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212: The Secret Sauce to Our Business with Nick Harder

In This Episode You Will Learn About: How Nick has run over a thousand days in a row and whyWhat running has taught him in businessHow we started working togetherHow people are searching for a “Nick”Looking for who to hire and howWorking through unrealistic goalsNick’s reaction when a launch doesn’t go as plannedThe best and worst parts about working with Lori and ChrisBusiness patterns that Nick noticesDigital marketing tipsWhere Nick gets his generosity fromCharity...


211: Abundance Hack: Cheer Your Competition On

In This Episode You Will Learn About: A conversation I had at my wife’s recent eventWhy we cheer on our partners in changeThe mission to improve even better Resources: VIP Day:chris@fortheloveofmoney.comThe Bliss Project 2020 Show Notes I’m back with another abundance hack today, and that is: cheer your competition on. I know this may sound a little crazy to you, but hear me out! My wife throws an amazing event each year, The Bliss Project, and we are just coming back from it being held...


210: Life On Your Terms With Timothy Sykes

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Turning $12k into almost $5 millionMaking money in a market like penny stocksThe predictability he teaches his studentsWhy he teaches tradingThe lifestyle that Tim createdTim’s love of philanthropyWhat we don’t realize about animal conservationThird world schoolingBeing open-minded about being making money + givingLoving the haters he has + how to handle them Resources: Learn more:timothysykes.comInstagram:@timothysykesYoutube:...


209: 3 Ways to Thrive Instead of Survive

In This Episode You Will Learn About: The difference between survive and thriveQuestioning everythingAssessing your tribeRetraining your reactions Show Notes For today’s episode, I’m sharing three different ways that we can thrive, not just survive. Funny enough, this whole idea around no longer just surviving came up in a SoulCycle class I took. So many of us find ourselves caught in this trap of trying to just get by, survive, when we really can be out there thriving. The difficult part...


208: How Your HUMAN DESIGN Affects Your Business with Paige Filliater

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Growing up on the “wrong” side of the tracksPaige’s early 20’s and the shifts she’s madeWhat human design is + why you need to know about itNot feeling connected to your designUnderstanding your chart and designThe Play MethodTalking about money + why the conversation needs to shiftBeing invited to speak rather than just speakingOld rules and a meditation to help neutralize the old rulePaige’s beautiful business model with her juice...


207: Incredible Perspective Shift

In This Episode You Will Learn About: An experience I had at a recent eventThe teaching opportunity that came from a surprising placeThe math behind the wealth perspective Resources: Fast Foundations Mastermind Show Notes In today’s mini episode, I’m helping you by weighing in on a wealth perspective wakeup call! I know so many of you have found yourself participating in this place of perspective, and I get it, I do. But by having this wealth perspective, you are only pushing away the...


206: How to Follow Your Passion with Carly Stein

In This Episode You Will Learn About: What Carly did before starting Beekeeper’s NaturalsRealizing her career wasn’t working for herCarly’s trip to Italy and being introduced to propolisRealizing she wanted to build a companyThe biggest challenges + wins that Carly has facedWhat makes Beekeeper’s Naturals so special + the products createdBeing a company with a causeThe frightening future for beesWhat kind of a CEO Carly is + how important her team is Resources: Learn...


205: Who’s Happier? The Entrepreneur or Employee?

In This Episode You Will Learn About: My trainer posing the question of who is happierStressful seasons as an entrepreneurThe employee + entrepreneur positives and negativesThe conclusion: who is happier Resources: Fast Foundations Mastermind Show Notes Today I’m weighing in on who is happier; the entrepreneur, or the employee. Before you jump to a conclusion, I will say that this is not as obvious of an answer as you may think! Lori and I have been both the employee and the...


204: NFL Cheerleader to Millionaire Maker with Kelly Roach

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Kelly’s life story and what she’s learnedStarting her consulting companyMoney mindset + changing itHaving a business and what Kelly believes they’re missingAdvice around hiringEngineering your own celebrityThe principles + laws she lives byKelly’s love of generosity + the Give Her Courage foundation Resources: Learn more:kellyroachcoaching.comFacebook:Tribe of UnstoppablesListen: Unstoppable Success RadioRead: Bigger Than You;UnstoppableFast...


203: You Were Put Here To Be Noticed

In This Episode You Will Learn About: How you have been taught to not stand out + how it’s hurting your businessWhy you aren’t getting the growth in your business while others areHaving a heart of serviceAn example of showing up from my mastermindHow you can start showing up and allow yourself to be noticed NOW Resources: Fast Foundations Mastermind Show Notes In case you didn’t know, or someone hasn’t told you recently: You were put here to be noticed. You were put here with a purpose....


202: Legendary Leadership Tactics with John Maxwell

In This Episode You Will Learn About: His calling for Leadershift, his newest book, and how it was different than other ideasThoughts about quitting in the beginning of his careerThe moment he realized he made itThe gifts being greater than himFour things that will help you become successful in just about anythingJohn’s view on money since his successHow important giving is to JohnThe most important shift out of the 11 shifts in his new bookDreams and callingsGetting over being a people...


201: 5 Business Secrets I Learned

In This Episode You Will Learn About: How nobody feels like they’ve made it yetThe 90 percent rule + how it’s running rampantOutside perspective is everythingThere are SO many success tips that aren’t sharedNobody notices mistakes, so keep going Resources: Fast Foundations Mastermind Show Notes Today I am sharing with you my top five business secrets that I’ve learned through observing and listening to those in my mastermind. I know that these tips are going to free up time, and totally...


200: Persistence and Sacrifice to Eight Figures with Travis Jones

In This Episode You Will Learn About: The start of his business + living in his gym51 no’s but still holding out for the yesHis crazy Groupon storyFinding ways to push through the no’sHow he helps people raise their confidence + grow their businessThe foundation TJ and his wife createdWhere TJ got his drive fromHow a tattoo got him a business coachTJ’s parenting + advice Resources: Learn


199: The One Wealth You Can Control

In This Episode You Will Learn About: What happiness isWhere my happiness came fromThe happiness creating the wealth, not the other way aroundHow what you consume affects your happinessPracticing gratitudeWho you surround yourself with matters Resources: Fast Foundations Mastermind Show Notes Today I’m talking about one of the most valuable assets you can EVER have, and it’s totally within your control. It doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, or anywhere in between; this one asset is...


198: How To Vacation For Charity with Adam Capes

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Just what vacationing for a cause isHow Getaway-2-Give began and shiftedThe challenges of running a for-profit, for-cause businessFinding properties for the business to useHow staying at the properties worksMoney they’ve raised, and how they choose causesHow Adam views wealth and the wealthy Resources: Learn;g2gcollection.comadam.capes@g2gcollection.comInstagram:@getaway2giveRead: A New Earthby Eckhart Tolle ; Uncharitableby Dan...


197: How To Go Further, Faster

In This Episode You Will Learn About: How we tend to show up more for others, and how we can use that to our advantage in businessTaking inventory of who you are truly building your business forStopping to remember + refreshing who benefits Resources: Fast Foundations Mastermind Show Notes Are you having trouble pushing through? Maybe it’s difficult for you to speak up when you’re scared or uncertain? Listen up, because in today’s episode I have the hack just for you. Doing it for...


196: From 100 Million Dollars to Broke to Happy with David Meltzer

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Realizing he wasn’t happy + how he grew from itEgo being in the wayDeclaring bancurpcy and the day that changed his lifeDavid’s four values that are the basis of his companyHis quantium shift in IndiaDavid’s view on money + why he makes money todayThe amazing act of givingTaking advice from people who love youDavid’s best piece of business adviceThe philanthropy behind his sports agencyGetting out of scarcity mindset The Unstoppable Foundation and what...


195: Don't Judge What Motivates You

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Feeling bad about what motivates youThe carrot and the stickMy own carrot and stick motivationHow the first carrot changes through your journey Resources: Fast Foundations Mastermind Show Notes Today I’m giving you the permission to be motivated by whatever it is that motivates you. This podcast is inspired by a post I recently put on social media, and I thought it would be a great idea to dive even deeper. Let me remind you, don’t judge what it is...


194: Six Hacks to a Successful 2019 with Lori Harder

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Rapid fire Q+A for Lori and myselfHyper self awarenessLeaving time for miraclesFiguring out your hourly valuePrioritizing your needle-moversDoing YOUTracking what matters mostLove + put yourself firstGrowth hacksJoin a mastermindOur offer to you! Resources: Learn more:loriharder.comIG:@loriharderFast Foundations Mastermind Show Notes Today I am joined by my wife, Lori Harder, and we are here to talk about six hacks that we know will make 2019 a...


193: Everything I Wish Existed When I Was Getting Started

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Accidental entrepreneursWhy I created the Fast Foundations MastermindWhy you should joinWhat you get out of joining Fast Foundations Resources: Fast Foundations Show Notes Today I’m dishing my two cents on what I wish existed when I was getting started in my business. This entire mini episode is about everything I was trying to learn when I was wanting to become a successful entrepreneur, and...