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Understanding The Power Of Being A Wounded Healer, Finding The Love Of Your Life When You Least Expect It, And Caring For Yourself From The Inside Out

Mimi and Dr. Jesse Ross are two of the most absolutely delightful and brilliant people. They are a power couple in every sense of the word, and kindness and compassion just seems to ooze out of every pore in their bodies. They have devoted this phase of their lives to caring deeply for and healing […]


Following The Thread Of Life, Making A Tangible Impact, And Understanding The Power Of Relationships

Liz MacPherson is an absolutely delightful person. In this episode, we have the privilege of getting to know her right alongside of you, and we couldn’t have loved it more. We enjoyed spending time with her so much that we continued our conversation for over an hour after the mic went off, and then scheduled […]


Pricing Your Services To Show Your Value, Hustling Every Day, And Juggling It All

If you looked up “GSD Entrepreneur” in the dictionary, you just might find the name Jen Pelka. This woman doesn’t let grass grow under her feet and lives each day to its fullest. Her career experience includes working for very well known chefs, the Gilt Group, Tumbler, and Open Table. She has been named Forbes […]


Learning From Hard Times, Understanding the Challenges of Entrepreneurship, And Sharing Experience For The Success Of Others

Mike Michalowicz launched 3 multimillion dollar companies before his 35th birthday, He’s the author of one of our most recommended books, Profit First, and has also written other best sellers, titled The Pumpkin Plan and what BusinessWeek deemed the entrepreneur’s cult classic, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. In addition, he just had a new book released […]


What Dermatology Really Is, Jumping The Hurdles To Find The Meaning, And Choosing What You Devote Your Time To

Dr. Fiona Rahbar is one smart cookie with a long and impressive resume. She is a board-certified dermatologist by the American Academy of Dermatology, got her advanced degree from Vanderbilt University, completed her dermatology residency at the University of Virginia where she served as Chief Resident during her last year of training, and has presented […]


Doing What Makes You Happy, Playing Among The Stars, And Using Faces As Her Canvas

Blair Mathis is one of a kind. The moment we met her, we knew she was a special one. She is a lover of both people, and her chosen art medium, which is makeup. Having made even the most beautiful, even more beautiful, she loves bringing out the natural beauty in people. She immediately makes […]


Being Married, Loving a Pup Hard, and Learning Life (and Business) Lessons

This week it’s just Statoya and Jules on the mic… talking about life, and business, and marriage, and our sweet boy Rico. To connect with Statoya and Jules: Email: or Websites: O.M.E. Gear – 4:1 transforming product (cart, low beach chair, fully reclining lounger, and high field chair) is our flagship product A Salty Rim – […]


Living Outside The Box, Not Being Afraid To Be Vulnerable, And Using Your Tendencies For Good

Daniel Gefen is from England, lives in Israel, and is a powerhouse of a human. His mission is to help people discover their voice and share their message with the world. He is accomplishing this through the founding of multiple companies, the latest of which is the Gefen Media Group, hosting two podcasts, and writing […]


Seeing Through A Different Lens, Going Deep And Getting Beneath The Surface, And Using Water As Your Canvas

Leigh Webber is just an interesting human with a fascinating company. She sees the majority of life through her lens, literally, and turns photography into true works of art. She founded a business called Dive In by Leigh Webber, where she’s focused on capturing the beautiful moments of life underwater. Her career in photography started […]


Loving Coconuts, Educating Your Consumers About Toxins, And Building a Business That Honors Your Employees

Katie Shields has come a long way from the small organic farm in Georgia that she grew up on. After having traveled the world with her career in corporate medical sales, she returned to her family’s entrepreneurial roots and founded Mylkbar, which is the first, and only, nail & beauty studio dedicated to the pursuit […]


Serving Sweetness To The Underserved, Dealing With Stress And Loss, And Realizing That Not Every Opportunity Is “The” Opportunity

Anne (with an “e”) Caroline Bethea, also known as “A.C.”, has an uncanny ability to not ever meet a stranger. This has served her well in her career and life as she’s always found herself working for and with the ones at the top of very large organizations – from Coach, to Ralph Lauren, to American […]


Envisioning Your Future, Challenging Yourself, and Helping Others Heal Themselves

Dawn Maynard is a true healer of people. If you’ve spent any amount of time with others, you know that the truth of the matter is the only way you can really help others heal is if you’ve done your own work of healing, and Dawn has relentlessly pursued her own wholeness. She opened her […]


Being Persistent, Not Spreading Yourself Too Thin, and Exuding Excessive Happiness

It’s impossible to not smile when you are around the one and only Russell Powell. She is full of life, and is both a massive cheerleader and a smart businesswoman. Having grown up in a very small town, Russell moved herself to NY City, knowing no one, and got herself a job with Conde Nast, […]


How To Know If You’re Actually Going To Be Successful At Running A Business

The hard reality is that not all businesses are set up to succeed. And not everyone who is an entrepreneur has the skill set they need to thrive as a business owner. This week, Jules and Statoya get behind the mic and talk about a list of character traits and skills that, from their experience, […]


Following Your Dreams, Figuring It Out Once You Get There, and Having a Heart of Gold

Shanna Dickerson is a special human with a heart of gold and a drive like not many others. We feel lucky that our paths crossed once as neighbors, but even luckier that our paths crossed again in a way that bonded us together for a lifetime. After working in the music and event industry with […]


Being A Serial Entrepreneur, Hitting A Million Dollars Multiple Times, And Investing In What You’re Passionate About

Connor Gillivan is no stranger to GSD’ing. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he knows that success takes hard work, creative thinking and lots of hustle. In his own words, he’s a freak for building businesses, reading entrepreneurship books, emulating entrepreneurial icons, and networking with similarly passionate people. He’s goal-driven, a strong visionary, cause-focused, and a great leader […]


Not Letting Fear Stop You, There’s Never a “Right” Time, And What You See Is What You Get

Michelle Van Jura is as badass and as GSD as they come. Her ability to see things in ways that most others don’t see gives her a confidence that most others don’t have. Her Dad said when she was little that if she just used her ability to tell stories and was able to find […]


This One Is For All You Moms Out There… And For All Of You Who Have A Mom

With Mother’s Day just in our rear view mirror, we’ve got moms on our minds. We’re convinced – moms are a special breed. Actually, let me correct that – good moms are a very special breed. In this episode, we recount our experience of being “stand-in” mom’s this past week and talk through all the […]


Getting Clear On What You Really Want, Building A Dream Team, And Wrapping Up An Incredible Weekend

Sometimes you get to be a part of something that you know is really special, and you find yourself wishing that all of life could be experienced on that level. This past weekend was one such weekend. We were in Park City, UT with 50 gym owners talking about all things business at the 321GoProject […]


The Powers of Chinese Medicine, Treating the Root Cause, And Nurturing Your Business To Grow Organically

Lisa Abernathy is a wealth of knowledge. But not just any knowledge… a kind that most people don’t have. She’s been classically trained in Chinese medicine, and has devoted her life to understanding the body and what makes it so amazing. This training caused her to be the founder of Blue Heron Acupuncture & Apothecary […]