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Looking to 'Fine Tune' your business, your team or yourself? Corby Fine offers innovative ideas, opinions and examples to address all kinds of different challenges, while identifying opportunities to help you innovate and succeed using his two decades of experience. You will hear and learn from the best interviews, case studies and ideas in marketing, digital transformation, analytics and leadership.

Looking to 'Fine Tune' your business, your team or yourself? Corby Fine offers innovative ideas, opinions and examples to address all kinds of different challenges, while identifying opportunities to help you innovate and succeed using his two decades of experience. You will hear and learn from the best interviews, case studies and ideas in marketing, digital transformation, analytics and leadership.




Looking to 'Fine Tune' your business, your team or yourself? Corby Fine offers innovative ideas, opinions and examples to address all kinds of different challenges, while identifying opportunities to help you innovate and succeed using his two decades of experience. You will hear and learn from the best interviews, case studies and ideas in marketing, digital transformation, analytics and leadership.






EP25 - Are You Really Listening to Your Customers with Shannon Katschilo of Medallia

Your customers have so many options, so many different ways that they can relay feedback to you. Sometimes they call you, other times they fill in surveys. If you're like me, sometimes you just go to Twitter and shout it out publicly and hope that the company is monitoring it. The ways in which your customers can provide feedback has never been more complex. Customers are communicating with businesses. They're providing unparalleled insights to inform brands, organizations, the companies...


EP24 - How to stay Relevant on Marketing, Technology and Other Stuff with Jed Schneiderman

Jed Schneiderman is a proven entrepreneur, and executive in the marketing, media and technology space. When I think of Jed, I think of someone who is known for his thought leadership on topics ranging from marketing and technology, to being an entrepreneur and building successful businesses in the mobile, streaming, broadcast and internet technology spaces, and in "connecting the dots" having been at the forefront of major consumer tech trends and events, and by leveraging strong marketing...


EP23 - The Future of Agencies is in Driving Total Customer Experience

Jeff Greenspoon thinks that the future of agencies is really in driving total customer experience. He says that this can be accomplished by bringing together the right people at the right time to solve the right problems, while being focused on the need for speed, agility and simplification. He is passionate about being client and idea first, and an agency second. This thought leadership has given Jeff a unique role in the Canadian agency landscape. Listen in as Jeff and I discuss the role...


EP22 - Solving Some of the Hardest Problems That Don't Really Exist Today

They say that lightning doesn't strike twice, but this time I think they might just have that wrong. Andrew Chau is a co-founder of SkipTheDishes, the largest food delivery network in Canada which he helped expand to over 110 markets and millions of customers, with over 2,500 employees headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Acquired by Just-Eat in 2016 for $200M and merged with Takeaway (2019) and Grubhub (2020), his startup helped to create one of the largest food delivery companies in the...


EP21 - Entrepreneurs Should Take the Offer, Then do it All Over Again

Ghassan Halazon’s entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 25. Over the past decade, companies founded or acquired by Ghassan and his partners have saved Canadians close to $1 billion, hired 350 employees, and raised capital from over 150 global investors. Earlier in his career, Ghassan had the opportunity to sell one of his first ventures to a large Telecommunications firm, but he chose not to. As we chat in this episode, Ghassan offers this to my listeners; "I think we should have...


EP20 - The Big Push, Taking Women-led Companies From Seed to Series A and Beyond

At The Big Push, Sharon Zohar and team challenge the traditional accelerator model by tapping into a collective of business and technology executives ready to provide hands-on services and support to create actionable and measurable growth plans to help lift women-led companies to new heights. Sharon herself is a serial entrepreneur and investor with more than twenty years experience founding, investing, advising, and operating technology, internet, and digital media companies. She is...


EP19 - Turning a Pick-Up Culture Into a Delivery Culture

SkipTheDishes is growing, and FAST! In the third quarter of this year the number of orders rose by 98% to 23.5 million when compared to the same period in 2019. Canadians have long had a legacy of picking up food but pushed by the Covid restrictions and cooling weather, things are changing. SkipTheDishes was founded in 2012 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and eventually moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba to set up the tech company’s head office. During their first few years of existence, the company...


EP18 - Success Means Being Right Most of the Time With Only 40% of the Information

While considered a success in her career, Alyssa Atkins had ended a long term relationship and witnessed some of the people, women in particular, in her life going through challenges with regards to getting pregnant and having kids. What she was witnessing triggered her thoughts and desire to one day have kids, all while not "in the perfect situation" with the right partner, the right job, the right house... She decided to at least start her own process with a fertility test. And that's...


EP17 - Plumbing in the Cloud

It doesn’t matter whether the drain in your kitchen sink gets clogged, the toilet backs up, or the shower stops working: any plumbing problem brings with it a state of high urgency. For most people, the first course of action is to quickly look up the contact details of their local plumber, assuming of course they can navigate the complexity of choices and options shown with every Google search. Then the question is, can you get a service provider to come and resolve your issue quickly? As...


EP16 - The Best Brands Have a Crystallized Point of View

The best brands in the world ultimately have a crystallized point of view. They know why they exist, whether you call it purpose or experience, it doesn't really matter. The point is that, whatever you call it, there is consistency. It is recognizable and it is explainable. Inside an organization, somebody has to be the keeper and the ambassador of the brand and to keep it top of mind across all initiatives and endeavors. Ultimately, everybody in the organization should own it. That is...


EP15 - A Bias Free Disruption of the $50 Billion Executive Search Industry

ExecThread isn't a recruiting firm. It is a platform, a community, a marketplace, trying to do something that's paradigm-shifting in the executive recruiting market by using a unique crowdsourced approach to bring much-needed transparency to the ‘hidden job market’. ExecThread has amassed ~15,000 retained executive searches to-date, and made them available on the platform to their members. When Joe Meyer decided to test the waters for a new executive-level role after his time spent at Apple...


EP14 - What do Denny's, Sandman Hotels and The NHL's Dallas Stars have in Common?

Every once in a while I come across an organization that I had no idea existed, you know, we've all had that experience where we're looking up a stock symbol, we're watching a financial news show, we find out one of our friends or colleagues or neighbors work somewhere. We ask them what they do, and it's like, what the heck is that? I didn't even really know that existed! Well, last year I was in Vancouver and I was speaking at a session for one of my favorite technology companies, Adobe,...


EP13 - Canada's Top CDO (That's Digital and Data to you)

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, digital, data, UX, and technology solutions could not be more critical to an organization’s overall strategy, growth, and success. As an executive leader, Shawn Mandel transforms organizations and drives positive, lasting change to position those organizations as both industry and market leaders. A leader at the intersection of business and technology, his career encapsulates a blend of expertise in product and software development, business...


EP12 - Live Your Customer's Story with Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman won a multi-million dollar agency pitch with 40 pictures and a monologue. I was there to witness it, and ever since, have marveled at this marketing guru who is also one of Canada’s leading communication experts and one of the youngest members inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends (2008). In this episode, Tony and I discuss the best ways to succeed, whether you are a large multinational or a small, local entrepreneur. Some of Tony's most important pieces of advice...


EP11 - Spotify on a Watch, and How to Build a Business With Spotify

Ivan Pehar is the Country Manager for Spotify Canada. After spending a number of years at another digital goliath, he made the move to conquer one of most people's passions, the music business. In this episode, I talk with Ivan about the Spotify platform, and how it has become such an important and influential player in Canada's digital media and content landscape. It is not just for music creators and music lovers, rather it is a place for all kinds of audio content both for those who want...


EP10 - Transitioning from a Shopping Cart to a Shopping Cart

If you are in Canada then you have probably spent a good portion of your grocery, drug and other living expenses at a store owned, operated or franchised by Loblaw. Loblaw Companies Limited is the largest Canadian food retailer operating under 22 different brand banners (including Loblaws), as well as pharmacies, banking and apparel. They are massive. With over 136,000 full-time and part-time employees they are the second largest employer in the country. They also have their own private...


EP9 - Starting a New Job in a Pandemic

It’s completely natural to be nervous when starting a new job. New people, new office, new commute, new culture... new coffee. But in the age of the pandemic, more and more people are starting their new jobs from home. Alone. With no direct connection to their new team other than through screens. So what happens when your first day is remote? What if many days, weeks and even months after that are also remote? What if you aren’t able to meet your boss, your colleagues and your own team for...


EP8 - Will we Ever Step Foot in a Gym Again?

A recent poll posted to 2,200 Americans by Statistica asked one simple question to try and see the impact of the coronavirus on consumer sentiment about going back to the gym. The results weren't all that surprising. 69% of respondents said they were much less likely to go to the gym and a combined 75% somewhat or much less likely. That's a pretty scary set of numbers for studio owners. Given those numbers I decided to ask someone in the industry how they are preparing for a post...


EP7 - Taking Rakuten Kobo Global with Michael Tamblyn, CEO Rakuten Kobo

It was 1999 and I was early in my career, VERY early in my career. I had started as a product manager at a "stealthy startup" and found myself working for a really smart and charismatic individual, Michael Tamblyn. Michael was in charge of product and I was there to learn. Flash forward a decade or two, and I now sit at my computer with a microphone and headphones, and in my screen is a slightly more mature Michael Tamblyn in a much different role. This time, as the CEO of Rakuten Kobo,...


EP6 - The Power of the LinkedIn Platform

I consider myself a "power user" on the LinkedIn platform, having had my profile used in sales pitches by LinkedIn sales representatives over the years. I love the platform, it's power and it's ability to maintain my professional identity. I have used it to get jobs, make meaningful and valuable connections, to help others in their own career endeavours, among many other useful purposes. I had the opportunity to speak with Diana Luu, Head of Marketing Solutions Canada & Business Services...