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Getting Clear On What You Really Want, Building A Dream Team, And Wrapping Up An Incredible Weekend

Sometimes you get to be a part of something that you know is really special, and you find yourself wishing that all of life could be experienced on that level. This past weekend was one such weekend. We were in Park City, UT with 50 gym owners talking about all things business at the 321GoProject […]


The Powers of Chinese Medicine, Treating the Root Cause, And Nurturing Your Business To Grow Organically

Lisa Abernathy is a wealth of knowledge. But not just any knowledge… a kind that most people don’t have. She’s been classically trained in Chinese medicine, and has devoted her life to understanding the body and what makes it so amazing. This training caused her to be the founder of Blue Heron Acupuncture & Apothecary […]


Brewing Beer For Everybody, DIY’ing Success, And Creatively Innovating On A Budget

Chris Winn is a heck of a nice guy. He’s the kind of guy you want to kick back with a cold beer and get to know. So we were lucky to get to do just that. We found ourselves drawn to Chris not only as a friend, but also as someone we could learn […]


Partnerships: The Good, The Hard, And The Ugly

Eléa Faucheron and Adam Von Ins are quite the power couple and, as a result, know a thing or two about partnerships. Having been in one that went south all too quickly, they’ve learned the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of a partnership through the school of hard knocks. As many in similar […]


Jules & Statoya Talking Shop: Writing Down, Knowing, and Living Your Core Values

This week Statoya and Jules are back to Talking Shop, and their topic is the very important one of Core Values. Why it’s important to think through and document your Values, and why it’s even more important to refer to them often and LIVE those values. Your Core Values will (or should) drive every decision, […]


Focusing On The Positive, Never Cooking Angry, And Living Comfortably In A Highly Uncomfortable Environment

Kelly and Tony Chu are as dynamic a couple as they come. They are both witty, vibrant, incredibly hard workers, and as smart as the day is long. When around them, you quickly see that they are the yin to each other’s yang, and finish each other’s sentences well. This connection has been the catalyst […]


Noticing The Signs Of Burnout, Being A Badass, And Saying Yes To The Things That Build You Up

Eléa Faucheron has been to the depths of burnout, and has come back stronger than ever. As all good GSD Entrepreneurs do, she has used the hardships of life to shape and mold her sphere of influence and impact. As an avid kiteboarder and obstacle race participant, she consistently puts herself in places where she is […]


Being Each Other’s Biggest Fan, Giving Back To Your Community, And Staying Close To Your Family Roots

Trevor Donovan and Marshall Morris are the kind of guys you just want to be friends with. They are funny, smart, successful, witty, fun, and kind. Together, they run a DJ and production company, called D&M Productions, and Marshall is also a highly sought after real estate agent here in Charleston. In this episode we […]


Doing Things Unconventionally, Building A Sale-able Business, And Treating Your Guests Like Family

Kim Powell is a beautiful human who has opened something special in Charleston, SC. After just three years in business, her affordable luxury spa, Woodhouse Day Spa, has a staff of 50 and more than 14,000 clients on its books. Having grown up with an entrepreneurial father, and then having built and run a construction […]


Being Unwilling To Settle, Providing Outstanding Work That Sells Itself, And Inspiring Transformation

Shauna VanBogart is one of those people who hasn’t known how to do something any other way but with a GSD mindset. She started her entrepreneurial journey as an image consultant in 2007. Her company quickly was known as the first and only full-service image consulting firm in the South. A couple years later, seeing […]


Finishing Each Other’s Sentences, Growing “Mold” Together, and Genuinely Loving Your Customers

This was one of those podcast interviews where we felt a unique connection with our guests. Sitting and talking with Trudi Wagner and Patti Floersheimer, owners of two Goat Sheep Cow locations in Charleston, felt a little to us like coming home. These two are just special in every way. They are kind, humble, spunky, […]


Jules & Statoya Talk Shop: 13 What If’s That Could Change Your Life And Business

This week Statoya and I talk about what this world would be like if we all just got along. If we just treated and loved each other with kindness, dignity, and respect. You know, the way we all want to be treated. Oh, I know that’s pie in the sky thinking and we may lose […]


Music As Therapy, Creating Vs. Competing, and Being In Your Purpose

What a treat it is today to have musician and creative Adam Barley on our podcast. He is full of life, is a deep thinker, is not afraid to get real and honest, and has a smile that lights up a room. In this episode, we talk about the raw and hard things of Adam’s […]


Learning to Actively Listen, Be The Message, And Transform Your Life

Julie Chapman is a woman with a big heart on a mission. She wants to teach as many people how to really listen as possible in this lifetime, which she calls “Creating a Listening Movement”. In this busy time where we’re all heads down in our work, or our phones, or social media, or whatever, […]


Failing Often, Gaining Clear Perspective, And Figuring Out Your Unique Contribution

This is a little different episode because I have the privilege of stepping in as guest host of the 321GoProject podcast and interview its incredible weekly host, Matt Scanlon. I’m missing my wing-woman, Statoya, in this episode, but flying solo only makes me realize how much I love flying with her as my co-host. Matt […]


Dogs Are One Of God’s Best Creations, Team Is Family, And The Customer Experience Is Everything

Photo cred: @bonberi Our interview today is a special one. We get to have 45ish minutes with a man after our own heart. Brett Podolsky, joins us on the mic as co-founder of The Farmer’s Dog. He started this company in 2014 along with his best friend, Jonathan Regev, after his pride and joy Rottweiler […]


The Importance Of Buying Local, Loving And Investing In Your Team, And Fighting For the Underdog

It was a privilege for us to spend a little time on location at Local Works with Jamee Haley. We think you’ll see, as we did, that Jamee is as passionate as she is smart. As Co-Founder of Lowcountry Local First, she lives her life as a strong advocate for local independent businesses and farmers. […]


Building Businesses, Valuing The Client Relationship, & Understanding The Difference between ©, ™, and ®

Trey Jameson is a gift to entrepreneurs. He is a Charleston Intellectual Property, Franchise, and Business Matters attorney with a giant heart to help small business owners build the correct foundation for a successful future. He is witty, smart, loyal, and tenacious and cares deeply about his clients and their success. Trey is from Summerville, […]


Jules & Statoya Talk Shop – Reflecting on 2017 and Looking Ahead to 2018

In this week’s episode, Statoya and I do a little reflecting on 2017 and looking forward to 2018. Overall, it’s been a good year for us. We definitely had things that were challenging which we talk a little about in this episode, but it also was a year full of learning and growing and being […]


Reviving Family History, Leaving “Corporate” to Pursue A Passion, And Learning The Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey

Alison Curry is co-founder of Charleston Distilling Co. with her husband Steve Heilman. They both came out of high-pressure careers – Steve was a trader and Alison was in Sales – to pursue their dream of distilling fine, small batch spirits. Four years ago, they packed everything up, moved from Chicago, and planted roots on […]


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