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50 - The Final Episode

That’s it folks! The 50th and final episode of the Forward Tilt podcast. Over the last 50 weeks, we covered one lesson a week. One way to get off the conveyor belt and take control of building your career and life. Now that Forward Tilt is over, Isaac gives his recommendations for more resources to check out. Links: Office Hours Get a free copy of Forward Tilt: An Almanac for Personal Growth at


49 - Shorting Your Own Stock

To short a stock is to sell it before you own it. You sell it today and agree to deliver in the future because you believe the cost will go down and you will be able to buy it at a cheaper price. When you put off tasks to the future, you are doing the same thing with your time. Every action you take has a cost, and when you leave for tomorrow what you could do today, you communicate a lot about the way you value your time. Topics Discussed: - Shorting your own stock - Opportunity...


48 - Babies Don't Baby Step

We call it baby steps when you take small guarded steps forward. But babies take the exact opposite approach. They flail, take big risks, and learn as they go. When babies start crawling they don’t cautiously ease their way into it. They get up, fall down and crash into things. They’ll walk off the top of the stairs if you don’t have it blocked. Only once they take risks do they develop the skill needed to be more precious and safe. But they would never gain that skill if they didn’t...


47 - Creating Content Without a Big Audience

There has been a trend recently of popular content creators online talking about how there are too many blogs, too many podcasts, and the world doesn’t need more. Apart from the obvious irony, they miss the most important value creators get from creating content. Sure there is a chance to grow an audience and monetize it, but much more powerful is the learning, signaling, and social capital value that you get from consistently creating content. Discussed in this episode: - The amount of...


46 - Creativity Is the HTML of Hard Work

In this episode, Praxis Director of Education TK Coleman guest hosts to talk about creativity and HTML. Most people think of creativity and associate it with inspiration, living in cool neighborhoods, and eccentricity. But in reality, creativity is a lot more about hard work than it is about cool esthetics. Topics Covered: - The best creators are the ones who know how to get stuff - Why some “Creative” people don’t create results - Creating can be done anywhere at any time -...


45 - Your Reputation Is Your Resume

No one has ever been hired for their resume. At best a good resume will get someone curious to find out more about you, but it is the more about you—the background—that will get you hired. Instead of a resume, what truly matters is your reputation. Your connections, friends, coworkers, and customers who know the type of work you do will open up new opportunities. In This Episode: - No one has ever been hired for their resume - Why so many jobs go to people who know people at the...


44 - The Problem with Statistics

Statistics can be very illuminating in aggregate, but individuals are not aggregates. If you only choose a course of action when statistics are in your favor you will never get where you want to go. In this episode: - Statistics don’t do the work for you - You are special enough to not go to college - Why shooting “low-percentage” shots can make sense - Individuals are not aggregates For a free copy of Forward Tilt: An Almanac for Personal Growth go to


43 - Perfection Is Not a Precondition

Whether is writing a blog post, creating a video, or making a marketing plan, if you sit around theorizing about the perfect way to do it, you won't get any closer to perfect. We like to imagine that the longer we have to do something, the more time we have to think and plan and edit the better the end result. But in reality it is almost never extra time that gets us great results, it is extra reps. In this episode: - An example from two groups of pottery students - Perfection is a...


42 - Three Critical Soft Skills for Young Professionals with Cameron Sorsby

This week on Forward Tilt, Praxis’ COO Cameron Sorsby guests host to share three key traits that separate great young professionals from the pack. In this episode: For a free copy of Forward Tilt: An Almanac for Personal Growth go to


41 - How to Create a Value Proposition

The standard approach to getting a job is to go out to a business and with a resume and interview tell employers about your skills and experience. It’s the equivalent of saying “Here I am, I have skills.” It creates work for the business to figure out if those skills are relevant, legitimate, or even valuable and as a result, it doesn’t help you find the best opportunities. The better approach is to do the work yourself and come to a business with a pitch on how you will create...


40 - The Rough Draft Mindset

Vague general questions get vague general answers. If you are looking for valuable information create something first and get specific. Whether it is advice on something you are writing or a business idea, you will be able to get a lot better feedback if you ask for opinions on a rough draft instead of an idea. In this episode: For a free copy of Forward Tilt: An Almanac for Personal Growth go to


39 - The Value of the Unlevel Playing Field

Level playing fields are important on a societal level, but when you are looking for places to invest your time and money, it's better to go where the field is tilted. This is obvious when you have the advantage, you maximize your chances for success and large returns, but even having the field titled against you can be better than a level playing field. In this week's Forward Tilt Isaac explains why an unlevel playing field is a great place to invest, no matter if you have the advantage...


38 - There's No Such Thing as Job Security

Lot's of people are afraid of sales jobs because they don't come with a guaranteed monthly salary. The uncertainty of working for commission makes them nervous so they opt for the security of a salaried role. But the job security they think exists in marketing, operations, or other jobs is a myth. No matter what role you are in, your job only exists so long as you create more than you earn. You need to create value regularly, or else that salary will disappear. This isn’t a scary...


37 - Self-Discovery Needs a Context

Often we overlook our potentially valuable skills because we don’t know we have them. We don’t realize that the thing we find easy, others find hard. Or the activity we do as a hobby has a high market value. Finding out what you are good at and you can create value doing isn’t easy. It is a process that takes time and feedback. But the most common ways we expect to learn about ourselves are removed from real sources of feedback. To find out what we do best we need to get out into the...


36 - Find Gold in Grunt Work

Too many new employees are eager to get out of grunt work. They are right to want to focus on creating more value, but they miss the opportunity that grunt work provides. On this episode, Isaac shares a story from a conversation with a CEO about a young employee asking for a raise. He did everything well but made it clear he didn’t like grunt work. As a result, he didn’t make himself indispensable and didn’t get a raise. He was replaceable. As you gain experience and make yourself...


35 - It All Started with Daily Blogging

Tiny daily acts of creation have an immense compounding power. For Isaac, daily blogging started as a way to break out of a point of dissatisfaction. But the small decision led to a massive changes and directly to the idea for Praxis. In this episode: For a free copy of Forward Tilt: An Almanac for Personal Growth, go to


34 - Listen to Actions Not Words

What people say they want is different from what they will actually go out and do. Economists call this the difference between stated and revealed preferences. Your opinions don’t come with a cost. But when you have to pay it shows what you truly value. For a free copy of Forward Tilt: An Almanac for Personal Growth, go to


33 - Focus on One Customer

Whether you're building a business, writing a blog, or creating anything new, it can be easy to think about your customer or audience in aggregate. To work with your market in mind, instead of a particular person. One of the biggest inflection points in the growth of Praxis came when Isaac choose to focus on one particular customer. Not all the entrepreneurial young people, not a specific demographic, just sell and create a solution for one specific person. From a focus on one customer,...


32 - Content is King

When creating something it is easy to focus on perfecting the small details. Whether it’s production value on a podcast, body positioning as a public speaker, or style as a writer, there are lots of small details to obsess over. But when you are starting a new project you can never lose sight of the most important aspect of anything you create, the content of the ideas. In this episode: - Imperfections as a creator - The content of the ideas matter more than perfect delivery - Running...


31 - Don't Forget the Free Meal

When something goes wrong in a customer service situation, some people will seize the opportunity to berate their server or make an employee feel bad. They use the moment to grab a tiny amount of power. But by using this opportunity to feel powerful, they are giving up what is best for them in the long term. They are giving up opportunities to get a better long term solution to momentarily feel important. In the case of restaurants, they are forgetting the free meal. In this episode: -...