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Getting Your Edge: How to Rightsize your Home and Life.

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Life Happens to Everyone! These events can force changes in how and where you live. How you react and manage those events is what matters. Join Judy Gratton and Dennis Day, two agents with over 22 years combined experience in real estate, as they provide you insights into managing the twists and turns life throws at you, so you can land on your feet and in the right place. Whether you need to downsize from the forever home, upsize to handle a growing family, or moving an aging parent into a safer setting, the “Rightsizing” Podcast will share the information you need to “rightsize” your home and life. Using their personal experiences and interviews with experts in a variety of fields, like: financial planning, estate sales, or living abroad, our hosts will dish out the information and advice that will help you take on life’s challenges informed and prepared. For more information about the Edge Group Real Estate Team and the Freebies click here:


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Life Happens to Everyone! These events can force changes in how and where you live. How you react and manage those events is what matters. Join Judy Gratton and Dennis Day, two agents with over 22 years combined experience in real estate, as they provide you insights into managing the twists and turns life throws at you, so you can land on your feet and in the right place. Whether you need to downsize from the forever home, upsize to handle a growing family, or moving an aging parent into a safer setting, the “Rightsizing” Podcast will share the information you need to “rightsize” your home and life. Using their personal experiences and interviews with experts in a variety of fields, like: financial planning, estate sales, or living abroad, our hosts will dish out the information and advice that will help you take on life’s challenges informed and prepared. For more information about the Edge Group Real Estate Team and the Freebies click here:




Making the Right Move: Senior Housing Solutions

In this enlightening episode of "Getting Your Edge," hosts Dennis Day and Judy Gratton sit down with senior housing expert, Erin Kershaw, who specializes in helping individuals and families make the right move when it comes to senior housing solutions. With a focus on downsizing and optimizing their living situations, their guest brings a wealth of experience in placing people in senior homes, assisted living facilities, memory care, and arranging in-home assistance. Throughout the episode, listeners gain valuable insights into the often complex and emotional process of downsizing for seniors. The discussion touches on various aspects of senior housing solutions, including the range of options available, the considerations involved in choosing the right fit, and how to navigate the financial and emotional aspects of the transition. Erin also shares personal stories and success stories from their work, shedding light on the positive outcomes that can result from making the right move at the right time. Whether you're a senior contemplating downsizing, a family member seeking guidance, or simply curious about senior housing solutions, this episode offers practical advice and compassionate wisdom to help you or your loved ones embark on this important journey with confidence and peace of mind. Tune in to Episode 23, "Making the Right Move - Senior Housing Solutions," and take your first step towards rightsizing your home and life.


Condo Clarity: Why the Resale Certificate Matters

Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned real estate enthusiast, this episode is a must-listen for anyone considering purchasing a condo. Tune in to "Condo Clarity: Why the Resale Certificate Matters," and embark on your condo ownership journey armed with the insights you need to succeed. Judy and Dennis will discuss the purpose of the resale certificate, what documents are included, and why they are so important to examine before you make a condo purchase. Knowing how to use this required and power packed information, could save you thousands of dollars, and a massive bad experience. *The real estate contract details discussed in this episode only pertain to Washington State Real Estate Law. Your state, province, or country may have different rules and requirements.


Investing in Limited-Stay Paradises: Navigating Vacation Condos with Usage Restrictions

In this episode of "Getting Your Edge," hosts Dennis Day and Judy Gratton, explore the world of limited-stay condos, examining their advantages and drawbacks in the context of right-sizing one's life. These unique vacation properties offer affordability, and low maintenance, making them an appealing option for those seeking a getaway without the commitment of full-time living. However, their restricted usage and association fees can pose challenges. The episode underscores how limited-stay condos can align with the right-sizing concept, providing a balance between a primary residence and a traditional vacation property, making them ideal for seasonal escapes and diverse experiences. Listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of the considerations involved in owning these condos and how they can shape one's lifestyle choices.


Wine Wisdom: How to Rightsize Your Collection When Moving to a Smaller Home

Join us for episode #20 called "Wine Wisdom: How to Rightsize Your Collection When Moving to a Smaller Home" as we uncork practical wisdom with Jim Gratton, a seasoned wine industry veteran with three decades of expertise. Discover the art of downsizing your cherished wine collection while transitioning to a cozier abode. Tune in to explore strategic sipping tips, cellar organization hacks, and sentimental selection strategies that ensure your treasured vintages find the perfect new home. Whether you're a casual enthusiast or a connoisseur, Jim's insights will help you savor every moment of this downsizing journey.


Buy First or Sell First? Decoding the Dilemma of Homeownership

When your current home is not working for you: Do you buy a different home first, then sell? Or do you sell your current home, then buy the next home? It's an age old question, that has no easy answer. In Episode 19 of the Getting Your Edge: How to right-size your home and life podcast, Judy and Dennis will help you decode this dilemma so you can find the right answer for your situation. Each scenario has it 's pros and cons. And market conditions can influence your decision. After listening to this podcast, you will have a better understanding of how to approach this question, who you should talk to, and how the process works.


Cost vs Value: What Home Remodel Projects Make Cents?

This episode of theGetting Your Edge podcast that explores the intricate balance between costs and value when choosing home remodel projects before selling your home. Join our expert hosts, seasoned real estate agents, Judy Gratton and Dennis Day of the Edge Group Team and EXP Realty, as they dive into the world of home renovations with a financial lens. Some remodel projects will not recoup your investment. However, some projects will add value over your costs, when you sell your home. Find out which projects will get you the best "bang for the buck." Judy and Dennis will help you make the best decisions, so you can bring in top dollar when you sell your home.


6 Factors that Determine your Home's Value

"Six Factors That Determine Your Home's Value" is an engaging and informative podcast that delves into the key elements that influence the worth of a residential property. Hosted by Dennis Day and Judy Gratton of the Edge Group Team, this podcast explores the various factors that contribute to the appraisal and market value of a home. The topics covered include location, property size, condition and age of the home, economic health of your area, real estate market trends, and price of homes that sell in your neighborhood. The podcast takes a deep dive into each factor, exploring how it impacts a home's value. Listeners will gain valuable insights into how different elements interact and influence one another, such as how location and nearby amenities can impact property size and desirability, or how market trends and home condition affect appraisal values. By exploring these six factors comprehensively, listeners will gain a better understanding of the nuances involved in determining a home's value, empowering them to make informed decisions in the real estate market.


Own a Dream Vacation Home-Affordably

Most of use dream about owning a vacation home in a special location. A place you can go to year after year, and have fun or relax in your own home, not a hotel or short-term rental. But the cost can put this dream out of reach. Plus the home sits empty most of the year. And you are stuck with all the maintenance and repairs. So, instead of relaxing at your vacation, your fixing things. Ugh! That's where Pacaso is a fantastic alternative. Pacaso sells partial ownership of luxury vacation properties in amazing locations. It's not a timeshare, where you are locked into certain weeks. It's real ownership, that you buy and sell. In this episode we interview Marnie Blanco, Vice President, Industry Relations for Pacaso, about what is partial ownership, how it works, and how you can view available properties and buy into a dream. Tune in to see if you can make your dream of a vacation home, a reality.


Reverse Mortgages: Scam or Savior

Is a reverse mortgage a scam or a possible financial savior, ? In this enlightening episode of "Reverse Mortage: Scam or Savior" we dive into the world of reverse mortgages and their potential benefits for seniors who are considering downsizing. Our guest expert, Frank Borg of Fairway Mortgages, is a renowned authority on reverse mortgages with years of experience guiding seniors through this financial option. Hosted byJudy Gratton and Dennis Day or the Edge Group Team, this episode is designed to provide valuable insights and practical advice to seniors who are exploring downsizing as a means to enhance their retirement lifestyle. With rising living costs and evolving financial landscapes, seniors are seeking innovative ways to unlock the equity in their homes while maintaining financial stability. Throughout the episode, Frank Borg shares his deep knowledge and expertise on reverse mortgages, explaining how they can empower seniors to maximize their financial resources. Listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of how reverse mortgages work, the eligibility criteria, and the potential pros and cons associated with this financial tool. The conversation delves into various topics, including the flexibility of reverse mortgages, the impact on inheritance, and the responsibilities of the borrower. Frank addresses common misconceptions surrounding reverse mortgages and sheds light on the crucial factors to consider before making a decision. Furthermore, the episode offers real-life stories and testimonials from seniors who have successfully utilized reverse mortgages to downsize their homes and improve their quality of life. These personal accounts provide listeners with a practical understanding of the benefits and implications of choosing this financial path. Whether you're a senior considering downsizing or a concerned family member seeking guidance for your loved ones, this episode offers invaluable information to help you make informed decisions. Tune in to "Reverse Mortgage: Scam or Savior" and join us as we demystify the world of reverse mortgages and discover how they can be a powerful tool for seniors embarking on their downsizing adventure. Frank Borg 3400 188th ST SW, STE 185, Lynnwood, WA, 98037 425-949-2889


Timeless Dwellings: Unraveling the Secrets of Aging in Place

Aging in place refers to the ability of older adults to remain living in their own homes or communities independently and comfortably, as they age and their needs change. It involves making modifications to the physical environment and accessing support services to ensure that seniors can continue to live safely and securely in their familiar surroundings. Aging in place is often seen as an alternative to institutional care or moving to a new location, allowing older adults to maintain their autonomy, social connections, and quality of life. In episode 14, we speak with local Aging in Place expert Tom Minty to inform you about what is aging in place is, and how it might work for you. Tom is an established John L. Scott realtor based in Issaquah. But he is also heavily involved in educating real estate agents about Aging In Place (AIG), and establishing norms on the MLS, for listing homes that may serve those with disabilities. Tom Minty is also on several non profit boards dedicated to making housing more accessible to the elderly and the disabled. Judy Gratton and Dennis Day welcome Tom Minty. Tom Minty John L. Scott Issaquah 1700 NW Gilman Blvd #300, Issaquah, WA 98027 (206) 617-3935 Email: Northwest Universal Design Council


Give Your Money to the IRS. OR NOT! How to Use the 1031 Exchange to Beat the IRS

The 1031 exchange is a tax strategy that allows investors to defer capital gains taxes on the sale of investment property by reinvesting the proceeds in a new property. This can provide a significant financial advantage for investors looking to build wealth through real estate investments. In this episode, we'll cover the basics of the 1031 exchange, including the requirements for eligibility and the timeline for completing an exchange. We'll also dive into the benefits of using a 1031 exchange, such as the ability to leverage gains into larger investments, increase cash flow, and defer taxes. Our guest expert for this episode is a real estate attorney, Richard Morse, of Washington Exchange Services, who has extensive experience in facilitating 1031 exchanges. We will share his insights on the legal requirements for a successful exchange, as well as some tips for avoiding common pitfalls. Whether you're a seasoned real estate investor or a homeowner thinking of downsizing and renting their forever home, this episode will provide valuable information on the 1031 exchange and how it can help you grow your investment portfolio while minimizing your tax liability. So sit back, grab a pen and paper, and get ready to learn about the powerful tax-saving tool that is the 1031 exchange. Richard Morse Washington Exchange Services Address: 19633 109th Place SE, Bothell, WA 98011 Phone: 206-522-1031 Email: Web: Regenerate response


Buyers vs Sellers. Who is Winning in Today's Real Estate Market?

Is it a good time to buy? Is it a good time to sell? What about interest rates? Are they going up or down? Can I buy now, then sell? Who is winning in today's market? We interview Robert Garrod, of Homeseed Loans and the Garrod Group, to answer those questions and more in Ep. 12 of the Getting Your Edge: How to right-size your home and life podcast. Robert is an independent mortgage broker, who can give us the up-to-date school on mortgages, interest rates, and how to buy, then sell in today's real estate market. If you are thinking of downsizing, Robert Garrod, has an amazing mortgage product that you wouldn't believe, and could set you on a path to a dream home, rightsize, or whatever you want to achieve. Find out what will work for you!


What's Up with the Real Estate Market Today?

Is it a good time to sell your home? It's a question many homeowners are asking now. With interest rising, have all the buyers dropped out of the market? Should I spend a lot of money updating my home before I sell? If I want to sell my home now, how do I do it? Edge Group Team members and Podcast hosts, Judy Gratton and Dennis Day, tackle these questions and more. During this episode you will learn what the current real estate market conditions are now, based on evidence, not hearsay. You will hear concrete steps that tell you how to prepare your home so it shines the first day it hits the market. Judy and Dennis also provide tips so you can avoid common pitfalls that may prevent you from selling your home quickly and for the best outcome possible. And they share the marketing programs that John L. Scott offers, and the steps every realtor should be doing market home for a successful sale . Whether you are thinking about selling your home soon, or years in the future, this podcast will present you with solid information you can use now, or years from now.


Estate Sale Magic: Get Rid of Your Stuff and Make Some Money!

You want to downsize your life, but what about all that STUFF? In the garage. In the spare rooms., in the attic, and basement. How about turning your unwanted possessions into cold, hard cash! Or at least a cashier's check. In episode number 10, we interview, Joe Aboubakr, owner of Honest Estate Sales, and he will tell you how to do just that. Joe's business is built on getting things out of your house and money in your pocket. Joe and his Honest Estate Sales team, will transform your home into a retail store, and sell the STUFF you don't want to haul with you to your next adventure. Joe is a certified appraiser, and can spot the hidden gems that will bring in top dollar. All you have to do, is pull out the items that you don't want to sell. Listeners will also learn when it is the best time to sell, items that are popular, and how the estate sale process works. Don't miss this fun, and informative episode!


Medicare A-Z

Over 11,000 baby boomers are turning 65 years old every day in the USA. That equates to stacks and stacks of mailers and advertisements on the coffee table. The TV blares out incredible sounding benefits, and those phone calls? Will it ever stop? What is a person to do? Congress designed Medicare to be a complex beast for sure. Top that off with about 100 companies nationwide selling Medicare. What is the difference between PART A & C and PLAN A or C? How do I choose the right plan? In this episode, “Medicare A to Z, our guest, Kevin Anderson, shares his 25 years of insurance expertise to help you prepare yourself for one of the most important and difficult medical plan choices you will ever make. This episode delivers valuable information for everyone already on a Medicare Plan and those preparing to turn 65 yrs old in the near future. Don’t miss it. Kevin Anderson MBA, PHR Phone: 360-355-6555 Email: Anderson Senior Care; PO Box 1414, Long Beach, WA, 98631


When There's a Will, There's a Way: Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning 101

What would happen to your home and assets if you died? Do you have a will or trust? 60% of Americans do not have a will at their time of death according to, Brady Blake, of Sound Legal Solutions. Brady is a practicing attorney in the state of Washington, who specializes in creating wills, trusts and estate planning for his clients. In this episode, “If There’s Will There’s a Way: Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning 101, our guest, Brady Blake shares his legal expertise to help you prepare yourself for the inevitable, so your loved ones are taken care of and the assets you worked so hard to build stay out of a lengthy legal process when you die. This episode delivers valuable information for everyone. Even if you are not downsizing or don’t own a home. Don’t miss it. Brady Blake Sound Legal Solutions Phone: 425-977-9971 Email: Web: 6100 219th St SW #480, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043


Money, Money, Money: Do I Have Enough?

In a perfect world, you could sell the family forever home, live off the cash, and start a new life, doing whatever you want. Unfortunately, it usually isn't that simple. There is so much more to downsizing then, sell and go. Such a big change can be challenging because there are so many different things at play when getting ready to make a life changing transition like: your income and expenses, taxes, social security, estate planning, wills, and trusts. The big question is: Do you have enough money to do what you want to do? That's why we invited Mike Rue of Evergreen Wealth Management to be our guest for episode 8; Time to Downsize: Can You Afford It? Mike shares his knowledge of wealth management, to give you listeners insights into the process of downsizing, and tips and strategies to find out if your plans fit your budget. Mike Rue takes a holistic approach to downsizing when he advises his clients. He works with vetted professionals: like estate planners, accountants and tax advisors, and quality real estate brokers like the Edge Group Team, so your decisions are based on a complete picture of your life's situation. Join Dennis Day and Mike Rue to learn how you can make your downsizing decisions work for you and your budget for a successful process. Website: Email: Edge Group Team Website: www.


Getting Your Edge Podcast Announcement

Here's a bit if information about our exciting new podcast called: Getting Your Edge: How to Right-size Your Home and Life hosted by Dennis Day and Judy Gratton.


Ex-Pat or Not: Is living Abroad Right for You?

Many of us have dreamed of living for an extended time in another country. Or maybe even retiring somewhere outside the United States. But living in a foreign country is not for everyone. Meet our special guest Steve Novak, a retired US citizen, who started traveling at age 16, has visited 70 countries, and inhabited extensively in over 20 different places. Steve, now resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina full time, and has even obtained a green card to live and work there. We'll ask Steve to explain what it's like to live abroad. This interview will explore, health care, money, taxes, visas, language, food, and adapting to the lifestyle of a place outside the US. As a world traveler, Steve Novak will provide insights into living as an ex-Pat, so you can decide if living abroad is in your future. Do not miss this episode!


Mortgage Interest Rates and the Real Estate Market: Yesterday, Today, and 2023

The Real Estate Market and Mortgage Interest Rates took a wild ride in 2022. What should we expect for 2023 in the real estate market? How about the Mortgage market? Will interest rates keep rising? Join the Edge Group Real Estate Team for an interview with Robert Garrod, Mortgage Specialist, and VP of Growth at Homeseed Loans. Robert shares his 10 years of mortgage broker experience and expertise to answer those tough questions, and shares some insights for what's coming up in 2023. This is valuable information for both buyers and sellers. Happy New Year! To reach Robert Garrod directly, use the information below: Office: (425) 455-4663 Mobile: (206) 963-4562 Email: Web: