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Fortune Copilot is the UKs most listened to independent radio show. Helping business owners work smarter, not harder

Fortune Copilot is the UKs most listened to independent radio show. Helping business owners work smarter, not harder
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Fortune Copilot is the UKs most listened to independent radio show. Helping business owners work smarter, not harder






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#40 What An Asian Cat Can Tell Us About Business, Physical Pain of Paying, Poorly Designed Products

What An Asian Cat Can Tell Us About Business At £200 per 100g Kopi Luwak is the world's most expensive coffee. But why are so many customers willing to pay that huge price tag? Alan Coote and Josh Alex discover that a very unique story and an Asian cat, and not simply the way it tastes, contributes to its enormous price tag. Why Paying Causes Us Actual Pain Research has shown that we feel physiological pain every time we pay for something. This pain can put us off purchasing products...


#37 What Have Netflix & Museums In Common? 3 Steps To Sales Guru, Genius Of Making Customers Queue

Netflix & Museums Have More In Common Than You Think We think of companies like Netflix as revolutionary, full of innovative ideas and transforming traditional industries. Of course, some of that is true, but surprisingly Netflix has more in common with museums than you think. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal all. Special Guest: The Three Steps To Become A Sales Guru You have a cracking business idea but it’s no good unless someone is going to buy it. As the saying goes, without sales you...


#36 Why Make Products You Don’t Intend To Sell, A New Trend In Clothing, Better Customer Information

Businesses Are Making Products They Don’t Intend You To Buy It’s expensive making and marketing a new product, especially when you don’t expect people to buy it. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal why some businesses are going to all that trouble. A New Trend In Clothing: Wear Once And Return Label Intact Over half of us will return at least one item of clothing back to the shop this year. And nearly a third of 18 to 25 year olds admit to wearing an item out, with the label attached, before...


#35 Why We Like Mondays, Is Offering Free Coffee Bad For Business, Restaurants Top Psychology Tricks

Why The Boomtown Rats Were Wrong, We Do Like Mondays It has been discovered that the Boomtown Rats were wrong, we do like Mondays. In fact tasks started on a Monday are more likely to be finished than on any other day of the week. Alan Coote and Josh Alex discover why and, which is the worst day of the week to start something new. Why Offering Customers Free Coffee Is Bad For Business High Street shops are always looking for new ways to keep their customers in the store for longer. In the...


#34 Making Correct Decisions Quickly, Best Way To Increase Your Prices, White Coats Make Us Smarter

How To Make The Correct Decision Quickly Every day at work or at home we need to make quick decisions. It has been discovered that our brain has evolved to take mental shortcuts when it needs to act quickly and can very easily be influenced. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal how businesses are now using this human quirk. How Businesses Can Influence The Price You’re Willing To Pay Many businesses price their products based on what it cost to produce plus what customers are prepared to pay....


#33 UK Makes Change To Save Thousands of Lives, Next Big Idea, How To Turn Old Stuff Into Money

UK To Make A Simple Change To Save Thousands of Lives Most people in the UK aren’t on the Organ Donor Register, not because they object it’s because they just haven’t got around to it. This has not been the case in Wales where since 2015 everyone is by default an organ donor. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal the psychology behind this simple idea. Listeners’ Questions: What Is The Next Big Idea? The big tech’ firms have been updating their plans to take advantage of the latest advances in...


What Have Beef Burgers & Running A Business Got In Common?

There’s not much in common between a beef burger and running a business, on the surface at least. Alan Coote and Josh Alex discover, however, that marketing beef burgers and practically any other product can be surprisingly similar.


#32 Why We Remember The Good And Bad, How Hypnosis Helps Us at Work, How To Set Your Business Apart

Why We Only Remember The Exceptionally Good And Bad A recent study has discovered why we only remember the exceptionally good and bad experiences. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal why this could be worth £millions and the huge implications this has for businesses large and small. Special Guest: How Hypnosis Helps People at Work Think hypnotist and the chances are you’ll immediately remember those third-rate stage acts. But hypnosis can be used in a much more constructive way. Special guest...


#29 Most Influential Book of Last 100Years, How Not to Start a Business, Falling TV Gimmicks

What is the Most Influential Book of the Last 100 Years? Dale Carnegie is considered by many to be the Godfather of business etiquette. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal how his classic book is still as relevant today as it was in the 1930s. Special Guest: How Not to Start a Business Many businesses fail not because they are bad ideas, but because they don’t have enough customers. Rupert Honeywood specialises in helping companies solve this problem by using what he calls the ‘40, 7, 3 rule’....


#28 Upside to 6 Hours a Month Queuing, Innovating For Fun Build a Subscription Business Like Netflix

The Benefit of Spending Almost 6 Hours a Month Queuing Often waiting in a queue or for a company to send an order is inevitable and very difficult to avoid. In fact, sometimes if there were no waiting, like in a restaurant, we would question the quality of our meal. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal how companies can use the wait a customer has to endure to their advantage. Why Every Company Should Innovate For Fun Not Profit Very few companies innovate for fun without being motivated by...


#27 Tricks To Charge Premium Prices, Biggest Startup Mistake, Avoiding Cultural Gaffs

A Businesses Trick To Charge Premium Prices Setting the right price is often an art not a science. After a business covers its cost the rest is profit. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal how companies can maximise their profit and set the highest price a customer will pay. What Is The Biggest Mistake a Start Up Can Make? Every start up makes the same mistake believing everyone wants their new invention. Alan Coote talks to business marketing expert Rupert Honywood who says instead companies...


#26 Why The Old Need Fewer Choices, Buying On Instinct, How Power of Positive Advertising

Why Do Older People Need Fewer Choices? As we get older we want fewer choices of what to buy. By the time people reach retirement age they often reject any product which is unfamiliar. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal why businesses targeting the elderly should stock fewer products. Why We Buy On Instinct The received wisdom is that the older the more thought goes into our purchases. Alan Coote and Josh Alex uncover new information which suggests this isn’t the case. How Positive...


#25 Each Email Cost 23 Minutes, Reaching Millions of People, The Difference Of Using A Person’s Name

Every Email Interruption Wastes 23 Minutes Being distracted by emails at work is something we all have to deal with but cripples our productivity. Alan Coote and Josh Alex find out what can be done about it and how we can regain that wasted time without switch emails off. Special Guest: How To Reach Millions of People In One Day Rachael Taplin reached millions of people to promote her start up business. She did it by being invited to appear as a guest on the media. Rachael says, if she can...


#24 How Herding Helps Businesses? New Science Needs More People, How To Use Framing To Boost Profits

Why Are We Not As Individual As We Think? We all like to think we’re unique, but this isn’t the case. We often follow the crowd even when we consciously attempt not to. Alan Coote and Josh Alex uncover how businesses can use this to their advantage. Special Guest: An Emerging Science Needs People Dr David Halpern from the UK Government’s Behavioural Insights Team explains why businesses need more scientists to follow in the footsteps of recent Nobel prize winner Richard Thaler. What Have...


How To Become Highly Influential

We all aspire to have influence amongst our friends and particularly our colleagues at work. What is the secret to becoming highly influential and highly respected. How to change people's minds is an age old problem and it depends on what you want to change someone's mind about. Amazingly there is a simple way to make the whole process a lot more scientific, and it comes in the form of a simple equation called the Formula For Change. BusinessScience


#23 How To Win An Argument, The Beginning Of The End For Social Media? How To Supercharge Your Focus

How To Win An Argument Persuading a friend or work colleague that you are right and they are wrong often leads to bad feelings. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal the easy way to win an argument. Mail Sack: Is It The Beginning Of The End For Social Media? A recent survey showed that the majority of secondary school children wouldn’t mind if their social media was switched off. These people are the next generation of consumers and businesses all over the country depend on reaching them through...


#22 What is Nudge Theory, Should You Always Be Honest, Learning The Easy Way

How Small Changes Can Have an Enormous Effect Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell more and make customers happier with little additional effort? The answer could be nudge theory. Alan Coote and Josh Alex discover how very small changes can have an enormous effect. Mail Sack: Should Businesses Always Be Open and Honest? Customers expect companies to be open and honest when things go wrong. But there are times when this isn’t good for business, so is it okay to hold back information? Alan...


#20 Your Name Affects Your Success, What Is Better Than A Cash Bonus, Why Doorways Cause Memory Loss

Your Name Affects What People Think About You From your baby’s name to your company’s, the name it is given can affect its success. So how do you make sure your child stands the best chance in life? Alan Coote and Josh Alex discover more. Special Guest: What Is Better Than A Cash Incentive? A cash bonus from the boss is always welcome. But a recent large-scale test showed we prefer gifts like bikes, slow- cookers and binoculars. Alan Coote talks to special guest Tim Houlihan to finds out...


#19 How To Get More Done In Less Time, What Is Smart Dust? Why Being Grumpy Is Good For Your Health

The Easy Way To Boost Your Motivation Time to get motivated. How about getting twice as much done in half the time? Alan Coote and Josh Alex show how it’s done. Smart Dust and Other New Technologies On The Horizon You’ll be amazed at the ideas which are set to become commonplace. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal ideas like 4D printing and smart dust. Being Grumpy Could Be Good For Your Health We’re told to respect other people’s opinions. However, Alan Coote and Josh Alex discover being less...


#18 It’s Essential To Fail, A Novel Way To Find Customers, How Internet Adverts Make Us Feel Good

Why It Is Essential To Fail In business at work or in life failure is seen as bad. Not any more say Alan Coote and Josh Alex, who show how failing can often bring you success more quickly. Mail Sack – A Novel Way To Find Customers We dig into our inbox to answer listener’s questions. This time Alan Coote helps listeners solve a common problem by using a novel method of finding new customers. How Internet Adverts Make Us Feel Good A strange side effect of internet advertising has been...