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How to Adult Your Personal Finances | Jake Cousineau

Today's episode features Jake Cousineau soon to be Author of How to Adult: Personal Finance for the Real World. You might even recognize Jake from his $50k Wheel of Fortune payday! Jake is now hoping to increase the odds of winning at life for young adults across the country. We talk to Jake about why he decided to build this financial guide to life and the lessons he has learned actively teaching the next generation of the FI/RE community. Share this episode with that rising senior or new...


Setting Teens Up for Financial Independence | Dan Sheeks

Today's episode features Dan Sheeks from Sheeks Freaks who has created a place for teens that are "obsessed" with making smart financial decisions. Dan is a teacher in Colorado and is really changing the lives of young people and giving them a place where they can feel normal sharing their financial interests. It's obvious through all the success stories he highlights that this is working and was a needed niche. We hope you're as excited to hear how the next generation is chasing FI/RE as we...


Mindset and Financial Independence

Today's episode is another one led by your awesome Co-hosts (Justin & Cody). The topic today is all about the mental part of our journeys to financial independence. Good and Bad. Depression, joy, grit, relaxing, purpose, people...this episode has it all. So take a moment and hear from the FI Show guys as they open up the curtain on mental hurdles they've faced and the strategies they've used to overcome them. Highlights From the Episode Realizing it's not about the money Finding your tribe...


Shaping Failure and Tough Conversations | David Wood

Today's episode features David Wood from who has become one of the biggest life coaches and has helped 150k+ people. David spent over 20 years building a career as a consulting actuary for Fortune 100 companies. David helps high-performing entrepreneurs, executives and teams to identify and master their tough conversations, becoming the leaders they themselves would follow. There are so many awesome techniques that David shares. So sit back and try them out yourself while you...


Using Music Therapy to Reach New Heights | Marlys Woods

Today's episode features Marlys Woods who created her own business, Get in Tune Music Therapy, where she uses music as a tool to help her clients reach new heights. Never heard of musical therapy? Neither had we but it's very interesting. She pairs what she loves about music with psychology. The most common use case for this is for developmental issues or speech rehab. But it's also possible to use music as a tool for everyday productivity and releasing stressors. Marlys focuses on addiction...


Geoarbitrage Case Studies | Diving into the Numbers with Cody & Justin

Today's episode rounds out our series on utilizing your location as a tool to financial independence and is led by just thew of us hosts. You may hear this idea called geo-arbitrage. We wanted to pick two locations where we would actually like to take a test run of financial independence in a foreign country. Cody picked Santiago, Chile and Justin picked Porto, Portugal. This episode covers an honest and holistic look at what it would cost for a couple to live in these countries while still...


Selling Everything and Moving to Panama | Jim White

Today's episode features Jim White from Route to Retire. We're continuing our series on geoarbitrage which is the act of purposefully moving to a location for monetary benefits such as lower cost of living or tax treatment. Jim and his family utilized a traditional corporate job to amass a nest egg large enough to retire in his early 40s. They were conservative enough to save for a life in the U.S. but wanted to find a lower price point abroad. Jim poured over the research and took a...


Living in Taiwan and Slow Traveling The World | Mr. Nomad Numbers

Today's episode features Mr. Nomad Numbers from Nomad Numbers. This begins our series on Geo-arbitrage which is the act of purposefully moving to a location for monetary benefits such as lower cost of living or tax treatment. Mr. &. Mrs. Nomad numbers were living in California and realized they could jump ship and retire. They chose to move to Taiwan where they could obtain a 3yr gold-card which would allow them to live there full time. Mr. NN also gives us the breakdown of how Taiwan has...


Healthcare 2020 Roundup | Listener Q&A and Personal Experience

Today's episode features your two podcast hosts, Justin & Cody. The cover guest questions on topics like medical bill negotiations, pricing, plan types, coverage when traveling, and more. They also let listeners in on exactly how they get their coverage now, and for Justin, how he plans to manage this once he no longer has that W-2 job. This topic is crucial for everyone listening so don't miss this one. Links From the Episode...


Shopping for Healthcare (The Right Way) | Scott Heiser

Today's episode features the healthcare expert Scott Heiser who authored Healthcare is Making Me Sick. Scott is leading the charge on making healthcare understandable for all. He covers how new transparency data tools are empowering us as healthcare consumers and how best to handle your medical bills. This topic is crucial for everyone listening so don't miss this one. Summary Scott shares transparency data tools and how they're changing healthcare shopping Medical tourism is possible even...


Healthcare in the FI Community | Lynn Frair & Jackie Cummings Koski

Today's episode features the healthcare option experts Lynn Frair and Jackie Cummings Koski. Lynn is crowdsourcing all the best health care options for the FI community and Jackie is a certified Health Savings Account (HSA) expert! Open enrollment is just around the corner and we're bringing you the knowledge you need to decide. This topic is crucial for everyone listening so don't miss this one. Links and Resources Comparing High Deductible Plans with a Health Savings Account to Traditional...


100 Life Updates and The FI Show Evolution

Today's episode features your very own hosts Justin from Saving-Sherpa and Cody from Fly to FI. We just wanted to celebrate our 100th episode! Both of us give you a rundown on all the big life events that have taken place this year. Cody bought three investment properties and Justin hit FI at age 30! There's so much more so you won't want to miss this one. Episode Summary What You Can Expect To Hear Justin hits FI Cody buys 3 properties Cody goes Vegan Justin sells his van Justin moves to...


From the Ghetto to a Growth Mindset | Jerry Brown

Today's episode features Jerry Brown from Peerless Money Mentor. Jerry grew up in a self-described ghetto with no real view of a way out. We cover his background, how he turned things around, and how he's built a powerful financial independence network. You won't want to miss this inspiring story! Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode. Episode Summary Jerry's Background Jerry didn't really know he was poor growing up But he lived in a crime-filled...

Learning How to Stack Benjamins | Joe Saul-Sehy

Today's episode features Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins. Before creating a massively popular podcast, Joe made a lot of money mistakes. This all came to a clash when he was working as a financial advisor, owned his own business, and still could barely get the money to get home. Now Joe is bringing finances into so many homes via a unique comedic angle. Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode! Episode Summary Joe's Background Joe was in high school and...


Fueling Your Body for Maximum Performance | Erica Ballard

Today's episode features Erica Ballard from Erica Ballard Health. At first, Erica struggled with her self image and finding out what "healthy" really meant. Through experimentation and education, she unlocked how to really help others achieve their peak health. Now she's helping others and educating the world on what real health is. Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode! Episode Summary Erica's Background Erica thought looking good was the key to her...


Leaving Corporate America and Managing Your Own Business | Terrie Chantel

Today's episode features Terrie Chantel from Terrie is a successful speaker and business coach. She teaches teach business owners how to monetize their skills, uplevel their personal brand, create profitable offers, and convert followers into buyers. Being an entrepreneur wasn't always comfortable for Terrie. Check out how that changed for her and how she's helping others do the same. Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode! Episode Summary...


Slow Travel, Geoarbitrage and Creative Frugality | Bob Lai

Today's episode features Bob Lai from Tawcan. Bob and his wife are both dual citizens living in Vancouver, Canada. He has a big passion for geo-arbitrage, slow travel, and dividend investing. Hear how he's reaching FI while traveling and having three weddings! (spoiler alert, only one bride) Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode! Episode Summary Bob's Background Bob’s family grew up in Taiwan with a farming background Money was never taboo and stuck with...


Know Your Pension | Grumpus Maximus

Today's episode features Grumpus Maximus, author of The Golden Albatross and creator of the Grumpus Maximus website. Grumpus was three years away from a pension when he had a breakdown. This pushed him to gather all the information he could on his pension to choose on staying or going. Ultimately, he stayed and from then on became focused on teaching others how to understand and utilize their own pension plans. Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode! Episode...


Understanding Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion | Steve Yacovelli

Today's episode features Dr. Steve Yacovelli, author of Pride Leadership and creator of TopDog Learning Group. Steve brings an incredible amount of expertise on leadership as well as diversity and inclusion. He also brings an interesting backstory where he went from working on a Disney Cruise line to being hired by Disney as a consultant on those very cruises. Steve will teach us all how to listen, build trust, empathize, and ultimately to lead. Listen, learn, and let us know what you think...


Putting The FI in Fitness | James Lowery

Today's episode features James Lowery from Rethink The Rat Race James is a repeat offender back from episode 36. In that episode, he dug into his background and how he and his wife retired in their 20's after amassing real estate in just two years. This episode we dive more into his accomplishments in the health and fitness arena. From lifting, cardio, diet, and more all through the lens of someone on their FI journey. Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode!...