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ANDREA SERRANO: Connecting With Others Through Fashion, Using Your Platform For Influence, And Being Connected To Your Community

Photo cred: N. Mickle Photography Andrea Serrano is the embodiment of a GSD Entrepreneur with her company Charleston Shop Curator. She works hard every day, is a mover and a shaker, uses her influence for positive change in this world, and owns her badassery. Included on Andrea’s impressive resume are the likes of Janet Jackson, […]


SARA KINDSFATER-YERKES: Creating Your Own Place, Growing Through The Fear Of The Unknown, And Living In Your Badassery

If you look up the word badassery in the dictionary, you might just find Sara Kindsfater-Yerkes’ name. This dynamic woman has had positions created for her, has climbed the corporate ranks, consults with high ranked executives and the federal government, founded her own business consultant/coaching practice called BluSky Strategy, speaks and writes about all things […]


ADLEY: Following The Thesis Of Your Story, Not Waiting For Permission To Live The Life You Are Meant To Live, And Doing What Comes Naturally

Some people come into your life, and after just the first meeting, you know you’ll be friends for the long haul. Adley Stump has become such a person to us. She has a light and an energy that is contagious, and a zest for life that is unparalleled. In addition to being a really fun […]


AMY FISH: Taking Care Of Your People, Following Your Gut, And Choosing Faith Over Fear

Our podcast guest today is a relational powerhouse. She is a connector in the truest sense of the word. Amy Fish climbed the ranks in Corporate America with the Limited and FedEx always with a hyper focus on her team, then left that to spread her entrepreneurial wings. She has started her own HR consulting […]


CARRIE MOREY: Creating A Thriving Livelihood Out Of Melt-In-Your-Mouth Biscuits, Making Mistakes To Learn, And Saying Yes Even When You Have No Idea How To Do Something

Carrie Morey is one of those women who to know from afar is to respect her, and to know her up close is to love her. She’s real, she’s generous, she’s smart, she’s strong, and she catches you off guard with her humor. Carrie has grown Callie’s Biscuits from making biscuits with her mom into […]


PATRICK GALLAGHER: Creating Something You Wished Existed, Being The Most Motivated In The Face Of Adversity, And Embracing a Willingness to Try Anything

Have you ever been on a trip or vacation (or even on a staycation in your own city) and wanted to steer clear of the tourist traps and do the things that locals do, but had no idea where to find trustworthy recommendations that fit your style and budget? Yeah, us too. That’s why we […]


STEPHANIE BURT: Pushing For What You Want, Writing The Stories Behind Food, And Believing That The Work Leads To The Work

Photo cred: Charleston Food + Wine and Robert Donovan Stephanie Burt, writer, editor and founder of The Southern Fork podcast, is absolutely fascinating to spend time with. She’s a go getter who oozes passion. And her knowledge of food, and particularly the stories behind food, is unparalleled and, like a good plate of french fries, […]


JESSICA BERAN: Focusing on Positive Body Image, Growing Your Network, And Taking The Next Step

Photo Cred: D.J. Connor We had the incredible opportunity this week to sit down with Jessica Beran. One of the things we loved learning about Jess is that she’s driven to help people. Over the last 25 years, that drive has enabled her to start Dance Moves of Charleston, which includes two dance studios and […]


JOSH LAMBERT: Climbing Every Ladder, Making Mouth-Watering Biscuits, And Building A Strong Team

Josh Lambert makes some mean biscuits, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity of being on location with him this week. After a very successful career in pharmaceutical sales, Josh began to feel like he wanted to do something different. So he and his two business partners opened Vicious Biscuit, an absolutely delicious biscuit-forward restaurant […]


ASHLEY MITCHELL: Making The Leap To Entrepreneurship, Working With People You Enjoy, And Surrounding Yourself With The Right People To Grow Your Business

Ashley Mitchell is absolutely delightful. At first meeting, she may seem a bit quiet and reserved until you spend a few minutes with her and learn that not only is she fantastic company, but she is also wildly talented. She’s got that unique skill set of being numbers oriented, but also being a creative photographer, […]


JOSH MILLER: Falling Into Executive Coaching, Working Hard For What You Want, And Developing People To Be The Best Version Of Themselves

In this episode you’ll hear that Josh Miller has certainly experienced his share of loss, burnout, and grief, but you’ll also hear that he’s learned how to learn from and use those things in such a way that brings wholeness, healing, success, and incredible impact for both himself and others. His rich experience of working […]


TYLER WRIGHT: Making History Come Alive, Leading The “Full Hot”, and Saying Yes To Everything

Photo credit: @annerhettphotography The lovely Tyler Wright is a natural born storyteller, which is why her new business, Walk and Talk Charleston, fits her absolutely perfectly. She is a born New Yorker, but when you meet her, you’d think she was born and bred in the south with her southern charm and hospitality. Her love […]



This is a big milestone for us… the 100th episode, which equates to almost 2 years of publishing this weekly podcast. Our lives are richer, fuller, and (hopefully) smarter as a result of having 100 conversations over 100 hours. In this episode, we talk about 12 things we learned as a result of getting behind […]


CRISTY PRATT: Welcoming Change, Creating a Transformable Dress, And Living LIfe By The Patterns You Choose

This week’s guest, Cristy Pratt, is just a massive ray of smart and energetic sunshine. From the moment we met her, we knew she was something special. Having survived many seemingly insurmountable challenges, Cristy has persevered to the point of now being on the cutting edge of something big. She founded her company, Morph Clothing, […]


DARREN VIRASSAMMY: Helping Others See (And Live In) Their Strengths, Believing Our Life Is Our Message, And Demanding A Culture Of Purpose

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” This old African proverb summarizes today’s guest, Darren Virassamy. Darren is a firm believer of going with others. His family is from the Caribbean, he became a proficient bass guitar player, and holds black and brown belts in […]


CHEYANNE LAKE: Surviving The School Of Hard Knocks, Being An Expert At Your Craft, And Believing One Success Leads To Another

Cheyanne Lake has ten lifetimes of experience. Having been raised by an entrepreneurial family, she began learning business lessons early. Things like “All you have is your word. Nobody likes a liar.”, and “When someone says no to something, find out what they’re afraid of.” Cheyanne believes everyone should be an expert in their craft. […]


MARION BLOUNT: Being The One Behind The Curtain, Making The Hard Decision To Close Something, And Outsourcing To The Right People

Our guest today is kind, calming, and unassuming, but don’t ever let that make you think she is missing any piece of what it takes to be a GSD Entrepreneur. Marion Blount is one of the lucky ones who grew up in Hawaii in an artistic, creative family. After getting her undergrad at Swanee, she […]


COKIE BERENYI: Climbing Mountains, Ceasing Striving, And Inviting Vulnerability

Cokie Berenyi lives her life based on her deep-seated belief that true, deep joy is not found in the comfort zone. She is full of life, full of adventure, and full of wisdom. She is mother of two teenage girls, owns two financial investment companies, started two non-profits, has written two books, hosts a podcast, […]


AMY KAY: Becoming More Aware Of Our Environment, Believing Everything Happens For A Reason, And Removing The Stress Of Stuff

Amy Kay is a gentle soul with an eye for simplifying things. It was that eye that helped her start her business, de-cluttered. She has a passion to create space, both figuratively and physically, because she believes that where there is space, there can be more freedom. Amy cares about the earth maybe a little […]


LESLIE HAYWOOD: Having A Million Dollar Idea, Succeeding On Shark Tank, A Navigating Through Hard Waters

Leslie Haywood is an absolute gem of a human. Just listen to some of her highlight reel – she was raised an army brat so moved around a lot, worked in management in the corporate world, became a mom, had a lightbulb moment for a new product, got diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double […]