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World's First Ever Mala Steamboat Podcast #17

As 2018 comes to a close, the team comes together to reflect upon the year, share their goals for 2019, freelancer mindsets and discuss the trends affecting the freelancing landscape in Singapore such as AI and Data Analytics. From all of us at CreativesAtWork, we like to wish all our viewers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support and feedback and we look forward to returning again with Season 2 next year. Watch the full episode here:...


Make Freelancing A Viable Career Path (#16) Ang Hin Kee

How is NTUC helping the freelancers with its existing initiatives? How do we change both employers’ and freelancers mindset and make freelancing a sustainable and viable career for everyone? We speak to Ang Hin Kee, Assistant Director-General for The National Trades Union Congress’s (NTUC) and Director of NTUC's Freelancers and Self-employed Unit (U FSE) to find out more. Watch the full episode here: Catch up on all Freelance Creative Exchanges episodes...


Creating Your Personal Brand #15 Alicia and Wayne

It’s the young vs. veteran! 👊 Food stylist/photographer Alicia and writer Wayne share their creative journey and how they develop their personal brand and style in their photography and writing. What impact do Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtles have on Wayne’s writing career? How do family recipes influence Alicia’s decision to freelance? Watch the full episode here: Catch up on all Freelance Creative Exchanges episodes here:...


How Blockchain Is Changing The Way Videos Get Monetized | The Freelance Creative Exchange (#14)

How is blockchain changing the way the way we look at advertising and contracts? What is its potential impact on the Singapore media industry? This week we speak to VIncent Lim, a media & entertainment Maverick about how his video-sharing app is using blockchain to change the way videos get monetized and connecting brands and influencers directly. He is also the CEO of Fanfare Global, the world’s first Blockchain-Powered Social Commerce Community Watch the full episode here:...


Taking the Leap from Full Time to Freelance | The Freelance Creative Exchange (#13) Joline Lim and Melvin Sng

Making the decision to leave a full-time job to freelance is intimidating—and it’s not the right choice for everyone. Why do some of us choose to freelance ever the stability of a full-time job? What are challenges we faced as we transition into a freelancing career? Most importantly, is the switch to freelancing worth it? Join us for another episode of Freelance Creative Exchange where we ask Joline and Melvin how they found the courage to make the leap from their established careers to...


Your Worst (Client) Nightmare #12 | Surviving a Multi-Country Production

How you manage talents, crew and partners in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual production? Back in August, we presented a panel called “Your Worst Nightmare”, as part of our podcast party and it was well-received by our audience. We have conducted many surveys with our freelancers in the past and working with clients always comes at the top. This special episode is a sequel to the panel, featuring CreativesAtWork’s crew Fanny and Kyle. They share their worst nightmare stories about...


Your Worst (Client) Nightmare #11 | Podcast Party - The Live Broadcast

At our recent podcast party on 30th August 2018 we invited back three of Singapore’s top performing independent creative professionals, now business owners who rely heavily on freelancers, (Shawn Toh, Alex Oh and Satya Purna) to share their experiences as a freelancer with the next generation. Here are some of the top words of wisdom shared: “Impress yourself 10x or more” – Fanny Tham, Chief Worker It can be disheartening when you’ve worked so hard on something to experience an...


How To Become A Wildlife Photographer (#10) Tim Plowden

Inspired by all those nature documentaries you watched on BBC or National Geographic? In this latest episode, Jayce and Fanny speak to wildlife photographer and videographer Tim Plowden and find out what it is really like to be one. What kind of qualifications and training are needed? How is it like to travel the world to work on different projects? What kind of danger has he faced? Watch the full episode here: Catch up on all Freelance Creative Exchanges...


Insurance for Freelancers #9 Chan Pei Ling

INSURANCE FOR FREELANCERS | The Freelance Creative Exchange (#9) CHAN PEI LING What kind of insurance should you get when you first start freelancing? How do you insure yourself for sick days and equipment? Who is responsible for your insurance when you are engaged for an overseas gig? As a freelancer, you are responsible for insuring yourself. Unlike being an employee, there is no employer to cover you for illness and injury. But what kind of insurance do you really need? We speak to...


Funny is Serious Business (#8) Judee Tan and Nicole Lee

“I don't even know how to work a PowerPoint, and now I have to do Instagram.” Watch the full episode here: Catch up on all Freelance Creative Exchanges episodes here: Listen to the full episode on Spotify, Stitcher or iTunes: In this episode, we speak to funny women Judee Tan and Nicole Lee about creating comedy content for the digital platform, how...


Persistence Pays Off (#7) Wesley Leon Aroozoo

“At the starting stage you may do things which you don't really want to do, but you have to do it because it's a job. So, I think being able to accept that is important, putting your dreams aside, just for a moment, and learn the skillset required.” Catch up on all Freelance Creative Exchanges episodes here: Watch the full video here: Listen to the full episode on Spotify, Stitcher or iTunes:...


Hiring for Gaming and VR (#6) Ashima Thomas & Shawn Toh

"So, as a freelancer, you have to be responsible to the project, you can't double book stuff, if not, you just don't have the bandwidth. I mean, pitching is good, knowing how to sell is great, but you can't oversell as well. Then obviously, from the other end, please be fair to your freelancers, they're only human, they're not going to pull off X amount of work in Y time, that kind of thing. You work in the industry, you know what's humanly possible. Catch up on all Freelance Creative...


BONUS EPISODE: Future of Freelancing (#5) Anne-Laure & Satya

"It’s not like, I do a gig here and a gig there, it's really more about how do I show up as an expert who can add value every single day? How can I really inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs?" Bonus episode about future of freelancing with Anne-Laure Herrezuelo and Satya Kothimangalam! Catch up on all Freelance Creative Exchanges episodes here: Watch the full episode here: Listen to the full episode on Spotify or...


It's Not You, It's Them (#5) Anne-Laure Herrezuelo & Satya Kothimangalam

“There are so many people out there who have a problem they want solved. So, if you can just be that person who can solve that problem for them, they'll happily pay you to solve it.” Watch all Freelance Creative Exchanges episodes here: Listen to the full episode on Spotify, Stitcher or iTunes: This week, two amazing badass ladies Anne-Laure Herrezuelo & Satya Kothimangalam discuss...


New Generation Freelancers (#4) Loh Yen-Lyng & Kyle Ong

“We must paint a realistic picture of what freelancing is. I think freelancing is tougher than as a full-time employee.” Watch all Freelance Creative Exchanges episodes here: Listen to the full episode on Spotify, Stitcher or iTunes: More millennials want freelance careers instead of working full-time. CreativesAtWork Loh Yen-Lyng and Kyle Ong talk about what it is like to be the...


Working Around The World (#3) Karoli Hindriks

“If I think back about every conversation I’ve had with HR people and they say to me that, “We only hire culture fit,” then I would like to challenge that. If you only hire culture fit, do you usually hire people who are just like you? And if you hire people who are just like you, it’s really great to find agreeable people, but does that take your business further? Watch all Freelance Creative Exchanges episodes here: Listen to the full episode on...


Putting Yourself Out There (#2) Alex Oh

“The one thing about freelancers, because you do everything yourself, means you are marketing yourself. If you're stuck in a project, most of the time your brain just focuses on what you're doing, and you forget about your networking, your marketing. So, in a sense, freelancers, as good as it sounds, you have your flexible hours, you'd be surprised to know that you actually sleep very little. In fact, you do a lot of work, sometimes more than people who are working in offices or have regular...


Get paid what you are worth (#1) Kevin Ou

For our pilot episode, we speak to Kevin Ou, Development / Executive Producer” of The Lumenere Group. An entrepreneur with the heart of a philanthropist, Kevin Ou is on a mission to create beauty and incredible change in the world. Kevin has transcended his vision as a Celebrity photographer to developing business ventures that expand boundaries and provide innovative progress around him. Kevin’s intuition for developing companies, lead to the birth of The Lumenere Group. Originally...


Trailer (#0)

"Freelancing is like running your own business." Heard that before? You've got to handle cash flow, client management, project management and you now supply your own 'employee' benefits. This is all while building your name up as a trustworthy business and getting more clients. And there are also bigger things to worry about. Between AI, the blockchain, and whatever Elon Musk is up to—automation and digital technology aren’t just changing the big companies, but are impacting our everyday...