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Marketing Optimization Tips for Executives: Lead Generation, Message & Content, Design, Marketing Channels & Search, Advertising, Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Measurement

Marketing Optimization Tips for Executives: Lead Generation, Message & Content, Design, Marketing Channels & Search, Advertising, Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Measurement


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Marketing Optimization Tips for Executives: Lead Generation, Message & Content, Design, Marketing Channels & Search, Advertising, Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Measurement




How the right words and messages drive increased conversions. Trust!

Words on your website, words in your emails, words in your ads, are really a key to driving engagement and conversion rate increase. Words and style contribute to your brand, and build trust. Trust encourages clicks. Trust encourages sales. Join me with Randye S. Spina, a long-time communications professional, as we discuss the power of messaging. Randye is a Marketing and Communications professional whose corporate career included senior level positions in Financial Services and the Travel...


Your Revenue Growth Team. How Marketing & Sales Drive Revenue Together

Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Consulting, Fractional CMO services, gives an overview of his revenue growth alliance, Your Revenue Growth Team, from a B2B perspective. His short talk explains what the alliance is, why marketing and sales need to align, and the importance of trust messaging to drive leads and sales properly. Only 12 minutes, but think about the message.


The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) metrics

CLV, or Customer Lifetime Value, is a metric many businesses don't understand how to use properly. But it's an essential KPI! Join me and my guest, Will Laurenson, an international thought leader on CLV, customer experience, retention, and conversion optimization. We discuss these key metrics, and how to optimize them for revenue growth. Wll has his own podcast, found on his website, CustomersWhoClick. Take a listen, especially if you're eCommerce or SaaS.


Martech, Data, and Strategy. Using Analytics to drive revenue growth for B2B

You have tech. You have data. Know what you're doing with it? Do you have the right tools? Remember the right marketing technology is really important, but it's still about the strategy of generating leads and revenue properly and with rigor. That's what I discuss with Dan McGaw, Founder of, an national consultancy on marketing tech and data optimization and analytics. Making the numbers work to provide insights on growth opportunities is what our podcast is about. Listen up! Dan...


Lead Nurturing Content Strategy with Marketing Automation

Lead nurturing, email marketing cadence, or whatever you call the process of email marketing sequences, is critical to engage potential prospects to consider your firm. Build trust, mix with offers, but don't over do it. There's a process here, and it's discussed with Genoo founder Kim Albee. Genoo is a low-cost but robust marketing automation platform that integrates with WordPress. As always it's not the tool, it's the strategy. How to convince prospects with email messaging. Kim is the...


Content Syndication: Driving Targeted Leads Across the Web.

Content Syndication is the concept of placing your best lead magnets across hundreds of publishers and generating leads at scale. Netline is the leading content syndication firm; working with publishers across all b2b categories. For this podcast we discuss how content syndication works, how to target the right audiences, and how to determine the best content that drives quality leads. My guest is David Fortino, SVP of Audience, Marketing, and Product at NetLine Corporation where he is...


eCommerce Business Strategies: Revenue Lift or Shift?

Convincing prospects to buy, add to cart, or get a quote is one of the most critical components of Marketing Optimization. But eCommerce strategy encompasses so much more! Customer experience of course. Loyalty. What's your ultimate eCommerce business plan? Revenue Lift? or Revenue Shift. My guest on my podcast is Gigi J. Kizhakkechethipuzha, founder of Virtina, an eCommerce development firm with clients all over the world. We talk about all about high level eCommerce strategies, and what...


Website Revenue Optimization for B2B. More than Conversion Optimization!

We're all looking to generate more revenue from our website. A challenge for B2B; it's not just lead generation but quality lead generation throughout the funnel. Conversion optimization to revenue optimization is a business transformation process, led my my guest, Arun Sivashankaran, founder of FunnelEnvy, a provider of website revenue optimization services and technology for B2B and demand generation marketers. Learn about this compelling process of website revenue optimization. It's an...


Why and How a Fractional CMO can Grow Your Business & Revenue

If you're a small or midsize business, a startup or scale-up, B2B or B2C, and you're looking for an enhanced go-to-market strategy, you may need to hire a Fractional CMO to guide you through your strategy and tactics, and take you to the next level. With a Fractional CMO you get all of the brain power and experience with none of the overheads of a permanent hire. For this podcast, it's one Fractional CMO (me) to another. The Founder of gigCMO, an internationally renowned Fractional CMO...


Content Curation & Content Sharing Strategy. For Marketing. For Sales. For Leads

UpContent is a robust content curation tool that allows sales and marketing deepen relationships with prospects. Content engages, content educates, content build brand, content generates leads. I speak with Scott Rogerson, CEO of UpContent. This engaging conversation is all about sharing content with prospects; what forms of content, the strategies, and the approaches that can lead to potential leads into your funnel. Learn about content sharing strategy and the benefits of doing...


Managing & Optimizing Marketing Campaign ROI. Forget the Spreadsheets (:

CMOs have much on their plate; and the biggest on that plate is having a robust process to manage all of their marketing initiatives all in one place. The answer is Plannuh. My guest is Peter Mahoney. Peter is the founder and CEO of Plannuh, the first AI-driven platform for delivering Operational Marketing excellence by combining marketing planning, budget management, expense tracking and ROI optimization. Together we talk about managing campaign ROI and how to optimize total spend for...


Know what a Sending Platform Is? Engage with Prospects with Automated Direct Mail

That's right. Direct Mail as part of a nurture or ABM campaign. Send postcards, e-gifts, mugs, etc as part of your B2B marketing campaigns. How? With Sendoso. Today's discussion is with the CMO of Sendoso, Dan Frohnen. A great podcast. Dan isn’t your typical tech marketer. Before starting work in B2B SaaS, he spent 10 years in Music Publishing selling hard goods to retail. He’s knows how to do fax marketing and direct mail, in addition to modern tactics. He know put all of this knowledge...


Lead Generation Now. The Zero Moment of Truth. Emerge Stronger.

Today I’m the guest! It’s an audio recording of a webinar I did with Nimble Leader CEO Andrew Ortyn. I speak about lead generation and ZMOT, as defined by Google, the Zero Moment of Truth, when a buyer makes that decision to fill out a form and submits to become a lead. Choosing the right channels, with the right content, with the right offers, with the right website/ landing page messaging, all contribute to getting your company on the Short List, by obtaining the almighty lead that can...


Making sense on TV Media Buying: OTT, Connected TV, Addressable, and more. A good primer on the options.

I'm a former Media Director with extensive TV buying experience. For optimial reach of messages, there's so many options to present your video besides linear (broadcast). Cable, Streaming, On-demand, Hulu, Advanced, OTT. Where does one start? I discuss all of these options with my guest, Gary Newman, from TEGNA Media. Gary is an Advertising & Marketing Specialist handling agencies and advertisers looking for consultation on local and regional campaigns. Prior to joining TEGNA he spent two...


App Marketing Strategies. What You Need to Know to Grow Your App.

Have an app? Building an app? My podcast focuses on app growth strategies; from app store optimization (ASO) to paid app campaigns. And discussed is key metrics to consider when growing your app including retention and attribution. If you're in the app business or comtemplating building and growing one, you need to listen. Convincing people to download and most importantly, stay with your app, is critical. My guest is Fouad Saeidi is the founder & CEO of App Growth Network – A global...


Revenue Enablement and Marketing Accountability. What You Need to Know Now.

Revenue Enablement: The process by which you most efficiently & effectively acquire and maintain customers by maximizing revenue gained through each stage of a customer’s journey; aligning Marketing, Sales & Service. It's the essense of marketing/sales alignment and optimizing the buyer's journey. It's what I do at NuSpark Consulting, and also our guest! Learn about key concepts that can significantly improve ROI by convincing buyers through the journey the right way. My guest is Stephen...


Intent Data in B2B Marketing. Target Companies Most Interested in You.

Considering using Intent data as part of your B2B targeting strategy? Intent data is information collected about web users’ content consumption or ‘observed behavior’ that can provide insight about their interests, and from this indicate potential ‘intent’ to take an action. It's all about sending convincing messages to prospects in the market. Bombora is the leading intent data provider out there, and thus the topic of the podcast. My guest is Kate Athmer, Sr. Director of Growth Marketing...


Marketing Technology strategies. How does your firm's Martech stack up?

Marketing technology has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Vendors are at us left and right. How do you know what to buy or upgrade? How do you evaluate your needs? What are the latest trends and also what's coming down the pike? My guest, Scott Brinker, tries to put marketing technology into perspective with my delightful conversation. Scott Brinker has been analyzing marketing technology and its impact on marketing organizations for more than a decade. He writes the


An Overview of Sales Enablement Tools and How They Help Grow Sales

If you want your sales teams to convince buyers to buy more often, then sales enablement may be just the tool you need. Imagine giving them custom content and a more interactive and personalized presentation customized to the buyer's needs. It's a great way to Fix The Convince. Today we talk about Sales Enablement with my guest: Tom Pisello. Tom is well known as the ROI guy. He is currently the Chief Evangelist for Mediafly and the founder of the Evolved Selling Institute. Prior to this, he...


How to Maximize ROI & Revenue Generation with Marketing Mix Modeling

Learn the concept of MMM, or Marketing Mix Modeling. Marketing mix modeling measures the potential value of all marketing inputs and identifies marketing investments that are most likely to produce long term revenue growth. It’s a characterized as a statistical modelling that seeks to identify the relationship between your marketing spend in each individual channel, online and physical. This interesting topic is presented by my guest Christine Crandell. She is President of New Business...