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Faith Driven Entrepreneur exists to encourage, equip, empower, and support Christ-following entrepreneurially-minded people worldwide with world-class content and community. Here, you'll find conversations with business leaders from around the world who will share how their faith affects their work.


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Faith Driven Entrepreneur exists to encourage, equip, empower, and support Christ-following entrepreneurially-minded people worldwide with world-class content and community. Here, you'll find conversations with business leaders from around the world who will share how their faith affects their work.






Episode 265 - Not Yours with David Platt

We had over 5,000 entrepreneurs gather in more than 300 cities around the world for Faith Driven Entrepreneur Live. It was an incredible event filled with talks and stories that helped us understand what it means to surrender our businesses over to God. One impactful talk came from David Platt, and it was just too good not to share with others. So sit back, take it in, and send it to another entrepreneur who might benefit from it. More from David, Nicky Gumbel, Mark Batterson, Chip Ingram, and other pastoral leaders:


Episode 264 - Being a Steward, Not an Owner with David Platt, Alan Barnhart, Dan and Angel Rutledge, and Pete Ochs

Faith Driven Entrepreneurs understand that their businesses are gifts from God. Even if they carry the title “Founder,” they accept that God is the ultimate owner. In this compilation episode, we feature segments from Daivd Platt, Pete Ochs, Alan Barnhart, and Angel and Dan Rutledge talking about what it means to act as stewards, not owners of our businesses. We’ll also be diving further into this theme at the 2023 Faith Driven Entrepreneur Live on September 13th at 8:30 AM, wherever you are. Find more and register here. Find the whole conversations with these guests at the links below:


Episode 263 - Practical Steps for Faith Driven Leadership with Tom Ferguson

Ever wonder where you should start when it comes to bringing your faith to work? Today’s podcast guest, Tom Ferguson wrestled with this question when he took over as CEO of a billion dollar public company. So he started small and worked his way up. Now, he offers a wide array of programs including chaplaincy, care teams, and bible studies. Hear him give a systematic outline that will help every entrepreneur, no matter the size of their company, get started.


Episode 262 - Living Out Our Call to Create with Lecrae, Michael Hyatt, Paula Faris, and More

If you've been listening to the show or following the ministry for any amount of time, you've probably heard us say that entrepreneurs have a God-given call to create. It's actually one of what we call the 12 marks of a Faith Driven Entrepreneur. And in this episode, we're diving deep into our catalog to unpack this mark with leaders like Lecrae, Michael Hyatt, Curt Thompson, Makoto Fujimura, Paula Faris, and Jordan Raynor. To learn more about the marks, check out our website at and consider joining a group where you can work through these topics and build community with like-minded peers in your area or online.


Episode 261 - Optimism is Good for Business with Jon Gordon

Entrepreneurs are all too familiar with disappointment. We battle negativity on a daily basis. We face criticism and fight comparison. And yet, you probably desire to inspire your employees, your stakeholders, and clients with the vision you have for your endeavor. How can you stay positive and enthusiastic in the midst of loss and rejection? Today’s guest, Jon Gordon is known as the ‘king of positivity,’ and he’s joining us today to talk about the impact that positive leadership, positive teams can have on your business. Jon Gordon is a husband, father, and author. His best-selling books and talks have inspired millions of readers and audiences around the world. He is the author of The timeless classic The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, The Power of Positive Leadership, The Power of a Positive Team, and his latest The One Truth. When he’s not running through airports or speaking to businesses, hospitals or schools, you can find him playing pickleball and taking long walks which are when he gets most of his ideas. He joins us to share about the power of optimism in a way that will inspire you to take action and start applying these concepts. If you like this episode, be sure to leave a review, click the follow button, and share the show with others.


Episode 260 - CEO of Ancestry Talks Family Histories, Practical Leadership, and the Early Day of Silicon Valley with Deb Liu

How much do you know about where you come from? There’s lots of talk about legacies and family stories we leave behind, but what about those that we’ve inherited? Today on the show, we mix together a conversation about family histories, practical leadership skills, and the early days of Silicon Valley with Deb Liu. Deb is the CEO of, and she’s spent the last two decades as an executive in major tech companies like Facebook, Paypal, and eBay. She’s also the founder of Women in Product, a non-profit dedicated to bringing more women leaders into technology. In this conversation, she shares how our contexts and our histories can shape us as leaders. Deb’s newsletter: If you like this episode, please review, share, and subscribe to the show for weekly content from leaders around the world.


Episode 259 - Practicing Innovation with Jeremy Utley

Innovation and ideas are at the core of entrepreneurship, right? A lot of it comes naturally to us, but what would happen if we treated these things like habits to be practiced? Today’s guest, Jeremy Utley, likes to say that innovation is a practice, not an event. Jeremy is the co-author of Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric that Matters, a General Partner at Freespin Capital, and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford’s, where he teaches classes on innovation, leadership, and transformative learning. He also hosts the Paint and Pipette Podcast where he interviews the most innovative ventures shaping the world today. In this conversation, he breaks down the art and science of innovation so that we can become better practitioners and come up with creative solutions that redeem broken parts of the world.


Episode 258 - How Can Christians Think About AI Innovation? with James Cham

How can Christians thoughtfully approach the topic of artificial intelligence? How should we use it? What are the ethical considerations? Is it good or dangerous? These are relevant questions for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs as AI continues to be a topic for conversation in both the business world and the broader culture. That’s why we’re excited to feature James Cham on the podcast. James is an early-stage venture capitalist and a partner at Bloomberg Beta, a Silicon Valley-based firm that invests in the “new world of work.” Conversations about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a big part of his day-to-day life. In this episode, he talks about wrestling through the ever-changing landscape of technology with wisdom, discernment, and a redemptive vision of the world.


Episode 257 - Choosing Vulnerability When You Don’t Have To with Tom Hsieh

Entrepreneurs often find themselves in positions of relative power. We’re leading teams, shaping cultures, and influencing others. And as those positions grow, it can get harder and harder to remain vulnerable, to lead with a limp as we like to say here. At some point, we have to make conscious decisions to choose vulnerability. That’s the story behind our guest: Tom Hsieh. As the founder and president of multiple airlines, Tom could easily live a life of luxury and comfort. But he and his family have felt called to something different. He joins us to talk about his choice to live with intentional vulnerability, what it looks like to run an airline, and taking thoughtful risk. Helpful links referenced in the show: (Dec 4, 2018) (May 12, 2018) (May 22, 2023)


Episode 256 - Keeping Marriages Healthy as an Entrepreneur with Patrick Lencioni, John and Ashely Marsh, Les Parrot, and More

Most of us know, through stories, experiences, or statistics, that entrepreneurship can take a toll on marriages. When you look up the numbers, you'll find that nearly 50% of business owners experience divorce. The added stress and risk of innovation can weigh heavy on families, but it doesn't have to. In this episode, we're highlighting a handful of voices who have spoken about how we can keep our marriages healthy while still fulfilling our calls to create. Speakers include… Patrick LencioniJohn and Ashely MarshLes ParrotBen and Liz BohannonAshot IskandarianClick the links to listen to the full-length episodes of each guest. And don’t forget to follow, share, and review the show.


Episode 255 - From Doctor to Entrepreneur to Venture Capitalist: A Journey of Faith and Problem Solving

Sometimes our greatest trials can become fuel for our callings. That’s the case with today’s guest, Dr. Ola Brown. Dr. Brown’s resume looks like it could be split amongst multiple people. Prior to her current role as founder of the investment firm Healthcap, she had a career as a medical doctor. Then she founded Flying Doctors Nigeria, a tech-enabled urgent care services marketplace before co-founding her first fund: Greentree Investment Company. Her desire to innovate and change the healthcare landscape across Africa came from after a family tragedy altered the course of her life. In this episode she talks about how she has seen God redeem her broken situation throughout her expansive career. The conversation was originally published on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Africa podcast, our sister show that highlights stories of local leaders in that region. We also publish the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Asia podcast. Find both shows wherever you get your podcasts and be sure to follow, review, and share them with others.


Episode 254 - Disruption, Innovation, and Servanthood with Fathom Realty’s Josh Harley

Entrepreneurs have the ability to identify opportunities for innovation. Today’s guest has been doing that his whole career in industries that were ripe for disruption. Josh Harley is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Fathom Realty, the tenth largest real estate firm in the U.S. with over ten-thousand agents. In this conversation, he talks about how entrepreneurs can train themselves to become more aware of the potential opportunities in front of them and how they can faithfully lead their people in a way that honors God and serves others. If you like this content, make sure to follow, review, and share the show with others. New episodes release every Wednesday with entrepreneurial leaders around the world.


Episode 253 - Excellence, Integrity, Faith and Culture-shaping Media with Bryan Engram

We talk a lot about how businesses shape cultures. Media does, too. Today’s conversation overlaps with both as we talk to Brazen Animation’s co-founder and CEO, Bryan Engram. Bryan chats with us about the power of narratives and the importance of excellence. He shares a bit about how he went from working for a large animation company to taking a leap of faith and starting out on his own. And he even tells us how he almost missed out on all of this for a chance to manage a Smoothie King. Link to the video mentioned:


Episode 252 - Laying Down a Promotion for the Sake of Another with Sam Rhee

Imagine you’re waiting on a big promotion that you’ve worked for all your life, and then God tells you to recommend someone else. That’s what happened with Endowus founder and today’s guest Sam Rhee. Before his current venture, Sam worked in investment banking and was in line for a new, significant position when he felt the Lord calling him to something different. He didn’t know what it would be at the time, but now, he’s grateful that he had faith in God’s plan. Hear Sam’s story on this special episode originally recorded on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Asia podcast and don’t forget to follow the show wherever you get your podcasts. Visit for more.


Episode 251 - Honoring the Life and Legacy of Dr. Tim Keller

On Friday May 19, 2023, we lost an incredibly influential brother in Christ and leader in the Faith Driven Movement when Dr. Tim Keller went to be with the Lord at the age of 72. Tim was a faithful husband, father, grandfather, author, and pastor who modeled what it looked like to love Jesus and others well in our contemporary setting. He was also a pioneer in the Faith Driven Entrepreneur movement who helped empower business leaders to influence the culture through the marketplace. In addition to his work at Redeemer Presbyterian, City to City Network, and Redeemer’s Center for Faith and Work, Tim has generously contributed to Faith Driven conferences, video material, podcasts, and books and has influenced so many in the movement. We wanted to honor Dr. Keller with a podcast that paid tribute to his faithfulness. In this episode, we hear how his life and work has affected our hosts as well as Chip Ingram, Lecrae, and JD Greear, and then close with a talk Tim gave about keeping our identity in Christ. What an appropriate send off for a man who was so clearly rooted in the love of his savior.


Episode 250 - How this Entrepreneur Helps His Employees Bring Faith to Work with Brock Bukowsky

Do you ever find yourself afraid of going through with a spiritual integration plan because you’re not sure how it will be perceived? It’s okay if you do. When you look at the state of the world today, there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical. On the surface, it seems that Christians are forced to be less vocal about their faith in the marketplace, and in many ways, that may be true. But today’s guest, Brock Bukowsky shows that it is possible to bring your faith to work and to help others to do the same. Brock is the co-founder of Veterans United Home Loans, which specializes in helping veterans and service members obtain a home loan by taking advantage of benefits they have earned. Today, the company has over 3,000 employees, yet Brock has still managed to find ways to care for the spiritual lives of each of them, regardless of their religious background. He joins the show today to talk about the practical ways organizational leaders can implement these structures in their own businesses and share some of his own powerful story. Like this episode? Follow the show for weekly content and don’t forget to leave us a review and share the episode with others.


Episode 249 - Hope is an Accelerator With Junita Flowers

Not many bakers at the local Farmers Market get a chance to do a TED Talk, but Junita Flowers has a knack for rising above the crowd. The founder of Junita’s Jar got her start after leaving an abusive relationship and looking for ways to restore joy and hope in her life and the life of her kids. She turned to baking: a childhood hobby that carried positive memories and helped her heal from her broken situation. Now, those cookies are being sold in major retailers across the country. She joins the show to talk about the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey and how hope has been an accelerator for her as she’s started and scaled her business. Be sure to follow the show for weekly episodes that feature Christian entrepreneurs doing incredible work. And, if you like the show, leave us a rating and share it with others.


Episode 248 - WIRED’s Founding Editor: Wisdom He Wish He Knew With Kevin Kelly

Artificial Intelligence? The shadow of a leader? Jerusalem conversion experiences? WIRED Magazine’s Kevin Kelly brings all that and more to this insightful conversation. Kevin is the founding editor for the publication and has authored a number of books including his most recent volume: Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I'd Known Earlier. In this episode, he unpacks some of that wisdom and joins Henry as they work through complex questions about the relationship between AI and the Imago Dei. If you like this episode, don’t forget to give it a rating and share it with others. You can also follow the podcast on your favorite platform for new episodes every week and learn more at


Episode 247 - Leading a Techwise Life With Amy and Andy Crouch

One of the biggest challenges families face in the modern age is how to navigate emerging tech with their kids. Entrepreneurs struggle to turn off. We're always connected. Always keeping things moving. What example does that set for our family? Andy Crouch has written about this in his book The Tech-wise Family, and on today’s podcast we talk about what it was like to establish healthy family rhythms around technology. We’re also joined by Andy’s adult daughter, Amy, to hear her perspective about growing up in a home with this kind of discipline. Like her father, she has also written about this subject in her book: My Techwise Life. Check out the full conversation, and don’t forget to rate and follow the show on your favorite podcast app.


Episode 246 - Can Entrepreneurs Tackle Tech Addiction? With Chris Kaspar and Heath Wilson

How many times have you told your kids to put down their phones and pay attention to something? How many times could someone else have said the same thing to you? In this episode, we’re chatting with two tech founders – Chris Kaspar and Heath Wilson – about how they’re using entrepreneurial initiatives to redeem technology and help us better focus on the things that matter. Chris does this through his company, Techless, and their “Wisephone,” a beautifully-designed, highly-functional phone that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. Heath does it through “Aro” a platform that’s helping families put down their phones and be fully present. They join us today to talk about the particular challenges entrepreneurs face with technology and how they’re uniquely positioned to solve them. Let’s dive in.