actions or what they might be doing could lead to a...


From Corporate Simplification to Recovering Growth: Europe's Business Environment

Europe's business environment is in focus as companies simplify their corporate structure, global trade tensions continue and the tech industry faces increased scrutiny. Marc Nachmann, co-head of the Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division, joins us to talk through how these factors and more are shaping business decisions and M&A in Europe. "CEO confidence remains quite strong in light of strong U.S. GDP growth, European growth recovering, and a pretty good consumer environment almost...


"Scale, Sophistication and Global Relevance" -- Asia's Private Equity Market

"The scale of deals we're seeing [in Asia] is something we've never seen before," says Alison Mass of the Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division. While Mass has been traveling to Asia for more than twenty years to meet with private equity clients, her most recent business trip with colleague Brian DeCenzo felt different in terms of the industry's maturation and international sophistication. In this episode, Mass and DeCenzo explain why global private equity firms are raising multi-billion...


Growth, Politics and Shareholder Activism: European Equities in Focus

Looking at investor returns, European equities are trailing U.S. peers while beating emerging-market stocks in 2018. As part of our closer look at emerging economic and market themes in Europe, Sharon Bell of Goldman Sachs Research discusses the factors that explain this performance, zeroing in on U.K., German and French stocks. Bell breaks down investors' preference for growth companies over value stocks that trade at cheaper prices, particularly against a backdrop of ongoing political...


Why Technology is Not a Bubble

Is there a bubble in technology? Goldman Sachs Research's Peter Oppenheimer doesn't think so. Despite the recent stumbles in some of tech's biggest names, the sector continues to dominate global stock indexes. "The thing that's really set apart [today's] technology revolution as we're seeing it expressed in the stock market since the financial crisis is that these companies have been very successful," says Oppenheimer. "They've been very dominant in terms of returns, but they've also been...


Hallo Tech: Germany Adapts to the Digital Age

Germany is in focus in Europe and around the globe as its historically strong economy undergoes a transformation adapting to the digital age. As part of our closer look at emerging economic and market themes in Europe, we sat down with Wolfgang Fink, chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Germany and Austria, to talk about Germany's economy and business trends, including how technology is impacting German corporations. "Technology change is affecting all large [German] corporates," Fink...


Getting Clarity on Personal Finance's Mobile Shift

From the financial problems facing Americans to how psychology explains people's saving and spending habits, this episode is all about money. Entrepreneur Adam Dell, founder of Clarity Money, a personal finance app that was acquired by Marcus by Goldman Sachs in April 2018, joins us to talk about all this and more, including how he created a mobile app to simplify individuals' money management. "Startups that have risen to prominence are focused on transparency, advocacy and simplicity -...


Beneath Trade Clouds, China's Transition Opens Opportunities

Rising trade tensions with the United States should not obscure the importance of China's progress in transforming its economy and opening its markets, according to Goldman Sachs Research's Tim Moe. On the latest episode of our podcast, Exchanges at Goldman Sachs, he says the size of the Chinese economy and its diminished reliance on trade to fuel growth makes it resilient to the direct impact of trade tariffs. At the same time, the inclusion of China A shares in global benchmark stock...


Why Healthcare is (Finally) Chasing Consumers

From consumers' growing influence and vertical consolidation to the shift to value-based care and questions around drug pricing policy, there's a lot going on in the healthcare industry. Jo Natauri, global head of healthcare investing in Goldman Sachs' Merchant Banking Division, joins us in the studio to discuss what corporations and investors are focused on. "Operating-wise, these businesses are performing really well," Natauri says. "Healthcare is a defensive industry. But if you look at...


What Happened to the American Pension?

Fifty years ago, if you asked Americans how they mainly saved for retirement, chances are they'd answer: "my pension." That's no longer the case. After surging in the post-World War II years, corporate pensions have been on the decline in the US over the past couple decades, largely driven by a stricter regulatory environment and long period of low interest rates, says Goldman Sachs' Michael Moran. With fewer corporations offering comprehensive pension plans, Moran says it will be up to...


At the Movies: Battling Box-Office Blues in an Age of Streaming

From subscription services with generous discounts on concessions to comfier theaters, the film industry is moving aggressively to get more people off their sofas and to the box office, says Drew Borst of Goldman Sachs Research, so far with mixed results. Some efforts (think: reclining seats) are likely to prove more successful than others (think: forays into alternative content like eSports), he says. But one constant is likely to be a heavier reliance on big-budget blockbusters to draw...


Beyond VR and AR: Extended Reality to Transform Our Lives as Consumers

It's not a matter of if Extended Reality (XR) will touch all aspects of our lives-it's a matter of when, says Heather Bellini of Goldman Sachs Research. By 2025, XR is projected to generate over $100 billion in sales, with the consumer and e-commerce sectors being its biggest beneficiaries. The technology carries broad implications for healthcare, education and real estate as well. "Ultimately, this AR/VR/mixed reality movement will change the way we interact with technology forever,"...


eSports: The New Global Pastime

eSports - professional video gaming - has over 350 million viewers worldwide. In this episode, Ryan Nolan, global head of digital gaming in Goldman Sachs' Investment Banking Division, and his colleague Moritz Baier, a former eSports world champion, discuss how eSports is going mainstream after facing early skepticism. "I think the entire ecosystem is going to enjoy richer valuations, greater monetization opportunities and broader reach with time," Nolan said. This podcast was recorded on...


Oil Investing Enters "The Age of Restraint"

The oil and natural gas investment cycle is entering an "age of restraint," according to a newly-published report from Goldman Sachs Research. In this episode, we sit down with Michele Della Vigna, Commodity Equity business unit leader in EMEA, to understand what this means for the sector. "The period of restraint is a period where fear around long-term demand distraction from decarbonization and electric vehicles is forcing the industry to really rationalize its capital investment," Della...


Is Bitcoin a (Bursting) Bubble?

As cryptocurrency volatility continues, Steve Strongin, Charlie Himmelberg and Jeff Currie of Goldman Sachs Research reaffirm their cautious stance on the long-term viability of bitcoin and other first-generation cryptocurrencies. "This should be a battle of the best technology, and instead it seems to be a common wave of enthusiasm," says Strongin, head of GS Research, of the buzz surrounding the first generation. "Certainly these technologies offer some promise, but on the other hand, when...


From Mobile Wallets to Blockchain: How Fintech is Growing Up

The fintech sector has been evolving rapidly as new startups emerge and large financial institutions figure out how to adapt...or else get left behind. To understand where we are in the "three waves of fintech," we spoke with Jeff Gido, global head of the financial technology sector in Goldman Sachs' Investment Banking Division. "We're seeing much more two-way dialogue [between financial services incumbents and startups]. We're seeing much more cooperation, much more partnerships. And we're...