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Ending Suffering With Ancestral Clearing - John Newton

Do you know the REAL reason why humanity suffers? Are you aware of the Power of Ancestral Clearing? If not, you are missing a BIG piece of the puzzle!! 40 YEARS OF NEGATIVITY REMOVED!!! "I have tried many healers and energy workers. Only John's work was able to remove the causes of emotional negativity I have experienced for 40 years." ~ B.B. Iowa John did a ton of clearings that had IMMEDIATE results! Must Listen to this Amazing call today!!! See for yourself why people are...


Holding the Frequency of LOVE to Attract Love - with Joshua Bloom

Learn how to create MAGNIFICENT RESULTS by only following the energy in everything you do in life!! Shocking Truth: Affirmations don't work! Joshua will show us what does work!!! We experienced powerful clearings with Joshua that were profound and LIFE CHANGING! One caller, Julie, was crying due to extreme depression and grief due to death in her family......Joshua led her through a simple yet powerful exercise and she TRANSFORMED right in front of us all.....Here is her live comment...


Energetic Toolkit: Support For Every Part of your Life - with Easter Alexander

I had an awful addiction that I just couldn’t break… And I’d tried tons of healing modalities to try to eliminate it. Yet nothing worked until I met Easter Alexander. As a result I’ve even lost over 20 pounds… just from one session. She's a superstar who has helped other top healers with all kinds of issues. Listen to Easter’s powerful call including an amazing group process that’ll knock your socks off. You don’t want to miss this call… really powerful i cried during...


It’s Time to Heal! - with Cindy Fay Lybbert

POWERFUL ****MONEY*** healing and tons more energy clearings PACKED in this call.... This money healing was amazing. Out of no where, uncontrollable tears began streaming down my face and I began sobbing. I am so sure you helped me release my blockages. Thank you so much My entire back is wet with sweat. Thanks for the releases. Oh Wow, I had the same issue as last caller. not wanting to be here anymore. i picked the exact same numbers before she said them. That was awesome and...


The New Wave of Human Being Paradigm Shift from 3D to 5D - with Lanna Spencer

(Important Note: Sold out of 2nd Tier Pricing Already! Hurry before we run out of Third Tier as well!!) Listen to this BRAND NEW SPEAKER on FHTJ as she brings over 40 years of healing experience to you right now! NOTE from Eram: I have not experienced such powerful energies in a LONG time. Many on the show got "spaced out" because the shifts were so powerful. FEEL these energies for yourself now.... Lanna's clients RAVE about how quick and unbelievable their results were with...


Healing Your Money Scars – the Hidden Programs and Beliefs That Keep You Struggling for Money and Frustrated with Your Results- with Michelle Manning-Kogler

Like it or not… money plays a critical role in our lives. And yet most people like us who have amazing gifts to share are afraid to get paid our worth (I sure know I USED to be like that!). Well it’s time to eliminate the negative programming of your money beliefs from childhood. To stop your own subconscious mind from sabotaging your results. Because the more money you earn… the more people you can help. And Michelle Manning-Kogler will help you see the light with her...


All About Entities: how to Selfhack and take back your own power!!! - with Lisa Jaya Waters

Tired of the chronic patterns? Tried everything with the same frustrating, dismal results? What if you have an entity attachment or a curse???? Lisa did incredible entity clearings on this call! Witness the results yourself!!! Absolutely incredible!! They will also work for all the listeners on the call!! Must Must must listen! This problem is more common that you realize and these entities can cause HAVOC in our lives. But it's time to TAKE BACK your power!! Starting...


Evolving the Future and Opening to Life Purpose- with Maiyah Olivas

Wow our listeners experienced shifts IMMEDIATELY! We covered many topics like LACK OF JOY LACK OF MONEY CHRONIC PAIN DEPRESSION CHRONIC FATIGUE And many's all on this call so don't miss out.... Maiyah Olivas came back with a POWERFUL CALL! Last time she made amazing (and visible) changes to listener’s bodies... And now she’s back to make amazing changes to your entire LIFE! You’ll discover how to easily and gently align all aspects of yourself to your...


Transform Your Life with ManTarA: Using Channeled Angelic Light Language to Expand out of Limitations and Align with Your Higher Self - with Matt Andrews

Incredible call today!!! LISTENERS sent RAVING reviews!!!! "What a wonderful and opening and empowering and freeing process Matt shared with us. Like pure truth and love just flowing..... Thank you and Blessings!!!! " ~ Sue " Thank you for this awesome expansive transmission.. Deeply resonates ! So Joyful! " ~ Parise " Whoa...I felt like I was spinning in a massive vortex of energy... " ~ Lori "Lots of tingling in my hands especially the left hand, then I went off in a kind...


Master Your Divine Energy Matrix -with Virginia Rounds Griffiths

NOTE: This call is PACKED with amazing energy clearings. Virginia worked on the whole group and then she helped with tons of issues including heart walls, ENTITIES, Radiation, food allergies and many more. These will work on you too! POWERFUL Triple Heart Clearing!!!!! Works on YOU! Virginia Rounds brings 20 years of experience to the tele-summit world. She was born in the South Pacific and attributes many of her inherent gifts to her ancient LeMurian heritage. On this call we...


Changing Your Vibrational Set Point - with Jarrad Hewett

This call was full of clearings! We were in tears for most of the call! Plus Jarrad let us have sneak peak of his POTENT product yet!!!! You don't want to miss a taste of these incredibly high and delicious energies! You know that a low frequency vibration is connected to negative emotions. And that the higher your vibration… the better you feel. You’ve probably seen Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research into how vibration affects water (which is 80% of our body) and how it’s affecting...


The law of attraction is actually the law of awareness - with Morry Zelcovitch

Did you know: Every time you say something negative you create between 500 to 5000 negative thoughts in your brain???? Heres what you can do TODAY to change the way you think and thereby CHANGE YOUR LIFE in a most powerful way! This is a BRAND NEW CALL from Morry Zelcovitch that you can’t afford to miss (our listeners loved him last time)! Do you want to change your life? Then change your brain (and the way it thinks). You know that the way you THINK creates the results (or...


Quantum Access™ - How to Activate Your Portal to the Quantum Field - with Meg Benedicte

In this call: A deep, 15 mnt process with Meg, IGNITE your life and ACTIVATE your Markaba!!! Life changing! During the process, I found myself writhing almost snake like throughout my body. It was really lovely! ~Sandy wow! that was incredible!!!!! I was in SUCH stillness at the end! so peaceful and still :) thank you so much eram and meg!!~ Virginia lots of yawning and my right ear kept popping! awesome activation! ~Erin In 1994, Meg Benedicte experienced a profound Spiritual...


iZone® Healing - with Michael Allenbright

Michael Allenbright was born with supernatural healing capability which he has honed with over 30 years of intense practice. He has been taught by several enlightened teachers including a disciple of Yogananda Paramahamsa. Plus he’s a genius in science and technology… working at Motorola for 16 years where he pioneered the development of 3G and 4G cellular technologies. On this call you’ll discover what happens when science and spirituality mix with his proprietary iZone®...


SCARED of Entities Attaching to You, Draining Your Energy or Causing Havoc in Your life - You Wont Be, After This Call - with Joshua Bloom

In this incredible call today we learnt How to Instantly Release and Protect Yourself From Entities Joshua did not one but TWO powerful exercises to get rid of all negative energies and entities! Plus learn directly from this master healer all that you want on this critical subject This information has never been revealed before! ORDER JOY NOW!!! Never before Revealed information What can this world famous healer teach you about entity attachments? What Entities are,...


Living Life in the Flow of Divine Grace - with Debra Poneman

Don't miss one of the MOST powerful Chakra Clearings you have ever experienced!!!! Clear chakras help in opening up the flow of ALL abundance and your frequency RAISES exponentially when your chakras are unblocked and spinning at optimum! Experience it with this call today! "Thank you Debra for this powerful clearing. My body is tingling and I feel a sense of profound peace. I saw the Goddess Lakshmi. GRATITUDE TO YOU BOTH. Much love" ~ Josiane. She was the teacher of many world...


Thrive Doing What you Love! - with Tarek Bibi

Tarek Bliss Bibi, aka Mr. Miraculous, gets the nickname for the Incredibly powerful & miraculous results he delivers to his clients. He himself went from HOMELESS TO ABUNDANT IN JUST 3 MONTHS using the same energy clearings! And now you can experience these amazing energy clearings yourself as Tarek does clearings for Abundance Manifestation on this call! What results are just WAITING to show up in your life just by listening??? This call is available for a limited time only!! MUST...


How to control your inner world for more health, strength and happiness - with Niraj Naik

The MOST IMPORTANT call if you want Longevity, Health & Happiness!!! Do whatever you can to listen to this call!!! Discussions on health are everywhere. Internet forums are rife with them. Dinnertime conversations always end up taking that route. The entire world is busy dispensing tips and tricks on acquiring good health. How do you filter the truth from the information overload out there? Introducing Niraj Naik, a qualified pharmacist with a proven track record of curing chronic...


The 100% Health and Wellness Manifester - with Joshua Bloom

Not one but 4 LIVE Clearings!!! You can release or shift ANYTHING Instantly! The MASSIVE shifts we experienced are available for YOU as well on this call.....just listen and experience what we experienced on the call !! ORDER JOY NOW!!! With Quantum Energy Transformation(TM), YOU will attract Health, Wellness, Money and just about anything at the blink of an eye!: Shocking Truth: Affirmations don't work! Joshua showed us what does work!!! In this Call: How JOY is an energy...


Ending Suffering With Ancestral Clearing - with John Newton

The power of Ancestral Clearing! An incredible call with John Newton with his MOST powerful work yet!! NEVER released before! If you liked John the last time, you will LOVE him now! "Dear John WOW!!! When you said NOT to let the mind be the gatekeper - I had such a blinding flash of light and a HUGE shift of energy from the right side of my head thru my left side and out of my head!! Energy shifted immediately from right to left and a heaviness was gone!!" ~ Laura "I had a lump...