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Episode 36 — Partner Highlight feat. Damian Bradfield from WeTransfer

Welcome back to Floor 9. This week, we are delighted to chat with Damian Bradfield, President and CMO of WeTransfer, about how WeTransfer aligns their services with the creative community, how their unique ad products differ from the display ads commonly seen on the likes of Facebook and Google, and what today’s companies must do to navigate the online and offline world simultaneously. Plus, we also talk about how the tech industry is reacting to the increasing backlash and regulatory...


Episode 35 — Why Spotify ❤️ Podcasts

In this episode recorded on Valentine’s Day, we talk about Spotify’s intensifying love affair with podcasts. Joined by Adam and Christina from the strategy team, we talked through what Spotify’s recent acquisitions of Gimlet Media and Anchor means for the company, for the other podcast players (mainly Apple), and for the future of the entire podcast industry. Adam also reveals his long-winded personal history with podcasts. Take a listen and feel the love (for podcast). What We...


Episode 34 - Social-Native Brands | A PSFK NYRIW Panel

In this week’s special episode, we are proud to present a live recording of a Retail Innovation Week panel discussion that we recently put together in collaboration with PSFK. Our Strategist, Christina Adranly, led an esteemed panel with executives from social platforms Reddit and Snapchat and brands Johnson & Johnson and Floyd to talk in depth about the role of social media in brand building, community engagement, and next-gen commerce. Together, the panel explored the secret sauce behind...


Episode 33 - Live from CES 2019

Welcome back to Floor 9! Once again, the Lab team is starting the new year strong to bring you our insider take on the 2019 CES. As the biggest consumer tech convention on earth, CES showcases the latest trends in innovation and sets the tone for the rest of the year. The Lab team (Scott, Angel, Adam, and Christina) recap what we saw from the show floor and summarize the trends, which includes: In the second half of the episode, we are joined by our brilliant team of LatAm Lab Ambassadors...


Episode 32 - A Podcasting Holiday Special

Live from the Acast holiday party it is a Floor 9 holiday special! Scott is joined by a number guests within the audio space covering a range topics all about audio. Creative best practices, the power of audio, challenges the space will face in 2019 and more are discussed in this episode.


Episode 31 - 2018 Year End Review

As we wind down 2018 Scott, Adam and Christina reflect on the past year and discuss the predictions that were made in our 2018 Outlook. What We Covered:


Episode 30 - The Future of Play feat. Lego

This week, we had a tri-coastal conversation with special guest Tom Donaldson, VP Creative Play Lab at Lego Group, and Adam Simon, our head of strategy, about how technology is changing the future of play. The tri-coastal trio tackles a range of topics including AR & VR, voice-enabled devices, the role of education and end with a conversation about the growing concerns around screen time. What We Covered: Related Links: YouTubeLink


Episode 29 - The Future of News feat Axios

This week, we sit down with two special guests — Nick Johnston, Editor-in-chief from Axios, and Joshua Lowcock, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer / Global Brand Safety Officer of UM Worldwide — to talk about the current landscape of news consumption and where the future of news may be going. Social media has no doubt forever changed the way we keep up with the news, for better and, perhaps more so, for worse, yet social media platforms keep insisting on being just technology platforms and...


Episode 28 - The Future of Influence(rs)

Modern marketing has primarily been a game of influence via mass media channels. But thanks to the ongoing digital transformation, consumer attention is getting increasingly fragmented and spread across multiple platforms. The old guards of media are losing their grips on consumer attention and has been ceding grounds to the rising digital influencers. In this week’s episode, Scott sits down with the Lab’s strategy team to talk about the shifting source of influence, the status quo of...


Episode 27 - Partner Highlights: Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery is a growing logistical challenge as consumers are demanding ever faster delivery of their food, packages and parcels. This week, Lab’s Partnerships Team is behind the mic again to discuss a few different startups that are looking to disrupt last mile delivery. From small autonomous delivery robots to fully autonomous grocery stores on wheels, we break down the current competitions and point out how brands can get involved. What We Covered: Related Links: Starship...


Episode 26 - Food Innovation For Thought

Don’t listen to this episode when hungry, cause all we talked about is food! The food industry is going through an exciting phase of technological innovations, where incumbents and startups are racing each other to find new integration points in the value chain and bring more convenience and value to consumers. Starting with the big trends in the food industry today, we dissect what, how, and where we will be getting our fills in the near future before diving into some of the existing...


Episode 25 - The Age of The Super Bundle

This week we turn our gaze to the rise of the Super Bundles. As more and more content services become subscription-based and unbundle themselves from the existing cable bundle, we are seeing some early signs of a wave of bundling around the horizon. Except this time, the bundle will likely get even bigger and expand outside just media content over time. Companies like Disney and Apple are uniquely positioned to launch their own “super bundles” soon, resulting in implications that will test...


Episode 24 - Apple's 2018 iPhone Xs Event

Overview: September is here, new iPhones have arrived, and Floor 9 is officially 1 year old! There is no better way to celebrate than talking about Apple’s latest product announcements. On this episode of Floor 9, we discuss the trio of new iPhone X successors, their advanced machine learning capabilities, the redesigned Apple Watch, and speculate why there weren’t any AirPods or AirPower announcements. We close the episode looking forward to a potential iPad event next month and some brand...


Episode 23 - The State of VR vs. AR feat. Tony Parisi

This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Tony Parisi, Global Head of VR/AR Brand Solutions at Unity Technologies, on what is going on right now in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Starting with the VR space, we dissect the challenges that VR faces in consumer adoption, discussed the enterprise applications of VR, and debated the best option for VR experiences at the moment before moving on to the AR space. Tony shared some interesting insider takes on the Magic Leap...


Episode 22 - Brand Trust in the Digital Age feat. Jort Possel

In this episode of Floor 9, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jort Possel, Managing Director of Digital Marketing at management consulting firm Accenture, on the growing importance of brand trust in the digital age. Starting with how social media has vastly changed the online discourse around brand narratives, we quickly dived into the many ways in which digital technologies interplays with how brands can earn and maintain consumers’ trust. This is a can’t-miss episode for all brand...


Episode 21 - AI Takes The Wheel: The Future of Autonomous Vehicles feat. Mauricio Angulo

Welcome to Floor 9! This week we take a look at the rapid development of autonomous vehicle technology, the major challenges it is facing, and its potential impact on consumer behavior. From how cities are designed to the next retail evolution, autonomous vehicles will usher in a whole new level of convenience not just in transportation, but all aspects of our lives. Joining us this week is special guest Mauricio Angulo, the America’s Marketing Communications Manager for ExxonMobil...


Episode 20 - Partner Highlights: Esports and Gaming

Welcome to Floor 9! This week, members of the partnerships team here at IPG Media Lab (Angel and Scott) host our first ever partnership-exclusive episode. Listeners get an inside look at the role that the partnerships team plays at the IPG Media Lab and learn about the key criteria the team uses to evaluate startup technologies. In the newly minted Partnerships Highlight section Scott and Angel discuss four esports and gaming startups that you might not have heard of but should know...


Episode 19 - Ecommerce Trends Breakdown feat. MAGNA

Welcome to Floor 9! This week, we are honored to have Brian Hughes, the SVP of Audience Intelligence & Strategy at our sibling agency Magna, with us to discuss their latest Media Economy Report on the evolving ecommerce landscape, which is set to debut at the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival this week. This insightful report from Magna breaks down the average ecommerce shopper, where and how they are shopping, and the new value drivers that are changing the way consumers shop online and off, and...


Episode 18 - WWDC 2018

Welcome to Floor 9! Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) with their keynote address on Monday. This year, the iPhone maker is completely focused on software, introducing new iterations of operating systems across its line up, including iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad, watchOS 5 for Apple Watch, tvOS 12 for Apple TV, as well as macOS Mojave for Mac computers. We discuss the top announcements and what this all means for brands and marketers. What We Coved: Related...


Episode 17 - Legalizing Sports Betting & Its Media Implications

Overview: Welcome Floor 9! This week we discuss the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to repeal the 1992 ban on sports betting. Our very own Ben Hone picks up the mic to discuss the potential impact this decision has on sports viewership, interactive TV and esports, as well as distills what this all means for brands. Place your bets and take a listen now! Related Links: Supreme Court Ruling Favors Sports Betting [NY Times] FanDuel Gets Acquired [Variety] Potential $65B Sporting...