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A Podcast from KeHE Distributors

A Podcast from KeHE Distributors


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A Podcast from KeHE Distributors






S3 E1 - Serving in Laredo

Serving trips demonstrate the heart of KeHE. As we kick off SEASON THREE of KeHE’s podcast, Michele Byrd—Senior Director of Sales— and Danny Ollier—Talent Acquisition Manager—share their experiences on a Laredo serving trip and how this trip has impacted their daily lives. Serving trips are part of the KeHE Cares® Foundation: In Laredo, KeHE's teams partner with New Vision Community Church:


S2 E12 - Reducing Food Waste

In honor of Earth Day, this month’s episode is all about sustainable food practices. Two employees—Marissa Martinez, Supply Chain Manager, and Elva Cabral, Warehouse Associate—join us from KeHE’s Romeoville DC. They both work together to reduce food waste through salvage and liquidation processes, food donations, employee purchasing events, and more.


S2 E11 - The B Corp Factor

Join us on the episode as we discuss all things B Corp! The B Corporation is about making business a force for good in the world. As a certified B Corp, KeHE is responsible for meeting high standards in how we treat our employees, communities, and the planet. In this episode, we hear from KeHE’s VP of Sales, Michelle DuFresne, and Shelby Taylor—CEO and founder of our supplier partner Chickapea. They share about the certification and why it matters to employees.


S2 E 10 Supporting Diverse Brands

KeHE’s DIVERSEtrade® program helps identify, source, and foster the development of diverse suppliers in the food industry. Cas Relucio, a member of the DIVERSEtrade committee, shares how the program works, who it supports, and why diversity is at the core of who KeHE is. Join us to learn how you can support diversity in the food industry too!


S2 E9 - Shining a Light on Human Trafficking

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Many millions of people are currently trapped in modern slavery. In this episode we sit down with Wes Flint from KeHE Cares'® partner organization, Restoring Hope Nepal. He shares the realities of trafficking for women and girls in Kathmandu and spreads hope with stories of healing and redemption.


S2 E8 - Changing Lives Through Child Sponsorship

Through KeHE’s partnership with Compassion International in Honduras, every employee can change a life through child sponsorship. In this episode, two employees—Aubrey Scott and Mark Zinn—share their experiences as they build relationships with their sponsored children. Listen and be inspired by their simple stories of serving others, right from their own home. Learn more:


S2 E7 - Road to Wellness

As we enter the colder months, our personal health is even more important. In this episode, Eric Fields—KeHE’s Senior Director of Wellness—discusses wellness tips and resources, four essential pillars on the road to wellness, and how whole person health is part of KeHE’s culture. Two members of KeHE’s HR team, Griselda Rodriguez and Vito Fiore, also share their personal wellness journeys.


S2 E6 - Employee Involvement in KeHE Cares

The KeHE Cares® Foundation has many partners in the US and abroad, partnerships formed through employee involvement with various organizations. Erin Bradley—co-leader of the KeHE Cares Jacksonville team—and Ed Perez from 3 Grains of Rice join us to share how they’re partnering to make a difference in their community. Listen and be inspired with small ways you can impact the people around you.


S2 E5 - Ending Hunger, One Meal at a Time

KeHE serving trips give employees the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and meet the needs of people around them. Carl Snyder went on a serving trip and from it was inspired to start his own nonprofit: Hunger’s End Food Pantry and Blessing Closet. Listen to the episode to hear his story and be inspired with small ways you can show kindness to others.


S2 E4 - 2021 ESOP Share Price

In this month’s episode, Rusty Bland—KeHE’s EVP of People Engagement and Serving—announces the FY21 ESOP share price. Rusty explains how employees’ retirement account balances are calculated and the benefits of ESOP over other retirement plans. He also shares how the ESOP creates a culture of ownership for KeHE employees.


S2 E3 - Shifting Gears: Recruiting the Best

Switch lanes and drive your career forward. KeHE’s Shifting Gears program provides warehouse employees with the opportunity to grow their career and become a professional truck driver with advanced training. Listen in as Greg Sikorski, Sr. Dir. Safety, explains how the program works and Arturo Barbosa, Truck Driver, shares his experience completing Shifting Gears.


S2 E2 - We Stand for Love

We stand for love. We stand against hate and violence, and we address incivility with courage. KeHE’s CEO, Brandon Barnholt, released this statement as the company’s stance on all incivility. In this episode, he unpacks what it looks like to love others well and stand courageously. Treating others with LOVE creates a culture of dignity and respect that is the fruit of our labor. #StandForLove


S2 E1 - Inclusion in the DCs

KeHE’s Ellettsville Distribution Center (DC) is employing individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. After a RARE leadership training, Senior Director Dave Boyer was inspired to foster inclusion at the DC. Supported by Autumn White, this program has sparked a culture of joy in the midst of change for DC19.


S1 E8 - The Marathon of Life: Sustainability at KeHE

“Being sustainable means the pace we’re running now is going to get every future generation to their finish line, at or better than how we’re living today.” Andrew McGrath—VP of Digital Product Strategy and a member of KeHE’s sustainability council—joins us to discuss sustainability at KeHE. His practical insights into human lives and the environment bring KeHE’s purpose full circle: we SERVE to makes lives better.


S1 E7 - Sponsoring Children with Compassion

KeHE Cares partners with Compassion International to improve the lives of impoverished children in Honduras. In this episode, Lilly Guillen Rios and Dijana Silijanoska share stories of how they SERVE to make lives better for children in Honduras. Their stories will inspire you to consider what you can do to show compassion and support to children in need. Learn more and get involved.


S1 E6 - Concept to Consumer: the CAREtrade Program

CAREtrade’s mission is to identify and promote a set of brands that advance a higher purpose than commercial success and are aligned with KeHE’s dedication to serving. Small Axe Peppers is a brand that has fully embraced our culture and the network provided through the program. Listen as Laura McCord—executive director over CAREtrade—and Daniel Fitzgerald, the founder of Small Axe share the journey brands go on from concept to consumer!


S1 E5 - Fighting for Freedom: Human Trafficking Prevention

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. In this episode, Randy Shaw interviews two KeHE Cares partners who are on the frontlines in this war: Chris Baker with INK180 and Simone Halpin from Naomi’s House. It is estimated that more than 40 million women and children worldwide are currently enslaved as sex workers—an issue not just around the world, but in our own communities as well. Awareness is one of the first steps in freeing people from this horrible...


S1 E4 - People Helping People: Employee Benevolence

Employee Benevolence seeks to provide a holistic, restorative solution to relieve heavy burdens experienced through catastrophic events in life: unexpected medical costs, natural disasters, or other problems that create overwhelming needs. Jenn Ricks, SVP of People Operations, and Eric Fields, Sr. Dr. of Stewardship and Advocacy, tell the story of how KeHE employees help one another through generosity.


S1 E3 - What It Means to Live Out the Ownership Mindset

Ownership has its privileges. And its responsibilities. As an employee-owned company, KeHE grants shares to its employees in the ESOP retirement program. That means employees are also owners of the company. In this episode, Adrienne Binder, senior communications manager and podcast host, interviews KeHE employees Paul McDowell and Tiffany Valdez on what it means to work with the ownership mindset. Paul is a truck driver in Florida, and Tiffany is in territory sales in Southern California....


S1 E2 - What Is KeHE Cares? An Interview with Randy Shaw

The KeHE Cares Foundation (KeHE Cares) captures the heart and soul of our company. In this episode, Adrienne Binder interviews Randy Shaw, who leads KeHE Cares and helps our employee-owners discover volunteer opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. Randy explains the philosophy of KeHE Cares and how employees can participate in bringing goodness to our local communities, the U.S., and even the world.