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Opioid Crisis: It's a Community Fight with Dr. Christine Cauffield

The opioid epidemic is front page news everywhere you turn. Carrie Chitsey Wells has guest Dr. Christine Cauffield, CEO of Lutheran Services of Florida Health Systems. She's been instrumental in fighting the opioid crisis in Florida, through grants, peer training, addiction centers and more. Dr. Cauffield talks about the pilot program with the Florida Blue Foundation to provide peer to peer counseling and Narcan in hospitals, ER's and doctor's offices. Hear about the impacts, progress, and...


Role of the Modern Recruiter: From Pounding Phones to Digital Marketing - Matthew Gibbs

This episode we discuss the role change of the modern recruiter. How has the recruiting game changed to market, attract and attain top talent in this digital world? Our guest Matthew Gibbs a global recruitment veteran with expertise all over the world such as Hong Kong, Australia, the US, and the UK. He is the Co-Founder of Recruiterly and owner of a recruitment firm in Hong Kong. Show highlights: To download the WhitePaper Hiring in a Candidate Driven Market that Carrie mentioned. To...


Talent Acquisition & HR Tech Tools Debate with Annissa Deshpande

In this episode host Carrie Chitsey Wells has former Fortune 500 Talent Executive, Annissa Deshpande, Founder and Principal at LogLab. Since has been responsible for hiring over 20,000 resources in 150 countries, Carrie wants to hear her thoughts on the latest recruiting and talent acquisition tools and whats broken in the hiring process. Some of the show highlights: Layoffs, Three-Martini Lunch and the Typewriter". Get a FREE Download the White Paper "Recruiting in a Candidate Driven...


Church Engagement with Digital Members via Video Chat: Dave Jamerson

Host Carrie Chitsey Wells talks to the Pastor of Renovate Church and former Engagement Director at Trader's Point Church (fastest 100 churches in America, 3 years in a row), Dave Jamerson about the new digital church member, how to engage them in this new digital era. Some topics discussed:


Future of Health Care, Behavioral Health & Patient Expectations

Carrie Chitsey Wells is joined by healthcare expert Mary Tucker, CEO of UPIC Health. She is a proven executive in Healthcare with a company focus on behavioral healthcare support and management. She has had previous roles at Planned Parenthood, DC Gov't, Phillips & Disney. Listen to Carrie & Mary talk about how the healthcare system has changed and the need for "patient-focused & facing" technology innovation. They discuss what really measures a "happy" patient and the expectation for...


Bridging the Gap of Retail Physical & Online Customer Experience

Carrie Chitsey Wells is joined by retail thought leader, Chris Gillen from the Gillen Group. He is known for being an innovative retail executive with previous roles at Toys R Us, Home Depot and Target. Listen to them talk about retail disruption and what executives are losing sleep around. It's NOT just "Amazon", brick and mortar is losing business to the online retailers that pop up daily. What should retailers that have a product online that requires a "consultative buying process", be...


Consumer Disruption & Innovation: Round Table with Alvarez & Marsal

Host Carrie Chitsey Wells has a Customer Experience & Consumer Behaviors round table with two industry experts Debra Green and Giles Britton, both Senior Directors at Alvarez and Marsal. Listen to find out what executives should be strategically thinking about from the consumers' point of view on Customer Experience. They talk financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail and field services. Learn how "good customer service" does not work anymore and how to think of customer service from...


John D'Angelo CEO of Investar Bank: Future of Virtual Banking

Carrie Chitsey Wells talks with CEO of Investar Bank John D'Angelo, a top publicly traded community bank (ISTR) over $1B in assets. John talks about what keeps him up at night, what banking executives should be thinking about when it comes to acquiring new customers and servicing your current consumers'. John discusses how mobile video banking technology changes his strategy on branch expansion, growth and servicing their customers. Any executive in the banking community will not want...


Don Peppers: Founder of Peppers & Rogers Group, Author: Consumer Behaviors, Chat Bots & Video Chat Technology

Carrie Chitsey Wells & Don Peppers talk about Customer Experience innovation and consumer behaviors that have changed in the last few years. He provides great advice for executives on disruption in their industry and how to be proactively thinking about the Customer Experience. Where is the industry headed with chatbots and why the human connection is critical to great customer service? Don shares his views on video chat technology as it relates to HR/Recruiting, banking and other...


Sean Erickson: Part 2: Manufacturers, Cable & Insurance Trends & Customer Experience

Carrie Chitsey Wells and Sean Erickson discuss in the Part 2 Series about the changes in customer service behavior in computer manufacturers, cable and insurance. Listen to how video chat technology and innovation is changing the way companies and consumers connect. Understand what executives should be thinking about in new customer acquisition and servicing their customers.


Sean Erickson: Part 1- Consumer Behaviors & Banking

Carrie Chitsey Wells & Sean Erickson talk about how consumer behaviors have changed with the use of technology and increased expectation. They talk about the innovation in global banking and the future of the banking relationship. This is the Part 1 in a two part podcast series. Sean is a seasoned executive with past leadership roles in Teletech, MCI, Dell, Sitel and Big 5 Consulting.


Peter Ryan: Global Contact Center Expert

Carrie Chitsey Wells & Peter Ryan talk innovation in banking, insurance and contact centers with the use of video chat technology. Peter Ryan is recognized as one of the prestigious Best Respected Contact Center Professional in 2015, Fonolo’s Top 16 Analysts Covering Customer Experience and highly sought after speaker.