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Floor Academy is all about the world of flooring. Each episode will have a flooring professional as a guest and we will cover content from installation techniques, business practices, marketing ideas, to just talking shop.

Floor Academy is all about the world of flooring. Each episode will have a flooring professional as a guest and we will cover content from installation techniques, business practices, marketing ideas, to just talking shop.


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Floor Academy is all about the world of flooring. Each episode will have a flooring professional as a guest and we will cover content from installation techniques, business practices, marketing ideas, to just talking shop.




Investing In Your Tools - Phillip Gladden

This weeks guest is Phillip Gladden. Phillip is a second generation installer. As soon as he could walk he was on job sites with his dad. After over 20 years of installing he was able to take a job with Crain as the Eastern Sales representative. Phil and i discuss investing properly in your tools and why the cost of some tools doesn’t need to scare you or seem that far out there. Instagram Need new headphones for working and listening to Floor Academy? Check out ISOTunes using the link...


Getting Technical - Wayne Lee

This week's guest is Wayne Lee. Wayne currently works for Middle Tennessee Lumber in sales and training. He previously worked at American Sanders and ran his own sand and finish business. One major thing has always made a difference in how Wayne has been successful has been the technical knowledge. Whether understanding the machine, the sandpaper, or how the wood reacts to the environment. Listen in to hear Wayne Lee just thinking out loud. Need new headphones for working and listening to...


Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable - Jake Schlichte

This weeks guest is Jake schlichte. Jake owns and operates North Country Hardwoods in Auburn, NH. With a grandfather that ran a store and a dad that did hardwood floors, Jake wasn’t lacking in the experience department from the get go. What has made the difference in his career so far? Being a risk taker. Find out why he says you have get comfortable being uncomfortable. North Country Hardwoods Instagram Need new headphones for working and listening to Floor Academy? Check out ISOTunes...


I'm Going Out On My Own - Nathan Hyden

This weeks guest is Nathan Hyden. Nathan is getting ready to launch A Step Above Flooring in Lexington, Kentucky. We spend our time discussing what it takes to run a successful business, how to manage a partnership, and why confidence will take you way further than you know. Hyden's Hardwoods Need new headphones for working and listening to Floor Academy? Check out ISOTunes using the link below. Amazing Bluetooth headphones that are OSHA certified. http://bit.ly/2P5A9pR Check out our...


From 1099 To W2 And The Costs Associated - Preferred Flooring

This weeks guests are Jose and Daniel Gonzalez. These two brothers run Preferred Flooring in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For years they ran their business with paying their workers via a 1099. In 2015 after some advice from a larger company they subbed from all of their employees were moved to getting W-2s and being on payroll. This switch came with some huge considerations. Daniel and Jose took pay cuts, labor for projects had an increase, and not every employee was happy about it. Stay tuned...


Why I Became A Sub - Mario Fernandez

This weeks guest is Mario Fernandez. Mario owns and operates Fernandez Floor Covering in Corona, CA. Starting at a young and tender age with his father he helped install VCT flooring in military housing. At 18 he went full time with his dad and eventually went out on his own. After running his own and having a shop and then losing everything during the great recession, he has built it back up by being only a labor shop. Find out why Mario its functioning purely as a sub, how he has changed...


Work Life Balance - Mark Herakovic

This weeks guest is Mark Herakovic. Mark is from West Farmington, OH and just recently became the operations manager for MDG Flooring. Throughout Mark’s career he has been an employee, self employed, and now management. We sit down to discuss the topic of work life balance.Are we the two guys to tackle this topic, probably not but listen as we openly discuss some shortcomings and how we and you can better manage your business and time. Need new headphones for working and listening to Floor...


Small Town America - Stephen Wood

This weeks guest is Stephen Wood. Stephen owns and operates Great Alaskan Flooring Company on Kodiak Island in Alaska. After getting his start at the age 16 in Mississippi, Steven ended up in Alaska at private school. By 19 he had earned his GED and opened up his own showroom. He was being taught by the installers he employed as he worked alongside them on the projects he had sold. Listen in as we discuss he journey in the industry, the challenges he faces working in a remote and small...


Building Your Brand From The Ground Up - Marcos Guerequeta

This weeks guest is Marcos Guerequeta. Marcos owns and operates Local Flooring Group in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has taken the traditional method of owning a flooring store and flipped it on its head. After being able to carry some major brands when he first opened some of the good old boys club complained to their reps about him having product too. When he could no longer sell those products he flipped the script and developed his own. Marcos now imports his own flooring and...


Being Prepared For An Inspection - Karen Gross

This weeks guest is Karen Gross. Karen owns and operates MBD Flooring Services, which does inspections, concrete testing, and consultation services. Growing up Karen was always around flooring while hanging out with her dad. In 2012 he passed away and she stepped up to take over the company. She has invested in learning as much as possible and participates in an ANSI committee as well. Listen in as we talk about her passion for the industry, how to navigate projects so you have the...


The Benefits of Being An NTCA Member - Martin Brookes (NTCA President)

This weeks guest is Martin Brookes. Martin owns and operates Heritage Marble and Tile as well as being the current president of the National Tile Contractors Association. After growing up in the UK and doing an apprenticeship for masonry, Martin moved to the U.S. He started in the commercial world doing large box stores and was quickly running the projects. After realizing the times frames were not his style he went out on his own in CA. When he ran into a problem on a project he was pointed...


Building Communities - Shannon Huffstickler

This weeks guest is Shannon Huffstickler. Shannon previously The Tile Girl and now The Schluter Girl has run her own tiling business and is now the Social Media Community Liaison for Schluter Systems. We discuss the importance of communities. Whether you are participating nationally, internationally, or locally it can have an effect on you as an individual, your business, and even the local community you live in outside of your trade. Listen in to hear what your participation means and how...


SEO and Story Telling - Tim Brown

This weeks guest is Tim Brown. Tim owns Hook Agency which focuses on web design and SEO. After spending time developing leads for businesses under another business he went out on his own and like most of us learned that being a business owner is tough. Join us as Tim gives us some free insights into how we can improve our web marketing and websites, as well as discussing how important story is. Hook Agency Hook Agency Blog SEO Basics Need new headphones for working and listening to Floor...


Head Trash and Charging Appropriately - Carl "The Flash" Leonard

This weeks guest is Carl “The Flash” Leonard. Carl owns and operates Cutting Edge Tile in NJ. A part of the “Jersey Crew” that was the first CTI class to have everyone pass, his standards weren’t always that high. We spend our time discussing head trash, charging appropriately, firing clients, and just focusing on being a businessman first and a craftsman last. Keep listening so you can transform your business. Cutting Edge Tile Instagram Need new headphones for working and listening to...


Gender Roles - Liz Calandrino

This weeks guest is Liz Calandrino. Liz is a writer for Floor Covering News as well as a business coach and consultant. After conversation we had on the phone, I knew I had to have her back on the podcast. We discuss gender roles in the industry and how they can affect sales. Stay tuned for a lot of great stories with amazing insights. https://www.lisbethcalandrino.com/ Need new headphones for working and listening to Floor Academy? Check out ISOTunes using the link below. Amazing...


Hiring Apprentices - Seth Folkersen

This weeks guest is Seth Folkerson. Seth own SNF Floors in Plant City, Florida. Not being super interested in school Seth dropped out and got his GED while learning different trades. He finally settled into flooring with his now father in law before moving on to a second company to receive more training. Now out on his own and trying to build a brand the employee problem has shown up. Seth and I spend our time focusing on what we would like apprentices to know and what we think owners and...


Sometimes I Feel A Little Down - Derek Swegle

This weeks guest is Derek Swegel. Derek owns Habit Hardwood Floors in Panama City Beach, Florida. After years of working with his brother in Kansas City, Derek and his wife decided they were ready for a change and headed to Florida. Is running a business stressful, depressing, difficult, rewarding, exciting, and many other things, yes, yes it is. Derek and I talk about our experiences with the ups and downs. Listen in to as two guys discuss their experiences openly. Habitat...


Estimates And Communication - Ken Ballin

This weeks guest is Ken Ballin. Ken owns and operates Skyro Floors in West Creek, NJ. If there is a topic that is discussed to death online, it is estimates. So, Ken and I decided to tackle this subject and weigh in on different options of how to get to your bottom line number. Should it be itemized, a total sum only, detailed? Listen in to find out why communication matters, why you need to know your numbers and how your estimates are going to help you win the project. Instagram Skyro...


Educating Apprentices - Andy McWilliams

This weeks guest is Andy McWilliams. Andy is currently the technical rep for Novalis Floors International but was formerly an installer for many years. Managing a business is hard enough but when you throw employees into the mix it can really screw it up. Andy and I talk about how to hire and train apprentices for this trade. Listen in to find out why proper education is going to make a huge difference to your bottom line. Need new headphones for working and listening to Floor Academy?...


What is NAFCT? - Sonny Callham

This weeks guest is Sonny Callaham. Sonny started his flooring career in 1990 as an apprentice to a carpet installer. After a few transitions within the industry he found his calling on the adhesives side. Now the owner of Divergent Adhesives, he is also the co founder and Chairman of the board for the National Association of Floor Covering Technicians. Listen in to find out what NAFCT has planned to bring the industry together and make it more successful. We discuss what their mission is,...