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Fintech is super hot with massive investments and big interest with constant news and change. There is lots of written content and events but there isn’t enough time to read everything in the day, and content is difficult to differentiate or boring! We have pulled together a team with experience, audience, and format who can deliver a podcast to the masses from the home of FinTech and Banking in London.

Fintech is super hot with massive investments and big interest with constant news and change. There is lots of written content and events but there isn’t enough time to read everything in the day, and content is difficult to differentiate or boring! We have pulled together a team with experience, audience, and format who can deliver a podcast to the masses from the home of FinTech and Banking in London.
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Fintech is super hot with massive investments and big interest with constant news and change. There is lots of written content and events but there isn’t enough time to read everything in the day, and content is difficult to differentiate or boring! We have pulled together a team with experience, audience, and format who can deliver a podcast to the masses from the home of FinTech and Banking in London.




Ep. 207. News: Instant Gratification

David and Sarah sit down with Lucy Woolfenden, Marketing Director at Yolt, Pol Navarro, Digital Innovation Director and Sarah meets with Alex Park, Digital Director at Metro Bank. Sarah takes the panel through the latest interesting and amusing stories from the fintech world, including Ant Financial’s $150 billion valuation, Revolut launching Vaults, and The One Where Ross Got Mistaken for a Banker. All this and so much more on this Monday episode of Fintech Insider! Go to


Ep. 206. Fintech Insider: After Dark V - Part 2 San Francisco -

Sam and Doug sit down with Mike Sigal, VC at 500 Startups, Lisa Gansky, VC at Mosaic, Brit Morin, Founder and CEO of Brit + Co, Mark Jamison, Head of Innovation and Design at Visa, Kate Adamson, Head of Growth Security and Tech Infrastructure at Plaid, Tony Morosini, VP Banking at Sofi and Anatoly Kvitnitsky, Head of Growth at Trulioo. Sam takes the panel through the latest and greatest in news stories getting key insights into what's happening and what matters most. Including Mark...


Ep. 205. Fintech in a Flat 3: Bit Conneeeect!!

Sam starts the show by butchering the names of old friends, talking about the San Francisco housing crisis and if Frisco is a cool name for the city. The panel moves on to podcasts, pitches, the importance of story telling when it comes to brand, and how podcasts can change the world. After the break the panel discusses how to understand the way money works and how decentralised ledgers might have a much bigger impact in other parts of the world. All this and much much more on this episode...


Ep. 204. Fintech in a Flat 2

Sam and the panel discuss the very latest in fintech news. Kicking things off with the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal, Mark Zuckerberg's appearance before Congress, and that grown men need to stop being juvenilised. After a few bowls of home-cooked chilli the panel get back to the mics to talk about Equal Pay Day and how companies are trying to empower people to ask for the money they deserve. Diversity issues are discussed by Founders who come from various backgrounds who share what...


Ep. 203. Fintech Insider After Dark V - Part 1 London - Partying & PayPal

Our After Dark shows are always exciting and this one’s no different. In front of an amazing audience the panel kicks things off with Paypal’s new movements. M-Pesa wallet goes online thanks to a collaboration between Paypal and Safaricom. Meanwhile over in the USA, Paypal is making moves towards more traditional banking in a bid to connect those without bank accounts to the digital economy. Young coders might be avoiding London over Brexit fears. But is Brexit a real problem for the...


Ep. 202 Interview: Ross Dalzell

We ask Ross about his love for SMEs and how the traditionally underserved market will benefit from the new open banking regulations as well as how critical SMEs will be for fintechs. We get an insight into what Barclays is doing to integrate fintech and making sure that they continue to serve SMEs. Ross also tells us about the wider implications of open banking, what fintechs should be aiming for when pitching to clients, and how banks can partner with agile services in the open banking...


Bonus: Interview with Richard Davies TSB Design Competition

Ross and Richard discuss the upcoming design competition, how TSB aims to utilise innovative design in a wider business banking context and of course all the rules. TSB is looking to champion SMEs and tackle their problems, thrive and be more productive without having to weighed down by banking admin. Richard Davies tells us what he wants the competition to achieve and how being the first high street bank with a modern banking platform will give TSB an advantage Universities, students, and...


Ep. 201 Insights Live: Breaking into Fintech

Jeff Tijssen, 11:FS Head of Consulting, Sophie Winwood, Head of Partnerships at Innovate Finance, and Valentina Kristensen Head of PR and Marketing at Oak North all speak with Ross Gallagher on the skills you need to make it in the fintech world. Getting things started we’re talking about what backgrounds are best to break into fintech and where all our panel came from to get to where they are now. We explore what the fintech industry is looking for in applicants and who it’s trying to...


Ep. 200. 11:FS Turns TWO! Company culture, consultancy, and cupcakes

In our birthday episode we take you on a lookback from the entire 11:FS team over the last couple of years. Including the highlights and challenges of taking on clients, applying for projects with banks and everything we do besides make podcasts. Our founders share why the company got together, where they saw a gap in the market and how they made the leap to take it on. Fintechs of the future have to do things in a slightly different way today to stand out from the major consultancies....


Ep.199. Insights: HL Techover

In this very special takeover episode we uncover exactly who Hargreaves Lansdown are, directly from their new tech centre in Warsaw and why a company like theirs needs to be on the cutting edge. Creating a tech platform and digital focused business has become a key part of their business. We discuss the importance of constant innovation and technology in the industry and how it helps them stand out from the crowd. Hargreaves Lansdown share how they’re making waves in the fintech space...


Ep.198. Insights: HMT's International Fintech Conference

We’re at the IFTC held at London’s Tobacco Dock where Simon is meeting some of the fintech envoys outlined in the Chancellor’s keynote address and getting some insights into how the new fintech strategy will play out. David Duffy explains the excitement behind the fintech bridges and the challenges ahead for fintechs and banks working together. Eileen Burbidge shares key insight on the state of the fintech landscape today, how the UK leads the industry, how fintechs need to adapt in the...


Ep. 197. News: Clickbait

Laura and David take a look at the last week’s biggest stories, alongside Jeff Tijssen, Monzo’s Leah Templeman and Bud’s Ed Masleveckas. Kicking off with a few announcements from some big banks - Deutsche Bank claims the bank account could be a thing of the past in less than 20 years time, which sounds contravertial but in the same speech it appears he’s only just realised banking is ready for disruption. In a similar vein, Citigroup annouce their big banking comeback… with a mobile app....


Ep. 196. Insights: Wealth Tech 2018

Simon has an insightful interview with Blackrock and iShares' Stephen Cohen on the future of wealth finance and tech. We also have a roundtable panel going through the latest jargon, demystifying the ARs from the VRs and explaining why the two are so often confused. Troubles with AI and machine learning and how they apply to the industry? Another two things that sound so similar, those at the cutting edge will take you through it step by step. Fintech is a fast paced world with constantly...


Ep. 195. Interviews, IFGS: Alipay, Onfido, InvestHK and More

In a series of one to one interviews Simon explores the ins and outs of some great fintechs with some exciting movements in the UK, Hong Kong, China, and the EMEA. Including: Benedetta Arese Lucini, Co-founder, Oval Money Charles d’Haussy, Head of Fintech, InvestHK Thomas Eyre, CEO and Co-founder LOQBOX Li Wang, Head of EMEA, Alipay James Mackonochie, COO and Co-founder, Pia Marieke Flament, Managing Director for Europe, Circle Sophie Winwood, Head of Partnerships, Innovate Finance Stephen...


Ep. 194. News: Peter the Leopard

Rainmaking Colab MD Helene Panzarino, journalist/guru Monty Munford and 11FS’ own Ryan Garner speak with Ross and Simon to go through this week’s top stories in UK fintech and banking around the world. We head up the show with a bevy of Fintech stories, starting off with Philip Hammond’s strategy announced at the International Fintech Conference, covering robo-regulations, a new fintech taskforce led by the Treasury, and fintech bridges. We move on to the rest of the week’s fintech news,...


Ep.193. Interview: Chris Skinner, Author - Digital Human

Chris Skinner has a blog many of you are sure to know at, it’s packed full of great insights into the financial world. He’s also 11FS’ very own advisor to special projects. Chris is Chair of the European networking forum: the Financial Services Club. He is on the Advisory Boards of many companies including Innovate Finance, Moven and Meniga. The big topic of his upcoming new book is Humanity’s Fourth Revolution and the next generation of finance. How it’s happening...


Ep. 192. News: Everyone and their grandmother is buying into it

Cruxy&Co's Alexandra Cheung and Capco's Charlie Wood joined David, Jason and Ross to go through this week's top stories in UK fintech and banking and around the world. We kick off with a slew of UK fintech stories, including Starling's launch of cross border payments, and also highlighting their research into "everyday sexism" into financial services marketing which was picked up by the mainstream media. Are we blind to everyday sexism? David says yes, Alexandra says no. We move on to a...


Ep.191. Interview: Aneesh Varma, CEO - Aire

Aneesh founded Aire in January 2014, inspired by his inability to access credit as a migrant in London. Aneesh has a background in risk (Morgan Stanley), analytics (Credit Suisse) and M&A (J.P. Morgan). In 2008, Aneesh founded FabriQate, a mobile customer experience engine helping clients to predict user behaviour. Aire are researching and building a new credit algorithm that helps customers to access an alternative credit score. The app tackles financial inclusion by aiming to provide...


Ep. 190. News: Imagine if the Kardashians could code

Kicking off with the biggest news, we talked about the gender pay gap, who has 'fessed up and who hasn't, why the disparity in earnings is no great surprise, and what can be done to improve diversity in all its forms across the industry. We also discuss why women are put off tech careers before they even leave school (and why Reddit isn't the most scientific way to collect data), why female tech role models are desperately needed, why enthusiasm for app-only banks is on the wane, Monzo's...


Ep. 189. Insights: Women in Fintech

First up, Laura talked to Rachel Kent about her background and how she's got the position she's in. How has she overcome any restricting factors in a typically male dominated industry? Why is it so important to highlight the contributions for women in this industry? What's the future for women in this industry? Next up, Wendy Jephson joins to talk through what makes Sybenetix so special and why she decided to create this company. What gap did she look to fill in the market? We also talked...


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