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Food Focus 11/30/17 – BWW Looks To Go Private, Restaurants See Black Friday Boost

We begin with possibly the main food-related story of the week, as Buffalo Wild Wings enters into a preliminary agreement with Roark to be taken private. We continue with news of bolstered restaurant sales during Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and finish off the show with discussion of Campbell Soup and a glance at Chipotle’s future.


Food Focus 11/14/17 – Bakery Giants Report Earnings, Whole Foods’ 2018 Food Trends List

We go all bakery in the first half of the Food Focus, as Flowers Foods and Hostess both release quarterly earnings…we discuss differences between the two, and why one might be on better footing than the other going forward. After discussing Craft Brew Alliance’s recent earnings call, we turn our attention to Whole Foods’ list of projected food trends for 2018, and which may actually have a food industry impact for years to come.


Food Focus 11/2/17 – Papa John’s Slips, The Cheesecake Factory Hastens Growth

We start with Papa John’s and an earnings call that referenced the NFL over 40 times as an explanation for slower-than-expected growth. Meanwhile, BJ’s slows down their construction of new locations in an effort to focus on their existing restaurants while The Cheesecake Factory hits the throttle on new development in the fourth quarter.


Food Focus 9/7/17 – Dave & Buster’s Earnings, Will “Ruby” Chocolate Boost Confection Sales?

Dave & Buster’s earnings were released this week, and we discuss the increasing chasm between entertainment and food in their business model. After a Swiss chocolatier releases the first new natural chocolate color since the 1930s, we look at dynamics of a suddenly struggling chocolate industry. We close with two NBA-related stories, as the owner of Landry’s agrees to buy the Houston Rockets and a former NBA player opens up a QSR inside…Walmart?