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We’re interviewing inspiring business leaders to uncover tips – and tools – to help you break down the barriers that are keeping… you…. stuck.

We’re interviewing inspiring business leaders to uncover tips – and tools – to help you break down the barriers that are keeping… you…. stuck.


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We’re interviewing inspiring business leaders to uncover tips – and tools – to help you break down the barriers that are keeping… you…. stuck.




Episode 30: Future-Proofing with Terry Dry

This week we speak with future-proof advisor Terry Dry about adapting your business to disruptive technologies and ride the wave of inevitable change.


Episode 28: Social Media in the Age of COVID with Patrick Fulbright

Join us as we talk to Dr. Patrick Fulbright, area director of the University of Georgia’s Small Business Development Center, about the effects of COVID-19 on the social media landscape and what that means for your social media marketing efforts both today and in the coming years. We also discuss strategies for focusing your social media efforts, as well as some of the resources and services offered by SBDCs around the nation.


Episode 29: Evading Engaged Exhaustion with Rachel Druckenmiller

In this episode, Rachel Druckenmiller shares tips for recognizing burnout, supporting emotional needs, and nurturing a sense of belonging.


Episode 27: Multiple Mentors and Mind Maintenance With Sandy Kearney

Learn what makes Sandy, a self-described “serial entrepreneur”, successful despite personal and professional loss within the past year. Mike and Sandy discuss the importance of building a network of mentors with different backgrounds. We learn why reaching out to these people for help can get you back on target easier than you might think.


Episode 26: Actively Listening With Carrie Woods

Today’s guest is Carrie Woods, founder of Catalyst North, a training and development provider specializing in leadership training, one-on-one coaching, and custom content development.


Episode 25: Coming to the Rescue With Pam Olson

Today, Mike O’Neill talks to Pam Olson. She’s the president of Pro Logo Depot, a one-stop-shop for promotional products and business gifts that she started over thirty years ago and she’s been making an example of how a company takes care of its clients.


Episode 23: Cultivating Fulfillment While Working Remotely With Sarah Aviram

Today, Mike O’Neill is joined by Sarah Aviram, a remote work thought leader and author of the best-selling book Remotivation: The Remote Worker's Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment. With her background in HR and unique remote work experiences, Sarah has helped to transform the lives of remote workers everywhere.


Episode 22: After the Action with Bob Hughes

In this episode, Mike O’Neill interviews Bob Hughes to learn how you can use “after-action reviews” to get past obstacles that might be tripping you up. Bob spent nearly 30 years in the United States Army before retiring and started a new career in Executive Education at The Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.


Episode 21: Learn How to Manage Change With Anna Tubina

In this week’s episode, Mike invites Anna Tubina to discuss how organizations successfully plan for and undergo systemic changes. She explains the emotional and mental prerequisites needed for change to occur.


Episode 20: Learn How to Self-Lead with Kristen Harcourt

In this week’s episode, Kristen Harcourt teaches us about self-leadership. She’s an accredited coach that has a passion for leadership development and creating positive work cultures.


Episode 19: Maximize Employee Potential with Emily Melious

Emily Melious shares her insight on how to diagnose people problems in the workplace. She gives tips on how to look for opportunities and challenges for growth and how to improve employee engagement. By taking passion and motivation into consideration, a business can see an increase in productivity, production, and profit. Emily will help us understand how we are uniquely hardwired to get results and solve problems!


Episode 18: The Prelude to Leadership Model with Jason Meucci

How can we build more influential relationships with our employees to better serve them as effective leaders? Jason shows us how to help employees recognize what they do matters.


Episode 17: How to Build Meaningful Connections with Paul Jones

Do you want to learn how to build more meaningful connections with business leaders and prospects? In this edition of Get Unstuck and On Target, Mike O’Neil interviews Paul Jones, the founder of BridgWell to get his expert advice on the subject.


Episode 16: Become a Better Leader by Connecting With Employees with Shona Elliott

In this episode, Mike O’Neill interviews Shona Elliott to discover how connecting with your employees and walking in their shoes makes you a better leader.


Episode 15: Build Profitable and Long-Lasting Relationships with Bryan Rutberg

Do you want to learn how to build profitable and long-lasting relationships with loyal customers? In this edition of Get Unstuck and On Target, Mike O’Neill interviews Bryan Rutberg, the founder and president of 3C Communications, to discover how to do just that.


Episode 14: Overcoming Team-Building & Hiring Challenges with Blake Markham

We interviewed Blake Markham, the HR operations manager for Nokian Tyres, to learn how they managed to get their new facility staffed and off the ground despite the challenges from COVID.


Episode 13: Attract and Retain Top Talent With David Adams

In this episode of Get Unstuck & On Target, we interviewed the recruiter and founder of Career Link Network, David Adams, to discover what business leaders can do to attract and hire the talent they need to keep their business running.


Episode 12: Train Your Lazy Brain to Do More (by Doing Less) With Brad Cochrane

In this episode of Get Unstuck & On Target, Mike O'Neil interviews Brad Cochrane to learn how you can stop being too busy to get anything done.


Episode 09: Cultivate Breakthrough Moments with Ian Hameroff

Ian Hameroff is the founder of the Fulcrum Group, and he's committed to helping his clients discover the “why” so they can create “ah-ha” moments with their audience.


Episode 08: Words of Wisdom From Labor Law Attorney, Dan Gilmore

Mike O’Neil from Bench Builders interviews Dan Gilmore, CEO, and founder of Squire Strategies, in this episode of Get Unstuck & On Target. You’ll hear all about how Dan got himself out of a sticky situation and landed in the career of his dreams, as well as some words of wisdom he has to share with others looking to start a career in law.