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Do you make this hiring mistake? Do you put Mission Passion Before Skills?

She calls herself the "Butter Boss." But, Ramaha is so much more. She has conquered the challenges of startups and is on her way to scaling up her international company. She talks about a key lesson of hiring...not confusing performance and skill with passion for the mission. I think you'll benefit from her insights.


How This Polish Founder Overcame His Money Mental Barriers To Growth

Tom has done it all. Record store owner, successful music artist, successful salesman and now successful Founder. We can all learn a lot from his story of coming to the United States at an early age and finding his entrepreneurial path. But, it's his interesting story of how his early days in Poland and Chicago help to create mindset barriers toward money and their impact on scaling his company, that I found most fascinating.


AF Veteran/Founder Reminds: Be Careful Who You Surround Yourself With

Charlynda's grandfather, Charlie "Mutt" Ferrell, Jr. created an all-purpose specialty sauce in 1956. In 2013, she learned that she inherited the coveted recipe. He didn't leave her any instructions, but she used her Air Force leadership experience and business background to create Mutt's Sauce, LLC, and they now distribute four flavors of Mutt's Sauce across the U.S. What you'll hear from Charlynda is this interview is the wisdom of many years. Her mentor, Daymond John (yes, that Daymond...


Former Spacecraft Systems Engineer Turned Co-Founder Reveals How He Deals With Perfectionism

Frank is a former spacecraft systems engineer who co-founded a fuel delivery service? Yes! He is a VERY thoughtful person. Franks gets pretty detailed about the 3 leadership and hiring secrets that surprised him as he transitioned from spacecraft systems engineer and then co-founder and CEO. Plus, he shares a key hiring technique that I personally advocate.


Divorce Helped This Founder Discover What She Can Really Accomplish

Do you need an injection of joy and understanding, as you fight another battle as a Founder & CEO? Then listen to my interview with Francois Mignon. Her wisdom will help you tackle the toughest of time periods.


Doctor's Visit Changed This Founder's Life And The Course Of His Business

How many Founders do you know started their business in the 1970s and are still in business today? How Founders do you know started out as a farmer and now lead a multi-million dollar corporation? How many Founders do you know are willing to admit that all this work took a toll on their health and led to changing their leadership style? Joe is one of the most humble Founders you will meet, and in this very personal interview he described what his doctor told him and how it led to him...


Persistence & Patience Paid Off For This Founder

Patience. That's what Joah needed to develop more as he and his team built Localeur. It's the type of trait that was challenging for him to develop based on his past. But, it's what he developed as he raised significant amounts of capital to launch, build, and now pilot his company to cash flow positive. Joah's heart shines through in this candid interview.


Conquering Impostor Syndrome Helped Fuel His Company's US Growth

Determination, integrity, and kind...these are the characteristics that I think of when I think about Paul Becker. Paul has tackled a challenging problem - make art more accessible by helping thousands of art buyers pay for their art. Paul talks about how learning to be himself has helped him grow Art Money in the U.S. market.


She had an awakening that changed the course of her scaleup

Elena's passion for excellence will inspire you. She has grown her company on the premise that the company's actions will mirror the values it espouses to its clients. I especially like her thoughts on freeing up your time as Founder and CEO to think through things such as culture and values.


Kyle: How to Build a Business While Getting Punched in the Mouth

This is Kyle's second time on the show. When he published his new book, I know I had to bring him back on. We had a great discussions about three key points from Chapter 12 of his book:


"Better, Not Bitter" - Said This Founder After Beating Cancer...Twice

"Better, Not Bitter" is this Founder's motto. If you are feeling down, overwhelmed, exhausted, or just feel like giving up the Founder game...listen to Cashmere and email me and tell me you still feel the same way. Cashmere's strength and tenacity will remind you that we all go through difficulties as we grow our businesses and ourselves. But, few of us have endured what she has gone through.


How He Overcame Eminent Domain & Helped His Company Flourish

Imagine you are from a foreign county and you are in the United States growing your startup. All of a sudden the city seizes your office space and a major recession hits and you have to lay off a large portion of your company. What would YOU do? Listen to what Benoit did and get a lesson you might not expect.


A Common Leadership Mistake Almost All Founders Make

I share a common mistake that many Founders make and what you can do about it. has to do with change. :)


Hear How This Founder's Daughter Altered His Approach To Leadership

Who among us Founders has not had one of those time periods when someone says something to us that just stops us in our tracks and makes us think more deeply about ourselves. This happened to 2 x Founder Tom Bradbury. He not only shares how he used what he learned from his first company to create success in his second company, WorkplaceUX, but he also candidly talks about something his daughter said to him that shifted him on his journey From Founder To CEO.


10 Common Co-Founder Conflicts & 10 Actions To Resolve Them

Happy New Year! To kick of the New Year I wanted to help you with a problem that has increasingly made it onto my radar conflict. In my experience, a large number of startups and scaleups fail because co-founders can't get along, harbor resentment, and generally engage in unproductive behavior and interactions. I collected the most common conflict scenarios I have seen and share with you 10 actions you can take to confront and resolve conflict between and amongst YOUR...


Jim Ratichek, Founder: "I was trapped a prisoner in my own company."

The path from Founder to CEO is very personal. While you are growing your company, you are changing, what you focus on is also changing, and your interests are likely to change. It's very dynamic and it can be hard for a Founder to navigate this process. Jim knows this all to well. As he describes his journey, "I was trapped a prisoner in my own company." In this candid interview explains what this means and what you can learn too.


What if your team had no confidence in your vision? It happened to Jake.

Some of the most successful Founders I have met, have had the most humble beginnings. Jake did not have some of the advantages others may have had growing up. He was homeless as a teenager and joined the U.S. Army in order to pay for school. In fact, he is a fellow Military Intelligence soldier who prides himself on being able to "get into the head" of his team members and his customers. Jake shares a humbling story of leadership self-awareness that you'll want to listen to. He received...


How Losing His Wife Helped Shape The Values & Success Of

Jay started as a Founder in his garage. Jay took orders on his cell phone while traveling around. Jay worked hard to build to the powerhouse it is today. I've been reading Jay's pieces on for awhile. I truly appreciate his practical wisdom, commitment to improvement and his continuous focus on people. It was a treat for me to have an opportunity to interview such an American business icon. I think you'll appreciate hearing his speak about: Here's my favorite quote from...


NASA Inspired Apparel Founder Discovers Founder Health Impacts Startup Health

Health is everything. Founder fitness is everything. Michael knows abut both. That's why he created a company that uses NASA technology to make outdoor gear warm and free of bulk. It's also why he discovered that being a Founder requires focuses on his health and prompted him to lose over 20 pounds so he could better lead his company. Hear what happened and what he did and does about it so his company can soar.


Irish Founder On Firing, Dealing With Regrettable Losses & Making Green From Big Blue

Our very first, real Irishman on the podcast for this interview. :) I could talk with Tomás for ever. He is a smart, savvy, experienced Founder who is more than willing to share his journey from Founder to CEO. He had somewhat of a unique start to his business. I really appreciate how he turned a bad situation into a great business. We talk about the unpleasant need to fire a team member and how he handled the departure of two key team members who left his company while recruiting away his...