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Facility Management Evolution – Trends, Innovations, and Advancement of the Facility Management Universe. Brought to you by CGP Maintenance & Construction Services, Inc

Facility Management Evolution – Trends, Innovations, and Advancement of the Facility Management Universe. Brought to you by CGP Maintenance & Construction Services, Inc


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Facility Management Evolution – Trends, Innovations, and Advancement of the Facility Management Universe. Brought to you by CGP Maintenance & Construction Services, Inc




Top Market Shifts for Contractors During Covid-19

Shownotes (:51) Intro (2:48) Welcoming to today’s guests (5:48) What are you reading? (9:30) How did 2020 affect you? (17:16) Market Shift (20:26) How do you see things progressing with technology in 2021? (23:30) Adapting to supply plan management in construction (28:14) Remote work and anxiety (32:30) Employee health culture (38:00) Wrap up Links Shawn Black Tom Kay Book Recommendations Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World: Tim … Tools of Titans: The Tactics,...


The Importance of Space Management for FMs w/ Randy Olson & Manuel Medina

Shownotes(1:01) Intro(3:32) Welcoming today’s guests(10:14) What are you reading?(12:47) The importance of space management(15:35) The pandemic in Panama(20:08) Adapting to constant change(31:10) Preparing for reopening (38:58) Are FMs responsible for creating quality remote workspaces?(44:08) How can FMs prepare for unknowns?(48:57) Wrap up LinksShawn BlackRandy OlsonManuel Medina ProFM APAFAM Book RecommendationsAtomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad...


Empowering FM with Daily Huddles

Shownotes(0:58) Intro(5:54) What are you reading?(9:34) Redefining how we approach virtual presentations(18:05) Stop using COVID as an excuse!(23:25) The Morning Huddle(31:37) Advice for the next year(33:46) Wrap up LinksShawn BlackDavid Avrin Visibility International The Morning Huddle: Powerful Customer Experience Conversations to Wake You Up, Shake You Up and Win More Business! Book RecommendationsThe Membership Economy: Find Your Super Users, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build...


New to FM, Listen to This!

Shownotes(0:46) Intro(4:29) What are you reading?(8:08) Introducing Charles and Lace Management(11:54) FM organizations help you network(14:57) Advice for young FMs(21:51) Transferable skills(28:28) Developing team connections(36:16) Leading older team members(44:05) Wrap up LinksShawn BlackCharles ThomasLace Management Book RecommendationsThe ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results Greenlights Quotes“In facilities, sometimes you are kind of forced to be a...


How Tech is Changing FM Forever w/ Beth Mooney & Connor Mckee at Fexa

Shownotes(0:51) Intro(4:19) What are you reading?(9:24) 2020’s effects on Fexa(12:55) Prioritizing automation(16:38) Valuing the human first(20:06) Maintaining flexibility(24:54) Data’s impact on FM(29:32) Hesitancy to adopt AI(34:49) Gen Z in the workplace(39:07) Closing thoughts LinksShawn BlackBeth MooneyConnor McKee Fexa Connex Events Book RecommendationsWhat If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing RoadStumbling on...


Creating a FM Leadership Culture

Shownotes(0:58) Intro(4:33) Guest introductions(8:35) Being a leader from a supporting role(13:02) The differing influence of good and bad leaders (16:33) What are you reading?(20:07) Showing leadership potential (24:56) Why FMs have to be leaders(28:22) Situational leadership(32:04) FM culture at Penn State(39:07) Conflict resolution(41:48) Quick advice for future leaders LinksShawn BlackRandy OlsonMark Bodenschatz ProFM Book Recommendations True North The Hate U Give American Character...


A FM Game Changer

Shownotes(3:20) Introducing Mike Popadak and iVueit(4:56) What are you reading?(7:23) Coming up with the concept for iVueit(10:19) How iVueit works(13:22) How the pandemic affected iVueit(16:13) Mike’s thoughts on the gig economy(20:52) Contractor response to iVueit(25:20) Uber’s impact on iVueit(27:35) What’s next for iVueit?(28:53) Wrap up LinksShawn BlackMike PopadakiVueit Book...


Negative Boss vs. Positive Leader with Jim Robinson

Shownotes(0:55) Intro(3:34) What are you reading?(6:13) Positive leaders are forward thinkers(12:49) What to do when you get stuck(17:44) Positive leaders are encouragers(20:59) Practicing what you preach(27:26) Wrap up LinksShawn BlackJim Robinson Jim's Article Book Recommendations Quotes“As a leader, one of the keys to cultivating a work environment that is productive, creative, and high morale is being a...


Cybersecurity for FM's

Shownotes(1:01) Intro(7:52) Guest introductions(11:00) What are you reading?(13:56) Risks with embracing technology and the internet(17:12) FM’s handling cybersecurity(22:46) FM’s relationship with IT(25:23) What FM’s need to know about cybersecurity(27:51) Utilizing ProFM as an asset in learning cybersecurity(31:57) Advice for FM’s preparing for the new frontier (36:19) Wrap up LinksShawn BlackRandy OlsonGordon Mitchell Maureen RoskoskiGet started learning about the FBPTAKey.FMKeystone WX...


A FM's Legacy | Taz Sutherland

Shownotes(2:31) Introducing Taz(10:09) What are you reading?(13:24) Creating a legacy(25:00) Takeaways from 2020(30:19) How the challenges of 2020 inspire innovation(38:55) Walmart culture(45:19) Staying light-hearted through a difficult year(49:43) Advice for facility managers Quotes“If you’re the protagonist in hundreds or thousands of people’s books along the way, if you’ve helped them at some point, if you pick them up or help them, like that leaves a legacy. You’re not their whole...


5 Steps to Help Your Team Grow in 2021 with Jim Robinson

Shownotes(0:50) Intro(3:00) Helping those around you grow(6:10) Creating goals(9:24) Identifying strengths and weaknesses(11:48) Understanding purpose(15:31) Develop a training plan(18:02) Celebrating the wins(22:38) What are you reading right now? LinksShawn BlackJim Robinson Book Recommendations Quotes“We all tend to see ourselves five years from today. We see everyone around us today, you know, for...


FM Evolution Live: Human Capital Trends in 2021 w/ Stormy Friday & Randy Olson

Shownotes(0:58) Intro(3:55) Introducing ProFM(6:17) Welcoming Stormy Friday(9:11) What are you reading?(13:36) Keeping employees energized (18:32) Addressing the skill gap(23:31) FM knowledge bank(28:52) Maintaining the corporate culture(30:43) Embracing opportunities LinksShawn BlackRandy OlsonStormy Friday ProFM The Friday Group Book Recommendations


Blue-Collar Leadership® w/ Mack Story

Shownotes(0:42) Intro(3:26) What are you reading?(6:30) How Mack got started with blue-collar leadership(10:26) Blue-collar reception to Mack’s content(18:42) Mack’s passion for writing(20:56) How Stephen Covey changed Mack’s life(24:25) The importance of character(28:50) Advice for developing character(35:16) The difference in deciding and doing(41:28) What leadership means to Mack(44:03) Wrap up Quotes“My passion is the frontline entry-level workforce, but how do I engage those people is...


Having a Bro Culture w/ Drew Rees with Dutch Bros Coffee

Shownotes(0:37) Intro(2:22) Introducing Drew Rees(4:42) Dutch Bros culture(7:10) Adapting to the pandemic(9:23) Embracing the drive-thru model(11:32) Facility management with Dutch Bros(13:21) Difficulties of the drive-thru model(14:35) Positive bro culture(15:52) Utilizing technology to streamline operations(20:17) Drew’s expectations for 2021(27:51) Wrap up Quotes“We’re a fun-loving, mind-blowing company that’s making a difference one cup at a time. Right? There is such an air of...


3 Types of People in Life and How to Coach Them w/Jim Robinson, CEO of CGP Maintenance and Construction Services

Shownotes(0:42) Intro(4:23) Three types of people(8:36) Helping people reach the next level(11:02) Leading multiple generations of people(18:27) The importance of persistence (23:32) 4 ways to create persistence (29:59) Feelings get hurt when people grow(32:58) Wrap up Quotes“Education is creating strategies based on historical values or content. Whereas wisdom is teaching you drive, and effort, and focus.” (19:38) “You want to share love, and you want to be loved, but decision making...


Blue is the New White / with Josh Zolin [REBROADCAST]

12/11/2020 Welcome to the Facilities Management Evolution! We are excited to bring you Trends, Innovations, and Advancement of the Facility Management Universe. Brought to you by CGP Maintenance & Construction Services, Inc


The True Competitive Advantage: Customer Experience with Author, Speaker David Avrin - [REBROADCAST]

FM Evolution Host: Shawn Black Guest: David Avrin Show [00:00:47] Intro [00:02:47] What are you Reading? [00:04:26] David’s Book [00:07:00] David’s Journey [00:12:01] Speaking in March [00:14:42] Difference between Customer Service & Experience [00:16:21] Accounting Story [00:20:12] How did David Begin Speaking [00:25:20] The Last Mile [00:30:25] Advice for when Breakdowns and Failures Happen [00:35:37] Future Proofing your Business [00:40:22] Handling Divided Attention [00:45:10]...


How to Close the Gap from Where We are to Where We Want to Be with Klyn Elsbury

Shownotes(00:46) Intro(1:55) Introducing Klyn(3:07) What are you reading?(4:31) Klyn shares her journey with cystic fibrosis(6:53) Klyn’s inspiration for writing books(11:05) Digital downloads(14:16) Where Klyn finds inspiration(17:42) Misconceptions about what Klyn does(21:14) Three tools that have been beneficial to Klyn(23:59) What being a leader means to Klyn(27:04) What’s next for Klyn Quotes“So you can always learn something from everybody. I think there’s a danger in having one...


The Importance of Innovation in Construction with Killian Ivy

Shownotes(00:46) Intro(2:39) Introducing Killian(6:42) What is Cosential and how is it different from larger CRMs?(13:22) How Killian transitioned from a job in construction to software(17:17) The largest concerns with transitioning to CRM software(30:56) How to connect with Cosential(31:45) What’s in the future for Cosential? Quotes“One thing that really sets us apart from just about every CRM out there, most of them, they outsource who’s going to be onboarding you. That person’s going to...