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Fortune Copilot is the UKs most listened to independent radio show. Helping business owners work smarter, not harder

Fortune Copilot is the UKs most listened to independent radio show. Helping business owners work smarter, not harder


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Fortune Copilot is the UKs most listened to independent radio show. Helping business owners work smarter, not harder






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#42 McDonald's Customer Mind Hack, Getting Heathy, Why Try Before You Buy Boosts Business

How McDonald's Mind Hack Boosted Its Customers In 2015 McDonald's was struggling with sales taking a nosedive. A few years later shares are up 50%. What's amazing is, this dramatic turnaround was helped by adopting psychological tricks in their restaurants. How To Get Heathy By Tricking Your Brain According to a recent study 68% of men and 58% of women are overweight or obese. It's well known being overweight causes health problems, but we just can't seem to resist eating unhealthy food....


#41 Taxing What's Bad For Us Doesn't Work, Making Businesses Nimble, How To Make The Railways Safer

Why Taxing What's Bad For Us Doesn't Work Alcohol consumption is at a record high with 7.8 million people having 'binged' on alcohol at least once last year. The government's tactic to reduce our alcohol consumption is to increase the tax on it. But is there a simpler idea that might also be much more effective? Josh Alex and Alan Coote may have the answer the government missed. Special Guest: Making Big Businesses More Nimble Large companies are forever trying to be as nimble as small...


#40 What An Asian Cat Can Tell Us About Business, Physical Pain of Paying, Poorly Designed Products

What An Asian Cat Can Tell Us About Business At £200 per 100g Kopi Luwak is the world's most expensive coffee. But why are so many customers willing to pay that huge price tag? Alan Coote and Josh Alex discover that a very unique story and an Asian cat, and not simply the way it tastes, contributes to its enormous price tag. Why Paying Causes Us Actual Pain Research has shown that we feel physiological pain every time we pay for something. This pain can put us off purchasing products...


#5 Tricks To Read The Customer's Mind, Where Best To Sit In A Meeting, Your Mail Sack

Here's a Simple Trick To Read Your Customer's Mind. The MOST important information any business owner can get is what their customer is thinking. Josh Alex says it's not rocket science in fact it's quite simple. Mail Sack - Listeners' Questions - Is Email About To Die? If you're like me you get too many irrelevant emails. One large IT company boss famously said he wanted to eradicate them. How close are we to the end of emails or are they here to stay? Alan Coote has the answer. Scientists...


#4 Brexit Do EU Businesses Care? No Says Int’ Chamber Boss, The Paradox Of Choice, Going Viral

Supermarkets Should Offer Fewer Choices. In theory supermarkets could save £millions by stocking fewer items and we would thank them. Alan Coote and Josh Alex uncover why. Special Guest - Most of Europe Couldn't Care Less About Brexit. Chris Southworth is Secretary General at the International Chamber of Commerce who represent UK businesses and is advising the government on Brexit; he's worried more must be done and soon. Alan Coote finds out more. How to Go Viral Alan Coote and Josh Alex...


#3 The Future Living With AI - Prof’ Michelle Baddeley, Avoiding Complaints, Big Brother / Data

Of Course Customers are Not Always Right. Alan Coote and Josh Alex discover how to prevent nearly all customer complaints. Special Guest - Thank Goodness Our Lives Won't Be Governed By Machines Our everyday choices will not be influenced by AI machine but from a new science. Alan Coote get the insight from scientist and author Michelle Baddeley. You're Helping Create a Better Society Without Knowing It Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal that from the moment you awake to the time you sleep...


#2 Founder of People Per Hour - The Gig Economy, Diffusion Of Responsibility, The Pomodoro Technique

Why No One Called The Police When The Bank Alarm Went Off If you hear a bank's alarm go off what would you do? Coming up Alan Coote and Josh Alex discover that you'd most likely do nothing, but why? Special Guest - How To Get Into The Gig Economy Do you have a skill or knowledge which would be useful to others and do you want the freedom to choose how and when you work? Then the gig economy could be for you. To find out more Alan Coote talks to the founder of People Per Hour Xenios...


#1 Levi Roots On Entrepreneurship, What Is Wadsworth’s Constant, The Formula For Change

How To Get Anyone To Do Anything For You. Image the benefit of getting your colleagues or a friend to do practically anything for you. Coming up Alan Coote and Josh Alex say they have discovered how. Special Guest Reggae Reggae Sauce Levi Roots. If you've ever watched Dragons Den you will be aware of Levi Roots. Remember he was the Reggae Reggae Sauce guy. We have him on the show later. How To Save One And A Half Hours A Day. What would you do with an extra 30 minutes a day? What about an...