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31: How to Attract and Book more of your Best Clients with Heidi Thompson

We all know how important our ideal client is for business, but even when you know who that is, how do you find them and get them to book you? In this episode, marketing expert Heidi Thompson is giving her advice on how to clone your best clients and start booking more of the clients you love working with. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/heidi Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders 50% off Honeybook: share.honeybook.com/hayleyluckadoo


30: The Email Marketing tips you need to start Growing your List with Rachel Gilliam

Lists, segments, welcome sequences, automations - it's a lot. You know you need to grow an email list, but you're not sure where to start, what to send, or how to promote your stuff without constantly selling. In this episode, email marketer Rachel Gilliam is answering it all and giving her best advice on how to succeed with your email marketing. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/rachelgilliam Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on...


29: How to get More (and Better) Client Testimonials with Christine Blubaugh

Having client testimonials for your business is a must, but they're so hard to get and you always feel weird asking and end up with reviews that aren't very helpful. In this episode, copywriter Christine Blubaugh is explaining why we have such a hard time getting reviews, how you can get more of them, and how to get the testimonials that really sell what you do. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/christine Join the Facebook community:...


28: How to Embrace being a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur with D'Ana Joi Spencer

Society tells you to pick one thing, find your niche, and stay in your own lane, but maybe you feel a burning desire to start a second business, take on a new hobby, or try something different. In this episode, creativity coach D’Ana Joi is bringing awareness to why being multi-passionate is a gift, and telling us how you can use that gift to your advantage. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/joi Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on...


27: How to Create a successful Live Event or Conference with Kat Schmoyer

Creative at Heart founder and wedding planner Kat Schmoyer has put together one of the biggest conferences in its industry, so she knows what it takes to pull together a great event. In this episode, we're diving into the behind the scenes of how to host a successful in person event for your business. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/kat Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/femalesonfire


26: Tips for Influencer Marketing and partnering with Brands with Katherine McDermott

With social media more popular than ever, everyone wants to make money from it. Influencer marketing is the hottest new way to bring in some revenue, and lucky for us, PR expert Katherine McDermott is giving us tons of advice on how to be successful as an influencer and find the right brands to partner with. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/katherine Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/femalesonfire


25: How to Find your Purpose and Master your Message with Maya Elious

Everyone tells you to find your purpose, but where do you look and how do you do that? And how do you make sure that the content you’re creating is in line with that purpose? In this episode, branding strategist and coach Maya Elious is giving us her advice on how to find what works for you and why mastering your message to the world is so important to being successful. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/maya Join the Facebook community:...


24: How to Create a Strategy for your Instagram Stories with Quinn Tempest

We're talking about everyone's favorite platform! In this episode, digital strategist Quinn Tempest is talking all about Instagram Stories on everything from why they're so important to your business, to what an effective strategy for your Stories looks like, and even some fun ways to get creative with them. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/quinn Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/femalesonfire


23: How to Brainstorm Ideas when you Work for Yourself with Carrie Anton

Brainstorming is such a simple concept but it can be hard to come up with new, innovative ideas when you work alone. Author and founder of Wonder: An Idea Studio, Carrie Anton is giving us tips from her new book on how to have a productive brainstorming session when you're a solopreneur. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/carrie Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/femalesonfire


22: What you need to Know about Trademarks and Copyrights with Andrea Sager

Is your business protected from infringement? Trademarks and copyrights are a necessity when running a business, and trademark attorney Andrea Sager is giving us all the details on the application process, what you actually need, and how to protect your business against infringement. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/andrea Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/femalesonfire


21: Behind the Scenes of Owning an Online Boutique with Piper Gullickson

Love to shop? Ever wondered about owning your own boutique or how your favorite shops operate? In this episode, Piper Gullickson, co-owner of Three Cords Boutique, is giving us an inside look at the behind the scenes of running an online boutique and her advice for those that want to give it a try. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/piper Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/femalesonfire


20: Understanding the Finances of your Business with Shanna Skidmore

The biggest part of running a business is making sure that you're making money, but there are so many parts to business finances that it can be confusing. In this episode, financial advisor to creatives and money guru Shanna Skidmore is breaking down all the need-to-know terms for us and giving us her best tips on making sure your business is profitable and sustainable. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/shanna Join the Facebook community:...


19: 5 Easy Steps that will help Grow your Pinterest fast

Pinterest is such an incredible marketing platform to use for your business. It’s the #1 driver of traffic to my website, and my favorite platform to use! You have to treat Pinterest like the search engine that it is, instead of a social media platform, but with the right strategies and a few quick efforts, you’ll be able to grow your Pinterest traffic, and turn that traffic into website traffic and more clients. In this episode, I’m giving you 5 super easy and very quick steps that you can...


18: 6 Steps to turn your Passion into Profit with Lauren Dailey

You’ve got something that makes your heart happy, but can you actually make money at it? Lauren Dailey, creator of the popular lifestyle blog, Bohemian by the Bay, has proven that you can and now she teaches other bloggers and small business owners how to do it to. In this episode, Lauren is talking about her journey to becoming a leader in the blogging space, and her 6 step method for taking your passions and turning them into profitable and sustainable businesses. Grab the SHOWNOTES:...


17: Overcome Anxieties and Own your Self-worth with Jennae Cecelia

Self-published best-selling author Jennae Cecelia is a source of authentic, genuine inspiration to her readers and followers. Having gone through her own self-love journey and battled anxiety, she's sharing her wisdom on practices to help you overcome the anxieties in your life and value yourself. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/jennae Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/femalesonfire


16: How to increase Sales and Conquer the fear of Selling with Marva Goss

If you’re running a business, making money is probably at the top of your priority list. From converting leads into clients, to increasing revenue, to how to feel more comfortable selling, sales is always a hot topic in any industry. Lucky for us, sales strategist Marva Goss talks about all of these topics and more in this episode! She gives tangible advice and easy to follow steps on how you can create a sales strategy that works for your business and start actually watching your sales go...


15: How to use YouTube to Take your Business to the Next Level with Hannah Ashton

You love YouTube for funny cat videos and watching tutorials on new beauty trends, but have you ever thought about using it for your business? Long-time YouTuber and influencer Hannah Ashton knows what it takes to put out great, subscriber-worthy content on YouTube, grow an audience, and make it convert into money in your pocket, and she’s giving us the down-low on how you can make YouTube work for your business too! Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/hannah Join the Facebook...


14: Finding Balance and Living a life with Intention with Rachel Green

In order to do anything well we have to be intentional about how we do it, and we have to find a work-life balance to avoid burning out and making decisions that aren’t helping us reach our goals. As the owner of Intentionally Designed, Rachel Green is a strategist and designer who gives women the freedom to live a more intentional life that is supported by their business, instead of burdened by it. She is an expert at building a business that’s intentional and finding the balance to make...


13: Finding your Genius and Becoming uncompromisingly you with Niko Everett

Being unapologetically yourself is one of the hardest things we can do, but coach and TedX speaker Niko Everett has made it her life mission to help women and girls break the rules and be brilliant in who they are. In this episode she talks about her concept of being "Bad and Brilliant" and how it applies to every woman. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/niko Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/femalesonfire


12: Goals, Resolutions, and Tools to achieve them

Everyone sets resolutions for a new year, but it's so much more important to be setting goals in your business and your life. In this episode, we're talking about the difference between a resolution and a goal, how to set intentional goals that work, and giving you the strategy and the resources to set your goals. Grab the SHOWNOTES: hayleyluckadoo.net/post/resolutions Join the Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/femalesonfireinsiders Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/femalesonfire