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Creating Wealth and Real Estate Investing






223: Real Estate & Stock Predictions, Pools vs. Streams, Live Before You Die

You must build streams of income, not pools of income. Learn why. Then we recap what really happened in 2018, and predict how that affects you in the next couple years. Real estate up 5.5%, Dow and S&P down 6%, NASDAQ down 4% year-over-year. Learn how stock and bond movements affect mortgage rates. Next week, business mogul Jim Rogers joins us. Finally, will you “Live Before You Die”? (Lyrics to this segment below.) __________________ Want more wealth? 1) Grab my FREE E-book and...


Live Before You Die

If you work for a salary or a wage, then money is an important factor in your life. So there you are, making between $60,000 and $150,000 per year. You’ve got a good home, steady employment, you drive a decent car. Sometimes you even feel “comfortable.” This one precious life of yours is made up of time. Are you trading away that time for dollars at a job that you aren’t passionate about? Every morning, you might even separate yourself from those you love… in order to do this. With...


222: Critical Mistakes To Avoid With Properties And Tenants

Learn how to reduce vacancy and turnover cost in your property. Nationally, the rental vacancy rate is between 7% and 8%. If you increase occupancy from 90% up to 94%, that’s just 4%. But this could boost your CASH FLOW 20%. Increase occupancy by avoiding properties with functional obsolescence. Avoid high turnover cost by owning 1,500 sf single-family homes, not 2,800 sf homes. Learn more about investing in northwest Indiana’s 1% rent-to-value ratio turnkey property at...


221: Russell Gray | 2019 Forecasts & Trends in Real Estate

You will be impacted. Learn the latest in rent increases, interest rates, affordability, inflation, asset values, tariffs, institutional money in real estate, the “Build-To-Rent” trend. Learn why large companies raise rents faster than “mom-and-pop” investors like you. Russell Gray of The Real Estate Guys and I share what we discovered at prominent conferences this month. He co-hosts the amazing Investor Summit At Sea. I’ve attended this unique, world-class real estate investing...


220: Two Podcast Hosts Debate Me About Wealth

Financially-free vs. debt-free. Pick a side. In this interview and debate, I’m on the financially-free side. Two podcast hosts are on the debt-free side. Financially-free means doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. Debt-free means that you don’t owe anyone anything. Can’t you just pick both? Well, being on the debt-free side often means taking a step away from financially-free. Host Seth Williams and co-host Jaren Barnes run and the REtipster...


219: Tragedy Has Struck, Listener Questions, Scarce Skip Is Born

Earthquakes ravaged my property. I’m 100% uninsured. Why don’t I have earthquake insurance? There’s a big lesson in this for you no matter where you live… and it’s not what you think. You take great risk if you don’t invest in multiple real estate markets. First, I answer your listener questions: “Should my first property be an owner-occupied four-plex or a turnkey SFH?” “If you could start over again in real estate, what would you do differently?” A character named “Scarce Skip” is...


218: Increase Your Cash Flow Instantly With Private Money Lending

You can achieve 10.5% Cash-On-Cash Returns with debt investing. With Private Money Lending, you rent your money (not your property) to a borrower. Their real estate is your collateral. This way, you have greater passivity and stability than most equity real estate investing. You participate on the DEBT side rather than the EQUITY side of real estate investing. You have a fixed, predetermined rate of return. You are in first lien position. This means that if your borrower defaults,...


217: Passive Real Estate Investing - Pros & Cons

Turnkey RE mistakes to avoid are discussed. Turnkey means “all-done-for-you”. You’re buying property already rehabbed, tenanted, and under management. You’ve outsourced work and sweat equity. Turnkey pros: less time, less rehab risk, instant income, built-in management. Turnkey cons: less rehab control, no sweat equity. Just because a company is called “turnkey” does not make them a good operator. I tell you how to reduce property repair costs. Today’s guests, Terry Kerr and Liz...


216: Active Real Estate Investing - Pros & Cons

Hands-on real estate has its risks and rewards vs. passive investment. Learn about “scaling up” your portfolio into larger buildings. If you desire to build a large new construction project, you need financing, investors, contractors, and a team. Don’t do it alone. How do you afford all this? You can ethically take a Developer Fee for yourself. Our guest, Victor Menasce and I discuss the mindsets and actions around 10-plexes up to 200-unit properties. We also discuss: buying property...


215: A Recession Is Coming

The economic recession is inevitable. How are you positioned for it? Recessions are awful. Jobs are lost, careers are thrown off-track, families are disrupted, homes are lost. The U.S. is now in its second-longest expansion since 1857 (not a typo). It will end. I define a “recession”, WHEN the next one is expected, and what actually happens inside one. Next, I run the numbers and tell you about a recession’s destruction. 5-6 economic signals foretell the next recession’s timing. I...


214: Cash Flow & Appreciation In One Market

One U.S. real estate market is experiencing 6-9% appreciation, cash flow, rapid population growth, low housing prices, low property taxes, and zero state income tax. I visited the market earlier this year. In fact, I just bought two properties from them myself here. This area also has a low unemployment rate, proximity to great beaches, and pro-landlord law. __________________ Want more wealth? 1) Grab my FREE E-book and Newsletter at: 2) Actionable turnkey...


213: Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate

Your tenants are businesses, not families, in commercial RE. Tenant screening is different than residential. You must vet your applicant’s industry viability and corporate finances. Leases often last 3 - 15 years in industrial, retail, office, and warehousing RE. Single-Tenant vs. Multi-Tenant Commercial differs in risk, lease duration, more. A “big name” tenant means you must accept a lower investor return. Find the sweet spot. Tom Wilson, Principal of Wilson Investment Properties and...


212: Savers Are Losers. Debtors Are Winners.

Really? Yes. I unpackage it all. In fact, these are the words of the Top-Selling Personal Finance Author Of All-Time, Robert Kiyosaki. *[Complete transcript far below - you can follow along]* Look, I have no savings account. I own no stocks, bonds, mutual funds, nor ETFs. I have no plans to pay off my home, though I could. Instead, it’s about durable passive cash flow. Either you can be conventional, or you can be wealthy. Pick one. I tell you how savers can be losers and debtors can...


211: Ken McElroy | Debt Mindset

Learn from Rich Dad Real Estate Advisor Ken McElroy. We discuss debt mindset, cash flow, how to manage your team, how to vet property managers and contractors, screen tenants, how to avoid bad partnerships. Ken owns $1 Billion worth of apartments. He needs to place $70M-$80M worth of cash soon, and trade $300M of real estate the next three months. Don’t say: “I can’t afford it.” Ask: “How can I afford it?” Your financial income will never exceed your self-concept. Overcoming your...


210: You Become Your Expectations

What you expect of yourself is exactly what you’ll end up getting. Learn how to set up a life full of options, not obligations. If you have an undesirable job and think you can’t switch to a happier, lower-paying job, I tell you how to. How can you justify living a life where you celebrate when every week is over? I update you with an asset class price whiparound: real estate, stocks, oil, gold, interest rates, wages and unemployment. Next, I answer four of your listener...


209: You’re Being Taxed To Death with Kristin Tate

You’re getting taxed in sneaky ways - both everywhere you look, and also where you DON’T look. Americans spend more on taxes than housing, food and clothing costs combined. Real estate has the best tax shelters - tax-deferred exchanges, rent income exempt from Social Security and Medicare tax, and tax depreciation sheltering more of your rent income. Today’s guest, FOX News and CNN TV Contributor Kristin Tate, uncovers hidden taxes that you don’t even know that you’re paying. Stealthy...


208: Invest Your Retirement Funds Anywhere with the QRP featuring Damion Lupo

With a $55,000 annual contribution limit, the QRP gives you checkbook control of your IRA. You can invest your retirement money in nearly anything. Retirees are suffering with 401(k)s and IRAs. QRPs provide a better way. Damion Lupo tells us how. QRPs avoid the UBIT tax. Self-directed IRAs do not. Learn more from Total Control Financial by texting “QRP” (ALL CAPS) to 72000. QRP stands for Qualified Retirement Plan. You can invest in nearly anything with your retirement funds, get a...


207: The Spender vs. The Saver | DealCheck app

I am a spender. Our guest is a saver. Spenders defer financial wealth. Savers defer quality of life. This interview takes a sweeping turn when our guest tells us he’s “very frugal”, because I’m not. Hear my “The Spender vs. The Saver” commentary in the last ten minutes of the show. The creator of one of the world’s most successful real estate investing apps, Anton Ivanov and the DealCheck app, joins us today. I’ve used myself. It’s great, and free. For 25% off the optional premium...


206: Your Questions: Debt, BRRRR, Mortgage History Since 1935

Student loan debt vs. real estate investing. Where should you devote your dollars? You get answers. I tell you how to eliminate investing “uncertainty”. The “BRRRR” real estate investing strategy is discussed - pros and cons. It’s a hybrid between flipping and buy-and-hold. Turnkey vs. BRRRR real estate investing. I cover the history of mortgages from the 1930s to today. FDR and World War II had substantial impact. Fannie Mae was born in 1938. Freddie Mac didn’t begin tracking mortgage...


205: A Diamond In The Rust Belt

A dollar is not money. Money serves three purposes. It is a: #1: Medium Of Exchange #2: Unit Of Account #3: Store Of Value There is an opportunity for you to invest in cash-flowing real estate in Cleveland (link). After discussing the roles of money, currency, and real assets, we discuss the Cleveland, Ohio real estate investing market. Generally, if a place is too desirable to live in, it is a bad place to invest in long-term rental real estate for cash flow. But it must be attractive...