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Episode #67 - Why Facebook wants your ads to be engaging

Seems like most of the people who run ads on Facebook forget that first and foremost Facebook is an engagement social media platform. Facebook wants people to keep coming back and stay longer. So it makes sense they give preferential treatment to advertisers that have really engaging and entertaining ads. Seems like most of the people who run ads on Facebook forget that first and foremost Facebook is an engagement social media platform. Facebook wants people to keep coming back and stay...


Episode #66 - Why Facebook Ads Don’t Work

People are always asking me why their ads aren’t working and I’ve talked about it A LOT on the podcast but it deserves going over it again. Keep it simple. Keep an open mind. Know your numbers AND remember it might not be the ad at all. On this episode, I cover the two fatal mistakes and the 3 step process of evaluating your ads/funnel. When going through the process make sure you go back to front. I reference episode 62 - http://onefocusmarketing.com/episode62 *** Want to know more...


Episode #64 - How to use Facebook dynamic ads to create successful campaigns

This episode dives into dynamic ads. If you’re like me when someone mentions the word dynamic in conjunction with marketing my eyes just kind of glaze over. Here’s the good news though. Understanding and using dynamic ads in Facebook ads manager is easy. If you like to test and really want to know what combination of ad copy, image, buttons, and headlines work the best then this episode is for you. Come check out episode 64. *** Want to know more about my Marketing With A Twang...


Episode #63 - The Top 5 Facebook Ad Experts and Why I Follow Them

This episode is just a list of some of the people I follow and why. They all have a great message and unique style that makes them the best at what they do. I do not know any of them personally and I’m not an affiliate. I just dig them. In no particular order: *** Want to know more about my Marketing With A Twang Membership? http://bit.ly/mawtclub


Episode #62 - 3 Must-Have Steps to an Unstoppable Facebook Ad

This might be the best episode I’ve done but really, you’ll have to be the judge. Today I’m giving you the 3 steps you absolutely must have to create a massively successful Facebook ad. Also, this episode will show you exactly what you need to know to figure out why your current marketing funnel may not be converting the way you want. I’m really excited to share this with you and please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Here comes Episode 62! Here is the video that...


Episode #61 - How to use Facebook video ads to create a compelling retargeting audience

If you’re not using video ads then start. Immediately! I’m not talking about some high dollar production video but rather a really crazy valuable content-driven video. More emphasis on the content than the video quality. These kinds of videos can help you find high quality, super low-cost people to retarget with your other offers. So check out episode 61! Here is the video that walks you through step by step: https://youtu.be/odiJqjb0ZDs *** If you are looking for the easiest way to...


Episode #60 - Should you separate out your targeting interests

This might be one of the most disputed topics among Facebook ad managers. Should you separate out each interest when running ads or should you just lump them all together and let the Facebook pixel help you out. Even the multi-million dollar media buyers can’t decide for sure. So what should you do? Find out on Episode #60 Here is the video that walks you through step by step: https://youtu.be/GhpPSBj1N6Y *** If you are just beginning with your Facebook ads and you want to know...


Episode #59 - Why NOW is the best time to start running Facebook ads

“... the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” - Baron Rothschild That old quote about the stock market is just as true for Facebook ads. When people start saying the sky is falling and running for the hills that is the time to do the exact opposite of the masses. Facebook ads are going through a phase that ALL major marketing platforms have been through. I’m starting to see a mass exodus of Facebook advertisers and Facebook ads managers who were just here picking low...


Episode #58 - Why testing can hurt your Facebook ads

Test, test, test. You gotta test! That’s the marketer’s mantra. It’s also the marketer’s scapegoat. Yes, you do need to test but if you aren’t strategic about it then you may not get what you’re looking for. On this episode, I talk about some of the things you can test and how to do it the right way. Here is the video that walks you through step by step: https://youtu.be/bT_8QVrs1IQ *** If you are just beginning with your Facebook ads and you want to know how to make them simple and...


Episode #56 - What the heck is going on with Facebook ads

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of emails about why their Facebook ads haven’t been working as well. Why costs have gone up and reach has gone down. On this episode, I answer these questions and dive into what’s been going on and why there have been some serious changes. I also go over what you can do about it including how to leverage your ad spend. The good news is that this recent change will separate the marketers versus the non-marketers and will really put those with the skills in...


Episode #55 - How to leverage LinkedIn for massively successful Facebook ads

I have been leveraging LinkedIn to create successful Facebook ads for myself and clients for a few years and I used to talk about it all the time. Guess it was so second nature I kinda forgot what an awesome strategy it is. So, this episode is all about how to combine LinkedIn with Facebook to make a hugely successful Facebook ad campaign. Find out this strategy that hardly anybody uses and stay 10 steps in front of your competition. To see how to download your LinkedIn contacts here...


Episode #54 - Demystifying the Facebook Pixel

It seems like every other episode I make is about the Facebook pixel. Episodes 2,15,16 and 41 to name a few. Not to mention all the other ones that I mention how important the pixel is. So why another one… and I promise this won’t be the last! Simply put because I get so many questions about it. The Facebook pixel is one of those things when you master what it can do to help you grow your business by tracking and retargeting you’ll literally feel like you are basking in the...


Episode #53 - Facebook Messenger Bots - Strategy #2

I was so excited about this episode that I literally stayed up way late to finish recording and get it ready for you. Why? Because I love messenger bots! Yeah, I know. It is just another thing to learn and it is not the same as getting an email address but they are really powerful and much easier than most realize! You get nearly 100% open/read rates compared to what… maybe 20% on email. You can interact with your potential customer by asking questions and then giving them answers...


Episode #52 - What you need to know about the Facebook business page changes

Facebook recently made a change. What a shock. I know. Now, business pages will have even less significance in the news feed. This means the organic reach will be even smaller and it was already almost zero. On this episode, I talk about business pages, how these changes will affect them and whether or not it should change your Facebook ads strategy. I also dive into diversification and why it is super important not to have all your eggs (and I don’t even eat eggs) in the Facebook...


Episode #51 - How to explode your Facebook ads without the news feed

This episode is a more advanced technique partly because it requires you to commit time and money to your ads for about 30 days. However, the rewards can be pretty amazing. What I discuss is how to find the best placements for your ad. All the Facebook ad experts (myself included) always say to only put your ads in the news feed. With a couple of exceptions. On this episode, I talk about how to use all the placements to figure out really which one is the right one for your...


Episode #50 - Retargeting Strategy #5 for Webinars

Running a webinar and driving traffic to them takes a lot of time, effort and money. This retargeting strategy is simple yet effective at getting more people to show up live as well as more to purchase. Most emails follow up sequences are read by only about 20% that sign up. That means that 80% of those who said “Yes, sign me up for the webinar” will never see a reminder. Out of sight out of mind. They might have signed up for your webinar but they aren’t nearly as excited about it as...


Episode #49 - What are Facebook lead ads and how can you use them

Facebook lead ads which are listed in the campaign objectives as ‘lead generation’ have been out for a couple of years. These ads are designed to capture leads quickly and easily without leaving the Facebook platform. On this episode, I talk about how to set up the lead ads including creating the form as well as what placements can be used. Facebook lead ads are good for some businesses but not others and once you listen to this episode you’ll be able to see if they might work for your...


Episode #48 - How Facebook charges you for your ads

On this episode, we cover how Facebook charges for your ads as well as a few other things like: Also, I go over why getting charged by impression vs link clicks is actually not a bad thing and for the most part is the optimal way to run your ad campaigns. The key to how you get charged is how you set up your account and I review this toward the end of the episode. If you need help or have questions regarding Facebook ads then join my closed...


Episode #47 - What tools I use to create amazing Facebook ads

This episode is really just a list of tools I use every day when creating my Facebook ads for clients. I am an affiliate for some or all of these and there are free alternatives but so many people asked I thought I’d just give them to you like I have them: Images: https://stock.adobe.com http://canva.com Video: http://onefocusmarketing.com/veeroll Copy: http://amzn.to/2FiXy1j - The Adweek Guide to Copywriting Handbook http://onefocusmarketing.com/fs - Funnel Scripts Video...


Episode #46 - How to create laser targeted audiences for Facebook ads

I probably harp on this way too much but frankly, it is most likely the #1 thing keeping your Facebook ads from working. Know your ideal customer inside and out! That is where targeting begins by identifying all the things your ideal customer loves and those things that stress them out. There is a really cool tool by HubSpot to create your customer avatar: http://makemypersona.com If you haven’t used this tool yet or otherwise done a similar exercise please do it before you ever run...