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James talks with successful entrepreneurs to dig deep and uncover the strategies, mindsets and techniques that they've used to get ahead in their business so that you can do the same.

James talks with successful entrepreneurs to dig deep and uncover the strategies, mindsets and techniques that they've used to get ahead in their business so that you can do the same.
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James talks with successful entrepreneurs to dig deep and uncover the strategies, mindsets and techniques that they've used to get ahead in their business so that you can do the same.




Transform Your Life In 60 Days With Craig Clemens

Today I’m honored to interview Craig Clemens. I’ve known Craig for more than five years now, and we share something interesting in common - we both have mentored with Eben Pagan. In case you don’t know, Eben is my mentor and business partner. He’s built 10 businesses and brands to the million-dollar mark and beyond. And he’s sold well over $100 million of his products and services - all online. Craig got to work with Eben in the early days and went on to create massive success for himself....


Building Multiple 7-Figure Businesses + How To Be Resourceful With Dylan Frost

One of the best traits you can have as an entrepreneur is resourcefulness. And Dylan Frost has that in spades. He’s one of “those” top 10 under 30 type people, and he’s got quite the incredible story. He grew up poor, in one of the poorest states in the U.S. And get this - he’s never read a book(!). His success comes purely from his own determination and ability to become super-resourceful. And in today’s episode of the “Get Ahead” podcast, you’ll learn how he does it and how YOU can...


Changing The Way Business Is Played with Yanik Silver

You’re in for a real treat today… I’m interviewing Yanik Silver! He’s a wildly successful entrepreneur and the Founder of Maverick1000 - a private, invitation-only global network of top entrepreneurs and industry leaders … with participating icons like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hawk, Tim Ferriss, John Paul DeJoria, Russell Simmons, and many others. Yanik is also the author of the groundbreaking book “Evolved Enterprise” and he’s redefining how business is played in the 21st century,...


Discovering Your Purpose and Building A 7-Figure Online Business with Marisa Murgatroyd

When you’re at a job you don’t love, it can be hard to quit and do something that matters to you. And even then, it can be a challenge to figure out what that would be - i.e. what your true purpose in life is. If you can relate at all, then I think you’ll love today’s guest. Her name is Marisa Murgatroyd, and at 4’ 11” (and a quarter) - she might be the shortest woman in marketing. :-) She started out as an artist in L.A., working a job she didn’t love. But through a series of events, she...


Making The Hard Decisions With A Former Pro Footballer with Liam Austin

There’s a quote I absolutely love that says, “Life is hard if you live it the easy way and easy if you live it the hard way.” It’s absolutely true. And it’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to my guest today, Liam Austin. Liam’s a former Australian Pro Footballer (football as in soccer if you’re from the U.S.) who’s now a very successful, multi-six-figure online entrepreneur. He owns Entrepreneurs HQ, which has helped more than 100,000 entrepreneurs grow their businesses with expert...


Scaling Successful Offers Online And Developing An Unstoppable Mindset with Mark Ling

It’s so easy to see someone who’s super successful, and dismiss what they’ve accomplished. Often, people will think “Oh, of course he’s so successful … he’s so-and-so.” But they never really stop to consider all the work it took for that person to get to the top. That’s why I’m so excited about today’s guest - Mark Ling. He’s a VERY successful online entrepreneur. In fact, he’s got 100 successful offers online! I don’t know anybody that comes close to that. And while most people will think...


Creating Your Online Course And Building A Successful Business, With Greg Smith of Thinkific

One of the hottest trends today is online education. And one of the fastest ways to “Get Ahead” is to take your knowledge and expertise and turn it into an online course people WANT to buy. In today’s episode, I talk with Greg Smith - the Founder of Thinkific - a platform that helps people create, market, and sell their online courses. In fact, before Thinkific, Greg started his own journey by creating an online course! Listen in as he reveals the secrets that took him from part-time...


How to Dream BIG with Christian Mickelsen

If you’re going to dream ... dream BIG. It’s a shame, but so many people don’t allow themselves to go after what they really want. So they keep their dreams small and “realistic.” That’s why I’ve brought on today’s special guest - Christian Mickelsen. Starting from humble beginnings, he’s now the CEO of a multimillion-dollar coaching business. It’s won Inc. 5,000’s fastest growing companies in America for 4 years in a row! Listen in, as Christian shares key insights that can help you dream...


Why you should NEVER settle with former Pentagon Staffer Ashley Stahl

As achievers, it’s so easy for us to set goals. But sometimes the hard part is deciding whether we should be going after those goals in the first place. Today’s guest - Ashley Stahl - shares how to never settle and keep going after what’s right for you … so you avoid becoming an “achiever on autopilot.” In today’s episode: