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Faith Driven Entrepreneur exists to encourage, equip, empower, and support Christ-following entrepreneurially-minded people worldwide with world-class content and community. Here, you'll find conversations with business leaders from around the world who will share how their faith affects their work.

Faith Driven Entrepreneur exists to encourage, equip, empower, and support Christ-following entrepreneurially-minded people worldwide with world-class content and community. Here, you'll find conversations with business leaders from around the world who will share how their faith affects their work.


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Faith Driven Entrepreneur exists to encourage, equip, empower, and support Christ-following entrepreneurially-minded people worldwide with world-class content and community. Here, you'll find conversations with business leaders from around the world who will share how their faith affects their work.






Episode 204 - Eradicating Homelessness is the Bottom Line with Amy King

Amy King is the founder and CEO of Pallet, a social purpose company working to end unsheltered homelessness and give people a second chance at employment. And while this endeavor alone would be enough for most people, Amy’s involvement doesn’t stop there. She’s also the owner of Square Peg Development, a general contractor, and a founding member of Weld, a nonprofit that provides previously incarcerated people with housing, employment, and other resources to help them reintegrate back into...


Episode 203 - Hunting for the Outcast with Helen Young Hayes

A 20-year veteran of the financial industry, Helen Young Hayes has survived a bear market that gutted her funds portfolio in the early 90’s and a horrific plane crash that nearly took her life in 1989. Serving as portfolio manager of the Janus Worldwide and Overseas funds, Helen built and invested a $50 billion franchise in global and international equities. In 2016, she changed course and founded Activate Workforce Solutions to help employers find and keep loyal and engaged employees. Helen...


Episode 202 - Less Fear, More Falafel with Ross Carper

Sharing food is a powerful way to bring people together. Feast World Kitchen enables refugees and immigrants to serve their traditional recipes to local residents, who get to learn about—and enjoy—authentic, international cuisine without leaving town. This food business incubator is building bridges between cultures and knitting its local community together. Executive Director Ross Carper is partly responsible for making this idea a reality in Spokane, Washington. Listen to Ross’ story and...


Episode 201 - You Have a People Problem with Mary Miller

Janitorial services is a notoriously transitional job that experiences a 400% annual turnover on average. Yet in the midst of a challenging employment landscape, JANCOA has discovered what it takes to solve this people problem. For them, it all began with listening to their employees and then purchasing a 15-passenger van. CEO Mary Miller joins the Faith Driven Entrepreneur podcast to share her experiences and provide insights when it comes to retention and turnover. If you’re looking to...


Episode 200 - Host A Party. Watch What Happens Next.

The global Faith Driven Movement is well served by a virtual conference that is “attended” by a network of local Watch Parties. Director of Operations Sue Alice Sauthoff sits down with several Watch Party hosts who have gone on to spark a movement in their own neighborhoods as a result. Listen to this inspiring conversation. Who knows how God might inspire you to host or join a local Watch Party of your own?


Episode 199 - Power to the Prayer People with Kim Avery

When it comes to business, are you talking with God on a regular basis? Or do you feel like your days are too packed for prayer? Kim Avery, author of The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur, believes an open line of communication with God is the singular most important discipline every successful business owner should incorporate into their daily routine. Join us on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Podcast to hear more about the power of prayer.


Episode 198 - Winners & Learners with Torii Hunter

What many people may not know is that equal to his achievements on the field, Torii is just as proud of his growing portfolio of investments. And yet business is much like baseball—Torii has failed more than he has succeeded. His strikeouts have taught him there are no losers in life, just winners and learners.


Episode 197 - Building a Baby Crib Empire with Daniel Fong

Million Dollar Baby has been designing elegant and sophisticated nursery furniture for more than 25 years. Founder Daniel Fong shares about the early days of his enterprise. He talks about what it’s been like to watch his kids grow up in the business, get involved, and continue to be instrumental in leading the organization into the next phase of development.


Episode 196 - Having A Clear Eye View with Jaylon Smith

Star NFL Linebacker Jaylon Smith is a force on the football field. But there’s far more to him than just sporting prowess. Jaylon’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to start the Minority Entrepreneurship Institute–which has awarded $1.2 million to 13 minority-owned companies since inception–and his own eyewear company – CEV Collection.


Episode 195 - Donald Miller Tells the Story Behind Growing a Business

Donald Miller's books—such as “Blue Like Jazz,” “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years,” and “Scary Close”—have spent more than a year on the New York Times Bestsellers list. Don has since gone from writing bestselling books to tapping into the power of story for businesses and individuals. Every year he helps more than 3,000 business leaders clarify their brand message. Listen in as he challenges entrepreneurs to lean into their own story, creatively develop and execute the story of their...


Episode 194 - Andrew Denysov: Entrepreneur in A War Zone

These are truly unprecedented times as war rages in Eastern Europe. We had the unique privilege to be joined by a member of the Faith Driven Entrepreneur community in Ukraine. Andrew Denysov, founder and CEO of TechVision Global, joins us on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Podcast to share with us his story, how entrepreneurs play a key role in times of turmoil, and how we as the body of Christ can stand strong in the face of evil and uncertainty.


Episode 193 - Gary Grant: Toys Are Only Part of the Story

Struggling with dyslexia and watching his parents divorce, Gary Grant is no stranger to adversity. From a young age, he grew up with very little in worldly terms. And it drove him to work hard and make as much money as he could. That is until God stepped in and captivated his heart. Today, Gary is the CEO of The Entertainer, a massive toy company in the UK. He and his business are dedicated to living generously and impacting the lives of the community around them. To date, they have donated...


Episode 192 - Mark Whitacre: I’m Not the Hero

Mark Whitacre is the highest-ranking executive of any Fortune 500 company to become a whistleblower in US history. He is responsible for uncovering the ADM price-fixing scandal in the early 1990’s. His undercover work with the FBI was the inspiration for the major motion picture, “The Informant,” starring Matt Damon. Drawing from his unique history, Mark provides one-of-a-kind insight into corporate ethics, corporate greed, and the warning signs of a flawed corporate leadership. And he would...


Episode 191 - Warwick Fairfax: Finding Your Way Back From Failure

Warwick Fairfax was the fifth-generation heir to Australia's most storied media empire, a business started by his great-great grandfather. In the mid-'80s, a couple of decades after the family took Fairfax Media public, Warwick -- fresh from Harvard Business School -- launched a takeover that failed three years later. In just three years he lost the business that had been in the family for 150 years and was worth $2.25 billion. Warwick’s story offers insights into how you can move beyond...


Episode 190 - Brian Roland: Perks With a Purpose

Brian Roland, Founder of Abenity, wanted to create a company that changed the way corporations offer and manage the perks they offer their employees. More than just seeing an opportunity to innovate, Brian realized that his vision was less about profits and all about people. He wanted his company to have a purpose.


Episode 189 - Patrick Colletti: Once Lost. Now Refound.

At the helm of a broken company, with no operating capital or viable product offering, Patrick Colletti set out to rebuild an organization with loads of debt and no clear product or market presence. Patrick shares the story of this incredible turnaround and what it means to have a “refounder” mindset.


Episode 188 - No Prisoner To A Traditional Ministry Model

Bryan Kelley is the chief empowerment officer of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, or PEP. But to think of this as just another prison ministry would be a grave injustice. PEP doesn’t want to simply change inmates, instead they want to transform the 150,000 men incarcerated in Texas from the inside out. Teaching practical entrepreneurial skills helps release fathers and husbands from generational bondage. Bryan joins us on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Podcast to share the story of how...


Episode 187 - Building a Bulletproof Business with David & Jason Benham

Being bold in today's culture is one thing. Being bold without revealing your own brokenness can sometimes make you a bully. Today we’re privileged to hear the story of the Benham brothers—former major league baseball players, TV show hosts, and now wildly successful Faith Driven Entrepreneurs. David and Jason have lived out their faith boldly even in the face of a cancel-culture that doesn't always embrace Christ. And they’ve tried to do so with equal amounts of grace and humility.


Episode 186 - God and Mammon with Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch, best-selling author and a partner of theology and culture at Praxis, is a leading voice in the Faith Driven movement. Andy spoke at a recent Faith Driven Investor Conference on a topic that many faith driven investors are wrestling with regularly: God and money, we cannot serve both. How do we balance out Jesus’ teaching and our calling as Faith Driven Investors? Listen to what Andy had to say for some insights and inspiration.


Episode 185 - Living At Your Best with Carey Nieuwhof

Carey Nieuwhof knows something about burnout. He was crushed by its devastating effects while over-working as a lawyer. What he discovered is “The people that ultimately pay the price for your overcommitment are the people you care about the most.” In his book At Your Best, Carey provides leaders with practical solutions to thrive both in their personal life and within their organizations. For the faith driven entrepreneur, success can be so much more than an all-or-nothing proposition. Tune...