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Creating Wealth and Real Estate Investing






285: Your Pandemic Investing Strategy & Mindset

Unemployment is rising. Mortgage rates hit record lows two weeks ago. Stocks have fallen 32% from recent highs. Oil has fallen with a thud. Your life has changed in order to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. (**The entire episode transcript is below. You can read along as you listen.) Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD have suspended foreclosures and evictions for at least 60 days. This could soon be extended to a year. The IRS tax filing deadline moved from April 15th to July...


284: Coronavirus And Your Money

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) threatens life, business, and the economy. 11 years of U.S. economic expansion could end soon. (**The entire episode transcript is below. You can read along as you listen.) Closed businesses mean that supply chains are disrupted. This could make it difficult for flippers and value-add apartment projects. Travel, hospitality, and leisure business troubles mean that short-term rentals like AirBnB will have high vacancies. Short-term rentals cater to...


283: Don't Save For Retirement with Daniel Ameduri

You’ll struggle unnecessarily in life if you “maximize” conventional retirement plans. How can this be? Historically, rather than deferring your income into the future with a 401(k), 403(b), 457 Plan, TSP, IRA … … you could invest in a real, cash-flowing asset that improves your life BOTH now and later. I make a case that a “dollar per dollar” employer match in your 401(k) could be worth it. But only up to that level. Today’s guest, Daniel Ameduri, author of “Don’t Save For Retirement”,...


282: Predicting Your Economic Future with Brian Beaulieu

The next recession, and your next 3-10 economic years are predicted by our guest today. He is Brian Beaulieu, CEO of America’s oldest privately-held continuously operated economic research and consulting firm, ITR Economics. Prediction: Interest rates should stay low through 2023. By 2025, they could rise 3% to 3.5%. Inflation should increase in the second half of the 2020s decade. Why? De-globalization. We discuss how long this longest-ever economic expansion will last. Declinism is...


281: Real Estate’s Secret Market

One of America’s most underappreciated markets is right in the heart of cash flow country. Rent-to-price ratios are often 1%. Americans are moving from high-cost, high-tax places to low-cost, low-tax places. Look, the biggest mistake most real estate investors make is emphasizing “the deal” rather than “the market”. You are making an investment into an area’s underlying economy before the property. Follow the data, not the money. I discuss why health care employment is an important...


280: Your Questions: Housing Bubble, Inspections, Student Loans, Report Cards

Before you buy a property, I discuss something crucial that you’re probably missing. Five of your listener questions are answered. (The entire episode’s lyrics are in the Show Notes below!) 1 - How should I reward my child for their good school report card? 2 - How reliable is a real estate income stream? 3 - Are we in a housing bubble? 4 - Should you pay off $200K in student loans or invest? 5 - Should I get an inspection for a new construction property? “Packaged commodities...


279: Trump Could End Fannie & Freddie Backing with Caeli Ridge

Donald Trump’s re-election could end Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conservatorship of mortgage loans. This could mean that fixed rate mortgage loans disappear! It could also lead to higher mortgage interest rates and more changes. Ridge Lending Group President Caeli Ridge and I discuss why. We compare Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs). Your personal DTI - debt-to-income ratio - is thoroughly discussed in qualifying for rental property loans. I made my last two mortgage loans...


278: How The Fed Is Corrupting America with Dr. Chris Martenson

You’re affected by interest rates and inflation as both a consumer and real estate investor. A 50% return is not necessarily risky: I review the 5 Ways Real Estate Pays You and pass it through a new filter. Dr. Chris Martenson joins us to discuss how The Fed manipulates monetary policy and interest rates by running up staggering debt levels. To solve our problems, can we just keep printing money and paving over the world with dollars? Interest rates are artificially low. Why you’re in...


277: How To Build Wealth Faster with the Pareto Principle, QRPs

You only need to be 1% better ... to go from good to great. This is due to accumulative advantage, which is the engine that drives "The Pareto Principle" (80 / 20 rule). Lessons from nature extrapolated to business and real estate investing provide cues on how you can grow your wealth faster. Damion Lupo tells us about important new changes that make the eQRP - Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan - even more beneficial to you. To learn more, text “QRP” in ALL CAPS to “72000”. With the...


276: Weinhold, Wheelwright, Benna on 401(k)s, RE Pro Designation

Even a dollar-per-dollar match from your employer might not make 401(k) participation worthwhile. "Timing" could be the most underrated word in investing. Retirement plans only pay you when you’re old. 401(k)s rob you of the opportunity to fully live life while you’re young enough to enjoy it. 401(k)s used to be named “Salary Reduction Plans”. They had to get rid of the name to foster participation! Instead, opt-in for your “Salary Increase Plan” with cash-flowing real assets. Tom...


275: Go Out On A Limb

Most people sell their time for dollars. Were you really meant to do what you’re doing right now? Mark Twain said, “Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” Culture conditions most people to live an average, stale life. Don’t trade away your authenticity for approval. In over 6,000 years of human history, being a conformer is not a success recipe. 40 rental doors x $150 cash flow = $6,000 per month. This buys you time. Don’t fear failure; fear not trying. Powerful...


274: How To Self-Manage Your Property with Kevin Cross

Get 15 - 30% more rent income for your existing property. Learn how to attract a better “Class B” tenant to a lesser “Class C” property. We’re getting “hands-on” today. Kevin Cross tells us about this and how to buy a bargain property (hint: find poorly-managed property). Small tweaks make a big difference in your property’s rent income: clean grounds, orderly common areas. Add amenities inside units yourself like: Wi-fi, TVs, curtains, artwork. Your success is highly tied to tenant...


273: Real Estate vs. Stocks with Brent Sutherland

Financial advisors don’t talk about real estate for three reasons: They'd receive no compensation.Lack of education.Regulatory oversight. Among educated investors: Real estate has higher returns. There are more hidden fees with stocks than real estate. I discuss dividend-paying stocks. Ntellivest’s Brent Sutherland tells us why stocks won’t make you wealthy. This CFP-turned-real estate investor is a financial coach. Most financial clients ask all the wrong questions. That’s why they get...


272: Refinancing, NIRP, GRE Listener Andrew Stanton

Put more cash flow in your pocket by refinancing now. Refinance conditions are ripe: equity up, interest rates down. If you own property and interest rates rise, then hold. But if you own property and rates fall, you can refinance. This way, you’re playing both sides. Sometimes you can negotiate a lower interest without refinancing. Negative interest rates mean borrowers & spenders win, savers lose. GRE listener Andrew Stanton (Email: joins me to tell us how this...


271: Permanently Reduce Your Taxes with Tom Wheelwright

Your biggest expense in life is taxes - income tax, sales tax, property tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax. Taxation is not adjusted for inflation. I explain. Wealthability’s Tom Wheelwright joins us about how to optimize Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts And Jobs Act to your advantage. A tax deduction is the amount by which your taxable income is reduced. Income tax is on net income. Sales tax is on gross income. The $10,000 SALT deduction limit mainly hurts coastal residents. Bonus...


270: How To Own Agricultural Real Estate

You don’t have to get your hands dirty or own a tractor to have your own agricultural real estate. Humans need food to eat. Even futurists know that people will continue to need calories. The world population of 7¾ billion will rise to 11 billion by 2100. Coffee is the second most-traded commodity in the world. You can buy half-acre coffee or cacao (chocolate) for under $20K - $25K, turnkey-managed. It produces cash flow from the annual coffee cherry and cacao pod harvest. You own the...


269: How Wealthy People Think

Money matters. It buys you freedom, options, and even the best medical care. You have the same 168 hours per week as Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. Getting an MBA or Ph. D. is a slow way to wealth. How many of your 8 great grandparents can you name? See. Making an impact is rare. You can either live below your means or expand your means. By the time you’re age 30, you should know how to produce income without trading your time for it. Employees are motivated by fear. Wealthy people are...


268: How To Double Your Real Estate Return (BRRRR)

Rent amounts are more stable than real estate prices. The rent amount you can charge is based on incomes in an area. In real estate: rents behave rigidly; prices are more elastic. Employment sectors dictate what type of worker buys and what type rents. Mortgage loan qualification is difficult; I’m qualifying myself. This is inconvenient, but it means borrowers are solvent. This creates a barrier to entry and stabilizes prices. Tips: Be organized.Buy multiple properties from the same...


267: A Billion Gajillion Fafillion Dollars with Richard Duncan

Today, money is being printed on a massive scale. Interest rates have plunged. This is a Fed “U-turn” from last year when money was being destroyed and rates were rising. What’s going on? Richard Duncan of MacroWatch tells us. We discuss how far the U.S. can “kick the can” down the road with their $23 trillion in debt. Richard tells us about the future direction of interest rates and inflation. Learn how deep the U.S. can go into debt. Get 50% off Richard’s MacroWatch video...


266: Fourplex Financial Freedom with FIG’s Steve Olson

A four-unit building is how I began in real estate. Fourplexes can provide you with great financing terms and economies of scale. Steve Olson of the Fourplex Investment Group (FIG) joins us. Website: FIG builds new construction townhouse-style fourplexes for investors. They operate in four high-growth U.S. states: Utah, Idaho, Texas - and Steve reveals their new market in this episode. FIG properties often have excellent resident amenities. “Investor-savvy” HOAs help protect...