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Experientially Speaking from RedPeg Marketing takes you inside the evolving world of experiential marketing with conversation and insight from leaders at top brands in the United States and beyond.


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Experientially Speaking from RedPeg Marketing takes you inside the evolving world of experiential marketing with conversation and insight from leaders at top brands in the United States and beyond.




RedPeg Roundtable: Redefining creative processes with clients

As we set out on 2023, we put some of our creative leaders at RedPeg in a chat for an hour with one prompt to think on: how do we best act as true partners to our clients throughout the creative process? John Millward (Chief Innovation Officer), John Koch (VP, Creative), Ryan O'Connor (Director of Innovation), Chris Gehring (Social & Digital Strategist), and Rebeca Farache (Digital Marketing Manager) provide some ways to jumpstart your thinking.


Taking the Pulse: Marketing for Good

In the latest episode of Taking the Pulse, we look back on three articles discussing big brands like Heineken, McDonald's and Booking.com that have been using their marketing dollars to make an impact. Read more in the links below. Ad of the Day: Heineken billboard uses solar energy to cool down your bear McDonald’s spotlights Latino film talent to boost industry representation How Booking.com Break Down Barriers for LGBTQ+ Travelers


Taking the Pulse: Broadway, the NBA, and more dive into Web3

Web3 has dominated the conversation in the marketing world for some time now. In the latest edition of Taking the Pulse, we look into how event-based businesses have invested in the emerging space as well as how Web3 companies are turning to in-person experiences for continued growth. Articles: Broadway Uses AR to Get People into Theaters More than any other sports league, the NBA gone all in on Web3 Crypto project Solana is opening a store in NYC. Take a look inside


Pokémon GO Fest and AR/VR at live events with Niantic's Lauren Marks-Stevens

Niantic Global Live Events Marketing Manager, Lauren Marks-Stevens, sits down with RedPeg's Trinity Turlington and Tim Yowpa for a chat about live event marketing, Pokémon GO Fest, the future of AR/VR mobile games. Note: Niantic is a client of RedPeg Marketing. Nothing contained or implied in this Podcast shall constitute or be deemed to constitute a partnership among the Parties nor shall this Podcast constitute a Party as the legal representative or agent of another Party. There is no brand sponsorship between the Parties in this Podcast.


Experientially Speaking with Pride

Chris and Rebeca are joined by RedPeg EQUALLY founder (and digital designer) Colton Wright for a conversation on authentic Pride activations, being our whole selves in the work place, and so much more. This episode was taped in the middle of June and all articles referenced in the show are linked below. Taco Bell takes drag brunch on tour at Cantina locations Pantene urges LGBTQ+ community to show their true identity at work Skittles enlists LGBTQ+ artists to create colorful Pride 2022 packaging


Inside the world of aerial storytelling with Women Who Drone

Women Who Drone is an online media company that inspires, educates, and empowers women to join the UAV industry. They provide online lessons & workshops, resources, news & reviews, career opportunities, and a supportive community of women from around the world. WWD Founder Elena Buenrostro and CTO Eliza Sarobhasa joined Pixis Drones COS Maria Booker for a deep dive into the drone industry. Our conversation explores the use of drones in the entertainment, brand, and experiential space, the mission of Women Who Drone, sustainability and much more.


The purpose and impact of ERGs with VW's Kendra Patterson

Volkswagen's Kendra Patterson joins the podcast along with RedPeg's Anna Sanders and Michael Nelson to discuss the impact of employee resource groups both within the workplace and in the community. We cover how ERGs get started in organizations large (Volkswagen) and small (RedPeg), how they approach programming, how they hold leadership accountable to drive policy change, and much more.


Black storytelling and representation in the arts with Brandall C. Jones

Brandall C. Jones is the Connectivity Director at Kenny Leon's True Colors Theater Company in Atlanta, Georgia. He joined Experientially Speaking to talk about the company's commitment to celebrating Black storytelling, and the importance of access and representation in theater. We also dig into art's role in understanding history, bringing people together, and much more.


Black storytelling and representation in the arts with Brandall C. Jones

Brandall C. Jones is the Connectivity Director at Kenny Leon's True Colors Theater Company in Atlanta, Georgia. He joined Experientially Speaking to talk about the company's commitment to celebrating Black storytelling, and the importance of access and representation in theater. We also dig into art's role in understanding history, bringing people together, and much more.


Taking the Pulse: Sustainability, 90's nostalgia, and... bologna masks?

Our RedPeg Pulse Newsletter roundtable discussion is back to talk about some of our favorite trends heading into the rest of 2022. Show Links: - What Will Sustainable Events Look Like in 2022? 7 Event Pros Share Their Efforts to Keep Gatherings Green Amid COVID-19 (BizBash) - HP CONTINUES ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS WITH TREE-GROWING CAMPAIGN (Ad Age) - JACKSON HOLE'S UNIQUE HIKING BOOTS LEAVE FOOTPRINTS WITH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE (Ad Age) - Oreo Cakesters Is Taking Over the Last Blockbuster as a Nod to 2000s Nostalgia (Adweek) - Why Marketers Might Never Move Past '90s Nostalgia (Adweek) - OSCAR MAYER GETS IN YOUR FACE WITH A BEAUTY-INSPIRED BOLOGNA MASK (Ad Age) - Campbell's teams with experiential toy company Camp on candles, activity guides (Marketing Dive)


Holiday Roundtable: The Metaverse, Livestream Shopping, Celebrity Collabs

In the final episode of 2021, the RedPeg squad breaks down articles from the RedPeg pulse newsletter. Featured articles are listed and linked below! METAVERSE Why the ‘Metaverse’ Represents a Revolution in Advertising Verizon showcases 5G with metaverse treasure hunt Why virtual stores are an entry for brands into the metaverse HOLIDAY SHOPPING Hasbro to host first livestream shopping event YouTube announces week-long shoppable holiday livestreams CELEBRITY COLLABS Tim Hortons Superfan Justin Bieber Leads Donut Collab Popeyes and Megan Thee Stallion Turn Up the Heat With a Second Merch Collection McDonald’s Gets Mariah Carey to Promote Holiday Meal Giveaway


The Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition's Dax Callner & Matt Sincaglia

EMMC Founder and Board President Dax Callner (Strategy Director at Smyle) and Marketing Chair Matt Sincaglia (VP, Strategy & Analytics at RedPeg) join the pod to talk about the Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition (eventmeasurement.org). We discuss the group's goals, what's most important in measuring events, moving beyond traditional marketing metrics, and what's coming up in the event marketing space in 2022 and beyond.


Introducing RedPeg's new Sr. Vice President, Allen Brooks

Allen Brooks' career has taken him all over the world. He's helped lead a mix of event marketing, sponsorship and production for multiple Olympic games along with agencies and brands like GoPro. Now, he's the new Sr. Vice President at RedPeg Marketing. Allen joins the pod to talk about events, leadership, and much more in a special episode of Experientially Speaking.


The 'Pros' of 'Cons' with ReedPop's Larry Settembrini

Larry Settembrini, Vice President at ReedPop, joins the podcast to talk all things 'Con'. His company produces some of the largest Comic Cons in the world, including New York Comic Con, PAX, and Comic Con Paris. We break down how brands and properties authentically connect with some of the worlds most passionate pop culture fans, the role of virtual activations and events, and much more.


Sport, art, and NFTs with round21's Jasmine Maietta

Jasmine Maietta has 10+ years of experience leading brand strategy for Hasbro, Under Armour, and Peloton. For the past year-plus, she's been leading an ambitious project of her own as Founder and CEO of round21. Hear our conversation on marketing insights from those career stops and how round21 is leading at the intersection of art and sport, both in the physical goods space and in the metaverse.


Taking the Pulse: Nike "Rise"

We’re back with another episode of Taking the Pulse! This time we talk about three articles from our RedPeg Pulse newsletter that cover the "phygital" space. Listen in to learn how technology is impacting the experiential space and shaping marketing as a whole. Nike’s new immersive ‘Rise’ store is a wild, high-tech shopping experience (INPUT Mag): https://www.inputmag.com/style/nike-rise-seoul-concept-store-technology-recycling-apparel-move-to-zero-sustainability?utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--O69ehGhcnYyTS9qGubSEE-q7kFbMI7XxpWvyG9nrvlblsHDbTzR_7R8wx5Cz_R9bNNoRE Reebok targets inner-city youth with basketball court AR tool (Contagious): https://www.contagious.com/news-and-views/campaign-of-the-week-reebok-courting-greatness-basketball-app Say 'Candyman' to Your Phone 5 Times to Trigger This Creepy AR Experience (AdWeek): https://www.adweek.com/creativity/say-candyman-to-your-phone-5-times-to-trigger-this-creepy-ar-experience/?utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9IVXCmH8BMEZeDDmOeJxccF0R8toKhjWWUwgOpMKf6ke1YIQNJYbN0lqJ-0CpAtXbwuc3d


Taking the Pulse: Cuyana's mobile pop-up, KFC's new hotel, and more

In a new format for Experientially Speaking, we sat down to talk about five articles from our RedPeg Pulse newsletter that have inspired us recently, what they mean for the experiential space, and how they're shaping marketing more broadly. Cuyana's Mobile Pop-Up (Fast Company): https://www.fastcompany.com/90662408/this-luxe-pop-up-shop-looks-like-an-apple-store-but-can-be-carried-on-a-flatbed?partner=feedburner&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=feedburner+fastcompany&utm_content=feedburner&cid=eem524:524:s00:08/05/2021_fc&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=Compass&utm_campaign=eem524:524:s00:08/05/2021_fc Girl Scout Cookies in DC's Yards Park (BizBash): https://www.bizbash.com/production-strategy/experiential-marketing-activations-sponsorships/media-gallery/21591052/got-milk-how-this-campinspired-event-boosted-girl-scout-cookie-sales KFC's pop-up hotel (Marketing Dive): https://www.marketingdive.com/news/kfc-lets-guests-chick-in-to-themed-london-hotel/604506/ Design Foundry's experiential fashion hit (BizBash): https://www.bizbash.com/production-strategy/experiential-marketing-activations-sponsorships/media-gallery/21590748/get-a-peek-inside-this-new-experiential-fashion-popup How Discord is fueling live events (BizBash): https://www.bizbash.com/event-tech-virtual/strategy/article/21578994/whats-the-deal-with-discord-how-brands-are-using-the-platform-for-events


Esports live events and partnerships with Sig Greenebaum

Former Blizzard Entertainment Global Head of Live Events Sig Greenebaum joins the podcast. Kohei and Sig (who recently founded Sigfest Events) dig into the early days of Overwatch League, the growth of live events in esports, and the unique partnership opportunities for brands in the space. They also break down what's unique about the esports fanbase, how to engage, and why esports present an entertainment experience that traditional sports can't.


Customizing experiential activations with Nestle USA's Jamey Sunshine

Jamey Sunshine, Nestle USA's Head of Experiential, joins the podcast to talk about his career path with stops at RedPeg, Red Bull, and more. Then, the conversation dives into the importance of culture in the workplace, tailoring experiential tactics to brand goals, and how to use analytics and insights to build effective strategy in the marketplace.


An inside look at the National Landing BID in D.C. with Cassie Hurley

Cassie Hurley - National Landing BID's Director of Events & Strategic Partnerships - joins the podcast to talk about one of the most exciting projects in the D.C. area. Our conversation covers the basics of Business Improvement Districts, what makes National Landing and its growth such an important piece of the D.C. Metro Area, and much more.