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The Evolution of Advisor/Client Communication with Michael Batnick and Nick Maggiulli (EP.23)

Welcome back to the ETF Experience. This week Kevin Quigg, Phil Bak and Josh Blechman dive into the recurring segment: What The Hell Is Going On? – 2019 look-forward storyline edition (Tariffs and Rates). Alongside our newest topic - Invest, Trade or Short – where the panelist are given three choices and must pick which they would Invest in, which they would trade around and which they would short (Example: Gold, Cash, Crypto – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Later, Michael Batnick – Director...


Investment Advisor Impact: Talking Generational Wealth Transfer with Ryan Kirlin and Bill Smalley (EP.22)

This week’s episode starts off with segments such as: What The Hell Is Going On: Politics Edition – Can the political poles be pulled to the center?; Investment Article Book Club – The difference between Quant-As-A-Guide and Quant-As-A-Law; If I Were a Billionaire… - What is the first thing you would do? and Investing Theme Wars - pick your horse between Marijuana, Batteries and Crypto. Ryan Kirlin, Director of Capital Market at Alpha Architect and Bill Smalley the Head of Products at...


The SPIVA Diva and the Bloomberg ETF Intelligentsia: Exploring the Perks and Perils of Active vs Passive (EP.21)

Exponential ETFs Director of Capital Markets, Josh Blechman and CEO, Phil Bak – are joined in studio by Aye Soe, Managing Director of Research and Design for the Americas at S&P Dow Jones Indices (also known as “The SPIVA Diva”) and Eric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence – to discuss thoughts on the perils and perks Active vs Passive investing, the SPIVA report, the double edge sword of benchmarking against an Index, opportunities in the Mid-Cap space and innovation in...


Challenges of Market Makers: Chris Hempstead and Dan Cupkovic (EP.20)

Exponential ETFs Chief Strategist Kevin Quigg and Director of Capital Markets Josh Blechman delve into topics including: Possible reasons behind the stock market’s relative indifference to this latest rounds of earnings “Beats”; Imagining a future where legalized sports betting is part of an individual’s standard asset allocation and housed within a unified brokerage account; Best/Worst parts of the Fall Season; and a conversation with Chris Hempstead, Head of ETF Sales at Deutsche Bank - on...


Past, Present, and Future of the Industry: Dave Nadig and Steven Schoenfeld (EP.19)

Hear about the origins of the ETF industry from the individuals who were there from the start. Kevin Quigg and Phil Bak of Exponential ETFs are joined in the studio by Dave Nadig, Managing Director of ETF.com and Steve Schoenfeld, Founder and CIO of BlueStar Indexes (some of the earliest voices to bring ETF research to the masses) to discuss the early days of ETFs, how far they have come and what may be in store for the future of the industry. Do you know why we say Indices instead of...


Diversification: Joe Smith & Todd Rosenbluth (EP.18)

Kevin Quigg and Phil Bak sit down with Joe Smith, Deputy Chief Investment Officer from CLS Investments and Todd Rosenbluth, Director of ETF Research from CFRA, to focus on diversification in relation to equity markets, fixed income ETFs, and gold.


Sage Hill Capital (EP.17)

On this week's episode, Kevin and Phil are joined by Michigan hockey pros and Principals at Sage Hill Capital, Dave Roberts and Chris Fragner, to discuss the quick careers of hockey players and planning for retirement, and hockey's evolution in the Moneyball era.


E16: A background in Swedish cryptology | Convergence of econometrics and psychometrics | Developing the model to measure customer satisfaction

Phil Bak is joined by Dr. Claes Fornell, Chairman of Exponential ETFs and Founder of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), to discuss the birth of a monthly economic indicator of the quality of economic output.


E15: Getting Bitcoin through application processes | Building a PR Firm in Philly | Challenges facing ETF providers vs other Financial Services

Kevin Quigg and Phil Bak sit down with Joe Anthony, President of Financial Services at Gregory FCA, to discuss the ecosystem within the ETF industry. They also touch on getting Bitcoin through the application process and overcoming the unique challenges facing ETF providers.


E14: Entrepreneurial journeys | Starting a vineyard in downtown Detroit

On this week's episode of the Exponential ETFs Exceptional Podcast, Phil Bak is joined by Blake Kownacki from Detroit Vineyards as he details his journey to establish a vineyard and winery in downtown Detroit.


E13: How ETFs affect underlying stocks | Poker & Finance | What is Smart Beta?

On this week's episode of the Exponential ETFs Exceptional Podcast, guests Mike Venuto and David Dziekanski from Toroso Investments join to discuss how ETFs affect underlying stock.


E12: Concentration in the S&P| Well done is better than well said | Hard currency vs. cryptocurrency

Phil Bak and Kevin Quigg are back together for this week's episode to talk about concentration in the S&P 500. Later, Axel Merk from Merk Investments sits in with Kevin Quigg to discuss where the markets are now and what people should be looking for.


E11: Google search & ETF education | The market for battery metals | Funny first jobs

On this episode of Exponential ETFs Exceptional Podcast Christian Magoon, CEO of Amplify ETFs, Tom Lydon, CEO of ETF Trends, Josh Blechman, Director of Capital Markets at Exponential ETFs get together to discuss ETF education along with a star cameo appearance by Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management.


E10: Be right a little more often than you are wrong | Why are people in the military so successful in finance?

Phil is joined by Josh Brown and Rick Ferri to discuss how to be successful in the financial industry as well as on Twitter.


E9: Russell Rebalance | Summer Life Hacks | The Morningstar Conference

Phil and Kevin are joined by Kristen Mierzwa, Managing Director of ETP Strategy and Business Development at FTSE Russell, to discuss the frenzy around the Russell Rebalance, a rundown of The Morningstar Conference, and share their thoughts on the best condiment of all time.


E8: Going Independent with John Davi | Game Theory | Twitter: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Phil and Kevin are joined by John Davi, Founder & CIO at Astoria Portfolio Advisors and Charles Ragauss, Director of Product Management at Exponential ETFs, to discuss going independent in the ETF industry.


E7: Building ETF awareness | Generations of wealth management | Does anyone go to the movies anymore?

Phil and Kevin are joined by Nate Geraci, President of The ETF Store, and Charles Ragauss, Director of Product Management at Exponential ETFs, to share their experiences building ETF education and awareness, highlight generational differences in ETF investors, and debate moviegoing in 2018.


E6: Placing bets on crypto | East Coast vs. West Coast living | The conference industry

Matt Hougan, newly-appointed Global Head of Research at Bitwise Assett Management, talks changing jobs in the financial industry with Kevin and Phil. They also place bets on crypto, debate East Coast vs. West Coast living, and the conference industry.


E5: ACSI in the news | The church of buy and hold | Defined benefit plans vs. defined contribution

Kevin Quigg and Phil Bak share big news on the ACSI ETF, discuss whether ETFs make DIY investors and financial advisors more active traders than they should be, and explain defined benefit plans vs. defined contributions.


E4: Backtesting - should you trust it? | The future of SRI | Marijuana ETFs

Charles Ragauss, Director of Product Management at Exponential ETFs joins Kevin and Phil for a discussion on the reliability of backtesting, the future of SRI, and marijuana ETFs.