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EP040: Pictures, Pants, and Batteries!

Listeners share their experiences, including how one employee turned a customer into a brand ambassador, a wedding photographer who got rave reviews before the photos were even delivered, and a luggage company that helped its customers adjust to new airline regulations. Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode: How one employee turned a customer into a brand ambassador.Why wedding photography is about more than just the photos.One smart luggage company’s response to shifting regulations.The...


EP039: Reviews, Repairs, and Moves!

The best way to get and respond to customer reviews, unexpected customer experiences when your car breaks down on a road trip, and a look at the good and the bad aspects of moving. Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode: How to handle customer reviews like a pro.A road trip horror story turns into a remarkable customer experience.The highs and lows of moving.Why there’s room for growth in B2B digital buying channels. Are You Looking for Things We Referenced? How to Use Reviews to Turn Your...


EP038: Lights, Coffee, and Wallets!

How Nespresso accounts for every moment in the customer experience lifecycle, the problem with introducing new technology to the customer experience, and whether or not the end of cash is in our future. An in-depth look at how Nespresso has perfected the customer experience lifecycle.Will digital wallets create a revolution in seamless customer experience, or is it further off than we think?When your new CX technology turns into a customer experience problem.The changes coming to B2B...


EP037: Experience Living, House Hunting, and Smooth Exiting!

The shift in CX towards a living brand experience, the ins and outs of real estate listings, and why the last day of a customer's experience is as important as their first day. Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode: How to create a living brand experience.Improving the real estate experience.Why your customers’ last day with your business is just as important as their first day.The reason that customer expectations continue to rise. Are You Looking for Things We Referenced? "Inside The...


EP036: Freebie, Message Me, and Hierarchy!

Why direct messaging is crucial to the customer experience of tomorrow, when a "free" cruise isn't really free, and how a CEO reports to his employees. Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode: Why messaging and automation are the future of customer service.The problem with offers that aren’t everything they promise to be.A tire company with a remarkable management structure.The challenge of personalizing every interaction. Are You Looking for Things We Referenced? Message Me by Joshua March...


EP035: Elbows, Pillow Cases, and Salt Blocks!

We follow Joey around for a great day of customer experience, including a visit to Bed Bath & Beyond that gave him new hope for the retail experience, a doctor's visit that was actually fun, and a wonderful dinner with great presentation. Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode: How Bed Bath and Beyond provided a great retail experience.A visit to the doctor’s office that was actually fun.Creating a storytelling-worthy experience, one piece of sashimi at a time.The relationship between the...


EP034: Punks, Chains, and Nightlights!

How one company lets you use snail mail to create surprise and delight for your customers, the little things that can make a big impact on the experience, and what blockchain means for the future of CX. Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode: Why attention to the little things are what create surprise and delight for your customers.A company that gives you the chance to use mementos to make a lasting impression.Blockchain and the future of CX.Why the customer experience glass is half full...


EP033: Mothers, Failures, and Retailers!

The question you need to ask yourself to test your customer experience, the greatest hits of retail failures, and the highs and lows of the retail experience. Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode: The one question you need to ask to test your customer experience.The wall of shame for the retail experience.The best and worst of shopping at retail stores.Retail trends for 2018 that you can’t afford to miss. Are You Looking for Things We Referenced? Would You Do That to Your Mother by...


EP032: Introing, Hooking, and Frictioning!

What the research shows about putting a little friction in your customer experience, the four-step process to hook your customers, and a guide to making great introductions. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: How adding friction early in the customer experience can get customers to invest in the relationship.The keys to making a great introduction.A close look at how you can tap into the feedback loop that gets customers engaged.Why every industry needs to worry about disruption. Are...


EP031: Virtual Reality, Big Screen Reality, and Your Reality!

The future of virtual reality in the customer experience, the effects of fiction coming to life on the big screen, and how the future is (or isn’t) all about VR. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: New ways that companies are using virtual reality in the customer experience.A look at what the Ernest Cline’s novel,Ready Player One, can tell us about the future of CX.Joey and Dan square off over how big VR will actually become.A look at the importance of customer loyalty programs. Are You...


EP030: Grammar, User, and Listener!

How brands are using post-purchase engagement to position themselves in the lives of their customers, how one company turned a typo into viral marketing, and our listeners weigh in on the highs (and lows) of the hotel experience. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: Why post-purchase engagement is the future for great brands.How typos can turn into opportunities.What our listeners love and can’t stand about the hotel customer experience.What customer experience professionals need to...


EP029: Flying, Frying, and Exercising!

How Peloton’s customer service response flipped a bad experience into a good one, what Delta is doing to push the unexpected, and KFC’s clever response to a chicken shortage. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: How Peloton’s customer service response turned a bad experience into a memorable one.Delta’s unique approach to helping folks fly with kids.KFC’s edgy ad in response to a chicken shortage crisis in the UK.Why millennials want the mobile experience more aligned with the in-store...


EP028: Peeing, Agreeing, and Foreseeing!

How even a restroom can make for an unexpected customer experience, what most businesses miss about the importance of employee interactions, and why simple is good for everyone. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: Why an unexpected customer experience creates powerful word-of-mouth.The difference between how you think you impact your brand and how customers experience it.How you can take a page from the Cubs.An opportunity to learn more about customer experience. Are You Looking for...


EP027: Cyclists, Duck Boots, and Restroom Signage!

How small customer experience improvements can add up to big changes, why signs tell you more than just where the bathroom is, and the do's and don'ts of return policies. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: How you can use small customer experience improvements to make a big impact.Why L.L. Bean changed their famous return policy.What office signage says about worker morale.Using customer segmentation to deal with problem customers. Are You Looking for Things We Referenced? "This...


EP026: Healthy, Error Free, and Pregnancy!

How you can turn mistakes into customer experience opportunities, IKEA’s risky marketing move that pays off, and what we can learn from a great meal delivery service. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: How the 404 error message can turn mistakes into customer experience opportunities.A great meal delivery service’s tricks for serving a great experience along with lunch.IKEA’s bold experiential ad campaign.The origins of CRM. Are You Looking for Things We Referenced? "404 Error Page...


EP025: Confusing, Training, and Tripping!

Why technology is never as easy as it should be, how a commuter train line uses a simple piece of paper to change your workday, and one man’s journey across all 50 states. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: What you can learn from one commuter train line about anticipating your customer’s needs.Why listening to customers is more vital than ever as technology gets more and more complicated.Chris Strub’s journey volunteering in 50 states over 100 days.What you can learn about customer...


EP024: Science, Slime, and School!

This week we look at things from a kids-eye view: how one company is making learning about science into an experience for kids, what some real kids think about science when it’s fun, and what kids love and can’t stand about going to school. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: What classroom learning can teach us about creating a remarkable customer experience.How one teacher has created a company that changes the way kids experience science.How our experiences at school carry over into...


EP023: Sharks, Salespeople, and Secrets!

How getting The First 100 Days® right can create lifelong customers, a unique day on the ocean you'll never forget, and the difference between a good salesperson and a great salesperson. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: Why The First 100 Days®are key to creating lifelong customersHow one company blended information, fun, and experience to create an unforgettable day on the ocean.Why being a great salesperson means being a good person.Why customer retention is one of the best...


EP022: Working, Learning, and Recovering!

Why customer service and marketing must collaborate, the dos (and don’ts) of conferences, and why a phone call is more important than you think. Bite-Sized Delights From the Episode: How REI’s customer service and marketing collaborate to provide a coordinated customer experience.The keys to throwing a great conference, and what you need to look out for.How typos and dated paperwork made a bad experience even worse.Why most customers still prefer to reach you by phone. Are You Looking for...


EP020: Stars, Freezing, and Bystanders!

How one hotel group won more Michelin stars than any other, why thinking ahead is the best way to surprise your customers, and why the people with your customer are just as important as your customer. Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode: How a surprise made Joey’s stay at a hotel remarkable.What Mandarin Oriental did to win more Michelin stars than any other hotel group in the world.Businesses that win big by taking care of the “bystanders” who come along with their customers. Are You...