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The Executive Minds Podcast helps go-getters, like you, convert your potential into high-performance so you can grow your career.

The Executive Minds Podcast helps go-getters, like you, convert your potential into high-performance so you can grow your career.


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The Executive Minds Podcast helps go-getters, like you, convert your potential into high-performance so you can grow your career.








EM 199| An Executive Minds Replay. Celebrate Well: The Secret Fuel for Launch

You and your team are accomplishing big things. Big, difficult things. And with all the testing, tweaking and launching, it's easy to lose sight of something just as important: celebrating. As Shane and David share in today's episode, a pause to celebrate creates energy and momentum. It can even be the fuel to rocket power through the next launch.


EM 198 | An Executive Minds Replay, When Passion and Heart Lead the Way: Dana Spinola of fab'rik

It's the opening day of your new clothing boutique. As a new entrepreneur, you've worked so hard to see your passion and vision come to life. But when you arrive for your first day of work, you find that your business has been completely robbed. Everything from your inventory to your register is gone. What do you do? This is what happened to Dana Spinola, CEO of fab'rik boutique stores. Since the 2006 launch, fab'rik has grown to over 40 store locations and launched a nonprofit, free...


EM 197 | An Executive Minds Replay Designing Your Life to Say Yes with Dave Adamson

Meet Dave Adamson an Australian sports reporter, online pastor, photographer, YouTuber and podcast host. You might be asking how can one person be all those things? It s surprisingly simple: Dave has designed his life and schedule to allow him to say yes to most things. And he does so without sacrificing his sanity or time at home with his family. If you re a multi-passionate creative or entrepreneur, this podcast is for you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Welcome to The Executive...


EM 196 | An Executive Minds Replay How to Go From Good Intentions to Reality with Blake Canterbury of Purposity

The Launch Youniversity Podcast helps go-getters, like you, discover what it takes to turn good intentions into reality in their career, business, and life.


EM 195 | An Executive Minds Replay: What Makes an Effective Leader with Rodney Bullard

Welcome to the Executive Minds Podcast! On this week's episode, we sat down with Rodney Bullard, Chick-Fil-A Corporate Social Responsibility Leader and Executive Director of the Chick-Fil-A Foundation. Rodney is a frequent public speaker as well as being the bestselling author of Heroes Wanted: Why the World Needs You to Live Your Heart Out. We talked with Rodney about what it means to be a "difference maker" in our lives and businesses. We were lucky to be able to have this conversation...


EM 194 | An Executive Minds Replay: Delight Ministries Cofounder MacKenzie Wilson on Starting Small, Staying Passionate

Most of us visioneers have the same problem we have this idea we d like to see get off the ground, but we re overwhelmed by the starting point (where is that thing anyway?). Others of us jump clear over the start line and land somewhere in the middle, bypassing all of the important stuff that keeps the idea afloat. On today s episode, we re joined by MacKenzie Wilson, cofounder of Delight Ministries, a nationwide Christian ministry that invites college women into a community centered around...


EM 194 | Transitioning Well

In this week’s Executive Minds, David sits down with co-mentor Jeff to discuss the nuances surrounding transitioning out of one occupational position and into another. Having recently been through this, Jeff has a lot of wisdom and tips to share for someone who is currently in the process of transitioning or thinking about transitioning in the near future. We discuss the importance of paying close attention to where the world is leading you and how to take those directions in the most...


EM | 193 EM REPLAY 7 Greatest Character Threats of a Leader with Carey Nieuwhof

Today, host Kevin Jennings is joined by Carey Nieuwhof; author, pastor, and speaker. Carey shares his personal experience towards self-improvement and about the character challenges that no one expects, yet everyone experiences. Welcome to episode 192 of the Executive Minds Podcast.


EM 192 | REPLAY How to Go From Good Intentions to Reality with Blake Canterbury of Purposity

The Launch Youniversity Podcast helps go-getters, like you, discover what it takes to turn good intentions into reality in their career, business, and life.


EM 191 | Remaining Productive During a Personal Crisis

In this week’s Executive Minds, Kevin sits down with co-mentors David and Jeff to discuss how to remain productive during a personal crisis. As a leader, we’re expected to drive performance and lead a team towards a shared goal but perhaps team members are experiencing personal hardships for which you need to account. Whether it’s a loss of a loved one or a fight with a spouse, we all can find ourselves dealing with something that can impact our work. There’s a tension in figuring when is it...


EM 190 Approaching Your First time as a Leader

In this week’s Executive Minds, David, Jeff, and Shane discuss how to approach your first time as a leader. You might be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you since you’ve been a leader for many years. But perhaps you’re taking on a new leadership role after many years in the same position. Whether it’s starting a company, changing organizations or kicking off new projects, it might be helpful to hear some reminders, recollections and tested wisdom for how to proceed and make the most out...


EM 189 | Positioning Yourself for Success

In this week’s Executive Minds, Jeff, Kevin, and David discuss how to position yourself for success at work. Believe it or not, you can orient yourself for success even in the midst of these uncertain times. The MNTR team outlines six major ways that you can navigate your work environment and culture and position yourself for success in the long run. It’s a process and requires effort. But the work is worth it. We hope this conversation is as enlightening for you as it was for the team....


EM | 188 Getting Ahead Mentally

In this week’s Executive Minds, Shane, Jeff, and David discuss the importance of getting ahead mentally. It’s something we should be thinking about on a consistent basis. Our job as a leader is to move people from where they currently are to where they need to be eventually. But before we can lead anyone else, we have to make sure that we are leading ourselves successfully. For this reason, getting ahead mentally is key. Pulling from proven experience, the mentors discuss how to take your...


EM 187 | Growing Your Career with a Growing Family

Welcome to Executive Minds! This week, Kevin Jennings sits down with David Farmer to discuss Growing Your Career with a Growing Family. As leaders, it’s important that we schedule a time to reflect and go inward so that we might have a renewed perspective and outlook. David dives into his growth process as a leader and shares all the things he wished he had known. It’s not just a matter of wondering how you grow your career, but rather how do you grow it in a way that you won’t regret? How...


EM 186 | Clay Scroggins on Navigating Internal & External Noise as a Leader [An Executive Minds Replay]

Welcome to Executive Minds! This week, Kevin Jennings sits down with Clay Scroggins, the Lead Pastor of Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA. As a leader, speaker, and thinker, Clay is also the author of How to Lead in a World of Distraction: Four Simple Habits for Turning Down the Noise) which was released September 2019. His previous book, How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge: Leveraging Influence When You Lack Authority released in 2017.


EM | 185 Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A on Staying Curious & Innovative [Part 2]

Welcome to Executive Minds Podcast! This week, Shane and David sit down with Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy to talk about the importance of family and how the magic is made at Chick-fil-A. Dan is a true servant leader and it’s humbling to be able to sit and listen to him share the wisdom he has gained in his lifetime in and around the Chick-fil-A family.


EM 184 | Dan Cathy on the Origin of Chick-fil-A [Part 1 of an Executive Minds Replay]

Welcome back to the Executive Minds Podcast! This week we're looking back at our conversation with Chick-fil-a's Dan Cathy to talk through relationships with your staff and keeping your history relevant.


EM 183: How Do You Know When to Pivot? [An Executive Minds Replay

There will come a time in all of our lives and careers where we will need to make a change. Whether that means shifting your academic focus early in life or your organizational focus after you’ve established your career, we would all do well to become masters of the pivot. In basketball, pivoting is helpful because it allows you to shift your direction and create an advantage relative to your defender. You remain anchored in place, but with a fresh direction you can often see a clearer path...


EM 182 | Michael Hyatt of Michael Hyatt & Co.

Michael Hyatt is a bestselling author and entrepreneur. Formerly the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael now leads the team at Michael Hyatt & Co., coaching high achieving leaders in the art of long-lasting multidimensional success. This week Shane and David sat down with Michael to talk about what real success looks like, and how to achieve it.


EM 181| Four Ways to Recalibrate Your Year [An Executive Minds Replay]

We ve officially reached the halfway point of 2020 and for many of us, it s the perfect time to review the goals we set at the beginning of the year. Maybe you haven t made as much progress as you would ve liked this far into the year. Maybe you ve completed your goals and you re wondering what s next. No matter what side you land on, don t worry there s no time like right now to recommit or make adjustments to your plans. Today, we hear from three of Executive Minds s mentors: David...