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How Did This Founder Convince Higher Education To Partner On Innovation?

Being a Founder is tough work. It's even harder when you are bringing innovation to industries and areas of business that struggle with change. Grant is creating a triple win in higher education...students can earn credits for their first year of college for free...universities gain access to a new pool of students...and tax payers avoid my student loan debt. Building this new approach is not easy. Grant has learned a lot. In this interview he explains why it has been hard for him to...


This Founder Had To Explain The Importance Of The Cannes Lions Festival To Her Team

Communication is the foundation of all relationships. Xenia understands this. Not only did she and her team create a powerful collaboration platform for agencies and their clients, but she also has learned a lot of about communication with her growing team. In this candid interview, Xenia explains how she probably could have done a better job communicating the importance of The Cannes Lions Festival to her team. Because she didn't, it had an impact on her team and their confidence in her...


This fast-growth Founder learned that everyone has different communication needs

We continue our conversations about artificial intelligence with a Founder who is making it a lot easier to make sure your paid social ads are doing the job they were intended to do. R.J. talks about the work of Pattern89 and also a very specific personal development point on the path from Founder to CEO. You'll want to listen closely as he describes the shift in leadership he has had to make and how it connects to his time as a D-1 swimming coach.


From Olympic Skater to Mark Cuban Backed AI Founder

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for hockey? Yes, former Olympic skating champion, Craig Buntin, left the Olympic ice for the hockey ice when he and his co-founder launched SPORTLOGiQ. Craig goes into great detail about:


Three Lessons I Learned From A Fallen Founder

We lost a valuable member of our team. Chelsea Berler. I miss her so much. In this episode I share the three things I learned from Chelsea and what you can learn from her, too.


Rand Fishkin: "There's also a lot of cultural pressure to look more impressive than you are"

If you have not had a chance to read Rand's book, "Lost and Founder," then listen to this interview and you'll hear lots of reasons to do so. Rand is super transparent about: Rand is kind, transparent and very gracious with his experiences and insights. I think you'll get a lot out of this interview.


Would your team work free for 3 months...because of you, your vision?

Jeremy and I had a great time with this interview. He has a great combination of wit, warmth, smarts, and transparency. I learned a lot from Jeremy. In this revealing interview he charts his path from 3 years of barely making by as an entrepreneur to his most recent success. He also talks about:


You have problems? Try overcoming a life threatening disease & leading a Betsy

It was hard for me to interview Betsy. I have known her ever since I first interviewed her in July of 2015 on this podcast. We have stayed in touch since then and she was even a member of Trail Team 10. But, it was hard to interview her because I knew she was suffering through a life threatening disease and I worried how her recent treatment would work. Betsy is a VERY strong person. Your can hear the determination in her voice while also sensing the compassion in her heart. Listen...


500,000 fortune cookies to build a company culture? It didn't work, but the cookies sparked a Culture of Good

Culture...that hard to define thing on the tip of every Founder's tongue. As a Founder, you know how important culture is, but what is it, really? Ryan and Scott share their journey of culture discovery and share their minefields around shaping it. And, they share how their work helping others building a culture in their company has changed them as leaders.


Leading By Invitation & Challenge While Harnessing The Power Of Location Data

Just in time for Father's Day weekend in the United States comes an incredible Founder named Lyden Foust whose candid admissions about his own challenges as a Founder are balanced by the wonderful lessons and attributes he has received from his own Father. Lyden and his team are at the cutting edge of data science. Just learning about what the Spatial team is doing with location data science is fascinating enough. But, it's Lyden's journey to integrating both challenge and invitation into...


Laura talks BIG differences leading 13 & 25 team members + BIG changes in social media

It's rare when we have the same guest twice on this podcast. And, when we do it is usually for a good reason. Laura is a great reason. We last spoke with Laura in 2015 when she had a team of 13 and she was experiencing lots of success with her social media management too, Edgar. She is back and we had a GREAT conversation. Not only does she dish about the current and upcoming social media changes, but she also talks extensively about: Laura is an open and honest Founder who shares a...


Can meditation make you a better leader? This Founder thinks so

Can meditation make you a better Founder, CEO, and leader? Rob thinks so. He attributes his many year practice of meditation to better listening, more presence, and greater growth for himself personally as a leader and for the growth of his company. How did it all begin? Listen and he'll tell you his interesting story.


Why alignment between Sales, Marketing, & Technology is so important

I feel so fortunate to be able to speak with so many wise people...Shane is one of them. Shane's knowledge about all things SaaS is extraordinary. When he marries that up with a love of Founders and a spiritual approach to business, growth happens. In this interview you'll hear lots of wisdom from Shame including the importance of Founders understanding more deeply about the lives of their team members and why alignment with Sales, Marketing & Technology is so crucial to startup success.


Do Female Founders Need Their Own Conference? Yes, says this Founder

Alexis Dean is a highly successful Founder who was left feeling disappointed that the entrepreneurial events and conferences she attended rarely had successful female founders up on the stage. So, she decided to change that. Here's what you will learn from this candid interview:


Leadership Wisdom From The Founder Of A Community Of 25,000 Founders

After founding Varsity Books, going public, and then selling the company, Eric Kuhn knows the ups and downs of startup life. That's why he started FoundersCard. He wanted to created a community and membership platform that served entrepreneurs. Eric shared some powerful stories and nuggets of wisdom in this longer than usual version of the podcast. Eric talks about:


This Founder Is Perfecting In-Home Beauty Services & Learned An Important Lesson About Expensive PR

Regina and her team are bringing together tech, in-home services, and professional consultation at scale for women of color looking to simply their lives. This former Macy's leader is bolding going where no one has really gone before. And, and along the way she has learned many lessons that she shares with you in this revealing interview: My favorite quote: "The path to pretty should be easy for everyone."


90% of this Founder's Customers are Fortune 500: "I'm not a startup, I'm a kick-start."

Larry is one of those guys you can hang out and talk with forever. He is a walking fountain of wisdom with such rich stories and experiences that you find yourself drawn in to hear more. I really enjoyed interviewing Larry. He shares some very interesting points about: My favorite quote: "I'm not a startup, I'm a kick-start."


Seth Godin on leadership, management, fear and why his April 1st blog caused such a stir

What a treat it was to interview Seth Godin. We cover a lot of territory over a short time period: My favorite quote: “The act of forward motion is not how do I make the fear go away, it’s how do I dance with the fear?” Obviously Seth is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. Let me know what you thought of the interview.


Tom Goodwin On How Tech Is Changing Leadership

If you have spent an even a little bit of time on LinkedIn, you have seen Tom Goodwin. Tom has been awarded "#1 Voice in Marketing" on LinkedIn 2017 & 2018 with over 550,000 followers. He is a self-described marketing provocateur who asks great questions about how tech is enhancing and detracting from our lives. He is sort of an "anti-guru" who really captures the attention of any audience he is in front of.


How To Avoid The Predictable Pitfalls During The 4 Stages Of Growth

Bouzha is full of wisdom. She and her team have worked with fast-growth Founders for many years. And, she details the pitfalls you should and can avoid as you pass through the 4 Phases of Growth.