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Welcome to Freedom Slay Podcast, where fempreneurs, side-hustlers and wantrepreneurs come to fast-track their success. If you’re a Millennial Girl Boss, hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on the goods. Every Thursday you’ll get the tools you need to slay your business goals to create a life of time and financial freedom you desperately seek.

Welcome to Freedom Slay Podcast, where fempreneurs, side-hustlers and wantrepreneurs come to fast-track their success. If you’re a Millennial Girl Boss, hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on the goods. Every Thursday you’ll get the tools you need to slay your business goals to create a life of time and financial freedom you desperately seek.


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Welcome to Freedom Slay Podcast, where fempreneurs, side-hustlers and wantrepreneurs come to fast-track their success. If you’re a Millennial Girl Boss, hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on the goods. Every Thursday you’ll get the tools you need to slay your business goals to create a life of time and financial freedom you desperately seek.






91 - The Building of a Haircare Empire with Curl Daze CEO, Robyn Atwater

Robyn Atwater, founder of Curl Daze shares how she built a loyal Youtube following and turned the audience into customers of a successful haircare business. She dives into the fear of oversaturated markets, securing media opportunities and more! Robyn Atwater / Curl Daze Links: Robyn IG: @curldaze Curl Daze IG: @curldazehaircare -- Want to grab the dopest menstrual cup in the game? Head to and don't forget to use the code FREEDOM at checkout!


90 - Making Lux Products, Quality Control & Influencer Partnerships with Veronika Payne

Veronika Payne is the founder of Ora Ana, a jewellery designer who dives into how she has gotten her product on famous bodies, grabbed the media's attention and building genuine industry relationships which are so very needed when running a business. Stay connected with Veronika Payne & Ora Ana: IG: @OraAnaOfficial & @Veronika_Payne -- Want a period solution that actually works? Try a Best Periodt cup at Uncertain how to choose the perfect menstrual cup...


89 - Storytelling, Blockchain, NFTs and The Science of Sleep with Joe Sichta

Every entrepreneur needs to understand and master the art of storytelling in order to connect an audience to the brand in a profound way. In this episode we dive into this and so much more (like NFTs & the power of Sleep Hygiene!) with a story telling master Joe Sichta. Joe Sichta is an Emmy nominated American director, writer, storyboard artist, and producer who has worked with Disney, Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Netflix and many others and is well known for his contribution in the Scooby Doo...


88 - Making It In Show Business & Entrepreneurship with Na'im Lynn

Na'im Lynn is a comedian, actor, franchise owner and mental health advocate who is known for his work with Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry and the Plastic Cup Boyz. In this episode Na'im gets real about show business, entrepreneurship and depression and drops so many jewels along the way. Follow Na'im on Instagram @naimthestar to learn more -- Follow the host @Gaynete on Instagram and make sure to check out her new menstrual care company Best, Periodt. The Best Periodt cup is great for those...


87 - Why We Should All Be Millionaires and How to Get There with Rachel Rodgers, Esq

Rachel Rodgers is a CEO, business coach, mother, wife and intellectual property lawyer who founded Hello Seven to help women scale their businesses and their lives to 7-figures without sacrificing their families or their sanity. She even had a $1M month and bought a 57 acre ranch during the pandemic— and in this episode, she shares how others can do so too! Find Rachel and info about her membership program at Grab Rachel's new book We Should All Be Millionaires here (or...


86 - Selling Your Business And Exiting Rich with Michelle Seiler Tucker

Learn Michelle Seiler Tucker's 6P method for selling your business for huge profit, along with the mistakes you must avoid to keep your business alive and should you want to, exit rich. Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. She holds the M&AMI (Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary) title, as well as Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP) and Certified Senior Business Analyst (CSBA). As a 20-year veteran in the M&A industry, she...


85 - Supply Chain Management With Operations Guru LaRitta Webb

Don't know where to begin with sourcing product or finding a manufacturer? Have excess supply and don't know how to properly forecast sales? Don't know how to save on the backend of your business to grow your bottom line? Not sure how to properly communicate or negotiate with vendors for the best rates? LaRitta Webb is The Profit Nerd and shares how to properly run your business with a wholistic view, focusing on the backend operations. LaRitta is a 2x engineer with an MBA in supply chain...


84 - $17M in Sales Through Selling on Amazon with Kirsty Verity

Kirsty Verity is CEO and co-founder of REAL Coaching. She has sold over $17M in physical products on Amazon since 2013 and and has helped over 1000 Amazon sellers to build their businesses since 2015. In this episode we dive into exactly how she did this and the trials along the way. Grab Kirsty's FREE TRAINING on how to sell on Amazon here: Kirsty's Podcast "Sprint to Profit for Amazon Sellers" can be found here: (or just search Sprint to...


83 - Raising Money For Your Business with Josh Fabian of Metafy

Josh Fabian recently closed a $3M seed funding round for Metafy. In this episode he discusses unique founder fit, prep required to get VC funding, his highs and lows, and of course, the journey to building his new company that targets online gamers, Metafy. Metafy Website: Metafy Twitter: Josh Fabian LinkedIn: -- Host info: Best Periodt cup site: Personal Website:


82 - Support Is Sexy: Developing a Powerful Network with Elayne Fluker

Getting Support. Networking. Coaching. Imposter Syndrome. We get into it in this episode. Elayne ventured into entrepreneurship full-time after nearly 20 years in media. During her media career, Elayne held top editorial positions at Martha Stewart Living,, Condé Nast Digital, Essence, Latina, Vibe . As a women’s advocate, journalist and media expert, Elayne Fluker has appeared in front of millions as a featured guest on Today Show, Nightline, Extra, Inside Edition, CNN, VH1,...


81 - How to Show Up Authentically Online + The Power of Video with Tiffany Carter

Authenticity. Algorithms. Moving Through Fear. We cover it all in this episode. Tiffany Carter takes the mystery out of making BIG money while doing something you love. She uses a magnetic combination of her clear-cut communication style that she developed as a TV news broadcaster for NBC and CBS, her business savvy and proven strategies as a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, and her intuitive ability to connect with women on a deeper level, to uncover what’s blocking you from achieving your...


80 - Hitting Big Goals Fast In The Face of Rejection with Dr. Eli Joseph

There are those who simply dream of accomplishing big goals and those who go out and get them. Dr. Eli Joseph is no doubt in the latter camp. And he has achieved in the face of many rejections. In this episode you'll learn some unique concepts to move you forward - like creating a "rejection resume" , some real estate tips, his time management techniques and more. At just 26 years of age, this investor, educator and researcher is a faculty member at both Columbia University and Queen’s...


79 - The Harder, Darker Side of Business with Brandon Okpalobi

While entrepreneurship is exhilarating and fulfilling, there are also many hard times and events that people do not share. 7 Figure entrepreneur Brandon Okpalobi shares his trials to get there building his businesses Dibia Dream and Dibia Athletic. Find Brandon on Instagram @okpalobi , @dibiadream and @dibiaathletic -- Building Best, Periodt has had it's challenging moments for sure too. But it has been worth it. Check out Best, Periodt. and use the code FREDOM at checkout to save on...


78 - Building a Skincare Business From Scratch with Yewande Masi

In today's episode we chat with Ornami skincare founder, Yewande Masi who channeled her heartbreak into a business. She discusses her journey and the steps she has taken to get Ornami off the ground. We also dive into the creative process behind her unique product names, the importance of a legal advisor and more. You can find Ornami online at or at @ornamiskincare on Instagram. Best Periodt info: Gayneté's menstrual cup is changing the game. Learn more at: Website:...


77 - Uncovering and Removing Mental Blocks with Michelle Blue

We hear all the time that mindset is everything, but how does an entrepreneur shift their mindset in their favor? Michelle Blue, founder of The Journey With Blue, can assist with this. Get into Michelle's world with the links below: IG: @themichelleblue Gayneté's links: IG: @gaynete Her Best Periodt cup can be found below: IG: @best.periodt


76 - Paying off Debt + Side-Hustling with Ryan Helmes

Ryan Helms went from $200,000 in debt and paid it off in 27 months and built a 6 figure side hustle while crushing it at his 9-5. Learn how he did this and learned to live frugally. Ryan's info below! Websites: Gaynete's Info Below! Websites: Instagram: @Gaynete @Best.Periodt


75 - Knowing Your Business Numbers with Tatiana Tsoir

Book keeping, sorting taxes and understanding pricing are the unsexy business must-knows that build a strong business foundation. In this episode, Tatiana Tsoir, an MBA holding CPA, who over the last 15 years has helped hundreds of businesses become more profitable, stabilize cash flow, and pay less in taxes through a combination of tax strategies, operational planning, and commitment to excellence, it giving you a behind the scenes look on what she does with her clients (and what you can...


74 - Product & Retail Strategy Lessons with Josanta Gray Emegano

If you have a product (or want to have one soon), this is a must-listen episode diving into product packaging, retail store preparedness and everything in between. Josanta Gray Emegano, known as "The Olivia Pope of Beauty", is the Founder of Grayscaled Media, a boutique firm that helps indie brands navigate the gray areas of retail distribution and brand partnerships. The company was created with the intention of helping indie brands avoid costly mistakes when growing their businesses....


73 - Fighting Fear & Becoming a Professional Troublemaker with Luvvie Ajayi Jones

Fear impacts us all, but in order to achieve the really big things we set out for ourselves, requires us to move through that fear. In this episode NYT best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi Jones shares her journey through fear and provides some powerful words to help you overcoming the paralysis that it can cause. We also discuss her new book Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-fighter manual Grab Professional Troublemaker here Follow Luvvie on Instagram @Luvvie -- Let's connect: Learn...


72 - How to Make Unreasonable Requests + Media Need-to-Knows with Stephanie Burns

Huge goals often require bold moves and unreasonable requests. In this episode we learn from the Queen of successful unreasonable requests, Stephanie Burns, who has made many unreasonable requests that have helped propel her businesses to massive heights. Stephanie is the Founder of Chic CEO, a company she created to help women build their businesses from the very start. Stephanie is a serial entrepreneur and also a contributor for Forbes, Today Show and Entrepreneur and know a thing (or...