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The Future Built podcast features interviews with industry leaders who are disrupting the way we think, the way we design and the way we build. Powered by Skender.

The Future Built podcast features interviews with industry leaders who are disrupting the way we think, the way we design and the way we build. Powered by Skender.


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The Future Built podcast features interviews with industry leaders who are disrupting the way we think, the way we design and the way we build. Powered by Skender.




Building More Sustainably: Assessing the Impacts of Suppliers, Materials, Recycling and Waste in Your Projects

There are countless different sustainability certifications, rankings and claims used by builders and suppliers – so how do clients and designers know which choices to make for their projects? Karin Miller and Jeff Frost of Brightworks Sustainability, a sustainability consulting firm, join us to talk about the impacts of our design and construction decisions on health and the environment. Jeff and Karin together explore issues around waste, recycling, material selection, and what tools and...


“Wild, Audacious Collaboration”: How Technology has Democratized Design and Where the Built Industries are Headed

How far have the architecture and construction technology fields come in the past decade, and where will these industries be in another decade? As we close out a decade, Skender Chief Design Officer Tim Swanson and Chief Technology Officer Stacy Scopano sit down to discuss the past, present, and future of construction, design, and the technology that supports those industries. Tim and Stacy delve into how technology has democratized the design industry, and predict what lies on the horizon...


Fearless and Fully Committed: How to Grow, Advance Your Career, and Enact Real Change in Your Work

Dr. Suzet McKinney, the CEO and Executive Director of the Illinois Medical District (IMD), and Jenny Han, Skender’s Director of Healthcare Design, continue their conversation from Future Built Episode 5 with a focus on career growth, ambition, and mentorship. In her work with the IMD, one of the largest urban medical districts in the United States, and West Side United, a collaboration working to build community health and economic wellness on Chicago’s West Side, Suzet follows the mantra...


Inside the Builders Board: How and why the Skender Foundation’s junior board supports the community

What is the Builders Board, why does it exist, and how can you get involved? Tune in to hear from two Builders Board co-chairs about this impactful and inclusive organization. Listen through for a surprise interview with Beth Malik, Associate Director of the Law Project of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. Each year, the Builder’s Board selects a local Chicago organization as its fundraising focus, and this year Chicago Coalition for the Homeless is the focus organization. Learn more...


“Safe, secure and part of a community”: How local nonprofit Sarah’s Circle is using built space to serve women who are homeless

On any given night in Chicago, there are more than 2,000 women who are homeless. Sarah’s Circle is a nonprofit organization located in Chicago's Uptown community with a mission of serving women who are homeless or in need of a safe space. Sarah's Circle currently has a Daytime Support Center open to any woman in need, a 50-bed interim housing (shelter) program for women who are currently homeless, and permanent supportive housing for women who have a disabling condition and have been...


Designing the Law Firm: Slow Adopters of Change, or Emerging Trend Leaders?

The legal industry has traditionally been a slow adopter of architectural and design change. Typical office layouts with perimeter offices and career growth indicated by office size have persisted, despite other industries moving toward new trends like open offices. The unique nature of the legal industry mandates much of the reliance on standard office layouts of the past – but is there change on the horizon? Hosting this episode is Skender Vice President and Partner Clay Edwards, an...


Catalyst for Change: Why Manufacturing is the Future of Construction

Here at Skender we talk a lot about our work in modular construction and the launch of our new manufacturing facility – but just how do you run a successful manufacturing operation, and how do you staff the facility? Skender’s Virtual Design Manager Shyam Telikicherla, a key member of the Skender Manufacturing team, sits down with special guest Raghi Iyengar to delve into both the technology and the workforce behind manufacturing and modular construction. Raghi is the founder of ManufactOn,...


The Modern Food Hall: A Passing Trend, or Here to Stay?

The modern food hall, the newest up-and-coming trend hitting the retail industry, is a place where patrons can try a variety of different foods and restaurants under one roof. These spaces, which feature high-quality food and drinks from local eateries in modern, well-designed settings, offer distinct benefits to patrons, restauranteurs, and property owners alike. Andy Koglin, the president of OKW Architects, has been a leader in the food hall market, and his firm has designed many of the...


Laser Scanning on the Jobsite: The Future of Construction?

Laser scanning and other new technologies have hit the construction industry in a big way over the last few years, and promise to deliver cost savings and greater efficiency on the jobsite. But what are these technologies really capable of delivering, and how can they be implemented? Brent Slawnikowski, Senior Account Manager at FARO Technologies, sits down with Skender’s Construction Technologist Ben Stocker to take a closer look at laser technologies. The two will delve into: About...


“Where you live should not determine how long you live”: Inside the Illinois Medical District and West Side United

The Illinois Medical District (IMD), one of the largest urban medical districts in the United States, is a 560-acre region of Chicago that includes medical research facilities, labs, a biotech business incubator, universities, raw land development areas, four hospitals and more than 40 healthcare related facilities. Dr. Suzet McKinney, the CEO and Executive Director of the IMD, is a seasoned public health expert in the fields of emergency preparedness and natural disasters. She sits down...


Open Offices 2.0: What Came Next for Cars.com, an Early Adopter of the Open-plan Layout

The open office concept has been around for long time now. Companies that embraced the open office trend early are now moving into new spaces, as their staff sizes grow or they outlive their lease. One company, Chicago-based Cars.com, took the opportunity during a recent office upgrade to create a space even more open than their previous open office. Project Director Cathy Grable of Partners by Design delves into the Cars.com project with Skender Project Manager Mike Hightower. Together they...


The Many Paths to a Career in Architecture and Construction

There isn’t just one path through a career in architecture or construction, and each person’s career path is unique. Architect Korey White and construction project engineer Savanna Eaglen get together for a special Women in Construction Week episode to share their nontraditional paths to where they are now, and to give advice to young folks thinking about forging their own paths. Korey and Savanna dive into questions such as: About Korey White Korey White is driven by her zest for the...


Master Planning in Focus: Discussing the Lincoln Yards Plan with Sterling Bay’s Andy Gloor

Lincoln Yards is Sterling Bay’s ambitious riverfront development of formerly industrial land between Bucktown and Lincoln Park. Sterling Bay Managing Principal Andy Gloor and Skender President Justin Brown sit down together to preview the Lincoln Yards project, sharing insights into: About Andy Gloor Andy Gloor is the Managing Principal of Sterling Bay, a fully-integrated, owner/operator real estate investment and development company based in Chicago. Since joining the firm in 2002, Andy...


Is Chicago Still an Architectural Leader?

Chicago has long been known as a global leader in architecture. From the birth of the skyscraper in the late 19th century through the development of modernism in the 1960s by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and others, Chicago has led the way on redefining the way buildings are made. But is Chicago still producing work that is architecturally relevant? Skender’s Director of Residential Architecture, Angela Spadoni, sits down with Doug Farr to chat about the past, present, and future of...