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The Freedom in Five Minutes Podcast where we make 5-minute decisions that change your business, relationships, and life.

The Freedom in Five Minutes Podcast where we make 5-minute decisions that change your business, relationships, and life.
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The Freedom in Five Minutes Podcast where we make 5-minute decisions that change your business, relationships, and life.




085 FIFM - Interview with Oliver Kelso: Systemizing and Liberating Business Owners

Oliver is a master at creating systems for business owners. In this interview, you'll hear how he uses "blank slates" to help businesses automate and systemize just about everything under the sun. His strategies have been proven to massively grow small and medium-sized businesses. ----- Automated Transcript Below: Unknown Speaker 0:01 It's time for the freedom in five minutes podcast. Powerful and liberating business strategies, you can start in five minutes or less. Now, here's your...


084 FIFM - Interview with Rudy Carrillo: Martial Arts Can Be a Systematic Business

In the business of martial arts, you aren't just teaching people how to defend themselves... you are providing an experience that makes customers want to come back day after day. However, it's not as easy as just getting a facility, buying a mat, and offering free trials. A great martial arts school requires great systems that allow for maximum students with maximum experience. In this episode, you'll hear how sensei Rudy Carrillo has created systems that give his students an amazing and...


083 FIFM - Interview with Paul Tran: Consulting Franchises Into Great Systems

In this podcast, you'll get to hear from one of the best sales and franchise consultants in the world, Paul Tran. Paul has been instrumental in building a tremendous number of fast-casual restaurant brands from 1 or 2 mom and pop stores into multi-national names. Paul shares some of his thoughts and secrets to creating scalable businesses and how you can change your mindset to prepare from growth and scalability. This is an episode you won't want to miss. If you want to grow a truly...


082 FIFM - It';s Not About Winning... It's About Learning

In this episode, you'll learn why winning is not always important. the more you win the less you learn. That seems counter-intuitive but when you are constantly winning it means that you are in your comfort zone. Often, what we need in order to grow are opportunities where we don't win so that we can see where some of our week spots are. Difficulties open your eyes to the facts of where you are at right now and what you need to work on in order to open the door to the next...


081 FIFM - Interview with Devin Rose - You Can Make Money with Religious Apps

You are going to love this interview. On today's podcast, you'll hear from author, and entrepreneur Devin Rose. Devin is a full-time programmer who also creates software on the side. Over the last few years, he has been working on a Catholic Novena app. This app has become an amazing marketing machine and has been growing by leaps and bounds month after month. In the podcast, Devin shares his marketing strategy for the app and how it is leading to bigger and better things to come.


080 FIFM - Data Data Data Makes Great Decisions

When you have the data it helps you to make very quick decisions. A lot of the time the reason why there are delays in making a decision is that there is more emotion behind it than data. In this episode you'll hear how having data helped me to get wayyyy better sleep than normal. The data I get from my Whoop helps me to see how much sleep I really need on a daily basis rather than just guessing.


079 FIFM - You Don't Need Anesthesia

One of the marks of today's society is being drugged up or sedated in every way shape or form. A lot of the time it's done just because everyone else is doing it and we think we have to do it too. In this episode, I share what happens when you say no to being sedated and how you can say no too.


078 FIFM - You Are Your Hardest Critic

There is nobody else that will beat you up as badly as you. You are your hardest critic and once you realize that you will see there are opportunities to take that criticism and make it into a strength.


077 FIFM - Take Some Time to Be Here Now

If you want to 10x your productivity and tap into some crazy power, then it's time for you to be in the now. The more that you can focus on what is going on right in front of you the more you'll end up growing in power in all areas of your life.


076 FIFM - Standing Up For Yourself Doesn’t Have to Be Mean

Here is a quick little story about a prospect who tried to put the blame on somebody else and how the tables were turned. There was no negativity but by doing a little complement sandwich, there was a definite change in responsibility.


075 FIFM - Sometimes You Have to Deal with the Brown

I don’t feel like writing a description today so I won’t. Just listen to the podcast.


074 FIFM - Can Your Business Handle a Rattlesnake?

How does a dog getting bit by a rattlesnake have anything to do with your business. Well, listen and find out how if you are not prepared for things like this then you don't have much freedom in your business at all.


073 FIFM - Don't Be a One-Dimensional D-Bag

It's easy to be good at one or two things in your life, but to be great in all dimensions is what brings long-term joy and happiness. In this we talk about how to master all dimensions of life.


072 FIFM - Respect Brings Success

We all want success but do you have respect? Respect is what brings success and if you don’t have it you will ultimately fail.


071 FIFM - Make The Decision To Give Yourself a Break

The title says it all. ;)


070 FIFM - You Don't Get What You Don't Ask For

Often the reason why you don't get what you want is because of one simple thing… you never asked. In this episode, you'll hear how one simple demand changed my entire life for the better. Making up complicated reasons as to why you are not seeing results is one of the most dangerous things. It's time to start asking for what you want.


069 FIFM - I Don't Talk to Robots!!!

In this episode you'll hear a story about a business owner who wants to break a contract but refuses to talk with robots. I know that sounds strange, but it's true. If you want to break a contract without a penalty then make sure that you talk to robots.


068 FIFM - The Power of Being Truly Yourself

Warrior Week was an amazing experience and in this episode you'll hear how being truly yourself can impact you and others in ways you can't even imagine.


067 FIFM - The Problem of Puppies

You think puppies are cute? Well, they are. But... there are certain situations where they become your worst nightmare. In this episode you'll hear how 5 cute puppies turned into 5 cute little problems. Automated transcript below --------' 0:00 Hey this Dean solo founder of and and we're here again with another freedom in five minutes episode Today's topic is this 0:16 five crappy puppies is no fun that and more coming up. 0:24 All right. Good...


066 FIFM - I was Cut!!

Often, when you do something that you know you need to do, there will be consequences. In this episode you'll hear how getting rid of 2000 people from an email list led me to being removed as a speaker from an even happening in April. was it worth it?... well, check out the episode and find out. Automated Transcript below ----- 0:00 Hey this is Dean Soto, founder of and and we're here again with another freedom in five minutes episode Today's topic...