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As a financial advisor, marketing is the key to your success. Whether you've been in financial services for thirty days or thirty years, this podcast will help you become a better prospector so you can get more clients with less stress. James Pollard, from, shares his insights on what it takes for you to build your book of clients with less stress.

As a financial advisor, marketing is the key to your success. Whether you've been in financial services for thirty days or thirty years, this podcast will help you become a better prospector so you can get more clients with less stress. James Pollard, from, shares his insights on what it takes for you to build your book of clients with less stress.
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As a financial advisor, marketing is the key to your success. Whether you've been in financial services for thirty days or thirty years, this podcast will help you become a better prospector so you can get more clients with less stress. James Pollard, from, shares his insights on what it takes for you to build your book of clients with less stress.




4 Phrases Financial Advisors Should Never Use

Building a business can be hard, especially in the beginning. There are bills to be paid, clients to be served and if you’re new at this, you also have to grow into the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. Many of the challenges financial advisors face are caused by 4 phrases they tell themselves and others. If you replace these phrases, your business will not only grow, you’ll also get back control of your life instead of being crushed by stress. Get a leg up on your competition and...


Financial Advisors, Please Stop Asking for Referrals This Way

As a financial advisor who does great work for his clients, you probably want to help more and more people get a great return on their money—and make more money yourself. Referrals from current clients are one of the most popular ways of attracting new leads. But the most popular strategies for getting referrals are business killers. They make your clients leave you and make you look unprofessional. In this episode, you’ll hear about the most common ways financial advisors destroy their...


This seductive mistake can bankrupt financial advisors

As a listener of this podcast, you know marketing is essential to your success as a financial advisor. And you probably have ideas on how to improve your marketing. But if you think of marketing and think of commercials, slogans and branding, even your most creative ideas will fail. In this episode, you’ll hear how to do the exact opposite of what you think of as marketing and actually get more clients. Show highlights include: - Why you’ll make more money if you don’t build a brand...


5 marketing mistakes I've personally made

You’ve probably seen plenty of experts dispense advice on how to become a highly-paid financial advisor. Most of them trumpet how much money they make and how easy their life is. But you learn the most from other people’s mistakes, not from how successful they are now. That’s why this episode reveals 5 marketing mistakes that have cost James thousands of dollars so you can sidestep these mistakes and start earning more quicker. Show highlights include: - How trying to maximize your ROI...


Why being busy is the new stupid

As a financial advisor trying to grow, you probably have tons of things to do. From educating yourself to serving and attracting clients, your to-do list is endless and you couldn’t get it all done if you had 50 hours in a day. It might sound harsh, but if you’re that “busy”, you’ll fail. If you want sustainable success and a crowd of high-paying clients, you need to adopt a WWII general’s mindset and become lazy. How? You’ll hear it all in this episode. Show highlights include: - Do you...


Millionaire financial advisor success factors, revealed

To most people, the life of a millionaire feels almost unrealistic: Spending your time however you want, driving a car people look after (was that a Ferrari?) and not answering to anybody just don’t seem like something most people could also have. But if you’re an ambitious financial advisor, you might have a hunch that becoming a millionaire is possible for you. And it’s true: With the right mindset, habits and big enough goals, you could make a 7-figure income. In this episode, you’ll...


Are financial advisors working while drunk?

If you’ve ever been drunk, you’d probably agree that working while drunk but would be risky—at best. Still, many financial advisors have lifestyles that make them work as if they were drunk. In this episode, you’ll hear all about how to maximize your productivity and work with a clear mind so you can claim your success fast. Show highlights include: - Here’s why pressing the snooze-button can make you work as if you were drunk. (1:45) - How to supercharge your energy levels and get to...


The four-letter word I despise

Do you get paid for every hour you spend working? Most financial advisors have trouble even thinking about that question because the inevitable answer is usually no. Many financial advisors spend hours on the phone talking to clients, they dispense advice to strangers who are not even prospects and some even offer complete financial strategies for free. These things might feel like you’re making progress, but you’re not. In fact, you move away from your dream lifestyle by spending time...


How to make prospecting suck less

If you want more clients, you need to do one thing: Prospect. But cold-calling, cold-emailing and chatting up strangers at networking events… most financial advisors hate it. After all, they got into financial advising because they want to help people get wealthier, not to fill their day with talking to strangers who might not even want to talk to them. Your dream of financial freedom and quitting your job can become a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be that way. This episode is for you if...


Why your experience and certifications don't matter

If you’ve been a financial advisor for more than 10 minutes, you’ve probably heard of different certifications, helpful degrees to get and other pieces of paper you can frame in your office. Maybe you even have some of them. And it’s something that makes you feel accomplished. You get to call yourself a new title with every new certification and you also gain some valuable skills. But the cold hard truth is: How long you’ve been advising, how many clients you have had and even which school...


How to tell if a financial advisor is poor

Would you trust a dentist with crooked teeth? You wouldn’t. Similarly, clients don’t trust poor financial advisors. And while clients don’t get insight into their advisor’s personal finances, they can tell if an advisor is poor. Clients know because poor financial advisors give off tells. And these tells make clients run the other way. Unfortunately, even successful advisors (or those on the road to success) sometimes display these signs. Luckily, you can fix most of them in just a few...


Why most financial advisors fail

Whether you’re in debt or have enough money to never work again, you’ve got the same amount of time in a day as everyone else. Time is the great equalizer—and not even Bill Gates can buy himself a 25th hour in the day. But even though we all have the same amount of time, some people are wildly successful while others are miserable failures. In the business world, most successful people have mastered one thing to make millions in the same time it takes average people to make hundreds. What...


How financial advisors can scale their business

Have you ever wondered why successful financial advisors rake in six or seven figures and STILL have time to spend time with their family, read books and pursue their hobbies—while you’re working your butt off without seeing the same results? You’re not uniquely flawed or victim to bad circumstances. Successful advisors just know how to scale. And if you also want to make more money by working less, this episode is a must-listen, because you’ll learn all about how you can scale up your...


Why most financial advisors are hypocrites

Who doesn’t hate hypocrites? People who trumpet one thing and then go out to put the exact opposite into action. Unfortunately, most financial advisors are hypocrites. This doesn’t mean that you’re a liar or that you need to change everything you say and do—but it gives you a chance to make your business even better and earn even more trust from your clients. In this episode, you’ll learn why most financial advisors are hypocrites—and how to do the opposite so you earn trust and sign new...


Worst ways for financial advisors to ask for referrals

Referrals. They’re almost magical, turning one client into three without doing anything yourself. Whether you’ve gotten referrals before or are anxious about asking for them, there’s a lot of mistakes financial advisors make when it comes to referrals. And when you ask for referrals the wrong way, you’ll end up not only getting less referrals but also tanking your own goodwill with your current clients. In this episode, you’ll hear the most common mistake financial advisors make when...


Mistakes financial advisors make on LinkedIn

You go after specific people when you look for clients. You’re looking for people who have more money than time. You need people who need financial advice. But they can be hard to find—after all, most rich people spend their time doing productive things instead of clicking on social media ads or reading junk mail. But there’s one platform on which you’ll uncover a treasure trove of potential clients. The platform will even list people in your specific niche—and it’s free, too. In this...


Marketing lies financial advisors still believe

To get more clients as a financial advisor, you need to improve your marketing. And you can find tons of marketing strategies everywhere from the internet to your local library. Many advisors implement these strategies and get no or minimal results. They blame themselves and think they’re not good enough. In reality, the opposite is true. Most financial advisors are truly good people—but many “experts” base their advice on what they want to be true, not on practice. In this episode, you’ll...


Rules for successful financial advisors

If you tried to follow every guru, read every book and go to every seminar on becoming a successful financial advisor, you’d never get done consuming advice. And frankly, much of the “advice” out there are shoehorned tips trumpeted by people who haven’t been in the trenches as an advisor. If you prefer to sign clients and actually grow your bottom line instead of mindlessly consuming, you’ll love this episode. Today, you’ll hear the most important rules for signing and serving clients—all...


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