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A Cooler Approach To Financial Independence

A Cooler Approach To Financial Independence
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A Cooler Approach To Financial Independence






Hacking College, Real Estate, and FU Money | Craig Curelop from Bigger Pockets

In today’s episode, Cody and Justin bring you a true the king of efficiency. A real estate junkie, Craig works over at Bigger Pockets and currently lives in Denver. From getting paid to go to college to renting out his car, Craig finds ways to squeeze money out of every aspect of life. Then you can add on the fact that he’s in his mid 20’s and you have a really inspiring story. Craig may not head up a popular blog or podcast but I can promise you, he has some amazing insight. In this...


A Power Couple’s Path to FI | Jimmy and Jenny from Living Life Loving Us

Today we have a bonus episode recorded LIVE at FinCon with Jimmy and Jenny from Living Life Loving Us. Cody was fortunate enough to meet this amazing power couple at FinCon and immediately knew that he needed to get them on the podcast. Since discovering financial independence, this couple has been able to increase their savings rate tremendously, maximize their income, and design a life of purpose and meaning. They also share some awesome tips about how to get your spouse on board with...


Optimizing Your Day Job & Crushing The Side Hustle Game | Kevin from Financial Panther

In today's episode, Cody and Justin bring you a true expert of the gig economy and side hustles. The great Kevin from Financial Panther. If you’re unfamiliar with the gig economy or side hustles, think Uber, Wag, or Air BnB. Kevin has used all of these new apps to bring in $1-3k per month on a very consistent basis. Oh and don’t forget he does this while also being a lawyer. While a lot of lawyers might think it is beneath them to deliver food to college kids, Kevin sees it as a powerful...


Tragic Adversity, Mail Delivery, and Rental Properties | Jimmy Ridenhour

In today's episode, Cody and Justin bring you an interview that is guaranteed to be a new one for you. This is the story of Jimmy Ridenhour who, unlike most of our guests, has no blog, book, podcast or ever been on a podcast. That doesn't mean his story isn't remarkable. Jimmy's story starts out with a very tragic start that involves murder and family turmoil but he amazingly finds his way to success and has an unmatched amount of positive vibes when you meet him in person. After that...


Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Blogging | J.D. Roth

In today's episode, Cody and Justin interview one of the real originators in the personal finance space, J.D. Roth from Get Rich Slowly. Join them as they dive into J.D.'s financial backstory and learn how he took his own journey to conquer finances and turned it into a successful business. He gives us full transparency and shows that it hasn't always been easy or profitable. When J.D. first started he was publishing articles bloggers ourselves that seems outrageous. We...


“Retired” at 24, Now Earning $1.5 Million Blogging | Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

In today's episode, Cody and Justin interview Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense of Cents. Join them as they dive into Michelle's financial backstory and learn how she took her issues with student loan debt and turned it into a passion that ultimately became super profitable. While Michelle did retire from her job at 24 and is now living it up sailing around the world, she is still grinding away on her blog and saving a ton of money. This really shows you that no matter how much...


Retire Early with Real Estate | Coach Carson

In today's episode, Cody and Justin interview Chad aka Coach Carson from Join them as they dive into Chad's financial backstory and learn how he realized that he couldn't become another member in the rat race and turned to real estate to create an impressive portfolio of rental homes. He now has a huge following of people looking to follow in his footsteps to financial independence through real estate. Chad is down to only devoting 1-2 hours a week to his rental portfolio...


Goodbye FIRE Below Zero, Hello To The FI Show

This is the biggest news we've shared with you up to date! Unfortunately, TJ had to step away from FIRE Below Zero for family reasons, but the show goes on! Cody has teamed up with Justin aka the Saving Sherpa, to present to you ... The FI Show! We are so excited to move forward with this new project and we appreciate you supporting us during this transition. So, what does this mean for you listeners? What's Different? We are going to make this transition as seamless as possible. Any links...


010 | Overcoming Adversity | Jillian @ Montana Money Adventures

In today's episode, Cody and TJ interview Jillian from Montana Money Adventures. Join them as they dive into Jillian's financial backstory and learn how she overcame substantial adversity. Now, Jillian spends her time blogging, life/money coaching, and running a Mini-Retirement Course. Episode Summary Jillian grew up in poverty From a young age, she knew that money = options... she was always looking for chores to earn an extra 25 or 50 cents. She attended a bible college after high school...


009 | Camp FI South Takeaways & Community Feedback

The first portion of this podcast is feedback from last week's episode: The Low-Hanging Fruits of FI. Anonymous talks about Project FI and tells us about calling to get cell phone data reports. Cody's mom asks us to clarify how WiFi works. Luke from Forming the Life talks about the power of automation. Jeremy corrects Cody about AskTrim and mentions Truebill. Mike weighs in about Sling TV for watching football. Emily tells us about saving money on groceries with Checkout 51. Camp FI South...


008 | The Low-Hanging Fruits of FI

In this week's episode, Cody and TJ discuss the low-hanging fruits of FI. These are the changes you can make in your life today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and so on that can drastically improve your financial position. Tune in and get ready to pick these low-hanging fruits! Episode Summary Housing: Makes up 33% of average American household expenditure House hacking – Purchasing a primary residence and renting out units/bedrooms in order to subsidize the cost of your...


007 | From Accountant to Full-Time Entrepreneur | PT Money

PT Money is the founder of FinCon and a personal finance blogger at In today’s episode, I get a chance to interview him LIVE at FinCon to share his financial journey. Episode Summary Around age 24, PT realized that he was “not moving forward financially”. He describes how he “had debt” and “wasn’t saving at all”. After discovering Dave Ramsey, PT used the debt snowball approach to pay down his loans. Diving deeper into the rabbit hole, PT started reading personal finance...


006 | Casually Saving 90% of Your Income | Lily @ The Frugal Gene

In today's episode, we get a chance to talk to Lily from The Frugal Gene about her accelerated path to financial independence. By choosing to avoid lifestyle inflation, Lily and her husband are able to save 90% of their income. The crazy part is that she thinks this is "normal"! Tune in to hear her incredible story about intentionality, happiness, and frugality. Join the Community We'd love to hear your comments and questions about this week's episode. Here are some of the best ways to...


006 | Hacking College, Side Hustles, and World Travel | Cody Backstory

Hacking College Cody made the deliberate choice to go to a state university vs a private university, even though the private university offered him a 50% scholarship. Even with this massive discount, the private school would have cost him $30K per year. By choosing the state school, Cody graduated debt free which set him up for financial success in the future. Choosing to Work through College Cody has always been quite the entrepreneur even since his college days. He maintained a few side...


005 | Ready, Set, Gap Year! | Noah & Becky @ Money Metagame

How to Get a Full Ride to College Noah and Becky worked as Caddies all throughout high school, making a good amount of money during the summer, but most importantly earned a full-ride scholarship (The Chick Evans Scholarship) to Purdue University (tuition and housing). This set them up to graduate college without debt. Because of the intentionality of both Noah and Becky and their parents they started their career at a zero net worth vs a negative six-figure net worth like most couples...


004 | From Poverty to Privilege | TJ Backstory

Starting from a 3rd world Country TJ shares his story and what life was like growing up in Nigeria. Born in a middle-class family, his father instilled basic money ideas that have stuck with him even as he pursues financial independence. He learned from his father to be frugal, and intentional with money. Only focusing money on things that bring true value to his life. Always Capitalize on Opportunity TJ shares how there are only so many opportunities growing up in a third world country....


003 | Earning $150,000 While Traveling Full Time | Brad Rice

How to Find FIRE Being naturally frugal, Brad kind of stumbled his way into FIRE. After starting the 9-5, Brad anticipated working like the typical employee and retiring at age 59 ½ with millions of dollars. Before long on this path, Brad came to the realization that he didn’t find a lot of joy in spending a lot of money. That is when the FIRE was sparked and Brad dove in headfirst into learning more about escaping the hamster wheel. Getting Your Spouse on Board Brad and his wife Ashley...


002 | There’s No FI Without Purpose

What FIRE Means to Us Cody and TJ share their biggest reasons for pursuing financial independence. On their path, they’ve learned that money is just a tool, and it should not control your life. This concept simply allows you to buy your time back. It allows you take back control of your future, and focus all of your waking hours on things you are absolutely passionate about. This what makes FIRE so important! Highlighted Idea: Cody says he is “not getting the best use of his life hours” by...


001 | Lighting the FIRE

What exactly is FIRE? Financial independence, retire early. Financial independence is based on the 4% rule which was formulated from the Trinity study, the idea is that if you can survive comfortably at a 4% withdrawal rate from your nest egg (invested assets), provided that the assets were invested in low-cost index funds, you essentially never had to work for money ever again. Which brings in the RE portion (retire early). If you can build up a nest egg with 25 times your annual expenses...