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Podcast by Clean






Ballpark Bites: Bringing Baseball to Raleigh

Served by Lou Pascucci


Today's Main Course: Voter Rights

Served by Kate Fellman


Building a Brand with a Side of Social Change

Served by Elaine Espinola Keltz. Find Elaine on LinkedIn -


EP 41 - Lessons from a CMO

Do you ever wonder how advertising campaigns come to life or what it takes to sell through a great idea? We discussed these topics and more with Ahmet Abachi who worked on some great brands like Mizuno, Durex, Huggies and Bausch and Lomb in his career. We also discuss his current role of Fractional CMO and how he helps new businesses and start-ups understand the power of a brand.


EP 40 - Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries

Our historic 40th episode of Free Lunch features restaurant chain Hwy 55’s President and Founder Kenney Moore. He serves up his industry expertise; dishing on starting a business from scratch, completing a full rebrand, and overseeing an international franchise with over 150 locations.


EP 39 - Sola Coffee Café

John and Jeanne Luther, the owners of Sola Coffee Café joined Free Lunch to discuss how a pastor started a café in Raleigh in 2012 and made it into one of the most popular cafes in the Triangle. They share some amazing stories about their loyal customers and what it takes to start a small business. You will truly be inspired after listening to this one, enjoy!


Ep 38 - Offline Media

David Shaner, Technology entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO of Offline, the fastest growing media company for millennials in Raleigh-Durham, joins us today to discuss and highs and lows of living the startup life. We dive into what it means to live Offline and the future of local media companies. Listen to the very end to hear an exclusive secret pop up set to open up soon in the RDU area. And don't forget that the first person to comment on our iTunes page wins a Free Lunch. Site...


EP 37 - Triangle Rock Club

Think it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to run a climbing gym? Think again! Joel Graybeal and Andrew Kratz join Free Lunch to discuss how and why they started the Triangle Rock Club. The gang digs deep into their success, expansion, and what rock climbing in the Olympics will do to their business in 2020. Site - You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @trirockclub


EP 36 - MATI Energy Drink

Hey, you passionate, non-stop go-getter! We’ve noticed you’re craving a natural energy source to get you through that mile-long to-do list. You are covered in today’s episode as we chat with Eric Masters, CEO of MATI Energy, producer of the all-natural energy drink ready to recharge your focus through the last task of your day. We discuss his 15 years of multi-industry experience, life at a startup, and Mati’s growing success. Your next healthy addiction is here to stay. Site -...


EP 35 - CowFish

Do you like Burgers or Sushi? How about Burgers AND Sushi combined? We have you covered with newest episode as we sat down with Marcus Hall, one of the co-owners of CowFish, the first sushi burger bar of its kind. We discuss how he came up with the concept, the decision to franchise or not franchise, and how-to restaurant dining experience is changing. This is a very funny episode. Warning, it will make you hangry if you are hungry. Site - Twitter -...


EP 34 - Drones

Drones, what are they good for? Well, actually a lot. The Free Lunch team sat down with Jared Brickman from PrecisionHawk to discuss how commercial drones are changing the way industries work. Jared offers insight into how commercial drones can help vineyards keep away pesky birds, and the numerous ways they help identity future problems for major cities. Please subscribe, like, and review on iTunes.


EP 33 - Podcasts redux with Pretend Radio

Free Lunch is back at it and “Back to the Future,” as they say in their most recent episode. Co-hosts Mike Manganillo and Tom Hickey are joined by guest host Travis Conte and special guest Javier Leiva, host of popular podcast Pretend Radio. They pick up where they left off from episode 1: Podcasts, this time with much better audio. They discuss the concept of podcasts as a communication tool and help listeners understand the best practices for building a follower base on their own podcasts....


EP 32 - The Art of Marketing a Museum

After a summer break from the recording studio, Free Lunch is back! Co-hosts Mike Manganillo, Tom Hickey and special guest-host Jenny Storey are joined by Karlie Marlowe, director of marketing and visitor services at the North Carolina Museum of Art. In this episode, we discuss the challenges and successes of marketing a leading art museum with an always-changing technological culture. She shares current and upcoming events and installations with us, including the detail behind their current...


EP 31 - The Business of Sports

On this week's episode of Free Lunch, we sat down with Ed Tiryakian, a professor at Duke who teaches a class on the Business of Sports. We have an insightful discussion on the business side to all the sports we love and follow. We cover off on what the NBA is doing right, and what the NFL should be doing. Also, since it's March Madness we discuss the always controversial NCAA. Please like, rate and subscribe on iTunes, and if you haven't already, follow us on Twitter @FreeLunch_Show


EP 30 - Olympics

On this week's episode of Free Lunch, we sat down with Olympic Figure Skater Mirko Mueller-Goolsbey to discuss the PyeongChang Olympics. We dig deep into his past and learn more about his experience at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. Mirko shares his thoughts on the current state of figure skating and provides insights into what really happens in the Olympic village. Here's where you can find Mirko: Twitter: @MGoolsbey Video of Mirko's Olympic performance:...


EP 29 - Super Bowl 52

The "Clean" crew is all together for this special Super Bowl ad recap episode. Glen provides insight into his favorite ads while Tom belts out "Eagle" noises throughout the episode. And Scott chimes in with his cynical view of the ads. Follow Clean @ Please like, rate and subscribe on iTunes, and if you haven't already, follow us on Twitter @FreeLunch_Show


EP 28 - Golf

This is the GREATEST episode we've ever recorded. We are joined by Andy Bilodeau, a Golf consultant at Wasserman. We spend 45 minutes talking about the greatest sport in the world, Golf. We discuss the most recent PGA merchandise show, the future of golf, and how golf is evolving with the current media landscape. Andy shares some great stories about the tour and the players he manages. This is a must listen for any fans of Golf. You can find out more about Wasserman and Andy,...


EP 27 - CES

On this week's episode of Free Lunch, we sat down with Greg Ng, Vice President of Digital Engagement for PointSource, a Globant Company. We cover off on everything CES, discuss Greg's past as a YouTube star, and dig into his love of national parks. He also provides insight into the future of technology and offers his Super Bowl prediction. Here's where you can find Greg: Twitter: @GregoryNg Website: YouTube: Please like,...


EP 26 - Year in Review

On this special year in the review episode, the full team gets together for the first time since our first podcast. Listen to how much has changed since the early days of Free Lunch. Plus, you will hear Tom serenade Kari for her birthday. Please like, rate and subscribe to our channel on iTunes, and if you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter @FreeLunch_Show


EP 25 - Raleigh

On this weeks episode of Free Lunch we sat down with Denny Edwards, President & CEO, and Jonathan Freeze, Director of Marketing & Communications, of the Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau. This is a special episode as we geek out about destination tourism, Amazon HQ2, and how to spend your time in Free Lunch’s favorite city – the City of Oaks. Would you consider yourself a pulse keeper or a lifestyle chameleon? Tune in to the EP to find out which of the two Jonathan would place you...