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76. Deepening Impact Through Feedback

How is your pursuit so far this year on working to be better as a person through your intentions and resolutions? Not only do we use a word to set an intention, but there are many other ways to gather insight on how you can approach life from a different perspective. What have you done to seek feedback and grow? This week I am sharing a perspective on how you can deepen the impact you make at work, at home, and in relationships by providing and seeking meaningful feedback. Let’s jump into...


75. Living Your Word of the Year

Did you get an opportunity to pick out your one word for 2019? Well, now what? Now that you've crafted your word of intention for 2019, this is your opportunity to take the word and live it this year. What defines that word for you and why did you choose it? What steps do you do every day to make this word intentional? Take your word and dig deeper into it. Find every possible definition or meaning that you can interpret to help you focus on change this year. To learn more about how to...


74. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Can you believe 2019 starts tomorrow? Did you get a chance to set your 2019 intentions as we talked about a few weeks ago? Listen in on today’s short podcast for a suggestion to stay focused for a successful 2019. This isn't a long list of goals you strive to create, rather it's a quick activity that will start your 2019 in the best way possible. Thank you for a great 2018! We love sharing content with you and we are looking forward to supporting you to achieve your...


What are Your Intentions for 2019?

When we reflect on where we’ve been, we can get a better grasp on where we want to go. Last week we talked about reflecting on 2018 and what you were able to accomplish. Did you take time this week to think about what happened in 2018 for you? Now that we’ve taken time to analyze our year, we have a better opportunity now to set the intentions we want for 2019. As we approach the winter solstice it’s a good time to re-establish the intentions before the new year. This week on the Get Your...


72. Reflections on 2018

How did you do this year? Did you take the time you wanted to accomplish everything you had planned for 2018? It is already the end of the year and 2018 is coming to an end. Whether you had set intentions or resolutions for the year, I’m sure all of us had those that we completed and those that never got accomplished. This is one of the best opportunities to look back and see where you were successful. You can take a look at those responsibilities to capitalize where you hit the mark. What...


71. Rejected to Redirected

Have you ever procrastinated on a new project because you feared what people would think about it? How do you view rejection? How has rejection stopped you from achieving higher levels of success in your life? I believe we may hold ourselves back because we fear rejection from people around us. Sometimes we lose our focus from honoring what feels right to us instead of what people want us to do. Maybe we need a shift in our lives, whether it is getting a new job, getting new friends, or...


Surround Yourself with Support

Where do you get help from those around you? Do you have a support network that helps you through relationships, work, and life? There are many support mechanisms around us in our lives. It could be systems, processes, technology, and people. It is easier for us to do life with those around us and not try to do it on our own. It’s important for all of us to have people who help us and lift us up when we are in times of need. Even if it’s just the small moments of life where we reach out...


69. Managing Up, Down, and Around

When we think about management, most often we revert to those who manage us or the people we manage below us. This week I want to alter that assumption and talk about how we can manage those below us, our peers around us, and manage the people above us. We are most used to managing those below us so I want to challenge your skills and assumptions about management to think about managing up, down, and around. What can you do to make this successful? How can you offer management insight to...


68. Are You in Denial?

Are you refusing to believe the truth about situations in your life? Sometimes we hide and deny facts or situations in our lives that we either don’t want to solve or those we just don’t want to believe. When we are in denial, we are carrying an extra burden that is not necessary and it limits our potential. In what ways can you release any burdens of denial you are carrying? Let’s take a look internally as we talk about denial and the effect it has on us in this week’s...


67. Control vs. Responsibility

When we want to take control, where does that come from? There is a balance between wanting to take control of a situation versus taking responsibility for something. Sometimes people may believe that they are going to take responsibilities on a project or action, but they actually want to have control over those around them. Two weeks ago we talked about fear based tantrums and how sometimes we as adults still have problems expressing our thoughts and emotions. I wanted to dive in a...


66. Fear Based Tantrums

Do you occasionally see outbursts of anger and frustration in those around you? Maybe you recognize that you exhibit those traits sometimes as well. When we think about tantrums, more often than not we focus on children throwing a tantrum because they aren’t getting an item, attention, or something else they want. It’s no secret that adults get frustrated and annoyed as well. Hopefully, this comes from a place of discontentment with a current situation and not with malicious intent to harm...


65. What Do You Love?

Are you energized every morning when you get to wake up and head to work? We have the opportunity to wake up every morning and start our days off fresh, headed to work to accomplish our roles and responsibilities. Do you love what you get to do? If you are sluggish throughout the day or dread having to wake up in the morning and talk to the people who sit next to you, maybe it’s time to take a deeper look at your current employment. Or maybe it’s time to take a deeper look inside...


64. Directional Growth

How have you had growth in your life? What are you doing to better develop yourself and increase the value that you bring? Or as a follow up to that question, what type of value do you want to bring? We can look at growth from many perspectives. The first thing that may come to mind in the workforce is either growth in your role of a company or increasing your salary or possibly a financial goal for retirement. Along with that same path, we also have qualitative growth in terms of sharing...


63. Managing Your Capacity

Managing your Capacity Capacity is all about gaining self-awareness to understand your personal capacity in key areas. Once you have that understanding, then it’s important that you learn how to manage who you are as an individual to work better in understanding with those around you. As you think about managing your capacity, evaluate your current situation to step outside of your thinking to review your processing capacity, your emotional capacity and your work/life volume capacity....


62. Building Your Capacity

This week we are diving deeper into the conversation we had last week about capacity. This past week I got many emails asking how to build capacity, and I loved hearing about how many of you wanted to learn more about capacity. Once you had a perspective on understanding capacity and what it is and how it plays in your life, the next piece is working to build your capacity. The first step to gain self-awareness around what areas you have high capacity and what areas you need to build. How...


61. What is Your Capacity?

Have you thought about your capacity... intellectual, emotional, and achievement capacity? What is the amount of capacity you have that allows you to consistently perform? Each of us has different strengths and abilities and have different capacities for our work intensity, our thought process, and our emotional capacity. Taking a pause to recognize our capacity and function helps us to live our life to the greatest potential. You can manage your relationships and your work potential to...


60. Letting Go of Your Job - Part 3

Are ready to let go of your current job and move into a new professional role? Now, it is time to think about how you will share the news with your manager, coworkers, and customers. This can be both an exciting and anxious time. Keep your emotions in check with a solid communications plan. This will help you make a graceful exit as you embark on a new career journey. Dive into this week's episode as we finish up letting go of your job. ******************** Visit to...


59. Letting Go of Your Job: Part 2

Are you looking forward to moving in a new direction? What's your next step? Consider taking time to gain clarity. Discover what you want to gain and what you want to avoid in your next career. You will have greater success in finding the right path if you put a self-marketing plan together. By positioning your total value in the job seeking process, you will be a step ahead of others! Just a bit of clarity combined with self-marketing can do wonders for your career and boost your...


58. Letting Go of Your Job

Have you lost the passion for your work? Do you dread getting up in the morning to go to work? Do you find the lack of engagement in your job is affecting other parts of your life? Maybe it's time to let go. This week Get Your Mind On leads you through the thoughtful process of making a career transition. It is always a bit scary to leave a secure position, but in today's world, it can be especially daunting. However, the hope for something better can stir our inner strength. Your journey...


57. Managing Your Edge

What is your edge? I am not referring to the edge of the competition or how you can be on the forefront. I am referring to your edge that comes out in sharp words, defensiveness or even shutting down. How can you manage your edge? Listen in to learn more about understanding when your edge happens, why it happens and how to manage it. Managing our edge helps us to be a better team player, more collaborative, have better relationships and be more at peace with...