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160: How to Live A Rich Life - 4 Stories and 4 Lessons with Lori & Chris Harder

Hey everyone, I’m back and I’ve got my amazing wife, Lori Harder, back on the show and today we’re sharing some of our most impactful stories that have helped lead us to the full-circle rich lives we’re leading now. We’re far from perfect and that’s exactly why we love sharing our ups and downs with as many people possible – even if they’re super embarrassing. Tune in to hear four+ stories and lessons we’ve learned along the way and let us know if you can relate. Wanna hear more? Be sure to...


159: Who Should Have The POWER? The Good Guys or The Bad Guys

I’ve been wanting to talk about today’s topic for a while and am excited to dive in to whether or not the statement “Money is power,” is true. And if it is true, who should have the power? The good guys or the bad guys? First off, I do believe that money is power because we all get an opportunity to “vote” with our dollars. The more money you have, the more say you have. People with more money are often looked up to more as a guiding example and they tend to have more of a responsibility...


158: Stop Wasting 76% of Your Facebook Marketing Dollars with Jacob Baadsgaard

I’m so glad that I was introduced to the founder and CEO of Disruptive Advertising, Jacob Baadsgaard. I was pulled to interview him instantly when I saw the powerful link between his income and generosity level. Believing that tithing supports an abundance mindset he’s also incorporated those beliefs into his business too, but creating a company charity committee. In addition to the above, Jacob created Disruptive Advertising to help other businesses get the most out of their Facebook and...


157: Why Isn't This "Good Enough?"

Has anyone ever asked you, “Why isn’t this good enough? You’ve already done x-y-z, so what do you want to do more?” Most often the people who ask have good intentions, but they don’t understand that you’re called to do bigger things. And this can be painful for others or make them feel threatened for a couple different reasons. First, they may just feel threatened and afraid that you’ll move on and leave them behind. And secondly, it forces them to look in the mirror and where they’re at...


156: How To Pay As Little Taxes As Possible with Diane Gardner

It’s super difficult to have a good money mindset if you have a fear around a certain topic of money. And I’ve found that one of the most common fears out there is taxes. That’s why I’m so grateful for people like today’s guest, certified tax coach Diane Gardner, who help quiet those fears by arming you with knowledge that helps you navigate the tax space. Diane’s goal is to help her clients (and others) pay as little taxes as possible (legally). When it comes to taxes, so many people...


155: Be Grateful For Your Seeds

I just returned from the last leg of my two-month vacation and I feel recharged and freaking ready to go! So today I want to remind you to be grateful for your seed. What the heck do I mean? You see, we all have special little seeds inside of us and that in turn becomes your business and eventually your wealth. Those little seeds could be a variety of things, such as a special talent or skill, an idea or some sort of innovation that no one has. Regardless of what it is, we all have them,...


154: Life Coach To The Stars, Tim Storey

It was such a privilege to have my friend, Tim Storey, on the podcast. No matter how long or short our conversations are I always leave them a better person – and I know you will too. His words will set a fire in anyone’s soul! Tim’s story began in Compton, California where his family of seven lived in a two-bedroom apartment. It was there that he learned to “think big in small places.” That thought compounded later on in a life-changing conversation with his sixth-grade teacher when he was...


153: What You Have TODAY Does Not Determine TOMORROW'S Abundance

If you’re experiencing feelings of lack, scarcity or worry right now, I hope my message today helps free you: “Your abundance tomorrow is not determined by what you have today.” We all have these feelings at one time or another, whether we’re super successful or barely making ends meet – and that’s OK! But we must do our best to get back into an energy of abundance by taking one step forward (big or small). Today, you may not have what you want, but I bet you have a great idea and...


152: How to Connect with ANYONE with Alex Banayan

Imagine being set on a trajectory for the majority of your life, only to wake up one day questioning whether or not you’re on your path or a path someone else put you on. This is what happened to my guest and author, Alex Banayan. From an early age, Alex’s parents’ dream was for him to become a doctor, and up until his freshman year in college it was what he thought he wanted to – until he realized it didn’t. Upon this realization, he attempted to seek the answers for how other successful...


151: How to Raise Your Game Quickly

While I never like to talk about my schedule being “too busy,” at the start of this week I was downright intimidated with mine. Fortunately for me, a friend of mine was in town and invited me out for brunch. That particular time is usually scheduled for my morning workout, but I’m so glad I chose an impromptu brunch instead. This particular friend has a 100-million-dollar business and every time we’re able to connect, we have the best conversations and I wind up leaving with a ton of...


150: How To Crush Video Marketing with Billy Gene Shaw

I cannot wait for you all to listen to my conversation with video marketing expert, Billy Gene Shaw. From growing up on welfare and living on the wrong side of the tracks to becoming a highly sought-after and successful speaker and entrepreneur, Billy Gene is living life to the fullest and helping others along the way. If you’re not utilizing video in the social media part of your business, this is your chance to start. Billy Gene lays out a step-by-step plan to get you started and clues...


149: The Surest Person in the Room WINS

Do you ever wonder why some people succeed and connect with people right away, while others, when given the same opportunities, just can’t seem to pull it together? Over the years I’ve noticed one common trend that sets these people apart, no matter the kind of sales, business or opportunity – and that’s certainty. “The most valuable thing you have is swagger.” I was able to observe this same trait while at an entrepreneurial event this week with 15,000 people. Everyone at this event...


148: How To Sell Using Webinars with Casey Zeman

I’ve known today’s guest, Casey Zeman, for a couple years now, and I’m so thrilled that we finally get to sit down and dive deep into the journey of his career. From actor to real estate broker to YouTube expert and consultant, he discovered after building his own “YouTube Revealed” course that webinars were the key to success. After some trial and error with the price of his course, he cracked the code on asking for more money and increasing his sales along with it. His biggest tip?...


147: How To Grow Your Audience

Today I’m going to give you the answer to the question of why your audience might not be growing – regardless of what business you’re in. Brace yourself, it’s really quite simple. The No. 1 reason your audience isn’t growing is because you’re not putting information and content – that’s shareable – out there. But was does it mean to be truly shareable? It’s about blowing the minds of your current audience so much that they are compelled to share it with their audience – and then their...


146: Business Lessons from the Amazon Jungle with Tyler Gage

It’s an honor to interview such a wide array of people and I love it when past guests connect me with other amazingly successful entrepreneurs. I was recently introduced to today’s guest, Tyler Gage and am blown away by his journey. Northern Californian-raised, at age 19 Tyler began studying native plants and languages with indigenous elders in the Amazon rainforest. Not long after, he witnessed these people tearing down trees in order to send their children to school. Taken aback by...


145: An Amazing Story of Giving vs. Judging

Lori and I just wrapped up our trip to Europe and wow, it was one of our greatest experiences to date – not just enjoyment wise, but we learned so many things about ourselves and other people. One particular story and lesson we’ve taken home taught us about perspective on how people think, but don’t take action. While having lunch in a beautiful square in Spain, we overheard the conversation of a group of women on vacation at a nearby table. They were talking about another person they...


144: How Couples in Business Succeed with Cole and Sanja Hatter

Cole Hatter is back on For the Love of Money and this time we’ve asked his wife and partner in crime, Sanja Hatter, to join him. I love having couples on the show because I enjoy hearing how other couples make working together work. But even more importantly, I find my audiences resonate with these conversations the most. First and foremost, I love how family-centered both Cole and Sanja are. With two kids and a close relationship with their family members, they truly have set a standard...


143: Are You Being Abundant OR Financially Irresponsible??

Today we’re talking about the huge difference between being abundant and financially irresponsible. You see so many people want to be abundant but they’re using abundance and increasing their financial thermostat as an excuse. “Abundance without responsibility is stupidity.” Sounds harsh, but here’s what I mean. If you’re living outside of your means, perhaps buying high-price items (homes, cars etc.) when you don’t have the secured money to do it, you’re not actually living in...


142: Social Media Secrets with Jasmine Star

It is such a privilege to have the incredibly talented, Jasmine Star, on the show today! Not only a world-famous photographer, she’s also someone many entrepreneurs (including myself) look to for social media wisdom and advice. It’s amazing to think that years ago, she was actually in law school, but made the decision to leave and become a photographer. With this abrupt about-face, Jasmine knew she needed to create a successful business using the minimal resources she had available –...


141: My Quarter Million Dollar AMEX Bill...WTF??

Picture it… You receive your monthly credit card statement, open it and find that the balance due is a quarter million dollars! You’d be blown away, right? Well, let me tell you... I sure was. At first, I felt instant feelings of anger, panic…and scarcity. Yes, I still have flashes of that money mindset belief, but this one knocked the wind out of me. I wasn’t expecting that balance – honestly, it wasn’t even on my radar. My range of emotions went from holy crap – $250K could buy me a nice...