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013 Guilherme Lopes - RD Station

For this thirteenth episode, I talked to Guilherme Lopes, Co-Founder of RD Station, South America's leading marketing automation software. Guilherme and his 4 co-founders have been building apps since 2005, operating from a city in the south of Brazil. In 2011 they saw a gap in the South American market and started building RD Station. A product manager by background, Guilherme quickly assumed the customer success role within the company and is now leading a team of over 200 people. We have...


012 Emeric Ernoult - Agorapulse

For this twelfth episode, I talked to Emeric Ernoult, Founder & CEO of Agorapulse, one of the leading social media management platforms. As a young French lawyer, Emeric moved to Washington DC to practice law. After he decided this was not for him, he started a French pre-Facebook social network and a B2B community software company, while juggling other jobs on the side. We talk about his backstory, why he hasn't raised any VC funding, and how he builds his product, brand, content and...


011 David Henzel - MaxCDN

For this eleventh episode, I talked to David Henzel, Co-Founder of MaxCDN and now TaskDrive. In his previous life he was delivering content faster to web visitors, now he's helping companies to find the right leads. David is German and used to live in the US, but is now living on a warm Turkish beach. He's very much into mission driven businesses and managing happiness, and maintains a blog and podcast about the topic. We chat about how he manages his own happiness, how he builds companies...


010 David Darmanin - Hotjar

For this tenth episode, I talked to David Darmanin, Co-Founder of Hotjar. His company helps tens of thousands of app and site owners to see how visitors are really using their software and collect more and better user feedback. David runs Hotjar’s remote team from Malta, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. He previously used to build websites, was a VP of Design, and is now spending most of his time working on people and culture at his famous scale-up company. We chat...


003 Aaron Ross - Predictable Revenue

For this third episode, I talked with Aaron Ross. Aaron became world famous as the guy who set up the sales organization of Salesforce. He wrote a book the subject and since runs a consulting company that helps companies with their sales; both called "Predictable Revenue". Aaron has 9 kids, 3 dogs, and more than 40 employees. We talk about how he manages his busy life, about having an ID forging business, and - obviously - about how to organize sales more effectively.


002 Hubert Palan - Productboard

For this second episode, I talked with Hubert Palan of Productboard. I met Hubert about a year and a half ago at TechCrunch Disrupt at San Francisco, and I’ve been considering using Productboard to professionalize product management at Salesflare ever since. Hubert is a product guy and a thinker at heart. His vision: more excellent products through better product management. We mainly talk about what motivates him, how he manages Productboard, and where he looks for inspiration. Full...


001 Adam Hempy - Better Proposals

For this first pilot episode, I was lucky to talk with Adam Hempy of Better Proposals. Since last year when Salesflare and Better Proposals were on AppSumo at the same time, we talk with each other on a regular basis and you could say we have become founder friends. Adam is one of the most honest, authentic, and driven startup founders I know. He will never shy away from saying what’s on his mind, which makes him the perfect first guest for this series of personal founder talks. Full...