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Facility Management Evolution – Trends, Innovations, and Advancement of the Facility Management Universe. Brought to you by CGP Maintenance & Construction Services, Inc

Facility Management Evolution – Trends, Innovations, and Advancement of the Facility Management Universe. Brought to you by CGP Maintenance & Construction Services, Inc


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Facility Management Evolution – Trends, Innovations, and Advancement of the Facility Management Universe. Brought to you by CGP Maintenance & Construction Services, Inc




Serving Our Country in FM

Shownotes: (0:57) Introduction To AnJuan Thomas (3:04) Journey into FM (5:08) What Are You Reading? (6:42) FM Within the Military (9:15) How The Military Impacted Leadership Skills in FM (12:54) Transitioning from Military to FM Role (15:29) Creating an American Experience in a Foreign Country (18:02) Global Labor Shortage & Supply Chain Challenges (21:15)Love to Serve and Love to Learn (29:08) Military Life vs. Civilian Life (35:25) AnJuan’s Legacy (39:46) Advice & Wrap...


Building FM Knowledge, Relationships and Credentials at NFMT Remix

Shownotes: (2:41) Introduction To FM Topics (4:46) What are you reading? (9:05) Introducing Amy Brown and Trade Press Media Group (11:18) Introducing Randy Olson and ProFMI (12:01) ProFMI and NFMT Relationship (14:11) NFMT Remix 2021 (17:18) UCF and ProFMI Credential Course (18:57) 3 Tracks of NFMT (25:54) Why NFMT? (28:38) Wrap Up Links: Shawn Black Pro FMI Pro FM Credential Course Randy Olson Amy Brown Trade Press Media Group NFMT REMIX Building Operating Management...


Creating Reliability in FM

Shownotes: (0:59) Introducing Andy Gailey of UPTIME (03:59) From mechanical engineering apprenticeship to UPTIME (9:08) What are you reading? (12:56) Helping Facilities Mitigate Risks (16:38) Where do Managers Step Into Reliability in FM? (19:14) UPTIME's strategies and advice (27:41) Alignment of maintenance and operations (38:50) Measuring Expenditures (42:11) Wrap Up Links: Shawn Black Andy Gailey UPTIME Consultant Ltd Book Recommendations: The Plague Quotes: "They always...


Jim Robinson on the Foundations of a Successful Leader

Shownotes: (0:55) Introducing Jim Robinson (4:22) First lead yourself (6:37) When are you ready to lead? (6:24) Balancing Availability and Boundaries (10:32) Listening to your team (11:25) Knowledge of Business Operations & Vision (13:48) Prioritizing Both The Mission and Your People (17:06) Servant Leadership in Local Communities (20:51) The Takeaway & Wrap Up Links: Shawn Black Jim Robinson Consistently Great Performance with Jim Robinson Top 3 Principles of Leadership /...


The Future of ConnexFM

Shownotes: (2:33) Introducing Bill Yanek (10:05) Adapting To 2021 with ConnexFM Conference (15:42) What to look forward to for 2022? (17:15) Highlights of ConnexFM (26:04) New Member Initiatives (28:15) Experience of Switching to Virtual (36:54) Wrap Up Links: Shawn Black Bill Yanek ConnexFM Book Recommendations: ConnexFM Benchmarking Study Think Again The Extended Mind Quotes: "We're here to help and connect FM… to get our facility managers connected to exhibitors and...


How ISO Standards are Impacting the Global FM Industry

Shownotes: (2:53) Introducing Randy Olson & Stan Mitchell (4:26) Stan Mitchell & His Journey To ISO Standard Development (6:40) ProFMI and ISO (8:50) What Are We Reading? (15:22) How Does Someone Get Involved in Developing ISO Standards for RM? (16:53) A Joke Gone Wrong Turns Stan Toward ISO Development (20:38) FM is About People and so is ISO (23:15) ISO Standards & Certification Processes (24:34) Explaining ISO 41,000 (28:32) The Process of Standard Development (34:33) What Do...


Setting Up a Sustainability Inititive in FM w/ Josh Witte @ Dollartree

Shownotes: (2:56) Introducing Josh Witte (4:41) What Are You Reading? (6:44) What Lead Up To This Initiative? (11:14) Updating Multiple Assets (14:02) Sustainability Across Regions (15:42) Electric Vehicles (18:49) Preventative Maitnenace& The Sustainability Initiative (22:05) National Vs. Regional Companies (24:15) Recycling Programs (32:02) Wrap Up Links: Shawn Black Josh Witte Books: The British Are Coming Leviathan Wakes Quotes: "We are committed to reducing our carbon...


Connex2021 - Electric Vehicle Readiness Across FM w/ Seam Group

Shownotes: (1:33) Introducing Christine Witte & Chris Tracy of SEAM Group (3:08) What Are You Reading? (4:28) FM’s Place with EV (6:24) Where do FM’s Start? (8:59) Chargers, Infrastructure & Outsourcing (11:15) Capacity, scalability, & Regulations (15:30) Long-Term Choices vs. Constant Changes of EV (22:16) Charging Station Safety (27:00) EV Life Cycle (32:04) Wrap Up Links: Shawn Black Christine Witte Chris Tracy SEAM Group Connex 2021 Book Recommendations: 12 Rules For...


Making Employee Experience Count with CEO, Jim Robinson (Rebroadcast)

Making Employee Experience Count with CEO, Jim Robinson CGP Podcast Show Notes [00:02:48] What does employee experience mean to you? [00:07:58] How do you improve employee experience? [00:10:42] What role does technology play in the employee experience? [00:12:45] How do you keep an open dialogue with your team? [00:15:34] How do you make every moment count? [00:19:27] How do you empower your leaders? [00:21:57] What advice would you give other leaders in the facilities management...


Sneak Peak of RFMA2021 Podcast w/ Teresa Foster

Shownotes (0:51) Intro (2:47) Introducing Teresa Foster (4:24) What are you reading? (9:13) RFMA and the pandemic (21:26) RFMA moving forward (24:44) Impact of technological advancements for RFMA (28:21) Sneak Peek: RFMA (36:07) Final thoughts and advice for FMs this year Links Shawn Black Teresa Foster CGP Maintenance & Construction Book Recommendations The Rainwater Secret A More Beautiful Question Extreme Ownership Quotes "When I was leaving my job,...


What Do FMs Want in 2021? We Have the Answers!

Shownotes (0:42) Intro (3:01) Guest introductions: Randy Olson and Eileen McMorrow (3:40) What are you reading? (7:22) Background on guests (9:48) Explaining 2021 Outlook Training Survey (26:39) Leadership, strategic planning, and emergency planning (34:39) Stats on FM training (37:27) Why invest in your team (40:25) Skills gap since remote work (44:23) Top priorities for employers and staff (47:25) How to find survey results/ Top takeaways Quick advice for future leaders


A Look Back at RFMA 2020 Tracy Tomson's Final Farewell (Rebroadcast)

Show Notes (3:10) Tracy’s journey with RFMA (8:23) Biggest accomplishment since the start of RFMA? (10:12) What is your biggest life influence? (12:15) About the Team (17:51) About CAE (22:23) Tracy’s Retirement Announcement (24:44) Advice for Incoming CEO Quotes “I am now a part of something greater than myself… Now I have found my community. I found my people.” (9:09) “I think I was maybe the right person at the right time and took us to where we are now, but it's going to take...


The Rise of Little Caesars with Wendy Gallo | EP 50



5 Ways to Make Your Team Feel Valued & Appreciated with Jim Robinson

Shownotes (0:32) Intro (2:25) Guest introduction (4:45) What are you reading? (5:35) Top five ways to make your team feel valued or appreciated (6:05) Why figuring people out matters (7:36) Identify the learning style of your audience (9:00) Be a storyteller (11:39) Avoid surface-level relationships by encouraging your employee’s gifts and strengths (13:59) Change the story, and give freely to build trust (20:33) How to appreciate your employee’s beyond the paycheck (23:16) True...


Diversity Equity and Inclusion in FM

Shownotes (1:00) Intro (2:48) Welcoming to today’s guests (7:04) What are you reading? (10:17) What DEI means in today’s workplace? (17:09) The importance of DEI mission. (20:58) Where do we start? (26:12) What’s the next step? (37:42) Practice what we preach (46:00) Wrap up Links Darrell Rounds Randy Olson Book Recommendations Influencer The New Science of Leading Change Relentless Tim Grover Rocket Fuel Quotes “We have a mission to become the most inclusive company in...


Top Market Shifts for Contractors During Covid-19

Shownotes (:51) Intro (2:48) Welcoming to today’s guests (5:48) What are you reading? (9:30) How did 2020 affect you? (17:16) Market Shift (20:26) How do you see things progressing with technology in 2021? (23:30) Adapting to supply plan management in construction (28:14) Remote work and anxiety (32:30) Employee health culture (38:00) Wrap up Links Shawn Black Tom Kay Book Recommendations Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World: Tim … Tools of Titans:...


The Importance of Space Management for FMs w/ Randy Olson & Manuel Medina

Shownotes (1:01) Intro (3:32) Welcoming today’s guests (10:14) What are you reading? (12:47) The importance of space management (15:35) The pandemic in Panama (20:08) Adapting to constant change (31:10) Preparing for reopening (38:58) Are FMs responsible for creating quality remote workspaces? (44:08) How can FMs prepare for unknowns? (48:57) Wrap up Links Shawn Black Randy Olson Manuel Medina ProFM APAFAM Book Recommendations Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build...


Empowering FM with Daily Huddles

Shownotes (0:58) Intro (5:54) What are you reading? (9:34) Redefining how we approach virtual presentations (18:05) Stop using COVID as an excuse! (23:25) The Morning Huddle (31:37) Advice for the next year (33:46) Wrap up Links Shawn Black David Avrin Visibility International The Morning Huddle: Powerful Customer Experience Conversations to Wake You Up, Shake You Up and Win More Business! Book Recommendations The Membership Economy: Find Your Super Users, Master the Forever...