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Ep 50(!!!!): Chasing a Big Dream with Ed Bley

We're celebrating pretty hardcore about hitting 50 episodes! Today we're doing a little trivia about the 1950s and making Josh guess all the answers... and the 5th question is quite surprising. We also chat about what's new at the end of todays episode. Let's just say we're highlighting a big milestone for Josh, and a terrible milestone for myself. Today’s guest, is Ed Bley, and unless your one of Josh's bourbon pals listening to this, you probably have no idea who I’m talking about. And...


Ep 49: How Much Do You Make In Your Side Hustle?

Have you ever wondered how much money your friends make at their side hustle? Do you feel like you're the only one really working hard at your side gig? Or do you feel like everyone is working harder than you? Today we're looking at some research and it's pretty enlightening.


Ep 48: Hiring a Social Media Manager

There's a lot to love about Misty Prewitt, which is why we couldn't wait to have her on the podcast! Here's a little more about Misty-- both the professional side and the real person side! The Professional Bio: Misty Prewitt has been in the wedding industry in Hampton Roads for almost ten years. As the owner of Misty Saves the Day, a social media marketing, branding, and consulting company specializing in weddings and co-creator of ISO:ALT, an online publication aimed at pushing the creative...


Ep 47: Unscripted, Working Together

With 'working from home' becoming a realistic life for many people these days, we decided to strip down the walls and throw our plans out the window to share some overly real talk about life and marriage while working together. What's New: Here's the episode of Planet Money Susan was talking about! Peak Sand is the title.


Ep 46: Part 2- How to Work the Room

If you haven't listened to the first part of this episode, click here to catch up! Now last week, we talked about communication, but today we're going to talk about the confidence piece. We said on our last episode that you can have the gift of gab beyond anyone you know, but if you aren't confident, people won't trust you. In fact, they'll usually doubt you. And you can have all the confidence in the world but if you can't communicate effectively, you may come off as cocky or arrogant, or...


Ep 45: How to Work the Room (Part 1)

Josh is the kind of guy that can walk into a room and be friends with everyone by the end of a party. It's an awesome skill to have, and here are some of his not-s0-secret insights! A lot of this is more about how than what. 1.) Genuinely care about the interest of other people. 2.) Always start with a smile and warm greeting. 3.) The best way to start things off is by asking a question. Beyond small talk. Ask something personal. 4.) Close the conversation before moving on. 5.) Make and...


Ep 44: Don’t Freak Out

Think your business (or life?) is in a slump? Don't freak out. It's okay, and it's normal! We should know-- we literally have it happen every year. But what we've learned is that it's not a bad thing-- it's actually a pretty awesome opportunity if you just keep your chin up and stay positive. Some of our highlights: Keep a good attitude Focus on the things you don't have time for during the busy season Work on a passion project (it's NOT a coincidence that this podcast started in a winter...


Ep 43: When Clients Are Being Super Weird

When you open that email and it looks spammy... what if it's not? What if it's just a confused person? Here's how we handle things when a client is being super weird. —— Connect with us for access to more resources about business + life! Facebook Group → https://www.facebook.com/groups/190904694978305/ Instagram→ https://www.instagram.com/fulltimehustlepodcast/ 17hats → https://www.17hats.com/card/fulltimehustle 17hats has been crucial for growth in our business. It helps us organize clients...


Ep 42: Our Big Fat Family Vacation

We just took 3 weeks off for a family road trip around the southeast! That's something we never thought possible a few years ago. Having a service based business means that we had to plan carefully, to take that much time off, but it worked quite well! We're sharing things that worked, things that didn't, and our favorite moments from the trip. Want to know more about how to plan a vacation as an entrepreneur? Ep 24: Vacation... when you love to work! Ep 39: Taking 3 Months Off —— Connect...


Ep 41: 7 Mistakes You’re Making on Instragram

Instagram can be a powerful tool for your business or you could be making mistakes with it! There are specific ways to improve your success with Instagram and avoid some key pitfalls. That is what we share in this episode. Why does Instagram matter? Well, for starters, it's a great free marketing tool. Secondly, your clients are there so its a perfect way to help them find you. Click the picture below to download your copy today! Download a pdf of our list of "7 Mistakes You're Making on...


You’ve Been Punked!

Just kidding. We had some technical difficulties with this week's episode, so we found it very fitting to re-broadcast one of our favorite episodes to date: Ep 24: Vacation... When You Love to Work. Why share this episode? Because we're on vacation right now, and implementing all of these methods, except #4! We did say #4 wasn't for everyone, and really that's because it's not for us at this stage. But for some people it is their favorite part! —— Connect with us for access to more resources...


Ep 40: “Can I Have a Discount?”

How many times do you get asked, "Do you offer discounts?" If you are like us, it is nearly constant. A few guiding principles can really help navigate the minefield of discounts. Decide at the outset what you will do so you have an answer when you get asked...and you will. The way we see it, giving back is part of business BUT we don't give a percentage discount to specific groups, because there are so many people that are worthy or a discount, and we don't want to get into picking and...


Ep 39: Taking 3 Months off of Your Business

We thought it was impossible. I couldn't even take a week off before this. 2017 we adopted our son. With Hazel we had limited maternity/paternity leave and it was something that we regretted. So if we're our own business owners, we definitely needed to make this happen. Two months for adoption, one month for surgery. It's possible! Here's how we took 3 months off of our business... -We saved $$$$ ahead of time-- importance of saving because you don't know when an emergency will make you take...


Ep 38: Producing Income Vs Online Engagement

It doesn't quite matter how many followers you have unless you can utilize them. On the flipside, you can not have many followers but have a great successful income producing business. Instagram + Facebook presence doesn't necessarily equal sales. Popular is cool but it doesn't pay the bills, and I've never been good at being popular. ------ Connect with us for access to more resources about business + life! Facebook Group → https://www.facebook.com/groups/190904694978305/ Instagram→...


Ep 37: Why Business Cards?

Honestly, I loathe business cards, but Josh loves them. I pitch them in the trash as soon as I can. Josh keeps them forever and refers back to them. But it doesn't matter what we think-- it matters about who we're talking to and who we're handing them to. What are they going to do with it after we leave, and what is the best way to use business cards for impact in our business? There are two parts today: First we talk about why on earth business cards are needed in the digital age. Then...


Ep 36: In It for the Long Haul

There's always a challenge. Either you're blazing a trail with your business idea and have to show people they need you, or you have lots of competition and have to find a way to stand out. Either way we just have to prove ourselves. We stick the course when others take a break or burn out, and when others stop, we keep going. You can't differentiate yourself on that at first, but you can long term and it's what every surviving and thriving business does! ------ Connect with us for access to...


Ep 35: Being Disciplined While Working For Yourself

When everything around you is calling...distracting you from work, how do you stay on task? In this episode we have some practical "how to's" for keeping focused when you work at home. It's not easy but there are definitely some things you can do to help insure success! This is a quick list to get you started: -make sure you are holding yourself accountable - powersheets Lara Casey (http://laracasey.com) -plan out your days -have a standard -have goals -place deadlines on yourself And...


Ep 34: Our Favorite Apps for Work + Life

We've been loving these apps, and want to share them with you! Fitbit My Fitness Pal Dark Sky Untappd Every Dollar Fender Tuner Planoly Spotify Voice Memos Memeatic Renpho Snapchat Starbucks Vimeo


Ep 33: What’s Your Personality Type?

Why is this so important? Being able to know and likewise understand a social setting is an invaluable skill for the entrepreneur. It let's people know that your cognizant of what's going on, and your ability to be able to see that, and then engage on that same level socially is huge. It creates instant trust and likability. Some people would hear me say that and think "oh that's manipulating a situation," but it isn't. It's just basic human skills of social interaction. Charles J. Clarke...


Ep 32: Are You a Freelancer or Entrepreneur? | Interview with Soundstripe CEO’s Travis Terrell and Micah Sannan

We've been using Soundstripe for some of our music licensing for a few years now, so it was nice to sit down and talk with their co-CEOs, Travis and Micah to talk about business and the differences between freelancers and entrepreneurs. Travis Terrell and Micah Sannan started Soundstripe, then Levelo Music Group in 2014, later adding 3rd technical Founder Trevor Hinesley to the founding team in 2015. Travis’ music industry experiences have been broad, having been a live performer, studio...