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E15 – What We Used to Have to Do (Feature review)

Beth Latta from IT Solutions is our guest and we discuss our 30 history developing solutions with FileMaker.

E14 – FileMaker Design Functions Review

We review each of the Design Functions in FileMaker Advanced 17. We also discuss DatabaseNames A list of the names of all files open on the computer. FieldBounds The location, in points, of each field boundary and the field’s rotation in degrees. FieldComment The specified field’s comment. FieldIDs A list of all field IDs in fileName and layoutName. FieldNames A list of the names of all fields on layoutName in fileName. FieldRepetitions The number and orientation of repetitions of a...

E13 – Transactions and Rambling

We discuss transactions in FileMaker and several approaches. Geist Interactive Karbon Update Transaction Logs Geist Interactive FileMaker transactions Scarpetta Group JSON Transactional Edits ClickWorks - Transactions without Portals FileMaker Transactions - YouTube

E12 – Google Autocomplete – FileMaker Can…

We play the Google Autocomplete game again, this time with "FileMaker Can..." Mentioned in this episode: Plugins Dacons 360Works Email Plugin CNS SMTPit Pro MonkeyBread Software MBS Sending Text Messages with FileMaker Databuzz fmSMS

E11 – Virtual Lists Technique Discussed

On this episode we discuss Virtual Lists, what they are, how they work and some general uses. Learn more: Virtual Lists in 3 Easy Steps by Mighty Data Using the Virtual List Technique by Soliant Flexible Reporting with Virtual Lists and ExecuteSQL by Martha Zink (DevCon2018)

Episode 10 – Blueprinting and Wireframing for FileMaker

In episode 10 of FileMaker Off The Record we talk about our blueprinting process and wire framing. Some recommended reading: Paper Prototyping: The Fast and Easy Way to Design and Refine User Interfaces Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook

Episode 9 – FileMaker Get() Functions

We chat about some of the FileMaker Get() functions, how we use them and some things to be wary of. Get(AccountPrivilegeSetName) Get(ActiveFieldContents) Get(ActiveFieldName) Get(ActiveModifierKeys) Get(ActiveRecordNumber) Get(CurrentHostTimestamp) Get(CurrentPrivilegeSetName) Get(Device) Get(DocumentsPathListing) Get(Filename) Get(FilePath) Get(LayoutTableName) Get(ModifiedFields) Get(NetworkProtocol) Get(NetworkType) Get(PersistentID) Get(RecordOpenState) Get(TriggerKeystroke)...

Episode 8 – FileMaker Google Autocomplete Game

We discuss Repeating Global Fields, Lookups, Duplicate Records, Deleting Multiple Records, Searching, Locking, Custom Functions. Using Hide Object When and referencing repeating fields requires you to specify the repetition, even with the first repetition.

Episode 7 – DevCon 2018 and Interview with Marty Thomasson of Gearbox Solutions

FileMaker DevCon 2018 has ended. We talk a little about the conference in Dallas and have an interview with Marty Thomasson from Gearbox Solutions.


Episode 6 – FileMaker Tips and Gotchas

In this episode we discuss some things to be wary of: system requirements for FileMaker Server 17, case sensitive functions, zero based functions. And a couple cool tips.

Episode 5 – Modular Development in FileMaker

In this episode we discuss some of our favorite modules available at Modular FileMaker.


Episode 4 – FileMaker Certification

Studying for Certification FileMaker 16 Certification Study Guide FileMaker 15 FTS (FileMaker Training Series) FileMaker 17 Study References Tech Specs fmpa Tech Specs fms Tech Specs fmgo Tech Specs Schema FileMaker Help under Defining Database Tables Working with Related Data External Data Sources Layouts Layouts and Reports Web Viewers Creating Charts Script Triggers Navigation Script Steps Calculations Working with Functions and Formulas Functions Reference Custom Functions Scripts...

Episode 3 – Scripting in FileMaker (not quite Deep Dive)

Mentioned in the episode: MBS FileMaker Plugin - Plugin with over 4,000 functions from Monkeybread Software Developer Assistant - Dracoventions developer plugin Scripting Deep Dive Training Class - June 5 2018 at the Pittsburgh Training Center

Episode 2 – FM17 Clarifications for ep. 1

Mentioned in this episode are two YouTube videos: Productive Computing - FM Data Migration Assistant FileMaker Training Videos - FileMaker Server 17-FMDT Free Wrapper App For more information on Default Fields Soliant TV - Customizing Default Fields


Intro Episode: FM17 – FOTR001

This is our first podcast episode and we discuss the newly released FileMaker 17 platform.