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Creating Wealth and Real Estate Investing
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Creating Wealth and Real Estate Investing






257: Spend Your Money … Lots Of It

Five benefits of spending your money are discussed. (What? Is this irresponsible?) Keith Weinhold tackles the rarely-discussed benefits of money-spending: You beat inflation.You don’t “lose” money; you spent it how you desired.Ensure a better quality of life.You help the economy exactly where you want to.Spending is more fun than saving. Many are afraid to discuss the topic of spending. Also discussed - what goes into home price appreciation, how inflation persists despite decades of...


256: The Real Estate Numbers That Matter with Frank Gallinelli

Real estate math is simple: add, subtract, multiply, divide. There’s no complex math like trigonometry, algebra or exponents. Frank Gallinelli, Ivy League Professor of Real Estate Development at Columbia University in New York City, joins me to talk real estate numbers. Net Operating Income (NOI) estimates current market value of a property. NOI is rent minus VIMTUM. It does not include Principal and Interest. Your Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR) had better be greater than 1. You typically...


255: State Of The Real Estate Market with Daren Blomquist

Keith Weinhold says the word of this real estate era may be: “supply”. Why? The U.S. just hit its lowest rental vacancy rate in 35 years: 6.8%. Also, the U.S. just hit its lowest homeowner vacancy rate in 40 years: 1.3%. Mortgage interest rates just fell to near three-year lows. U.S. existing median SFHs now a record $279,600. Year-over-year appreciation is 4.3%. Regulation and environmentalism increase real estate prices. Join our Tampa Real Estate Field Trip at ...


254: Grow Rich In Your Sleep

If I pay you $114 an hour to mow my lawn, could you get wealthy that way? No. You’d have to work all 8,760 hours in a year just to make your first million. Invest. The definition of investing is: “To expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit.” Then, are stocks, bonds, gold, your home, vacations, or income properties … investments? I discuss. Damion Lupo, expert eQRP Administrator, joins us. Learn more by texting “QRP” in ALL CAPS to 72000. You can have five simultaneous...


253: Jim Rickards | Aftermath

Jim Rickards is our guest today. Debt is growing faster than the economy. In an eventual financial crisis, we discuss how a real estate investor will fare. A prolific author, Aftermath is Jim Rickards’ new book. Debt, inflation, and interest rates are macroeconomic forces that affect you daily. The U.S. has $23 trillion in debt. Why can’t we just keep kicking the “debt can” down the road? Alexander Hamilton effectively created the debt 230 years ago. When the debt-to-GDP ratio...


252: The Power Of Now

Imagine that you’re paid $8.5 million - your entire life’s earnings - all on the last day of your life. But you received nothing until then. That income really wouldn’t serve you well anymore. It’s an extreme example about “The Power Of Now”. Delayed gratification should not be a long-term condition. You get one life. I also discuss housing affordability: which is your income, housing prices, and mortgage interest rates. Historically, affordable homes have a price-to-income ratio of...


251: Floating Ocean Cities - Seasteading with Joe Quirk

Floating ocean nations can provide solutions to rising sea levels, overpopulation, and poor governance. It’s known as “seasteading”. Joe Quirk of The Seasteading Institute describes their plans and structure. The institute was co-founded by well-known venture capitalist Peter Theil. This differs from living on a boat or oil platform, or cruise ship life. 200 miles offshore is the exclusive economic zone. Hurricanes, tsunamis. A new environment for enterprise and innovation. Seeking...


250: How To Raise Rents And Retain Your Tenants, Dayton

Tenant retention begins before move-in: Use a move-in checklist with the tenant.Move-in gift and packet.Communication. Ongoing tenant retention during occupancy: Inspections every six months.Be attentive with service calls. How to achieve a rent increase: 45 days’ notice.Use phone.Substantive reason: increase in property tax or maintenance costs. Remind tenant of moving costs.Offer an upgrade - carpet cleaning, ceiling fan, etc.2 - 5% annual increase typical. We discuss why not every...


249: Beginner's Real Estate Investing Guide

Two big mistakes are: 1) Renting out your former primary residence. 2) Only being invested in one market. This Beginner’s Real Estate Investing Audio Guide also helps you step-by-step with buying an income property: Credit ScoringMortgage Pre-ApprovalWriting An OfferInspectionVetting A Property ManagerAppraisalInsuranceClosingLLCs **The entire audio from this episode is transcribed into words and can be found at the end.** People set up LLCs for asset protection, anonymity, or tax...


248: Why Property Managers Are Heroes with GRE's John Collins

Property management is the glue that makes your investment stick together. But it’s a tough job. GRE’s own John Collins has done management consulting on a project of 159 single-family rental homes. Problems he encountered: 30% pay rent late or not at allArsonUnassigned parking spacesDomestic violence Abandoned carCondensationPets and pests“Jerry Springer Show” in leasing officeUnwanted boyfriend that wouldn’t leaveSyringes found in homeDaylight coming in through baseboard Upgrading...


247: Cash Flow vs. Appreciation and Measuring Your Risk

Long-term rentals beat AirBnb and other short-term rentals (STRs) in a recession. STRs depend on vacationers. Stocks typically have a Cash-On-Cash Return of zero. Investor-advantaged property typically sells for $70 to $150 per square foot. Gregg Cohen joins me to discuss the importance of market appreciation for cash flow investors. Get started with new construction investment property at: __________________ Want more wealth? 1) Grab my FREE E-book and...


246: When Real Estate Crashes, College, Join Me For Our Tampa Field Trip

If a Depression occurs, you’ll feel pain as a real estate investor. RE values and rents will both decrease. Awful. But stock and mutual fund investors will likely feel greater pain. Learn why today. Real estate investors maintain control. Interest rates would tend to go lower in a Depression. You could refinance. It’s also a better time to improve your property because people will be out of work. Join our Tampa Real Estate Field Trip October 10th to 12th, 2019 in St. Petersburg,...


245: Amazon Is Selling $20K Houses, ATM Investing For Strong Cash Flow

Will your property lose value now that Amazon is selling homes for under $20K? Pre-fabricated homes and 3-D printed homes often have major limitations and livability problems. All homes have materials cost, labor cost, and the cost of the underlying land. Mortgage interest rates just hit a 21-month low. Home prices are expected to rise 4% over the next year. ________________ Guest Dave Zook discusses the opportunity to invest in ATMs. U.S. cash use is increasing at 5% annually. Many...


244: Housing Trends For The Next Decade with Logan Mohtashami

You’ve never thought about this “new way” to beat inflation. Three ways to beat inflation: 1) Tie long-term fixed interest rate debt to a cash flowing property. 2) Own gold. 3) Spend your money. Yes, I advocate spending your money. Die with memories, not dreams. Housing Data Analyst Logan Mohtashami joins us. Logan provides mortgage interest rate predictions to National Mortgage News calls him a “social media star.” He’s published in Business Insider, Bloomberg...


243: Today's Hottest Rental Type, Apps & Websites with Seth Williams

Single-family homes are today’s hottest rental type - both and John Burns RE Consulting agree. Boomers don’t want the responsibility of homeownership, and also don’t want to live in an apartment. This makes SFHs the hottest rental. Rental demand has shifted to basics: affordable, fewer amenities, better school districts. Suburban markets should see the concentration in future growth. Seth Williams of joins us to discuss the best real estate investing websites...


242: Investor Psychology with Garrett Gunderson

Compound interest doesn't work in real life. 5% is the average mutual fund investor return, though the S&P returned 10%. This is for the twenty years ending in 2015 (Source: Dalbar). This is even before taxes and inflation! Why are 401(k)s failing people? Inflation, emotion, taxes, fees, and volatility. Emotions make humans sell high and buy low - a recipe for disaster. I discuss how cash flow helps you remove emotion. Garrett Gunderson of Wealth Factory joins us. Financially-free...


241: Multiply Your Wealth With 1031 Exchanges and Columbus, OH Market

Your equity is re-positioned when you make a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange. All at once, you can: Increase your cash flowIncrease your leverage ratioCreate arbitrageIncrease your velocity of moneyExpand the value of your RE portfolioDo it all with zero tax on the gainsGain geographic diversity Real estate capital gains tax is higher than many think: 15% - 23.8% Federal, plus State of up to 13.3%, plus Depreciation Recapture. Californians could pay 37%+ in capital gains tax. Fortunately for...


240: New 1st Lien HELOC (All-In-One Loan) with Caeli Ridge

More people are renting. The homeownership rate has declined to 64%, from 69% in 2005. Credit score “inflation” has occurred due scoring model changes and a strong economy. The average FICO score is now 704, a record high. GDP in Q1 grew 3.2% year-over-year, exceeding expectations. A new program called the Home Select Loan (All-In-One Loan) operates similar to a 1st Lien HELOC. Ridge Lending Group President Caeli Ridge & I discuss the details: Line Of Credit for 30 years80% LTV on...


239: Quitting Your Job and GRE Listener Anna Ferntheil

If you make $110K per year unfulfilled, would you leave that job to make $78K fulfilled? Commentary. Learn how to put only a 5% down payment on your home, get a great interest rate with conventional financing and pay zero monthly Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). GRE Listener Anna Ferntheil joins us. She is a former co-worker of mine at the State Department Of Transportation. Still at her day job, Ferntheil has bought her first two turnkey properties in Ohio at, totalling...


238: Why You’re Wealthier Than You Think

Keep your debt. Get financially-free instead. We’re talking about good debt. Retiring your debt often means you can’t retire yourself. Home equity is: Unsafe.Illiquid.Has zero rate of return. So then, why have so much equity in any one property? Back in The Great Depression Era, banks could call your loan due-in-full anytime. They can’t do that today. Don’t fear mortgages. Embrace them; even collect them! Every dollar that goes into mortgage principal paydown is a dollar that you...