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How To Write a Proposal - Part 1?

Listen to Nancy as she walks you through the proposal writing process for IFB, RFQ, RFP and other types of contracts.


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Government Contracting Terminology

Welcome to the wonderful world of government contracting. I am your host Nancy, and we are on episode number 81. Today's topic is on Government Contracting Terms. Knowledge of the government lingo is necessary as one acronym can have multiple meanings. Also, a term used in the commercial market may not make any sense to the government. After all, the government speaks in its own language. If you were selling a product or service to Italy for example. You would ensure that your product or...


Types of Government Contracts

Today, we will be talking about “Contract Types and Contract Clauses.” When preparing to respond to government contracting bids, you need to be sure that the requirement fits your business model. There is no point in spending resources working on a proposal when your chances of winning are slim. This is going to be a multipart series, so make sure that you subscribe. When you subscribe to our channel, you will be automatically notified when we release new episodes. The first step in the...


Why We Celebrate Memorial Day?

We all know that Memorial Day is an American holiday that is observed the last Monday of May. But do you know why we celebrate this holiday? Memorial Day's purpose is to honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. It is a very somber day to me as I remember my family members, fellow veterans, and military members who have lost their lives while serving this great country. Also, I also remember those that served in the military. Many veterans may have made it back...


SBA Is Proposing Changes to Woman-Owned Small Business and 8(a) BD Programs!

ATTENTION ALL WOMAN OWNED & ECONOMICALLY WOMAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESSES and 8(a) BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM BUSINESSES. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is proposing changes to both the Woman-Owned Small Business and the 8(a) Business Development Program. These changes will impact the future of both programs. Let your voice be heard. Now is the time for you to comment on these changes BEFORE SBA implements them. What are the proposed changes to the rules? Let's find out what...


HUBZone Program Examination

Welcome back to our blog. Our topic today is on the HUBZone Program Examination. Subjects covered include: When does the Small Business Administration (SBA) conduct examinations? What documents will SBA check?. By what means, does SBA conduct a program audit? Now, let's talk about who conducts the HUBZone Program Examination. Who Conducts SBA HUBZone Program Examinations? Of course, SBA Headquarters is responsible for HUBZone Program Examinations. However, the local SBA District Office may...


How To Prepare For Government Contracting

Welcome Back folks!!! Today, we are going to have a talk about being prepared for government contracting. I have been getting a lot of calls and emails from businesses that are wanting to become government contractors. However, these businesses (in most cases), I believe are not ready to enter into government contracting. Let's discuss why I feel this way. Preparation Everyone knows that the better prepared you are the better your chances of succeeding. This is true in life and government...


HUBZone Price Preference Adjustment

Today, we will be explaining the HUBZone Price Preference adjustment. Contracting Officers must give qualified HUBZone businesses a ten percent price adjustment on certain contracts. Not sure what the HUBZone program is? Check out this blog. Now on to the rest of the article.How does a price evaluation preference affect the bid of a HUBZone business in full and open competition?The HUBZone Price Preference adjustment happens on full and open competition. In other words, it happens on...


HUBZone Appeals and Penalties

So Nancy? Who can appeal the decision of a protest? Well that is a great question. First, the protested HUBZone small business, second the protestor company, or lastly the Contracting Officer may file appeals. Send your appeal to the Director of HUBZone. By the way, there is a time limit to the appeal process. Likewise file your appeal within five (5) business days after the date of the protest determination. You must remember that SBA will not accept any appeals after this time frame. Now...


About the HUBZone Application

Today, we are continuing our discussion regarding the HUBZone Program. Our topic is going to concentrate on the HUBZone application. Now we will not go into how to fill out the application but will go through all the regulations governing the application process. This way you know what to expect as you are considering this program.Where To Fill Out the Application?One of the changes that SBA has made is to develop a new system for all their certifications. This new system is a database that...


HUBZone Contracts

HUBZone contracts are contracts awarded to a qualified HUBZone SBC, regardless of the place of performance, through any of the following procurement methods: •Sole source awards to qualified HUBZone SBCs; •Set-aside awards, including partial set-asides, based on competition restricted to qualified HUBZone SBCs; •Awards to qualified HUBZone SBCs through full and open competition after a price evaluation preference is applied to an other than small business in favor of qualified HUBZone...


About HUBZone Joint Venture

Generally a qualified business may enter into a joint venture agreements with one or more other small businesses. In addition, a business can enter into a Joint Venture with it's approved mentor. What do I mean by approved mentor? Well, SBA has to approve your Mentor Protege Agreement (MPA) either through the All Small Mentor Protege Program or the 8(a) Program. If your MPA has been approved by SBA then you can enter into a joint venture with your mentor. Unlike the 8(a) BD Joint Venture, a...


What is the HUBZone Program?

Congress created the HUBZone Program in 1997 as a way to rejuvenate low income and high unemployment areas. By providing small businesses with a Federal contracting program as an incentive to hire employees within this low income zones and reinvest in their local communities. This program is mandated by all federal government agencies that have at least one contracting officer. As an added benefit Congress also revised the Subcontracting Program to include HUBZone businesses. As a result,...


What is the Surplus Property Program

Did you know that SBA has a Government Surplus Property Program? It is one of the lesser known benefits of being an 8(a) participant. The Surplus Property Program allows 8(a) businesses to obtain excess equipment from the government. As long as the 8(a) business is eligible and in good standing with SBA they are eligible to receive the Federal Government Property from State Agencies for Surplus Property (SASPs). Every state has its own State Surplus Property Agency. The property that you can...


What is the SBA 8(a) Business Plan?

You have accomplished a lot the last few months. You have submitted your SBA 8(a) application and now have received your 8(a) certification. The next step is for you to complete and submit your 8(a) business plan. Before you get started let's find out more information. Why Does SBA Need You To Complete a Business Plan? Your business plan is used by your Business Opportunity Specialist (BOS) to assist you in developing your business while in the 8(a) program. That business plan is your road...


What is SBA's 7(j) Program?

Learn how HUBZone and 8(a) firms can benefit from CEO level training to enhance their capabilities. Sign up for your FREE Bidsync account today! Never have to manually search for opportunities. bidsync.com/ContractsMadeEasy


What is Suspension in the 8(a) BD Program

What is Suspension? Suspension is when SBA suspends all program support to an 8(a) BD business to include accepting new 8(a) sole source contracts for you. This is done to protect the interests of the Federal Government Learn the rights you have if SBA decides to take suspension action against you.


Leaving the 8(a) BD Program Part 3

Today we are going to concentrate our efforts on Early Graduation and Termination from SBA's 8(a) BD Program. All 8(a) businesses need to understand the process that SBA can take to remove you from the program. Do you know your rights? Can you stop the process? What recourse do you have? These are a few of the things that you will learn from our podcast today. We are excited to announce our sponsor Bidsync. Are you struggling to find quality public sector bids in a timely manner? Well,...


Leaving the 8(a) BD Program Part 2

8(a) BD Program Eligibility Part One 10:03 Nancy Byerly Federal Contracting Made Easy Government, Business 0 8(a) BD Program Eligibility Part One 10:03 Nancy Byerly Federal Contracting Made Easy Government, Business 0 Leaving SBA's 8(a) BD Program Part Two 13:55 Nancy Byerly Federal Contracting Made Easy government, business